Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Palestine-Israel, Joint struggles at the end of Summer

During the week anarchists against the wall of Tel Aviv reinforced the Sheikh Jarah coalition both in the eastern Jerusalem occupied Sheikh Jarah and Silwan and in the support for the Arakiv Bedouins in the south of Israel. Confrontations with the Israeli state forces were also in Seikh Jarah itself... With the renewal of the Friday demos in Sheikh Jarah about 200 people participated and most of us also marched to the west part of the neighborhood which is now in the focus of transfer efforts of settler colonialist project with "blessing" of the Israeli highest court of "justice".


Various activities during the week.

Beit Ummar

The regular weekly demonstration in the town of Beit Ummar near Hebron protests against the Israeli occupation, and against the theft of its land by the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tzur in particular. This Saturday the march also demonstrated against Rami Levy, an Israeli supermarket chain selling settlement produce, and commemorated the twenty-eighth anniversary of the massacre in the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut. Activists showed solidarity with the people of Silwan, the East Jerusalem neighborhood where a man was shot dead by a settler security guard on Wednesday, and with Palestinian political prisoners – in particular 17-year-old Beit Ummar resident Yousef Abu Maria who has a serious medical condition.

The demonstration was attended by around 60 Palestinians accompanied by 15 international and Israeli activists. Setting off at 1 p.m., the march proceeded through the Palestinians’ land in the direction of the illegal settlement, where their path was blocked by Israeli soldiers who put a rope across the path and threatened to arrest anyone who crossed it. Some youths were not deterred and crossed the rope, at which point the soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at all of the protesters. Several tear gas canisters were fired directly at the demonstrators, in defiance of the Israeli army’s own regulations.

The protesters burned cardboard boxes representing settlement produce in the path leading towards Karmei Tzur. The soldiers attempted to arrest one Palestinian campaigner but international activists managed successfully to shield him. He was beaten badly enough to lose consciousness. It was at this point that innocent French activist Bruno de Ginestet-Puivert was arrested, and later told he was being held on suspicion of assaulting an officer. Eyewitnesses from the demonstration say this was not true and that de Ginestet-Puivert was targeted arbitrarily. An Associated Press photographer was also detained but released before the demonstration ended.


Just under 15 internationals and a similar number of Israelis joined the Palestinian demonstration against the land grabbing wall and the other evils of the occupation in Bil'in. The soldiers waited on the village side of the fence, but did not deter the demonstrators from marching directly at them, chanting and explaining to them why they shouldn't be there. Two Palestinian farmers, a man and a woman, asked to cross over to their lands, but were physically blocked. The organizers kept the shabab more or less at bay, and even the army surprisingly did not use the first stone as an excuse to open fire. But when the demo was ready to disperse, the shabab and soldiers couldn't contain their eagerness, and decided to step things up with stones and gas. The shabab had the dubious achievement of hitting no less than three journalists, one of them in the head. Later things escalated, culminating in Ashraf Khatib being shot in his calf with a 0.22 live bullet - a bullet that the army itself banned from use for crowd control.

In this demo we had again the clear expression of these who object to the nonviolent joint struggle. Three young teens stood behind the nonviolent demonstrators who were standing in front of the soldiers' line. They were holding stones in their hands waiting for the signal to act. When reminded that there are soldiers near by not in front of the demo... they just ignored that.

At a signal from a grown up chaperon who stood with the nonviolent demonstrators one of the three hit a soldier with a stone and the three of them escaped leaving the other demonstrators to be hit by the soldiers as usual (which first time did not occur).

(For years, youth who was not satisfied with the nonviolent demonstrations but respected the wish of those who choose it, used to confront the soldiers and throw stones on them at a near by section of the separation fence about two hundred meter away from the demo.)


Hebron (Al Khalil)

Saturday, Sep 25, 2010
A smaller than usual group of about 40 Palestinian residents of Hebron and their supporters - including many young children from the segregated Israeli-controlled al-Sheikh neighborhood - carried signs, drummed and chanted while marching against the occupation and Jewish-only settlement in Hebron. The march was soon stopped by Israeli soldiers before even reaching the closed Shuhada street gate. Although the demonstration remained calm and peaceful, the soldiers soon began pushing the protesters back. The protesters did not object and carried on with the demo at a spot the army conceived "secured" enough, a few dozen meters from the closed Shuhada gate. As in every demo, after a while the protesters began to march through the old city alleys. Settlers squirted water on the protesters and the Palestinian market as the march passed below their homes. Following this, soldiers came to again physically push away the already going marchers, which were by then quite far from the settlers. Without neither justification nor consideration for the many young children attending, the soldiers threw a few sound bombs into the already moving away march as it neared its end.


Demonstrators burn settlement produce in al-Ma`sara

On Friday in al-Ma’asara in the southern West Bank, around fifteen villagers were joined by around fifteen Israeli and international solidarity activists after noon prayers. Together, the demonstrators marched towards the entrance of al-Ma`asara, where their path was blocked by around a dozen Israeli soldiers and border police and three army jeeps. Villagers wore T-shirts reading, “Stop supporting Rami Levi, Stop Supporting Settlements” and carried cardboard boxes representing settlement products.

When the demonstrators moved to set the boxes on fire, Israeli forces threw sound bombs and at least one tear gas canister at the crowd. The sound bombs themselves set the boxes on fire, after which the protesters dispersed back to the village. The demonstration lasted about twenty minutes in total.

Nabi Salah

An-Nabi Saleh’s weekly demonstration was yet again met with violent repression from the Israeli armed forces. The protestors numbered around 100, including internationals and Israeli activists.

The demonstration began slightly earlier this week – directly after noon prayers – and as such the Israeli military had not arrived by the time the protestors began to march. Due to this, the majority of the villagers managed to reach much further down the main road of their village than would normally be permitted. Some protestors managed to reach the spot which is the aim of the demonstration – the village’s natural spring, which has been confiscated by the nearby illegal Halamish settlement.

Shortly after soldiers blocked the remaining protesters’ path, many of the younger children began throwing stones at the military’s armored jeeps in a symbolic act of resistance against the Israeli army’s continuous invasion of their village and their increasing violence towards its residents.

The soldiers from the five or six jeeps which had entered the village at this point then began to shoot tear gas projectiles and percussion grenades directly at the children, and also fired several rounds of rubber-coated steel bullets both as warning shots and directly at the children. Many of those involved in the demonstration also report that the soldiers fired 0.22” caliber live ammunition at this point, again both as a warning and straight at the children, many of whom were under 13 years old.

The demonstration was then suspended for some time as the jeeps retreated, but returned after roughly half an hour, when the soldiers positioned themselves at the three main entrances to the village, and resumed shooting the aforementioned weapons at any visible children upon the slightest sight of a stone.

This continued for several hours, and the demonstration ended at approximately 6pm, when the military finally retreated from the village. One Israeli activist was detained at around 2pm, but was released before the end of the demonstration. None obtained serious injuries, although many children were badly bruised due to the military’s use of the weapons noted above, and countless protestors suffered severe tear gas inhalation.


Friday report. Around 50 demonstrators marched from the village to the wall, where they shortly being attacked by the IDF soldiers, tear gas and live ammunition was used. The soldiers crossed the wall and ran after the demonstrators till the outskirt of the village where both side could not deal with the heat and after half and hour went back, the soldiers to the other side of the wall and the demonstrators with some victory songs back to center of the village.

Sheikh Jarah

In addition to the activities during the week, bout 200 converged to the renewed Friday demonstration in Sheikh Jarah.

As usual, people came from Tel Aviv and non joint demonstrations in other locations.

As usual, in the middle of the demo the people marched to a near by location where occupation settlers replaced by force transferred Palestinian families.



Settlers Security Personnel kill Samir Solhan in Silwan, Riots Breakout

Clashes in Silwan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDhg7Q_fPBE

Wad Rahhal

The Thursday joint working afternoons in the areas threatened by settler colonialists replaced the Friday demos. It persist in spite of the harassment by settlers and Israeli state forces.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Palestine-Israel, Another week of joint struggle the Israeli radicals participated in with the special contribution of the anarchists against the wall

Within the 1948 borders the struggle against the transfer of the Bedouins of the south of the Arakiv village drew many activists. This week activists both joined the villagers and demonstrated in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Summer change to Autumn, the heat of the whether start to drop, but not the cruelty of the occupation. The regular week end activities were at Beit Ommar, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nabi Sale, Wad Rahhal, and Walaje.


Destruction of Al-Arakib - fifth time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Koc7iEx8E

Beit Ommar

For the first demonstration since the Ramadan break, around 40 Palestinians, joined by a dozen international activists, marched again towards Karmei Tsur settlement, built on Beit Ommar land in the 1980's. This week, the demonstration carried a more somber tone, as the participants were including a call for the 17 year-old son of Popular Committee member Ahmed Abu Maria to be released from prison. He is being held pending trial and has a serious medical condition for which he was hospitalized this week. A few participants carried signs in several languages stating "I am Yousef Abu Maria".
Long before the demonstrators could make their demands clear, and indeed before they reached the fence cutting them off from their farmland, Israeli soldiers descended on the group and almost immediately began attacking the participants and arresting them. One Palestinian organizer, Younes Arrar, was viciously arrested, dragged away in a choke-hold and held for over 20 minutes with his arm wrenched behind his back. An international solidarity activist from Ireland was thrown to the ground, his head slammed down, as a soldier shouted at him in English "are you scared yet?"
Still, the demonstrators were persistent and the demonstration lasted for nearly two hours as Israeli soldiers fired tear gas directly at participants, in violation of their own laws; rubber-coated steel bullets and percussion grenades were also shot directly at participants. A Palestinian teen and an international woman were both hit with tear gas canisters in their torsos fired from close distance.
In the end, two international solidarity activists, one from PSP and one from ISM were arrested, though the PSP activist was released on the scene (most likely because of her Israeli citizenship). Three Palestinians, including an AP photographer, were also arrested. All three were released later the same evening from the police station.


During the week, solidarity with Bil'in prisoner(s) at Ofer concentration camp/military court.

Friday 17-9-2010 demonstration:
As previous Fridays since 22 February 2005, the joint demonstration against the separation fence and occupation marched from the center of the village towards the route of the separation fence. About 20 international activists, 8 Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative and few dozens Bil'iners marched at noon with pictures of prisoners of the village.

We chanted along the march till we arrived at the gate of the route of the fence. The Most of the Israeli state force that was relatively small was located behind the concrete blocks not far from the gate. Few daring ones entered the route of the fence defying warning of the soldiers and hung on the electronic fence some placards and pictures of the prisoners arrested during the last year - part of the failed efforts to put end to the weekly demonstrations. On our way we could see the not so far away new separation fence that will replace part of the present one and will return soon to the villagers part of the robbed lands, as decided by the highest Israeli court more than two years ago.

After repeated warnings the soldiers started with the usual attack using mainly tear gas but added from time to time few shock grenades.

As the wind was friendly to us and the soldiers not too belligerent, many of the demonstrators remained near the fence, in spite of the frequent firing of tear gas and the advance of soldiers to our side of the fence.

This Friday the soldiers refrained from declaring the are closed military zone and did not try to arrest any one.

Haitham video 17-9-10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWXWmaw7PbQ - Me at 1:25 to 1:45


Some thirty Palestinian, Israeli and international activists gathered this week in Ma'asara to protest against the Apartheid Wall. The small procession passed through the village, and was met by a gang of soldiers and border policemen at its outskirts. The soldiers declared the area was a closed military zone, and allowed the demonstrators a minute to leave.

One of the demonstrators started giving a speech about the anniversary to the Sabra and Shatila massacre, and the soldiers reacted by throwing stun grenades at people's feet. Two minutes later they started throwing tear gas as well. Demonstrators took a step back, then returned forward, and were met with more violence. Demonstrators put their hands up in the air, calling soldiers not to shoot at the non-violent demonstration, and to use the Jewish holiday of repentance to rethink their actions. This repeated itself for some twenty minutes, until the soldiers suddenly left. Demonstrators celebrated their small victory, and the demonstration was over.

Nabi Sale

Around 60 people - Nabi Saleh residents, including many of the village's children, and other Palestinians and Israeli and international supporters - participated in the weekly demonstration against the crippling Israeli occupation and the Halamish settlement. Israeli soldiers came to block the protesters, but in an outburst of civil disobedience the protesters broke the soldiers line, and after a while sat on the main road, despite of the soldier's pushes and shoves.

After much chantings the march went back . The deepening army incursion into the village was met with resistance by stone throwing. At one incident soldiers stationed in the village's center were warded off, throwing back stun grenades as they left the area. At another incident, soldiers grabbed one young Palestinian and beaten him until he could barely get up from the ground. Many protesters came by to protest and oppose this aggression.

Typically, long after the demo was over the army went back to the village, harassing and threatening its residents.

Wad Rahhal

The people of Wad Rahhal invite Israeli and international activists every Thursday for agricultural works in the village. The works take place in their fields, on a hill close to the village. Due to this fact the hill is suppose to stay outside the separation fence. During the building of the fence road some of the fields were destroyed and olive trees were demolished, their owners have rehabilitated the fields and planted new olive trees. The works last for about two or three hours and take place during the late afternoon, they include pruning the trees and cleaning the fields from rocks allowing tractors to plow the land.This week the villagers plan to build a tent near one of the villagers home, that under threat of being destroys by the IDF. The house in a bit further that the village hence is a target for harassment by the army and the settlers. In order to support its owner their will be a Hafla every Thursday, after the works.The work will start at 16:00 if you wish to attend please contact D.


Ramadan and Id el-Fitr are over and the weekly demonstrations against the wall in the village of Al-Walaje are back. A demonstration will be held tomorrow (Friday) at 12:00.
For details contact Y.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue within 1948 borders and in the 1967 occupied areas

The enlarged radical initiative of Sheikh Jarrakh the anarchists against the wall participate in joint struggle against the demolition of the Arkiv Bedouin village. During the week, in addition to the Sheikh Jarrakh struggles, the activists involves also in Arkiv and in the East Jerusalem Silwan neighborhood. The Jerusalem section of the AAtW seems to flourish. In the weekend activities continued at the south: Hebron, south of Hebron mountains, Wad Rahal, and in the central regions: Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Nebi Saleh. In the world at large, AAtW activists combine educational/information-sharing and fund rising to cover our judicial debt equivalent to more than 100,000 US dollars.


Monday 6-9-10 at the Lehavim intersection, the weekly demonstration against the demolition of the Arkiv village.

8-9-10 - Towards the fifth demolition of the village comrades from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem stay there nights.

Monday 13-9-10 early in the morning 4:00, the fifth demolishion did occure. Afternoon 17:00 the weekly demonstration against the demolition of the Arkiv village at the Lehavim intersection.


Friday demonstration. Still a hot summer noon. About two dozen Biliners, two dozen Israelis and a dozen internationals marched to the gate of the separation fence.

Due to the new Jewish year holiday very few soldiers converged beyond concrete blocks on the other side of the separation fence. They did not bother to confront us on the way, and only after few people entered the route of the fence they started the usual tear gas shooting, but did not try to cross the fence to our side and harass people.
Bil'in Friday 10.9.2010 videos
Haitham: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrsNtiXrDik&feature=player_embedded
David: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_fMYV-kCp4

Nabi Saleh

Dozens of residents Israelis of the AAtW and international activists held their weekly protest against the Annexation Wall and settlements in Nabi Saleh village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

The protesters marched marking the Id Al Fitir Muslim feast while insisting that the real feast is liberation and independence.

They marched towards one of the entrances of the village that was sealed off by the Israeli since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in late September 2000, and also marched towards a military tower installed at the entrance of the village.

The protesters chanted against the occupation, the Wall, settlements and military roadblocks that hinder the freedom of movement of the residents.

Another take:

"The group arrived to An-Nabi Saleh without a hitch (the road wasn't closed, and the soldiers didn't declare the area a closed military zone) and headed up to the meeting point to wait for the demo to start. As a few people started to arrive in dribs and drabs, people started to congregate under the shade of the tree. After about 15 minutes of waiting, the numbers reached just under 20 Palestinians (as always, mainly children) and just under 20 Israelis and internationals, and the demo set off down to the yellow gate at the edge of the village. There were a few chants started, but as a whole, the group was relatively subdued.

Once the group arrived, the soldiers moved from their position in front of the gate to standing behind it. They tried a few times to get B (the leader of the protest) to leave, but he stayed his ground as children banged rocks on the metal gate and adults clapped along in rhythm. After a few minutes at the gate, B announced that it was traditional for the village to organize trips to those families who had members in prison, so the crowd turned round and headed back into the village."


Ni’lin weekly demo 10.09.2010 by Saeed Amireh

"...... The protest that followed at 1pm was organized by the Ni’lin Popular Committee against the Apartheid Wall. And it send a strong message to the Occupation Forces and the Israeli government: we will never forget those who died for our just cause. And we will not stop our protests against the Apartheid wall until we get back the land that was stolen from us. We will continue our struggle, no matter what.

As soon as the demonstration reached the wall the Israeli Occupation soldiers began to threaten the protesters, telling them that they were in a closed military zone (our olive groves). No one responded to the soldier’s threats. Instead, the protesters started speaking with the soldiers. They asked them, whether they don’t feel shame for what they are doing to the people of Ni’lin? How can they kill innocent children?

What about human rights? What about humanity? They’re human, too, or aren’t they? Don’t they have children themselves? How can they live with the shameful crimes they are committing? But the soldiers didn’t response. It looked like they don’t feel any shame, instead they seem to be proud of killing innocent people.

The Israeli military wanted to arrest as many protesters as possible, thus they made them come closer to the wall and didn’t shoot any tear gas at them this time. But the demonstrators were clever enough to understand what was going on and before the soldiers could arrest them, they left the wall. The demonstration took place until 2:30 pm. No one was shot or arrested this time......."

Sheikh Jarrakh

Saturday evening we replaced the weekend demonstration with a party celebrating both the end of the Ramadan and the Jewish new year. Hundreds participated in the courtyard of one of the evicted families.

Monday, Police brutality video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIdFw2vuijA

Education/fund rising

Thursday 9/9- Smash Israeli Apartheid: Anarchists Against the Wall Came to Denver

Monday, September 6, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle still continue in spite of some official reservations

The end of the Summer, and the end of the Ramadan... with most of the internationals already returned home. The local activists - Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative and the real radicals of the left still holding.


Monday afternoon, the weekly protest at the Lehavim intersection at 17:00.
After that, a meeting with the village people.

Beit Ommar Saturday September 4


3-8-10 Some 10 Israelis and a handful of internationals joined this Ramadan's last Friday demo against the wall and the occupation in Bil'in. With the heat and fasting taking their toll, and the international delegations season over, the demo was smaller than usual. The army set a barbed wire barrier on the way to the wall, and deployed a few dozen meters behind it, between the wall and the barrier. The demonstrators gathered behind the barbed wire, and after a few minutes removed it to march forward (next week, will they set a new barrier to protect the barrier that is supposed to keep demonstrators away from the wall?). At that point the army started shooting gas, and the demonstrators had to retreat and declared the demo over. While even some of the feistier shabab couldn't be bothered to throw stones, the army kept on shooting gas until all demonstrators were far up the hill leading to the village, occasionally getting some gas "blow back" due to the shifting winds.

Hebron (Al Khalil) Saturday September 4

Jerusalem - Al-Kuds

Sheikh Jarrah

Solidarity activists remind Jerusalemites what is happening yards away from their venues of leisure.

The week end demonstration again in the Saturday evening due to the Ramadan Day fasting.



This Wednesday, 1.9, the Elad association will hold a day of tours to new excavation sites in Silwan, to be followed by an archaeological conference.

We will be there to greet the visitors, tell them what they are really taking part in, and tell them facts that visitors are not being told in the "City of David" tours.

We will be there to remind everyone that the Elad association is not a research institution interested in archaeology, but a political tool for the Judeaization of East Jerusalem through the expulsion of the Palestinian inhabitants. We will remind them that they are in an occupied village called Silwan, and not in the Biblical tourist site "City of David".

The special day of tours, as well as the annual archaeological conference, has been held by Elad for several years. In these conferences, Elad and its supporters wish to convince the public under a false pretense that Elad is only a research association. It is all the more important now, after it has been revealed that the Jerusalem Police and the Ministry of Law regard themselves as partners of Elad, that we be present there and stand in solidarity with the residents of Silwan. The settlers in Silwan keep trying to raise the tension level in the village. Last week they trespassed into private property near the Silwan Mosque and carried out a violent provocation which included shots being fired at Palestinians by security guards, as well as other actions. Settler activity disguised as research and cultural activity is a routine method of deception employed by right wing associations in East Jerusalem, especially Elad. It is because of this deception that we have decided to be there and remind everyone what this is really all about.

The demo:

The demo started with about 100 activists that tried to reach the entrance of the visitors center where the archeological conference was taking place. The police blocked the way with barriers and demonstrators stood there chanting.

Part of the activists succeeded to pass the barrier but were blocked and dragged back behind the barrier.

At a certain moment one of the policeman crossed the barrier and assaulted an activist... the other border policeman followed his example an did the same to other activists.
The activists regrouped and approached again and as a result 5 were arrested.

SILWAN DEMO 1.8.10 Nissim Mossek video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCOwQL7w_Rg

Hagit Ofran video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn1KM3Woz34


Ma'asara Friday September 3

Some thirty Palestinians, Israelis and internationals participated in Friday's demonstration in the village of Al Ma'asara. Upon arrival at the main road, protesters were blocked by two army vehicles. Additional army vehicles came from the other direction.
Soldiers, who jumped off the vehicles as they wave their guns, declared the area a closed military zone and began pushing the protesters away while throwing stun grenades. One grenade was thrown directly at one of the demonstrators, hitting his body before falling and exploding on ground.
After pushing demonstrators to the junction outside the closed military zone, the soldiers began to back off. Demonstrators decided to move forward again. After a short distance, the soldiers pushed back the demonstrators to junction, using tear gas and stun grenades. At This point, occupation forces left the area and demonstrators declared victory. before the end of the demonstration was announced, Arabic and English speeches were made, denouncing the occupation, and calling for freedom, justice and implementation of international law.

An Nabi Saleh Friday September 3

The people of Wad Rahhal invite Israeli and international activist every Thursday for agricultural works in the village. The works take place in their fields, on a hill close to the village, that watches westward toward the Efrat settlement and northward toward Beit Lehem, Jerusalem and even Rammala, in a clear day. Due to this fact the hill is suppose to stay outside the separation fence. During the building of the fence road some of the fields were destroyed and olive trees were demolished, their owners have rehabilitated the fields and planted new olive trees. The works last for about two or three hours and take place during the late afternoon, they include pruning the trees and cleaning the fields from rocks allowing tractors to plow the land.This week the villagers plan to build a tent near one of the villagers home, that under threat of being destroyed by the IDF. The house in a bit further that the village hence is a target for harassment by the army and the settlers. In order to support its owner their will be a Hafla every Thursday, after the works.The work will start at 16:00 Israel time (15:00 Palestine time), if you wish to attend please contact D.

Ni’lin weekly demonstration 03.09.2010

The weekly protest in Ni'lin was very short. A group of around thirty protesters reached the wall route after a short march through the villages lands. One of the protesters called on the soldiers to stop defending the theft of Ni'lin lands. one or two protesters threw some stones over the wall, and some tires were set fire to. Within a minute of this, soldiers fired a volley of tear gas canisters, and shortly after, crossed the barrier in pursuit of the demonstrators, who retreated back into the village. Two international protesters were grabbed by soldiers and held for around half an hour, but they were then released and returned to the village.


Al-Walaja peace march tomorrow/Friday 3-9-10 10 AM Palestine Time (11 Israeli Time) from Wadi Jouz area to the wall area near Har Gilo.
Please join if you can.
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