Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Media, IDF to "discipline" troops over shooting of fence protester of the Anaarchists Against The Wall initiative at Masha year ago

Chief military prosecutor Brigadier General Avi Mandelblit has ordered an IDF company commander, his deputy, and four soldiers brought up on disciplinary charges over an incident last year in which troops seriously wounded Israeli demonstrator Gil Na'amati during a demonstration against the West Bank fence, Israel Radio reported yesterday. Mandelblit also ordered official reprimands for the Samaria regional brigade commander at the time of the incident, the battalion commander of the Golani infantry unit and his deputy, over negligent preparation of the unit in confronting civilian protesters. A second protester, an American woman, was also wounded by IDF fire during the demonstration. Military Police detectives found that the soldiers, who were on a routine border patrol along the fence and lacked riot control gear, had not been told they were to face demonstrators, the radio said.

At one point, dozens of people - some of them masked, others carrying Palestinian flags - [and placards in both Hebrew, Arabic and English - Ed.] suddenly approached the [gate in the - Ed.] fence from the West Bank side, rattling it strongly and attempting to cut through it [to open its locking chains - which they succeeded - Ed.].

The soldiers, standing about [30 or less - Ed.] 40 meters from the other side of the fence, at first called to the protesters to disperse, then fired into the air.

[disregarding the shouts of the demonstrators in clear Hebrew, and the efforts of media people standing near the soldiers - Ed.] Later, one of the soldiers was allowed [after consulting superiors - Ed.] to fire at the legs of a demonstrator whom the troops believed was cutting the fence. Another soldier then opened fire at the protester, Na'amati, seriously wounding him. A third soldier also fired, apparently [clerly so admitted - Ed.] trying to keep photographers from the site, the radio said.

The soldiers who shot Na'amati will have a disciplinary trial for improper use of firearms. Another will face charges of having shot at ground level rather than as ordered, into the air.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Court to cancel charges against anarchist fence protesters 26/11/04

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court is considering canceling an indictment against 11 members of Anarchists Against the Fence, yesterday's hearing on the case indicated. At a previous hearing, on October 18, Judge Shmuel Landman suggested that the state consider withdrawing the indictment itself. Yesterday, however, the prosecution rejected this suggestion. The defendants are charged with sitting down in the middle of Tel Aviv's Kaplan Street during an unlicensed demonstration against the separation fence on February 23. They are not accused of any violence, as the prosecution erased the charge of attacking a policeman that appeared in the original indictment.

According to defense attorney Gaby Lasky, it is extremely unusual for nonviolent demonstrators to be prosecuted.

Following the October 18 hearing, Landman wrote: "The prosecution should at least consider the public interest in trying this case in general, and the charge of disturbing the peace in particular... because one of the foundations of the crime of disturbing the peace is a gathering that causes the public to feel threatened, and I am doubtful that this is the case."

Yesterday, the prosecution responded that blocking a road did make the public feel threatened. Moreover, it said, had the demonstrators requested a permit for their protest, an indictment might not have been filed; but when the police are taken unawares, the prosecution is less forgiving.

In his decision, however, Landman said that after hearing the evidence and watching a videotape of the demonstration, he reserved the right to throw out the indictment on the grounds that it did not serve the interests of justice. He also thereby rejected the prosecution's argument that only the High Court of Justice could cancel an indictment for this reason.

Anarchists Against the Fence members are also on trial in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court for a September demonstration in the West Bank village of Burdus. The military commander responded to the demonstration by declaring the area a closed military zone, and the demonstrators broke the law by refusing to leave.

The group views both indictments as part of an ongoing government effort to deter them from their protests. This effort has also included interrogations by the Shin Bet security service and the use of rubber bullets, tear gas and even live fire against demonstrators.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Israel, Tel-Aviv, Benefit, Salon Mazal is having a Birthday Party! Woooha 24/11/04

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Saturday, November 6, 2004

Israel, Media, The SHABAC "General Security Ser.vic.es" interrogated and warned three activists of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative 6/11/04

Last week, three activists of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative were summoned by police for a warning by SHABAC interrogating officers. The interrogators tried to "convince" the three to stop participating in the demonstrations against the building of the separation fence, and to stop the confrontation with the security forces there. One of the activists, Leizer Peles, who had already been detained few times by the security forces during the last demonstrations, said that the SHABAC interrogators warned him from the possibility that Palestinian organizations will try to recruit him for terrorist activity. Peles said: "Interrogators said that the Palestinians do not care, that it is possible that they will try to exploit me and that they have no conscious".

He also said that he interrogators presented to him the case of Tali Fahima administrative detention [for 4 months] as an example of the means they have for meeting the challenge of Israeli Jews who endanger security.

Peles said yesterday that the SHABAC is a tool in the political game instructed by the authorities to stop all activities opposing to the the establishment atrocities. He added that: "No interrogations and harassment, no false detentions and not even live ammunition shooting in our direction will stop us from continuing the efforts to fell the wall and to achieve equality and freedom to all".

The General Security Services responded yesterday that: "The SHABAC do not refer to the details of is operation activity".

Thursday, November 4, 2004


Kufr Thulth, a village of 4000, is surrounded by 4 illegal Israeli settlements. In 2001, settlers began to establish an another outpost on the land owned by villagers from Kufr Thulth, by placing empty caravans on the land. In 2003, settlers began to regularly visit the caravans on weekends. Two roads were established for settler use, while Palestinian roads were blocked or destroyed. The IOF established a watchtower in the area. The village took the case to the Israeli courts and won an injunction to close the settler roads. In response, the IDF declared the roads to be for military use and have since prevented Palestinains access to the area.

In mid 2004, settlers raided Palestinian lands and uprooted and cut around 150 almond and olive trees. The Israeli police refused to accept complaints from the village. In October, settlers once again raided the Palestinian fields and cut more trees with the protection of the IOF and the Israeli District Coordinating Liaison (DCL)

Since October 2004, settlers have started to live and establish housing infrastructure on the land, all of which has been done under the protection of the IOF. Palestinain farmers have been attacked, shot at, prevented from reaching their land and more trees have been cut, again all under the protection of the IOF.

Kufr Thulth invites all Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals who oppose the building of illegal settlements and the military occupation of Palestinians lands to participate in a non-violent act of resistance on Sunday, November 7.

You are invited to assembly at the village council (Baladiyye) and then move to the Palestinian fields, where we will then march towards the Israeli military base where the village will present a set of demands.


* Close the road that passes through the Palestinian lands, carrying out the Israeli court orders.
* Stop the cutting and uprooting trees by the settlers.
* Stop the stealing of Palestinian lands by settlers
* Secure the right of the Palestinian farmers to work in and grow their lands
* Remove all the settler houses and other buildings from the Palestinian lands

Please wear appropriate dress.

You are also welcome to bring banners and placards in support of the village.
Ed. Note: Supported by the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall