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Palestine-Israel, The nearing of the September UN show down and the Israeli social justice struggle

The joint struggle in the occupied west bank continue on the back ground of the wide spread social justice struggle in Israel. The "Olive Revolution" was expressed mainly in Friday demonstration in Qalandiya. The anarchists against the wall and village activists of Ni'ilin, Bil'in, Nabi Saleh converged in Qalandiya instead of the usual local actions. In spite of it the Bil'in Friday demo was not canceled. The other struggles in South of Hebron Hills and the Saturday actions in Walaja and Beit Ummar were not missed. The ferment and struggle against settler project in eastern Jerusalem occupied Silwan continue too. The social justice struggle in Israel include also the Palestinian citizens of the "mixed" towns and the Palestinian ones.

Beit Ummar


This week, the Bil'in demonstration was in question because of the demo in Kalandiya, but never the less people insisted and 12 Israelis came to the village. A small demo was composed with village activists who had not travel to Qalandiya. We marched chanting to the new separation wall.
Then few kids decided to practice their long distance aim and threw snots on the Israeli state force hiding behind the wall. In return, the soldiers decided to practice shooting gas at the demonstrators sitting peacefully way behind under the oak trees, and soon after everyone returned to the village.

Jerusalem Al-Kuds

This Thursday, August 25, Silwan:
Boycott the Occupation --
Say No to Settlement-Sponsored Cultural Events!
Following the successful demonstration last week -
We're returning to protest against Shlomo Bar's concert at the 'City of David' settlement
Join us this Thursday, August 25, at 8:30 PM
in the struggle against the injustices of repression
and occupation in Silwan

Knocking on doors Olive Revolution

The Qalandiya Friday protest has ended for the day with a number of injuries and the arrest of 2 men from billin Bassel Mansour a member of the People's Committee in bilin and Ashraf Abu-Rahma, they arrested on the Qalandia checkpoint.‬

Hi all, this Friday we'll have 4 destinations as part of 'knocking on doors of
Jerusalem' campaign: Shuafat , Diddu, Qalandia , and Bethlehem.

For more information check the event on facebook:

and on their website:

Bil'in villagers Ashraf Abu Rahmah and Basel Mansour describe the circumstances of their arrest at the Olive Revolution protest at the Qalandia Checkpoint an...
planxtysumoud II.
Activists and supporters of the Olive Revolution (popular revolution and national humanitarian non-armed revolution against the Israeli occupation)
planxtysumoud I. Arrest of the Bil'iners Basal and Ashraf
By Michael Treiger Marching to Jerusalem from Qalandiya checkpoint
Israel Puterman


Al Walaja

Saturday 27-08-2011

"Yesterday for 3 hours, we had a standoff with Israeli soldiers who tried to
prevent us from demonstrating. This demonstration on Saturday was the first
after the Israeli court ruling legitimizes the theft of Al-Walaja land. The
soldiers tried to stop the demonstrators with an outdated military order in
Hebrew dated August 26, 2011. After this act of deceit was caught, the
soldiers quickly produced a new military order but it too was no good
carrying a date of August 28, 2011, a day after the demonstration. The
Israeli apartheid soldiers tried to prevent us but we got close to the
illegal colony of Har Gilo. Four Israeli human rights advocates and one
Palestinian who were merely expressing opinions were abducted."
video here

Several activists, photojournalists (two from Reuters and one each from Ma'an and AFP) were arrested during nonviolent march in Walajeh, near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. Images by: Anne Paq/ and Al Magdela, Palestinian activist / documenter out of Jerusalem Posted by Richard
By: International communities against Israel (2)
Demonstration against the Wall in Al Walaja, 27.08.2011

A group of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals demonstrate in front of Har Gilo settlement in the village of Al Walaja following this week decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to reject petition of Al Walaja residents to change the route of the Wall, The march to the settlement:

South of Hebron Hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, August 27, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.

For details and registration: Li 054-xxxxxxx or e-mail your name and phone number Please make an effort to register no later then 6:00 PM Friday, so we can prepare a place for all of you

Please be sure to bring an ID/passport, hat and water and don t forget to dress modestly (no shorts or sleeveless shirts) despite the heat.

Eleven were arrested and spend the night in prison.

Social Justice Struggle

By Lior Ben Eliahu Jaffa Kalansawa+
Haim Schwarczenberg
Israel's social justice activists squat in a second Tel Aviv building By Claudia Levin

Oren Ziv

Squat actions by Israel Puterman

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation and social justice

The people of the region are starting to hold their breath looking forward for the middle of September reshuffle. Meanwhile, the usual locations of joint struggle: Beit Umar, Bil'in, Jerusalem-Al-Kuds, Silwan, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, South of Hebron Hills, and the inter Israeli social justice struggles continue. Though the main trend of the struggle against neo-liberalism austerity do not refer to the occupied Palestinian regions and Gaza, it does include the Israeli Palestinians which suffer in addition to neo-liberalism the suppression and discrimination and still advancing robbery of their lands. In spite of suspected inflammation in military clashes related to Gaza the social justice struggle continue - including a many thousands strong silent demonstration in Tel Aviv (5000 to 30000 according to various sources - my count was: "one, two, three, many").

Beit Umar

5 people were arrested in at the beit Omar demo yesterday . One member of the committee was beaten and severely abused while in custody. an international is in court today and another Palestinian
from the village will have a hearing in ofer military court tomorrow. if you can go please let me know.
2011 » August » 20 » Yousef Abu Maria Brutally Beaten as Live Ammunition Used at Beit Ommar Demonstration

Yousef Abu Maria Brutally Beaten as Live Ammunition Used at Beit Ommar Demonstration
20 AUGUST 2011

20th August – Residents of Beit Ommar, supported by Israeli and international activists, gathered for a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with Gaza, following the recent Israeli air-strikes there which killed 14 people, including 13 year old Mahmoud Abu Samara.

As the demonstration attempted to march through Beit Ommar fields towards the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur, the Israeli military responded with extreme violence. Liva ammunition was fired at protestors, and concussion grenades were thrown, setting fire to the surrounding grass.

Soldiers arrested a total of five demonstrators, including Yousef Abu Maria, a member of the Beit Ommar popular committee and PSP organizing committee. He was thrown to the ground, breaking his arm (photo above) for the third time this year. Soldiers then tried to place Yousef in handcuffs, despite it being clear that he was in agony. Majde Zageek, another member of the popular committee, and organizing committee at the Center for Freedom and Justice, was also arrested, alongside two Israelis and one international.

At the time of writing, all five were still in police custody.

This brutal violence is indicative of a trend being seen across the West Bank and Gaza, as Israeli violence is escalated in the run-up to September’s UN vote on Palestinian statehood.

About 30 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall together with international activists and Palestinians in Friday 19-8-11.
"Like every Friday, the villagers walked through the village towards the second Apartheid Wall that still occupies around 30% of the village’s land. They crossed the olive groves that the Israeli army had illegally annexed for over six years and which the villagers were able to liberate through their continuous resistance. Some gathered early and enjoyed the shade of the trees in the area where villagers have now created the Abu Laymoon park.

When the protestors reached the second Apartheid Wall at the illegal colony on their lands - chanting for the liberation of Palestine and raising the Palestinian flag and banners of the imprisoned Marwan Bargouthi - soldiers stationed behind the wall started shooting tear gas canisters and rubber coated steel bullets at them, setting fire to a stretch of bushes close to the park. A twenty year old was shot with a rubber coated steel bullet in the leg. In spite of the continuing barrage of tear gas canisters, the protestors held their ground in the heat of Palestine’s summers, chanting “Palestine is the 194 state”, in reference to the PA’s plan to request recognition as a full member state at the UN in September, demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners and vowing to keep up the resistance until Palestine is free and Palestinian rights are recognized.
One villager hit by rubber-coated steel bullet and dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation during the weekly demonstration against the illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall in Bil’in."

Jerusalem-Al-Kuds Silwan

Demonstration 18/8/2011
Lior Ben Eliahu added 21 new photos to the album מעסרה Ma'asara 19.08.11


Village Ma'sara sends his support to the Israeli tent camps struggle
It was a very small demonstration. The height of summer and the third week of Ramadan have left most residents of villages south of Bethlehem in their homes, and only eight Palestinians, a similar number of international activists, and five Israelis marched from the village center towards the land expropriated by the barrier (those who do not know, here [link] can be found in the story of the struggle of the village).

Perhaps because of the small number of demonstrators that was also one of the most successful demonstrations instead, as he said at the end Mahmoud Zoara, operators of the village People's Committee. This time the soldiers were waiting for us right next to the last houses of the village, and prevented the march forward toward the tiny road leading to the lands now to be confiscated in the future by the fence, was built in yet, but planned to move 12 km from the Green Line, and many agricultural lands to annex the region. Unlike other times This time there was room for negotiation with the soldiers, who refused to stubborn to make up their mouths even once since the beginning of the demonstration to end. contrary to normal procedure, they did not even declared a closed military area, or gave any other reason to stop the march. just stood there, a row , armed from head to toe, and pushed back all the shows he tried to pass them.

Too few to encompass thirty soldiers, and weak leadership because of the fast and the heat, we spent most of demonstration speeches, one-third, mainly for soldiers evacuated. The first stage they were told, in several languages, nothing like the murderous terrorist attacks in the south the past two days and the popular protest - they are violent in front of her. "This is our message and our strength is the idea, not weapons," he said Zoara soldiers. And this idea, as presented to soldiers today, was that the Palestinians demand social justice.

The speeches lasted about an hour, during which referred to the speakers types of injustice Various sustained by Palestinians due to the occupation, including military regime is contrary to democracy, the expropriation of land, water and natural resources for the growth of settlements, a separation racist gives privileges far-reaching Jews over Arabs, destruction of homes, and of course the construction of the Separation heart of Palestinian territory, and not on the '67 borders.

During the demonstration was called to the soldiers that they should cease to oppress others, and join the liberation struggle in their own tents throughout the country. Others said the social struggle in Israel is the same struggle as the struggle against Palestinians, and ordered the soldiers to take off their uniforms and set up a joint encampment for freedom and against the government right away, at the entrance Ma'asara. Hassan Reggie, also of the Popular Committee, said a large demonstration in Tel Aviv and the rest of the country was first taught him not only the Palestinians have Israeli government policy, but also the Israelis themselves, and asked the soldiers what they continue to serve in government that affects them.

All this time the soldiers were silent. Each of them tried to make conversation with the protesters was reprimanded by the commander at the scene. Short speech I gave myself, I told the soldiers at the other things they see and hear around them, they should think about why forbid them to talk to us. I told them that Ma'asara fascinating people, who can teach them quite a bit, and I am sure that they themselves have thoughts and questions relevant to their situation, and we were happy to hear them and answer them on. Zoara repeated his weekly statement that the soldiers are not welcome in the village as long as they are armed and in uniform, but gladly accepted a peace-loving citizens.

Agreed in the latest demonstration of the village People's Committee, stating that the Ma'sara express full solidarity with the Israeli struggle for social justice, and solidarity in this struggle beating - next week will bring a show Friday tents. After the statement back to the village, from where the various homes. The soldiers gathered wrap up the tour with the commander. One can only hope that despite everything, some will take some of the things they heard in the demonstration home with them. Or tent.

Nabi Saleh
Israel Puterman

South of Hebron Hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, August 20, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.

Tel Aviv and all Israel too - 20-8-11
Israel Puterman


There will be a demonstration/workday in Al-Walaja tomorrow, Saturday 20-8-11, at 10 am. Please call K. if you can make it.
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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle on the background of Israeli social justice uprising and the approaching September

The Israeli radicals and the anarchists against the wall were involved this week in the social struggle uprising mainly but the joint struggle with the grass root Palestinian activists did not diminish much in spite of the Ramadan daily fasting. About 80 tent camps - including 7 in greater Tel Aviv, and about dozen in towns with both Jewish and Palestinian communities or Israeli Palestinian towns. Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Jerusalem - Al-Kuds (Shikh Jarrah Silwan), South of Hebron Hills, Al-Wallaje, and Social Justice.


Friday 12-8-2011 The Israeli occupation force suppresses as usual the process of Bil'in weekly demonstration:
"The Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Bil'in organized the weekly march with the participation of dozens of Palestinians, dozens of international activists and some Israeli peace activists [14 of the anarchists against the wall - I.S.].
Despite the heat of the sun and fasting of Ramadan, the march started after Friday prayers from the center of the village. They headed to the land that was liberated, especially (Abu Lemon) natural reserve, the Palestinians and peace activists waved Palestinian flags, They chanted the national march chants calling for the departure of the occupation and demolition of the racist wall. Participants used a megaphone to call to the settlers, who are in Mattiaho Mzrah settlement which was built on the lands of Bil'in to leave the area and return to their original homeland and return the land to the Palestinians. they were able to destroy part of the barbed wire located along the concrete wall. On their part, Israeli soldiers fired tear gas at demonstrators, which led to the suffering of some demonstrators with the poison gas".

Banners which connect the Israeli social justice struggle to the separation fence and occupation were included.

Jerusalem - Al-Kuds

Shikh Jarrah

On Saturday, August 13, we will meet at 8 PM
for a meeting with the Sheikh Jarrah residents and a movie screening.
We will meet at the public garden on Nablus Road
(where the demonstrations take place)
Ramadan Karim!


This Thursday, August 18, Silwan:
Boycott the Occupation -- Say No to Settlement-Sponsored Cultural Events!
Join us this Thursday, August 18, at 20:30'
For a protest against the injustices of the occupation and repression in Silwan
The protest will take place in front of the "City of David" site

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come each year to the " City of David " site, but few know that they are supporting the settlement project in East Jerusalem. The settlers use the archaeological site to paint themselves as promoters of education and culture, whitewashing their dangerous extremist ideology.

Over the last few weeks, the Elad organization, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture, has held cultural events in the City of David site in Silwan. The events take place in the framework of 'Israel Culture Nights.' What the Elad organization and the Ministry of Culture forgot to mention is that these events take place in an illegal settlement in the heart of the village of Silwan.

This "culture" is one of discrimination, neglect, and repression. While Israelis are enjoying music, the children of Silwan continue to suffer terror at the hands of the police , just a few meters away from the concert venue.

We will be there this Thursday to protest the whitewashing of the occupation:
the "City of David" is an illegal settlement, not a cultural center!

We will be there to demonstrate against the culture of racism and apartheid,
and for Palestinian-Jewish cooperation against the occupation of East Jerusalem.


Weekly Demo 12.08.2011.

Nabi Saleh

Palestinians from the region, twenty Israeli of the Anarchists Against the Wall, along with solidarity activists from Belgium, Netherlands, UK, US, Italy and Ireland joined Friday Nabi Saleh villagers in the second week of Ramadan. Protesters marched holding a tent to tell the Israeli protest movement that their demands for social justice must include implementing the rights of Palestinians.

The second weekly protest of the week of Ramadan in the village of Nabi Saleh was dedicated to reminding Israeli protesters that a true movement for social justice could not ignore the Palestinians.
The demonstrators carried a tent with them, similar to the ones that became the symbol of the protests in Tel Aviv and other cities across Israel. As the march broke from the village’s main road towards the village’s lands, over which settlers try to take over, they were attacked by two groups of Israeli Border Police officers who shot tear-gas projectiles at them from two different directions. Forced to return to the main road, the protesters tried to set the tent there, but were attacked with tear-gas and concussion grenade once again.

While the Israeli protest movement is widely celebrated as a shining example of Israeli democracy, Similar Palestinian demonstration are violently repressed and communities involved in them are regularly and systematically attacked by the Israeli army.

tamimi1966 Nebi Saleh
Israel Puterman
David Reeb

South of Hebron Hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, August 13, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.


Wednesday protest 10-8-2011
"Despite the fact that the case of the route of the Apartheid-Annexation Wall through the SW Jerusalem village of al-Walaja is due to be heard in the Israeli Supreme Court on September 27 occupation forces are busy creating "facts on the ground" by uprooting olive trees and doing the preparatory ground work for a crime against humanity that will create a living ghetto similar to Gaza, Qalqilya and neighboring Bethlehem. In revulsion against this, Palestinians and international solidarity activists their numbers greatly augmented by members of the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall direct action group protested in al-Walaja today but were greeted with stun grenades, tear gas and some thirteen arrests by the Israeli army. The village of Al-Walaja was, in 1948, the second largest land area after Jerusalem but was cut down to one third the size when Israel declared statehood that year. Now a border village, Al-Walaja is edged on its eastern flank by an expanding bloc of colonies and is being reduced in size by the path of the Apartheid- Annexation Wall, which annexes between two to three kilometers of village lands from the pre-1967 border.


dozens of olive trees were uprooted in Walaje. and it seems many more will be uprooted.
Israel Puterman video

Being a radical left activist in Israel is at most times a pretty depressing proposition. We act not out of belief that we can change anything, but rather out of the moral conviction that we cannot do otherwise. Now, suddenly, everything is open, and our activity can make a huge difference. There is something scary about that, but also something very very exciting. Let’s hope it holds.

Social Justice

Various demos and actions along the week. On Saturday 13-8-11 70,000 (1% of total population of Israel) converged and marched in the less central cities (Not including Tel Aviv region, and Jerusalem)

About 80 tent camps - including 7 in greater Tel Aviv and about dozen in towns with both Jewish and Palestinian communities and Israeli Palestinian towns.

Jaffa Jewish-Palestinian tent camp protest 13-8-11 Israel Puterman
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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle with the background of a region in turmoil

The involvement of the anarchists against the wall initiative (Shoulder to shoulder with the activists of Sheikhjarah solidarity net work) in the Joint struggle diminished a bit. The involvement in the Israeli uprising need attending to. Comrades are involved mainly in the Jaffa joint tent camp of Jews and Palestinian inhabitants and the Lewinsky camp of poor working class neighborhood. Though some "hold their breath" waiting for September UN activity, the local struggles intensify as state forces increase their efforts to put end to the joint struggle in Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Wallage, and Beit Ummar.

Beit Ummar

In Beit Ummar, Israeli soldiers accusing me of assaulting them… then arresting me.
By Miko Peled


Some 15 Israelis and 10 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration against the wall and occupation in Bil’in. The demonstrators marched to the Abu Lamun oak reserve, and set up new benches and trash cans in the resort. Then someone made a symbolic gesture of returning to the soldiers a single live gas canister, which had been shot at him in a previous demonstration. The soldiers, surprisingly, did not reciprocate with more gas canisters. Then some of the demonstrators marched along the fence to the gate and to the ledge overlooking the security road. There the army, unprovoked, attacked the demonstrators with a spray of skunk water from a truck that lurked below. The wind carried the stinking droplets farther than usual into the small crowd of protesters. A few boys threw stones at the skunk van, and the army shot a few gas canisters. As the exchange was taking place, a helium filled Dora balloon drifted over from the settlement, above the scene, carried by the putrid wind.
Rani Abdel Fatah pictures

Lod - Ramla

Demonstration 22/10/2010 - Four Years of Struggle
The Palestinian village of Al-Ma'asara lies near the town of Bethlehem, and has suffered in recent year due to the separation wall which has prevented the village residents from accessing their lands, with the goal of taking over more land for the settlement of Efrat. This demonstration marks 4 years of struggle in Al-Ma'asara, and it's the first time I've attended. The demonstrations are completely non-violent. The demonstrators sing and give speeches. Nonetheless, the Israeli army chooses to disperse the demonstration by force. It took its time but the uprising initiated by few "middle class" youth in Tel Aviv protesting dwelling problems. Now it already include also low working class people of all over the country (about 80 locations including Israeli Palestinians) and include all the social hardship caused by the neo-liberal mode.

Nebi Saleh

In just over one year of nonviolent protests in the tiny West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, 155 of the 500 residents have been wounded (about 60 of them children); 35 homes have been damaged, dozens have been detained and the villagers has been regularly terrorized by occupation forces deliberately shooting high velocity tear gas canisters into their homes igniting curtains and furniture in the process - their exterior

‪planxtysumoud Nabi Saleh protest 5-8-2011‬‏ - YouTube


South Hebron hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, August 13, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.

For details and registration: D.


In the past days dozens of olive trees were uprooted in al-Walaja and the army is resuming preparation work for the wall.
The case of the route of the fence in Walaja is still in the supreme court with a hearing coming soon, but in the meantime, the army is creating facts on the ground.

After a dozen of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists were arrested two demonstrations trying to prevent the uprooting of the trees, the popular comity of the village is preparing for a BIG demo this Wednesday, 8:00 Palestinian time 9:00 Israeli time.
Cars are needed.
please call: E.

Nine arrested in 10-8-11 demo in al-wallaje

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Jaffa tent camp

Jafa tents camp

Tel Aviv
Israel Puterman


Haaretz Editorial

The Israeli protest has turned into a revolution
Following decades in which the public has curled up in its indifference and allowed a handful of politicians to run the country as they wished, the rules of the political game have changed.
For more than three weeks Israeli society and polity have been shaken by waves of social protest of the sort that has never been seen here before. This protest reached a new peak on Saturday night with demonstrations that saw hundreds of thousands of Israelis take to the streets. Such a display of power is apparently far from being over.

The protest has already achieved much. It has stirred civil society to become involved, and to show solidarity following many years of complacency. It has also altered the social agenda in Israel, and political-security discourse has given way to a socioeconomic one, which has taken center stage in an unprecedented way.

The group of young protesters has also managed to instill an element of popular democracy, managing its affairs far away from politicians and political parties. The demonstrators have shown exemplary organizational abilities, which also peaked during the latest, incredibly orderly demonstration in Tel Aviv. The group of speakers during the demonstration was impressive for its diversity.

The themes of the protest have, to a certain extent, also managed to hit home. When the masses cry out throughout the country "the people demand social justice," it does not yet suggest an orderly and detailed socioeconomic theory or defined set of demands, but it is doubtful whether these are necessary at this stage, in the forging of a new movement.

We are in the midst of what is increasingly shaping up to be an Israeli revolution. Following decades in which the public has curled up in its indifference and allowed a handful of politicians to run the country as they wished, with no significant involvement from civil society, the rules of the political game have changed.

The public has realized that it has much more power and influence than it imagined. Henceforth, every prime minister in Israel will have to take into consideration this emerging force.

It is still hard to know where this protest will lead, and how it will end. For the time being, we can be impressed by its power and the direction in which it seeks to move. We must therefore praise the protesters for the changes in perception they have already instigated and hope that they will be able to continue their efforts in the future, in the same impressive way that has characterized them to date - and bring about genuine change.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle intensify with the nearing September and the social justice struggle in Israel in the background

The Israeli efforts to curb the joint struggle intensify in Nabi Saleh and Wallage. Though the Israeli activists are involved in the social justice uprising, the Israeli Palestinians are not absent from it and the anarchists were not absent from their local tent camps and their block in the Saturday hundred thousands march in Tel Aviv. The on-going struggles in occupied east Jerusalem focused on Sheik Jarah; in the south - at the south of Hebron mountains; in west of Ramallah - at Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Nebi Saleh; within Israel - at the Bedouin village of Al-Arakib.

Al Arakib
Wednesday July 27, 2011 march at 18:30 at the Lehavim Junction to conduct a protest vigil and torches march. We will pass the night by hearing stories from the people of Al Arakib, whose village was destroyed exactly one year ago! In protest of the continuing demolitions, by the State of Israel's and the continuing neglect and abuse of its citizens who refuse to be transferred and live in harsh living conditions. Denouncing the continuing violation of the basic civil right to housing of its indigenous people and the violation of international conventions. We focus on the involvement of the Jewish National Fund, which expropriates people's lands day after day by means of massive forestation.
July 29, 2011


Saturday July 30 Visiting in Anata and demonstration against land stealing
For details and registration: A.

Beit Ummar
"The Saturday protest has ended - no injuries or arrests today. Heavy army presence, balloons flying in the air and solidarity signs with Norway - "united against terrorism" in front of soldiers..."


The previous routine is returning at the new location of the separation wall. Tear gas grenades are thrown on us, and soldiers cross to our side to try in vain to intimidate the demonstrators.
Israel Puterman video
Haithm Katib video

Dir Quadis

"There will be a demo at Dir Qadis tomorrow evening (Wednesday). If you can make it please let me know. K."


"Three weeks of joined struggle to protect the house of the Aju Israeli-Palestinian family in Ramle brought out a freeze on the demolition verdict by regional court."

Al Ma'asara

Jawad Zawahra pictures

Nebi Saleh Tuesday

‎26 July 2011, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank: At 10 a.m. we arrived at Nabi Saleh to interview the neighbors about what had happened there at the terrorist night intrusion of the Israeli state forces.


".... Last week I was arrested when I was trying to get into the village, which is subjected to a closed military zone that starts every Friday morning.
That warrant is unreasonable: how can one declare that an entire village, owned by its people, is practically confiscated for hours just to prevent people from gathering.
That is one of the privileges the martial laws grants the army: they have the ability to disrupt any aspect of people's daily living according to their judgment.
So this week I came the day before and stayed the night over.
I came to be with the kind, warm, friendly, generous, brave, formidable, great hospitality, noble people of Nabi Saleh.
I was so happy when people recognized me from past times I've been in the village and called me by my Arabic name, Kibrita ...."

".... In the morning, we couldn't even get from where we were staying into the village without having tear gas shot at us. They wouldn't even let us move quietly inside the village, let alone gather and march. When we tried to make several steps, we were met with high velocity tear gas canisters shot in direct aiming towards us. We were showered with tear gas.
At some point I found myself against a wall, canisters flying over my head, between my legs & arms.
I was choking and couldn't see anything.
Seth took my hand, and than a local man showed us to safety....."

".... As we regrouped in a yard, some people were singing Palestinian freedom songs The soldiers went inside the village.
Last time I've heard they pointed pistols at people as they raided houses.
They arrested David, the photographer.
I saw them beating him and tearing his shirt off.
They also broke his camera.
I heard that two other Palestinians were arrested, as well as three international solidarity activists.
I also heard that an International activist was injured.
One of the Palestinians that were arrested was told he is being taken for having people from outside the village in his home. ..."

International communities against Israel
David Reeb

Nebi Samuel

The Palestinian village near the main road between Jerusalem and the west which was occupied in the 1967 war is under severe efforts to transfer out. They invited us (the anarchists against the wall initiative) for a joint action Friday 29th July 2011.


29 07 2011

Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration 29/7/2011 Mario Savio pictures

Tel Aviv

Tuesday- the tent camps, direct actions and marches. Solidarity contingents came to the camp in the lower class and refugees neighborhood which was target for the municipality harassments - both from the more respectful "middle class" camp of the city center and activists from towns of Israel south.

Israel Puterman video
Haifa 26/7/11 The people demand social justice

Media: Social activists: The revolution is here.
News: Leaders of housing protest turned mass social protest list their demands from government, warn 'high cost of living is a symptom of a deep and dangerous fracture in society'

Tens of thousands of Israelis participated in mass protest rallies across Israel Saturday night demanding social change and justice.
Police sources estimated that nearly 150,000 people participated in the protest nationwide. If so we where over 100,000 in Tel Aviv itself.
Tel Aviv hosted the main protest rally, where leaders of the social protest – which sprouted from a "tent city" erected on Rothschild Boulevard in protest of the lack of affordable housing some two weeks ago – detailed their demands from the government.
"Two weeks have passed since we have pitched the first tent on the boulevard, and it seems that there are still some people around the government table who just don't understand: The real estate situation and the high cost of living are just symptoms of a deep and dangerous fracture that has spread within our society," activist Daphni Leef, said over the stage.
"The piggery and egoism have turned into the most prominent features of Israeli existence, but over the past two weeks we discovered that there is another Israeli existence.
"We have come here today to tell our elected officials in the simplest of terms that the State has a responsibility to its citizens, a responsibility that our elected officials continue to shrug off with a variety of excuses, including supply and demand, a free market and false prosperity."
The current revolution, she continued, "Is a revolution of awareness: A revolution that causes all citizens understand that we all deserve more; understand that they are allowed to demand more from the government; understand that it is not a luxury to stand for all the rights that we deserve."

"We do not want to replace the government, we want much more than that – to change the rules of the game and say loud and clear: Social services are rights, not commodities."
Speaking of the protest movement's primary cause, affordable housing, Leef said that "A home is not just real estate. The State must intervene immediately in the housing market in order to protect us, the citizens. We demand fair housing for everyone. Public housing is not a swear-word."
Leef went on to say that the State must regulate rent prices and conditions.

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On the way back from the demo on the way to the tent camp lot of protesters celebrated in the main intersection for an hour and a half till the police "convinced" them to leave - detaining 12 participants. 8 of them were kept in custody and brought to court at the morning. The judge released them on self bail with no restriction - criticizing police for not releasing them earlier on bail with out dragging them to court.

Greeting arrived from Egyptian Tahrir:

"I am so proud of having Israel as my neighbor. CONTINUE, you will succeed. I & many never felt as united with you as today! Man, I don't even know you, but I want to hug you.
The wind of change is within us all, we got rid of Mubarak, and Netanyahu can join him and Ben Ali and then Gadaffi & Assad!" Great wishes from Tahrir. GO ISRAEL! GO FREEDOM!!!"

Israel Puterman


This morning dozens of olive trees were uprooted in Wallajeh. and it seems many more will be uprooted tomorrow (the bulldozers are staying there for the night).
We need people to sleep there tonight or come early tomorrow morning, please call: E.

About 50 Palestinians, Internationals, and Israeli activists demonstrated in Al-Walaja. While filming the destruction of the land, 4 Israelis and two Palestinians were roughed up by Israeli apartheid soldiers then detained.

In the past few days dozens of olive trees were uprooted in Wallajeh. and it seems many more will be uprooted next week, starting Sunday morning.
The case of the root of the fence in Wallajeh is still in the supreme court with a hearing next week, but in the meantime, the army is creating facts on the ground.

After 6 Palestinian and Israeli activists were arrested yesterday trying to prevent the uprooting of the trees, We need people to come on Sunday (31/7) morning at 8:00 to the old olive tree (ask for Zaitunat el-Badawi). Cars are needed.
please call: E


"Sunday in Wallajeh there will be an international bike ride throughout the village, so the demonstration will only begin at 9:00 AM once the international event ends. Please call Eran once you arrive at the entrance of the village at 0528504193 for directions to the meeting spot."

A group of about 30 international, Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators demonstrated in front of Israeli construction equipment Sunday morning, in an effort to prevent the uprooting of olive trees to make way for the continued construction of the separate wall that is to surround this village located just south of Jerusalem.

Within 10 minutes of the start of the demonstrations, 1 Palestinian, 2 Internationals and 3 Israelis were arrested. Israeli protestors then negotiated with the army commander for their release. The commander responded to one Israeli by saying: “I’m keeping you here as long as I can so that one rock is thrown and then I can fuck up the village.”
As soon as he said that, one Palestinian from the village who was not part of the protest, started throwing stones, at which point the Israeli soldiers invaded the village, using tear gas.

As soon as nonviolent demonstrators left, IDF soldiers took over positions in the village and began shooting tear gas as well as what some Israeli demonstrators claim is live ammunition.

Walaje is normally a quiet village known for non-violent demonstrations, which started two years ago in connection with construction of the separation wall there, which is slated to encircle the entire village.
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