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Palestine-Israel, The Tsumud/persistence of 13 years of joint struggle will continue as long as it takes*

It is not because the Jews rule US... It is because Israel play an essential part in the Imperial struggle between US and Russia. Though the oil is less important to US economy it is still important to its partners. The western empire elite came to Peres ceremony because Israel helped to return Egypt to US sphere of influence. Protected Jordan from being taken by pro Russian Syria, Pushed Syria out of Lebanon for a while... and supply important services all over the world. Thus, the struggle against Israel apartheid is going to be much harder than the abolishing of it in Southern Africa. However, we have here the joint non armed struggle, the tens of thousands international activists who come here to participate and return home with the torch of struggle. The Israeli Jews who participate every week in the joint struggle refute the "anti-Semitism" false claims.

Bil'in 26-8-16 Friday demo, another Link in the twelfth year chain. 9 Israelis, and 10 internationals joined the Bil'iners in one of the quietest demonstrations. This time like in most demos of the last year the Israeli forces waited for us near Bassem (Fil) memorial - blocking our way to the freed lands and the new separation wall. We marched from the village waving flags and chanting till we arrived there. As usually they declared the area as a forbidden closed military zone... but let us march up to were they were standing in a line without demanding us to retreat, threatening with arrests or forcing us to retreat. after a long while we started to retreat to the village.
2-9-16 This Friday was another sample of the Israeli state forces new policy. While we were converging at the west margin of the village, the state force which were with their Jeeps at their usual location near the route of the old separation fence just drove away, like two weeks ago, in a kind of invitation of us to march up to the gate in the new separation wall. This time, 8 Israelis, and about 10 internationals joined the Bil'iner in a march.... but to ours choice of location - the wall near the Abu Lamun park, southern to the gate.
As usual we chanted and held flags all the way to the wall. The frustrated Israeli forces who waited for us at the gate lost patience and came to us for the usual harassment: declaring a closed military zone, demanded us to return to the village and threatening with arrests. As we were tired from the long march in the hot whether, we did not defy them for long and returned to the village.
Bil'in - 9-9-16, The day we were afraid of have come today. from the beginning 11 years and a half ago we contemplated what we would do if the Israeli state forces will fail to come to confront us and to disperse the demo.
Today, we marched from the village to the new separation wall - 5 Israelis, 8 internationals and about 20 Bil'iners. The Israeli state forces refrain from coming to the route of the dismantled separation fence, they refrained from harassing us when we reached the wall near the Abu Lamun Oaks orchard. Nothing happened when we marched along the wall up to the gate in it... and nothing happened when we knocked on the metal gate in the wall. Nothing happened even when two kids threw stones to the other side of the wall - no one was there.
16-9-16 6 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative with dozens of internationals joined the local activists in the 601st Friday demo at the second half of the twelfth year of struggle in Bil'in against the separation fence, settlers, and occupation. Like in the previous week the Israeli forces were not seen around... After Marching and chanting all the way to the wall' and along it to the closed gate, a kind of happening started there: youngsters climbed the wall and put the Palestinian flag on it. Few soldiers appeared for a short time but disappeared after stones were thrown on them. After prolonged banging on the wall, we returned to the villages - tired but most satisfied.
22-9-16 Bil'in, Another calm Friday demo. 5 Israelis with the AAtW, 6 internationals, and 20 Bil'iners participated in the weekly demo against the separation wall, the settlers, and the occupation. While we were converging to the demo the Israeli soldiers Expelled the settlers youth from the area behind the wall to prevent any confrontation... and then hide behind the wall. Part of us marched from the village and other drove to the Abu Lamun oak orchard were we marched together to the near by wall and walked along it up to the gate in the wall. There we had a kind of party - knocking on the gate and more. As the challenged soldiers failed to appear, we remained there for only half an hour before returning to the village. The state forces revenge will come as usual in nights rides on homes of activists at the following nights.
30-9-16, 9 Israelis with the AAtW initiative, 10 internationals and youth from neighbourhood village joined two dozen village activists in the Friday demo against the settlers and the occupation. After converging in the Abu Lamun oak orchard near the separation wall we marched chanting to the gate in the wall. There comrades started to knock on the gate in the wall as in the previous demos. This time, after a long while, the state forces opened the gate and started to harass the demonstrators - detaining, threatening with arrests, checking IDs... and cars - both near the gate and along the way to the village.
"At today's protest in Bil'in, Israeli occupation forces attacked the some 50 demonstrators, arresting two shabab from the nearby village of Kharbata and Bil'in villager; Abd Fatah."
After a while and lot of threats to participants for arrests in the future, the detainees and the car were released while the ID of the Israeli "stayed arrested".


9.9.2016 israelpnm
David Reeb


Friday 26-8-16 Long and dangerous event today with strong clashes, tear gas, sound bombs, rubber bullets and "regular" bullets... but luckily nobody got seriously hurt.

Don't say we did not know 515

In February, 2016, the IDF destroyed most of the homes in the Palestinian village of Al Maksar (near the Hamra checkpoint) in the Jordan valley. At that time the army sealed all but one of the entrances to the villages.

On Thursday, August 18th, 2016, the army sealed the remaining entrance to the village. A number of herds remained outside of the village, as was a water tank that serves them.

Are more demolitions planned?

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On Thursday, August 18th, 2016, government representatives accompanied by police demolished homes of Bedouin in the Negev: In Um Mashash on Route 25, the floor of a home; in Al Sadir, near Ar'ara, a structure; in Um Batin, east of Omer, a structure. They once again demolished the village of al-Alarib.

In Az-Zarnug, on Route 25, coerced by government representatives and police, people demolished their own home.

Don't say we did not know #516

In the early 1950s, the Bedouins of Umm El Kheir were expelled from the Arad region (in Israel) to the West Bank. After their expulsion they bought land in the south Hebron hill region, and established their village. In 1981 Israel founded the settlement Carmel next to their village. For some years now they have been suffering from repeated demolitions of their houses.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, Israeli soldiers arrived at their village yet again and demolished three houses. 26 people were made homeless.

This is the 3rd demolition in 2016 alone.

Don't say we did not know #517

Before the devastation of home demolition, demolition orders are first issued.
On Saturday, 27th August, 2016, Jerusalem municipal workers, escorted by police and soldiers, went to the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan (annexed to Jerusalem) and handed out demolition orders for four homes and a fence. At the village’s protest tent, they ordered renovation work being carried out on the floor to stop.
It would appear that the handing out of demolition orders takes precedence over Sabbath, and is permitted.
On Monday, 29th August, 2016, government representatives, escorted by police, demolished dams -- that accumulate valley water in order to allow watermelons to be grown in the Spring - in the Bedouin village Rakhme, near Yeruham in the Negev.

Don't say we did not know #518

On Saturday evening, 10th September, 2016, a settler ran over a 5-year-old Palestinian girl, killing her, when he drove on the northern exit of the settlement Efrat, which is actually an internal road belonging to the Palestinian town Al Khadr, now in use by settlers, Efrat having expanded right up to the homes of Al Khadr.

Palestinians claim that previously that settler has threatened to kill them.


Don’t Say We Didn’t Know 519

For years the Palestinians of Burin village, south of Nablus, have been suffering harassment at the hands of settlers from Yitzhar and Beracha, backed by the Israeli army. On Monday, September 5, 2016, settlers entered the edge of Burin (Area B) with a tractor from the direction of Beracha settlement, escorted by soldiers, and began to plough a 4-dunam plot of land. Villagers arriving on the spot chased them away.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016, a fire broke out in a Burin grazing area. Soldiers and settlers prevented a local fire fighter truck from approaching and quenching the fire. Children of the village confronted them. The soldiers chased the children into the village and detained two of them. The settlers set fire to olive and almond trees in a plot belonging to the village. The soldiers put out the fire.

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On Monday, September 19, 2016, government agents escorted by police demolished Bedouin houses in the Negev - three houses in Za’arura, west of Fur’a. They also demolished Al Araqib yet again. Eight Bedouin demolished their own houses, under threat that the State would do so if they wouldn’t, and charge them the expenses.

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