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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in spite of the huge changes in the region*

On the twelfth year of joined struggle in Bil'in it lost its glamour. Many of the activists lost the excitement of the direct action confrontation which is not a new thing any more. The expansion of the joint struggle to other locations and the expanding of the non armed struggle in the west bank contributed to it too. Many of the activists just "moved on" to a less intensive ways of life. But, some old time activists can not "let go". The other day, I searched the for the old site of: "This appeal, the first to call on-line for a boycott against Israel, was posted in April of 2001".( and read again our 35 original signatories of this pre-BDS. The majority are still in the struggle. Looking back on my 65 years of struggle I regard, this petition, the joint struggle in Bil'in and my stories from the year 2100 - 50 years after the revolution* as the most significant ones.


Open Shuhada street protest 26.2.2016


Today at our weekly Friday peaceful Bil'in demonstration Israeli soldiers fired on us with a new weapon! A new form of tear gas which explodes and which is very very dangerous!
Friday 4-3-16. 5 Israelis and 8 internationals joined the village activists in the weekly demo against occupation and settlers. Before we even started to march the Israeli forces shoot the first warning tear gas canisters of the new kind of nearly 800 meter of range. As we started marching, more sporadic shooting of the new device... and soon a drone was flying above and barrages of tear gas of the new and the regular canisters were shot at us. The wind was changing from time to time and we could evade the gas most of the time.
Near the end of the demo another shower of tear gas canisters was shot, we retreated, and the state forces gradually went away and so did us.
11-3-16 IOF tried to break it up - us up - with tear gas bombs and rubber bullets as normal! There is nothing normal about being fired upon by IOF soldiers even though its our daily life in occupied Palestine! We cannot accept this
You can see how empowering is the tear gas - it energize my running up the hill:
Another demo in the chain of joint struggle of Israeli anarchists against the wall and the non-armed struggle activists of Bil'in (and Ni'ilin, and Nebi Saleh, and Qaddum)...
7 Israelis activists joined international ones and the Bil'iners. Just as we started to march from the village down the hill, the Israeli state forces started to shoot us with the new long range tear gas canisters. The northern wind was friendly to us but the addition of the long range canisters made the old tactic of retreat to out of the range of fire was not working.
In spite of it and the canisters which rubbed our feet, we persisted and were surprised when the state force ended the testing of the new long range canister and went away after less then 20 minutes of confrontation - the shorter demo ever.

Nabi Salih

David Reeb
David Reeb
After six years of popular uprising and six months of the extreme brutal violent Israeli repression, Palestinians in the village of Nabi Saleh confronted the Israeli army to protest the ongoing occupation, land expropriations and extra judicial killings. Protesters reported the army is now using a new, and lethal, kind of tear gas canisters, that are heavier than the previous ones, almost undetectable with a much bigger range. It is only a matter of time before these new canisters cause fatalities, they argued.
For more photos, Please click on the link:
11/3-16 Israeli soldiers shot and injured, Friday, two Palestinian children in Nabi Saleh village, Northwest of Ramallah, and fired gas bombs, causing dozens to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation after the army assaulted the weekly non-violent protest against the Annexation Wall and colonies.
Medical sources said the soldiers shot Mohammad Naji Tamimi, 9, with a gas bomb in his abdomen, before local medics provided him with the needed treatment, and moved him to a hospital. Another child was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his cheek, causing a large wound; medics also moved him to a local hospital for treatment, after providing him with the urgently needed medical care.
The sources added that the soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs on the non-violent protesters, and several homes in the village, causing scores of residents to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.
David Rib


4-3-16 Friday, Today in the weekly Kufr Qaddum demo the Israeli army snipers shot two live bullets in the little boy of our friend morad shtewi! Another brave friend was shot while trying to carry the boy to medics.
The two are in stable but difficult condition in a hospital.


Daboos Hassan


Al Jazeera spoke with 11 villagers on the anniversary of Bilin's weekly protests against Israel's separation wall.
Reporting: Nigel Wilson -- Photos: Mary Pelletier


Saturday 20-2-16

Don't say we did not know #490
On Wednesday evening, 24th February, 2016, some Palestinians held a memorial ceremony near the Cave of the Patriarchs or Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, in memory of the massacre perpetrated there in 1994. They lit candles and screened a documentary film about the massacre. The military arrested three Palestinians who tried to participate in the ceremony. Two settlers threatened the participants. Then, the settler Anat Cohen arrived in her car. She shouted at the participants, and drove slowly at them, injuring some. The soldiers did not intervene. She got out of her car and again shouted and attacked some participants. Again, the soldiers did not stop her. Instead, they started using “crowd dispersal methods”.

Don't say we did not know #491

On Wednesday, March 3, 2016, IDF soldiers arrived to Khirbet Tana (near Beit Furiq) and demolished 13 buildings including 7 homes.
On February 4, 2016, the IDF demolished all the buildings of two families in Maqaser (near Hamra checkpoint in the Palestinian Jordan valley. West Bank - re. Don't say... # 486). On February 29th they returned, demolishing all the tents and sheepfolds the inhabitants received from aid organisations.

Don't say we did not know #492
Josephine (a German citizen) is married to a Palestinian resident of Hebron, They live in area H2. She filed an application for residency status with the Palestinian home office, which in turn passed it on (official requirement) to the Israeli authorities – and it was refused. Josephine fears that if she visit her family in Germany she will not permitted to return. The German consulate in Ramalla advised her to take her case to the Israeli court.
On Monday and Tuesday (March 6 and 7) government agents accompanied by police destroyed grain crops belonging to Negev Bedouins: 150 dunums (dunum=1000 sq.m) in Umm Al Hiran (East-North of Hura), 300 dunums in El-Sera (near Kseife), 200 dunums in Tell Al Milh (near El-Sera), 150 dunums in Wadi Al Na'am (near Ramat Hovav).
On Wednesday, March 9, they demolished Al Araqib yet again.

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