Monday, July 26, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue with ambivalence in both the Israeli and the Palestinian authorities.

This week we experienced again the ambivalence towards the joint struggle of both the Israeli and the Palestinian authorities. In Ni'ilin, activists of the popular struggle of the Hamas tendency were taken for interrogation in Ramalla. In Beit Jalla the whole popular comity was arrested by the Palestinian authority (rumor say it was because of threat of the Israeli authority). In the demonstrations at the various villages, the arrest of activists was minimal. There was no harassing of out of village activists on their way to the week end demonstrations. One effect of the Gaza flotilla is a "flood" of international activists coming to visit and to participate in the weekly demonstrations,

Beit Omar

The Beit Umar weekly demonstration took place Saturday July 24 on the lands of Beit Umar near the settlement of Karmei tzur. Although the settlement is surrounded by a fence and no attempt is made to break it, the soldiers nonetheless wait for the demonstration on the Beit Umar side of it. It should be pointed out that the fence surrounding the settlement also includes agricultural land belonging to Beit Umar farmers, that is, on top of the lands the settlement houses are built on. A supreme court decision was supposed to grant the farmers access to their lands but in practice the access is made so difficult by bureaucratic obstacles or the whims of settlement security, that cultivation of the land is impossible.
In recent weeks the army's strategy has been to stop the demonstration as far away from the settlement as possible. This could be motivated by settlers demands that they don't want to see the demonstrations or a new confiscation order handed down by the military and delivered to the Beit Umar city council. Apparently the army plans to fence in a further few hundred meters radium around the settlement. This would effectively confiscate another large plots of land and bring the settlement fence to within a few meters from the last houses of Beit Umar. As some of these houses are built on area C (under Israeli administrative control, and therefore impossible for Palestinians to obtain building permits) their fate is also in jeopardy.
This week's demonstration was larger than usual. Unlike previous weeks, a large number of international supporters took part, as well as several women from Beit Umar. As the demonstration approached the lands near Karmei Tzur, about 100 meters from the fence, it was met with about 40 soldiers in regular army and border police units. The officer in command of the regular army was one named Amit and the border police unit was commanded by one name Yusef. The soldiers used a large number of shock grenades thrown from close distance and sometimes thrown directly at protester as projectiles. Combined with the explosive momentum they become much more dangerous when used that way. One American demonstrator was hit in the head with a shock grenade but was spared the main force of the explosion and was not seriously hurt. Apparently other army units used shock grenades in a similar way in nearby Ma'asara the day before causing activists to wonder if the grenades are on sale.

Video of 24-7

Beit Jallah

Following the persistent struggle, even the Israeli high court of "justice" intervened and issued an order for state to put forward reasons why the court will not ban the present route of the separation fence that destroy the village lands.


Over 80 internationals and some 30 Israelis joined Bil'in residents and other Palestinians in the weekly demonstration against the occupation, land grab, and State terrorism. The merry march to the fence ended abruptly as the army started shooting gas at the demonstrators about two minutes after their arrival at the gate. The usual scenario of running away through clouds of gas while the shabab keeps the soldiers away with sling shots ensued. One demonstrator did not run away - European Parliament Member Louisa Morgantini. She was detained by the soldiers and taken away to their post. Then a few demonstrators approached the soldiers demanding Morgantini's release. The end result was that Morganitini was indeed released, but the army replaced her with Israeli demonstrator Kobi Snitz, so as not to go home empty handed.

Haitham Khatib

Hebron (Al-Halil)

6 arrested, including one Palestinian, during and after an "Open Shuhada Street" Weekly Demo in Hebron - Fil Kaler video

About 100 Palestinians and their international and Israeli supporters gathered next to the closed gates of the Israeli army blockade on Shuhada street in the Saturday demonstration of the “Open Shuhada Street” campaign in Hebron. After some chanting and speeches against the occupation and settlements and for freedom of movement in Hebron, the protesters headed towards one of the old city allies, blocked by Israeli soldiers. The soldiers violently attacked the demonstration and in the commotion that erupted have managed to grab into arrest 4 internationals and one Israeli protester. Due to the Israeli army's determination to end the demo, the protesters sat on the ground in front of the soldiers, continuing the demo while sitting. After a while the demo was declared over and participants started going away from the soldiers, who kept going after the retreating crowd. At a certain point one of the soldiers threw out a sound bomb.

The arrestees were then taken to interrogation in the Kiryat Arba settlement police station, where Palestinians and internationals held a solidarity demo demanding their unconditioned release. During this demo one Palestinian was arrested.

South Hebron

The settlers and the military systematically deny the residents of the Southern Hebron Hills access to their water cisterns. In recent weeks, settlers from Susya and Mitzpe Yair attempted on several occasions again to prevent the residents of Tawamin from pumping water from their cistern. The army, relying on a court ruling, determined that the pumping will continue despite the settlers' unfounded claims that the cistern is located in their private property. Our presence ensured that the army will not stop the pumping (as happened in the past)

This Saturday we will once again meet with the Palestinian residents of the Southern Hebron Hills in order to pump water from their cisterns and assert their fundamental rights.


The Friday demo was unusually large than usual because a very large presence of international activists. The protesters marched to the lands of the village, calling for the liberation of Palestine and condemn the Israeli military occupation. They were accompanied by a group of drummers. At the end of the procession Basque band played.
When we reached the outskirts of the village we went down from the road trying to bypass the army that intended to block the demonstration. The soldiers also hurried down the road and attacked the demonstrators with tear gas and shock grenades without warning. International activist was injured by a tear that hit her in her ear and was evacuated to the hospital for treatment. Many demonstrators suffered from tear gas inhalation. After the people overcome the initial chaos created by the surprise attack, a bit smaller group of protesters regrouped at the entrance to the village. The protesters sat on the ground to protest the army's violence and continued chanting, singing and drumming. Number of speeches in English and Arabic were given. Afterwards, the participants started to returning to the village chanting and drumming.

Nabi Salih

David Reeb Friday 23.7.2010 video at


Smaller and shorter demonstration than usual.

Silwan (Jerusalem)

Returning garbage to the police station

Sheikh Jarrah

As usual, few hundred people converged in the center of the neighborhood including few dozens from Tel Aviv and activists who were at the noon demonstrations in various villages. One contingent arrived after a march from the gate of the old city. After a while, most of the demonstrators marched towards the confiscated houses but were blocked by the state forces.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle expand faster than the number of Israeli AAtW activists...

The join non violent struggle against the separation fence, transfer, and other occupation atrocities expand. It include struggles of the Bedouins of the south of Israeli 1948 borders. It occur also in the central regions of Israel in Dahmash (near Ramla-Lod) and in Jaffa (annexed to Tel Aviv) and the more popular location of Sheikh Jarrah where activists involved in the struggle against settler project and progressive evictions/transfer of Palestinians during the week, and hundreds of the Israeli radical left converge each Friday. And of course the regular weekend demos in Beit Ommar, Beit Jallah, Bil'in, Hebron, Maasara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah, Wadi Rahal, Walaje...

Beit Ommar

There will be a demonstration again this Saturday in Beit Ommar against the Karmei Tsur settlement. In recent weeks more than 30 youth living in the area near the settlement have been arrested, most are still in prison. The National Committee and PSP would like to invite folks to come, meeting in the village at 10 am and proceeding together to the location of the demonstration. Every demonstration for the last 5 weeks has ended with at least one Israeli or international arrest so we are requesting a larger than usual presence this week.

Saturday Demonstration. Israeli soldiers arrested one journalist and injured two others at Beit Ummar’s Saturday protest calling for access to village land and the dismantling of nearby settlements. Beit Ummar is a Palestinian town located 11 kilometers northwest of Hebron. In the last years, the local Popular Commitee has organized weekly protests against the Israeli occupation and the theft of the agricultural land.

Pictures at:


Close to 50 international and 16 Israelis joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration against the wall and the settlements in Bil'in. This week's demonstration included a strong presence of DFLP supporters, and commemorated one of the DFLP and popular struggle leaders, Khalid Al Azza, who died last month. The army attacked the demonstration almost immediately after it reached the gate. It used a large amount of gas and invaded the village with an exceptional number of soldiers (possibly expecting the mass arrest discussed in the AAtW activists list?). May be because of policy, they failed to arrest any one. After the invasion the shabab and soldiers had a long gas-stones standoff, which ended when the demonstration was declared over. When all demonstrators headed back, the soldiers shot another round of gas on their path, just to show that they can.


14 Jul 2010, against all expectations, court today decided to freeze the demolition orders until October, and to reopen discussion about the building plans.
this means that the chances for full recognition have raised dramatically.

all in the village attribute this to the huge success of last nights demo and last weeks camp.
thank you so much to all of you who helped, in so many different ways!

Hebron (Al Khalil) Saturday July 17

March Blocked; One Solidarity Protester Violently Arrested, after being Wrongfully Identified, during an "Open Shuhada Street" Weekly Demo in Hebron.

About 100 Palestinians and their international and Israeli supporters gathered next to the closed gates of the Israeli army blockade on Shuhada street in the Saturday demonstration of the “Open Shuhada Street” campaign in Hebron. After some chanting and speeches, several Israeli soldiers attacked the demonstration and violently grabbed into arrest one Israeli protester. It was later found out that the protester was arrested after being identified by one of the soldiers in regard to last week's demo, a demo he didn't even attend. He was taken to interrogation in the Kiryat Arba settlement police station.

The demonstration continued with the usual march through the old city alleys, but without any more clashes with the army, which blocked all the alleys that are close to settlers homes, so the "distinguished" settlers won't be disturbed by the protesters' chantings. In previous demos settlers threw water, and sometimes other objects, including stones, at the march. Nevertheless, the apartheid army chose to punish and silence the Palestinian protesters and their allies by further restricting their movement in a city already cut in half by segregation.

Jaffa (Annexed to Tel-Aviv)

The struggle against Jewish gentrification of the Palestinian neighborhood continued with a Sunday demo.

Al Ma'asara

An Nabi Saleh Friday July 16

The militant Friday demonstration ended in a strange way. After the demonstration and the confrontations one of the Israeli cars failed to ignite. The soldiers who were anxious to finish their assignment and return to base, helped the AAtW activists to repair the car so the soldiers can end their mission of harassing the Israeli activists in Nabi Saleh.

Ni'lin Friday July 16

In the weekly demonstration in Ni'ilin dozens of demonstrators arrived at the huge concrete wall cutting the farmers from their lands. Some of the village youth threw stones over the wall and the soldiers used large amounts of tear gas against the demonstrators. As the demonstration didn't decline the soldiers invaded the village fields chasing the demonstrators, and managed to arrest two.

As usual a team of the AAtW activists participated in the village Friday demo. After it they continued to Nabi Saleh... and later to the Sheikh Jarrah.

Sheikh Jarrah.

More than 500 participated in the Friday demonstrations in Sheikh Jarrah including an Italian delegation and other internationals.

One contingent marched with flags, posters and drummers circle from the gates of the old city to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, but the state forces prevented them to pass through the street the main settlers project is expanding in.

After an hour of convergence in the main street, the demonstrators marched to a near by settlers project where speeches were carried.

As usual, in addition of the hundred or so Tel Aviv activists who came together to the demo, many activists who participated in Friday noon demonstrations in other places came for a second round in Sheikh Jarrah.

Israel Puterman video at

Wadi Rahal Friday July 16

About 50 Palestinians, ten internationals and five Israelis marched towards the fence line and were greeted by a large arrest vehicle blocking the protesters’ way. A force of soldiers and border petrol police blocked the protesters and declared that further advance will be met with violence. Arabic and English speeches were made, as well as a promise to strengthen the resistance next week. A settler who stood by the force commander voicing his disapproval with the “soft hand” practiced by the force towards the protesters and stated on site until the end of the demonstration. After about an hour, the protesters dispersed quietly, at the discontent of the soldiers.

Al Walaje Friday July 16
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue and the Israel radical left adopt the style of the AAtW

The joint struggle include now 12 regular localities of struggle and nearly half with other targets than the separation fence. Beit Jalla, Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Dahmsh, Hebron and the region south of it, Ma'asara, Nebi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah, Wadi Rahal, Wallage... The state forces harass the Israeli and international activists on their way to the joint actions but in consistently because of media and public relations consideration. The harassment of Palestinians and others participant in the demons is inconsistent too with lot of free hands to the commanders at the locations of confrontation. There is lot of media covering which increased significantly lately with inconsistency in the truth value of reports of the Israeli media.

BEIT JALLA (a town near Bethlehem)

A group of Palestinians, internationals and Israelis demonstrate against the construction of the Wall in Beit Jala, on 11.07.2010 after Sunday Mass. The Israeli soldiers blocked their march by closing the road with barbwire. Just after a few minutes, the Israeli soldiers threw directly concussion grenades on the crowd with no apparent reasons. Israeli soldiers were also seen on top of buildings.

Six protesters were injured during the weekly protest.

Israel Puterman video Sunday 11-7-10


1 Arrested, 3 Injured in Beit Ommar International Court of Justice Demonstration
10 JULY 2010
On Saturday, July 10, approximately 50 Palestinian, international and Israeli activists marched towards the fence of the Karmei Tsur settlement for their weekly demonstration against the illegal settlements and the continued confiscation of Palestinian land through settlement expansion and the Annexation Barrier. This week, the participants planned to hold their own session of the International Court of Justice, in honor of the 6 year anniversary of the ICJ court decision that declared the Annexation Wall illegal. The group approached the settlement and began reading statements as witnesses and the prosecution, condemning the confiscation of land, demanding reparations for land and lives lost, as well as injuries to internationals during peaceful protest, and an end to the construction of illegal structures of the Occupation. Almost immediately, however, the Israeli soldiers present, who were waiting for the group outside the fence, announced that the area was a closed military zone and the demonstration had two minutes to disperse. Local residents insisted on their right to remain on their privately-owned land undisturbed. When one Israeli activist attempted to argue with the soldiers, he was arrested. He was then blindfolded and held in a jeep on location before being taken to Kiryat Arba settlement and police station; he was released later in the day.
The military then violently attacked the crowd, pushing them back towards the Palestinian homes of Beit Ommar and throwing sound grenades and tear gas canisters. Sound grenades were thrown deliberately so that they would explode very close to participants, resulting in the head injuries of a twelve year-old boy and a journalist as well as another teenage boy. An ambulance and medic team treated all three on the spot.


21 Israelis and well over 50 internationals joined the Bil'in locals and a delegation from Jenin refugees camp for the weekly demonstration against Israeli violations of international law and the other evils of occupation. The demonstrators received caps commemorating 6 years to the Hague International Court verdict against the wall, and wore them enthusiastically as they marched behind a huge "scales of injustice" installation tilted for Israel and against the rest of the world. The army, apparently worried about the large number of international solidarity activists, hardly waited before bombarding the demonstrators with gas and invading the village. The shabab, as usual, did a good job stalling the soldiers' advance with stones and the army's own gas canisters to allow demonstrators a safe retreat, but a couple of Israelis who did not run fast enough through the clouds of gas got arrested. Then the shabab went on using their means for dispersing Zionism for an admirably long time given the amount of gas, bush fires, and unreasonable heat. On our way back we got good views of the recently set concrete slabs of the new route of the wall, which may obey the ruling of the Israeli High Court of (in)Justice, but not the verdict of the International Court in the Hague.

As usual most AAtW activists continued for "a second show" at Sheikh Jarrah.

As usual, the arrested Israeli comrades were taken for interrogation in the police station Yad Binyamin in the occupied region north-east of Jerusalem and released few hours later after indictment and restrictions.

Israel Puterman video at:
Haitham Al Khatib video at:


Long detention of Abedalla Abu Rahme and Adib Abu Rahme activists of Bil'in in the Ofer concentration camp with intermediate military hearings. This Wednesday too hearings and solidarity visit of AAtW activist from Tel Aviv.

The "judge" gave Adib Abu Rahme a verdict of one year prison time (the time he has already was detained till now) and one year probation. The army prosecution demanded 2 years in and appealed. Thus Adib will have to stay in till the appeal will be heard.

DAHMASH (Ramle-Lod)

On Monday was a march to the Ramle municipality in protest of discrimination planing and houses demolition threats.

As part of the struggle 09/07/2010 started a Summer camp.

HEBRON-HALIL (and surrounding region)

The settlers and the military systematically deny the residents of the Southern Hebron Hills access to their water cisterns, in violation of the law and court rulings. In this region, in which only settlements and outposts enjoy a regular water supply, denial of access to the cisterns during the summer is an especially brutal technique to deny the Palestinian residents the most fundamental necessities.

This Saturday, July 10th, we will once again meet with the Palestinian residents of the Southern Hebron Hills in order to pump water from their cisterns and assert their fundamental rights.

There is also a possibility to attend the weekly protest in Hebron against the settlements and in favor of opening Shuhada Street.

There is also a possibility to attend the weekly protest in Hebron against the settlements and in favor of opening Shuhada Street.

No to Settlements In Hebron, No to army and settlers' violence, Open Suhada Street!

For many years, the city of Hebron (Khalil) suffers from severe harassment by the settlers and the military.

In the past few months, demonstrations are taking place in the old city of Hebron every Saturday, demanding the dismantlement of the settlements and the lifting of all the restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the city.

The demonstrations are an initiative of the Hebron organization Youth Against Settlements, and are regularly attended by Israeli and international activists alongside Palestinians.

We invite you to join us in this demonstration, which plays an important role in the fashioning of a joint, non-violent struggle.

The demonstration will take place on Saturday, July 3rd, at 16:00. Before the demonstration we will, as usual, accompany shepherds and farmers in the South Hebron Hills

For direct transportation to the demo from Jerusalem, contact S.


About 100 Palestinians and their international and Israeli supporters gathered next to the closed gates of the Israeli army blockade on Shuhada street in the July 10th Saturday demonstration of the “Open Shuhada Street” campaign in Hebron. After some chanting and speeches, 6 activists performed a dance to Kesha's Tik Tok hit, in response to an army soldiers' much publicized clip in the segregated Shuhada street, featuring the same song. In the activists version, it was a dance that ended in Palestinians getting arrested as they turned their backs to their “Israeli” counterparts.

After the dance the protesters started marching through one of the old city allies, next to settlers' homes. They were blocked by Israeli soldiers, which pushed the non-violent protesters and tried to pursue and arrest one activist unsuccessfully. Due to the army's violence, protesters set on the ground in front of the soldiers for a while and then went through another way, where the soldiers failed to stop the march. At a certain point, settlers threw water at the march and the market street. The demonstration ended peacefully shortly afterward.


Some fifty demonstrators gathered in Ma'asara this week to commemorate the sixth anniversary to the Hague High Court, which branded Israel's West Bank Apartheid Fence illegal according to international law. Demonstrators built a mock-wall, and marched with it through the village streets towards the stolen lands.

Out of the village and upon arrival at the main regional road, which serves both Palestinians and settlers, demonstrators blocked one lane with their wall, diverting all traffic to the second remaining lane. Speeches were carried and songs sang, until several army jeeps showed up. Soldiers threatened demonstrators that they will use force and declared a closed military zone, but eventually did nothing.

After fifteen minutes, the village youth decided it was about time to bring down the wall, and broke it to pieces. This had a curious effect on the soldiers, who stormed in, grabbed what was left of the wall and carried it to the side of the road. They then started shoving the demonstrators, who were already on their way back to the village anyhow. However, no one was hurt or arrested, and everybody returned home peacefully.

AAtW activists continued for "a second show" at Sheikh Jarrah


Tuesday evening - meeting for planing the struggle about restriction of water supply.

An Nabi Saleh: the struggle continues

In the hilltop village of An Nabi Saleh around 70 Palestinian men, women and children, 10 Israeli activists and 15 internationals gathered in the main square and marched down the hill, blowing paper trumpets and waving flags, towards the Israeli soldiers who were waiting at the crossroads, where the main protest usually occurs. Following last weekend, when soldiers entered the village dressed as civilians and arrested one of the young men, many of the local youth were lying low and did not join in the demonstration.

When the group were about 10 meters away, the soldiers started throwing sound bombs, and tear gas canisters were fired directly at the group at head height. Although this is against their rules of deployment, tear gas canisters are regularly used as missiles as well as for crowd dispersal. Two internationals narrowly missed being hit, and a member of the popular committee was arrested, and his wife and four-year-old child briefly detained. Some of the demonstrators made it to the crossroads and the group (mainly women and children) stood chanting at the soldiers. Two Israeli activists were grabbed from the crowd and wrestled into jeeps, amid scuffles with female activists who were roughly pushed away by soldiers.

The demonstration continued around the village for a few hours, as soldiers and border police in five jeeps pursued the young men around the area in an attempt to arrest those they had pictures of. Their presence in the village lasted for just two hours, as the usual spirit of the children and women had been dampened by the violent repressive tactics of the Israeli army, and the young men had fled over the hills towards a neighboring village. The three men who had been arrested were released after three hours.

Protests against the theft and annexation of Palestinian land to the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish (Neve Zuf) have taken place in the village every Friday since January 2010. Although Israel’s courts ruling that An Nabi Saleh residents owned the valuable agricultural land, nearly half of it has been seized by settlers who also uprooted hundreds of olive trees in January 2010.

During the confrontations with the state forces two Israeli activists were detained - charged with ridiculous concocted "crimes"... even the police officers at the Yad Biniamin station dismissed, and the comrades were released with "no fault", in time to join the Sheikh Jarrah demo.


The weekly protest in Ni'lin was characterized by a larger than usual number of international activists who joined the Palestinian and Israeli regulars. The demonstration made its way to the wall gate, which was sealed shut. protesters chanted anti occupation slogans, and a few threw stones at the metal gate, and at the soldiers standing guard over the wall. soldiers fired tear gas canisters. around two hours into the demonstration, soldiers crossed the wall and started after the protesters, who made their swift getaway, so as not to risk a pointless, possibly violent arrest. no injuries were recorded.

David Reeb video at:

AAtW activists continued for "a second show" at Nebi Saleh.


Tuesday evening, demonstration in front of Jerusalem mayor house in protest of pseudo archeological garden excuse for demolition of Palestinian hoses in Silwan.

In the same week that a number of prominent lawyers, including one former legal advisory to the government, released a letter stating that police actions in Sheikh Jarrah are discriminatory and illegal – four hundred demonstrators showed up at the weekly protest to prove the letter right. The demonstrators demanded to be let in the neighborhood, something that has been denied them for months now, while right-wing settlers are allowed to have protests in the same place.

Demonstrators marched in perfect order, avoiding the road and sticking to the pavements, and asked police officers to remove roadblocks and let them in. When met with Brut force and pushed back, demonstrators raised their hands in the air as a sign of non-violence.

After about half an hour, some eighty demonstrators were able to make their way around the blockade, and started a demonstration opposite the Palestinian houses taken over by settlers with High Court backing. The police, which now had to handle a demonstration on several fronts, increased the violence, arrested ten demonstrators, and hit many more. After about an hour of intense efforts and much violence, met with passive resistance, all demonstrators were pushed back to the garden opposite the neighborhood – the only place the police allows demonstrations to take place, in spite of several court rulings.

Eventually, after more than two hours of energy packed demonstration, activists decided to leave, and marched to the Jerusalem detention center, to cheer up those arrested earlier.

Israel Puterman video at:

Lot of participants marched to the police station for solidarity with the arrested comrades who were released few hours later with two weeks restriction from future demos.


In southern West Bank village of Wadi Rahal the protest ended peaceful after soldiers did not allow people to reach the construction site of the wall.


See Previous reports at:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Palestine-Israel, July 2nd, 3rd and 4th - 10 joint weekly demonstrations

From Friday to Sunday, ten locations of persistent joint struggles and demonstrations in Palestinian villages and cities. The Israeli radical left that was mainly involved with "humanistic" help to Palestinians adopt more and more the stile of the anarchists against the wall direct actions and nonviolent confrontations with the Israeli state forces - both in the occupied west bank and within Israel. After negative publicity, state forces that tried again - for a while, to block Israeli activists on the way to joint actions (mainly on the way to Bil'in), diminished their efforts and just issue warnings and threats. The Israeli activists that are detained - do not need to stay the night at jail before being released with restrictions.


Hi Everyone,
The Friday demo in Beit Ommar this weekend will again be 10:30 am. We will be having the demonstration as planned for last week that was canceled because of the presence of Palestinian police last week (for an unrelated issue).

Bring noise-making things (ones will also be provided). Note that for people with conditions, the demonstration will not be taking place in an area of ongoing construction or military activity (there is no such place in Beit Ommar right now).




Tear Gas & Sound Bombs in the Streets of Beit Jala during Demonstration against the Apartheid Wall

This Sunday, July 4th, in Beit Jala some 30 protesters marched through a street that leads to the apartheid wall's construction site. To the sound of the working bulldozers near by, the march was stopped by a group of soldiers and a barbed wire they installed earlier. The protesters demanded to go through to the Palestinian land being annexed and destroyed by the wall construction and some touched the barb wire to show their contempt to the occupying army. The soldiers soon launched an assault with sound bombs and then tear gas canisters, which were shot at the populated street far beyond the protesters. One person was treated for heavy tear gas inhalation. At a different spot the army incursion was met with stone throwers. The army then began terrorizing a main street in Beit Jala, hurting the passing by and the entire population of the area.

Please come next Sunday, July 11th to the big demo that is expected to take place in Beit Jala against the apartheid wall and for a free Palestine.

Israel Puterman video at:

As usual, public media radio report on belligerent Israeli, internationals, and Palestinians, and on poor state force who had to use means for dispersing them and declare the are closed military zone.


Harassment of arrested Bil'iners and especially those on trial continued. Army harassment including night intrusion in search of additional candidates for arrest continued as well.


Abut dozen Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative, joined about three dozen international activists and 50 villagers in the Friday demo. When demonstrators reached the gate to the route of the separation fence, efforts were concentrated on breaking its lock. When the lock was forced open people opened the gate and the state forces responded with lot of tear gas canisters.

The demonstrators retreated, and the olive groves in the area started catching on fire. Some demonstrators tried to put out the fire, especially those fires that got into the trunks of old olive trees. It was a while before the fire fighters came to finish the job.

This Friday, participants were careful and state force less diligent, so no one was arrested.

As usual most Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative continued to the demo in Sheikh Jarrah

David Reeb 2.7.10 Bil'in video at


About 150 Palestinians and their international and Israeli supporters gathered next to the closed gates of the Israeli army blockade on Shuhada street in the July 3rd Saturday demonstration in Hebron. After much chanting and some speeches, and while one road was blocked by dozens of soldiers, the protesters started marching through the old city allies. They were soon blocked by the Israeli soldiers, which pushed back the non-violent protesters. Since the soldiers blocked all the ways that are close to settlers residents, and due to the army violence, protesters sat on the floor in front of the soldiers and kept chanting “occupation no more!” and for freedom of movement in Hebron and throughout Palestine. The march then went through another road that led away from the segregated area and soon afterward the demonstration ended.



Friday, in a meeting before the demo of Israeli activists with comrades from Karwat Bani Zaid and Nabi Saleh, the wish to struggle together with other villages of the region in relation to the scarcity of water imposed by the Israeli occupation system. A mid week wider meeting with people of other villages of the region was decided on.

In an Nabi Saleh July 2nd Friday demonstration against the occupation and settlements protesters marched down the village towards its main junction, which was blocked by the Israeli army with several jeeps and about a dozen soldiers. After the army commander threatened to kidnap some guys into the cruel apartheid legal system, many guys kept a distance from the soldiers. The village's women then organized some chanting and tried to break through the army blockade and keep the non-violent demo alive.

Meanwhile the army was not satisfied with the guys looking at the scene from afar and started shooting tear gas canisters directly at them, in a life-threatening manner that violates even the army's own regulations. The women kept protesting, and after a while small girls and boys took the lead and surrounded the soldiers. 2 Israeli activists who were near by talking to the soldiers, got arrested. They were released a few hours later with a 15 days restraint order.

After a while, the army violence was responded by some stone throwing. Army jeeps and on-foot soldiers went up and through the village in pursue of stone throwers, though their endeavors were pretty much limited to blocking roads and civilian cars from going through the village.

Media reported on the two comrade arrested for attacking a soldiers. [As the two are of big size, if they were really attacking together some one he would surely need hospital treatment...].

Today, at dawn the Israeli army disguised as civilians (in civil cars) has invaded Nabi Saleh. They have arrested Eyas Tamimi, one of the young activists in the village. Later, after the majority of the people were awaken by the shouting and the noise, the army force headed to other house attempting to arrest another activist. But, alerted by the noise the activist was aware that they might be willing to make more arrests, he took off and was not found at home.

This is obviously part of the new aggressive steps Taken by the army to break the struggle in Nabi Saleh After they have failed by doing so through a massive use Of Rubber coated gummy bullets, gas bombs and threats to demolish 10 houses in the village.

Last Friday, the soldiers came with an “album” full with pictures of demonstrators. moreover, they used the album in a very demonstrative way, so that the activists see the album and eventually get intimidated by this fact.

Momentarily, there are more than 11 arrestees from Nabi-Saleh, (a village of hardly 500 inhabitants!). There are even more than that figure from the surrounding villages who come to join the demonstrations of Nabi-Saleh.


The Friday demonstration in Ni'lin was short. The protesters marched to the route of the wall, carrying signs protesting the arrest of the village's popular struggle leaders. When the group of protesters reached the wall M, a leader of the village's popular committee, gave a speech in Hebrew, calling the soldiers on the other side to take off their uniforms and go back to their homes, in order to join the Israeli march in support of the release of Gilad Shalit and Palestinian prisoners. M pointed out to the soldiers that while Gilad Shalit is in jail, and they are defending land theft in the hot sun, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is enjoying the finer things in life. A handful of protesters threw a few symbolic stones over the wall. No gas was fired, and no injuries recorded.


During the week, various activities of solidarity of Israelis went on in the neighborhood.


In Jerusalem, at around 15:00, about 30-40 people went from Bab El Amud to Sheikh Jarrah where a few hundreds have already started a peaceful demo at 16:00 as usual. after an hour or so three tours went out of the demo to three locations in the SJ - to learn more about the intended house eviction of Palestinians to be replaced by Jewish settlers in the neighborhood and to demonstrate against them. (The drummers with few others stayed to keep the presence in the main square.) At the end we all met up back in park where the demo is held, and went on with the chanting and singing till 17:45.


Sunday (27-6-10) late evening: 20 injuries in an eviction of a Palestinian house in Silwan. This is the house which according to the settlers used to be a synagogue.
Some activists from Jerusalem are already there and there might be a call for more. Details will be posted later.

Video of Police in Silwan East Jerusalem, 27/6/10

During the week the pressure of the settler colonialist project in the neighborhood continued, and so solidarity activities.

"Hi, Residents of Silwan ask our presence there for few hours tomorrow [Saturday] evening, with an option to stay the night, depending on the situation. For more details call K.

A demo was planned on Tuesday evening in front of the mayor Bareket house [the other end of a small Founders road in the west of Jerusalem I was born in 73 years ago and grew up there before they established the state of Israel in 1948]


Friday, a few dozens of Palestinians Israelis and Internationals walked today at noon from the inside of Wadi Rahal to the place where Israel wants to build the illegal apartheid wall. there was a lot of energy, chanting and drumming (both yasamba and local drummers). the army did not want to let us pass at some point, and tried to push us backwards. after a long non-violent (from our side) struggle they started shooting tear gas and stand grenades, the first landing on a little boy's leg. they arrested 2 Israelis (O. and A.) and would not let us know where they took them. the demo went on in a schoolyard near by, still with lots of energy. Later the two were released as usual after criminal files were opened.

Few participants continued to Ma'asara demo and then to Sheikh Jarrah, other stayed for a while in the village and came directly to the demo in Sheikh Jarrah.

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