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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of the anarchists against the wall with Palestinians - both within the 1948 borders and out of them

Already 7 years of joint direct actions and demonstrations of the anarchists against the wall with Palestinian partners (mostly grass root activists of local communities) and radical Israelis. In spite of the Summer high temperatures and the Muslim day-fasting of the Ramadan, the struggle continue. Al Arkiv, Beit Ommar, Bil'in, Hebron Al-Halil, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, Sheikh Jarrah - Silwan - Al Kuds - Occupied East Jerusalem, Wad Rahhal, Al Walaje. The joint struggle echo all over the internet and the world... and more and more international activists join us - mainly in the hot Summer.

Al Arkiv

Night action that decorated th Land Fund for Israel - a tool for transferring Palestinians from their lands both before 1948 and up to now. Its forestation of Israeli Bedouins land in order to drive them away is a common strategy.
Beit Ommar

In spite of the heat and Ramadan fatigue, protesters gathered today in Beit Ommar to protest the theft of the village’s land by the illegal Karmei Tsur settlement. A group of about 15 protesters marched through the fields of the the Abu Hashem family toward the fence that separates the settlement from the village, but were stopped before they could reach it by a line of Israeli soldiers outnumbering the protesters nearly 2 to 1. The soldiers drew a line in the dirt and informed the crowed that anyone who crossed it would be arrested. After about 15 minutes they push the crowd back about 30 feet and made the same announcement. Despite being outnumbered the demonstrators stood their ground for nearly forty minutes, waving Palestinian flags and demanding access to their land. At one point a soldier grabbed the arm of a 12 year old boy in an attempt to arrest him, but let go when other demonstrators interfered. No arrests were made and no gas or sound grenades were fired.


Some 25 Israelis and a similar number of internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration against the wall and the occupation in Bil'in. The demonstration was joined by a large delegation from the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which commemorated nine years to the assassination of their former leader, Mustafa Abu Ali, by a missile shot into his home. The theme of the demonstration was Abdullah Abu Rahme's conviction of "incitement" and "organizing illegal demonstrations", and so protesters wore Abdullah masks, sending the messages "We are all Abdullah" and "Free Abdullah". Unlike the last few weeks, the soldiers waited on the Western side of the fence, but demonstrators got only a few seconds to demonstrate before the unprovoked gas shooting began. Repeated gas shots forced most of the demonstrators to retreat, leaving in the front some shabab, photographers, and a few protesters who'd rather get arrested than run into the gas. When the soldiers saw that these last few demonstrators couldn't be scared away, they invaded the village. The demonstrators were pushed further back by the gas, way beyond the closed military zone line, and the shabab moved forward to stop the invasion with stones. Just before they retreated, the soldiers managed to lodge a rubber bullet inside a Palestinian protester's knee.

Hebron Al-Halil

Due to Ramadan, this week's action was smaller than usual in the Open Shuhada Street's campaign in Hebron. About 40 Palestinians and their supporters marched through the old city allies, chanting against the occupation and the settlements. The march was once stopped by Israeli army soldiers, who then let a settler's march pass through.

After the settlers passed through the march proceeded in a different direction and was ended in front of the closed gates of the Shuhada street, beyond which the marching settlers gathered.

The 3 shopped that were forcibly evicted and had their doors welded by the army remain closed since August 10 in a clear collective punishment measures retaliating the 100% non-violent protests that Youth Against Settlements has been holding weekly in front of Bab Al-Balidiyah protesting the apartheid conditions imposed on Hebron by the Israeli army.

Nissim Mossek video of Night action in the South of Hebron mountains region

Al Ma'asara


".... then taking a group of visitors on a tour of the area of Bethlehem that shows the impact of the wall and settlements. We also went to one of the weekly demonstrations and on this third Friday of Ramadan both here (Ma'asara), Bilin and other places..... The demonstrations commemorated the assassination of famous Palestinian Cartoonist Naji Al Ali and of the leader of the PFLP Abu Ali Mustafa. It also came in solidarity with the “conviction” by Israel’s apartheid courts of Abdullah Abu-Rahma on charges of organizing nonviolent demonstrations in Bilin. I posted 5 minute of the video I took of the event here (see ). Please watch this especially the unprovoked abduction of Kobi, an Israeli peace activist and the unprovoked attack with gas canisters that injured people. They also detained Matan (not shown on video) who was released a short while later. Kobi was released also but will have to face trial. ... then at 4:15 PM we took over 100 Palestinian women from Nazereth and other places inside the Green Line (1948 Palestine) on a tour of the walls around Bethlehem including Al-Walaja and Beit Sahour....."

An Nabi Saleh

Around 60 Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians and Israeli and international supporters participated in the weekly demonstration against the crippling occupation - and more specifically - the Halamish settlement's annexation and destruction of a growing amount of land and resources from the village. The march from the village went in a different direction, but was soon blocked by Israeli army soldiers, threatening to make arrests.

After a while the march went back to the village center followed by the Israeli army's soldiers. This deepening incursion into the village was met with resistance by stone throwing. The army arrested one Israeli protester, claiming she has interfered it "in a way that endangered the soldiers' lives". The protester was released later on with restraining conditions.

This week's demonstration, which starts around 13:00 every Friday, kept on going till the evening (about 18:00), facing continued army incursions, and included also young women and some children from the village . During these repeated incursions t he army used rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas and stun grenades against the protesters and inside the village's populated area.

Friday An Nabi Salih video at


A group of around seventy protesters braved the heat and marched in the weekly protest against the wall built on the village's land. Protesters chanted slogans against the occupation and land theft, set fire to some tires and called on the soldiers guarding the wall to leave their posts and return home to their families. a handful of the youth threw stones at the soldiers, who fired a number of tear gas canisters.

Around an hour into the demonstration, a group of soldiers crossed the wall and arrested five Palestinian Red Crescent medics and a Palestinian and Israeli videographers. They were led by soldiers over the wall, and presented with a new closed military zone order, effective Friday, Aug 27th, from 10am to 10pm. The aerial photograph attached to the order encompassed a section of Ni'lin's agricultural land adjacent to the wall, not as extensive as the area designated "closed military zone" in the six month military order that was imposed on Ni'lin and Bilin (and has since expired). The medics and camera people were in fact detained outside of the designated area. The arrestees were then released.
This is the second time in two months that Israeli soldiers have detained PCRC medics in Ni'lin.

Sheikh Jarrah - Silwan - Al Kuds - Occupied East Jerusalem

The wide coalition the AAtW activist help to organize continued with Saturday demonstrations against the transfer by settler colonialists, in addition to smaller activities during the week - mostly in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan.

Wad Rahhal

This coming Thursday (26.8) - like previous Thursdays we will be joining our friends from Wad Rahhal for agricultural works in the village, at 16:30, (as replacement for the Friday demos) defying state forces and settlers assaults. If you wish to participate please contact Dany

Al Walaje

The popular committee of al-Walaje decided to suspend the demonstrations during Ramadan. In Id-al-Fiter a big event is planned and afterward the demos will resume as usual....

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in spite of the hot summer and Ramadan day-fasting

The struggle against internal transfer of 1948 Palestinians citizens of Israel that still continues, was focused this week on the Al Arkiv Bedouin village. The Israel state intensify lately the efforts to grab more of the remaining lands of the Bedouins of the south (Negev) in the Be'er Sheva district). The Anarchists Against the Wall join the radical and the liberal loose coalition that come to support the Bedouins and protest the transfer.

Al Arkiv

In protest of the demolition and ethnic cleansing of the entire village of Al Araqib, a demo was held at the residence of Israeli President, Shimon Peres. The demo was held at the time of his annual Ramadan Iftar dinner with collaborators who wouldn't miss a miserable meal for their brothers' sake.

Demonstration in front of president house:

Demolitions continue and so the struggle:
Tuesday 17.8 - the fourth demolition
Hi all,
If anyone wants to join us to plan an action about the demolitions in al Arakib you can call me me.

Hello all, 22-8-10
Fearing another demolition tomorrow, activists are asked to come to
sleep in the village tonight or to come early tomorrow morning
(there's a possibility to stay in the village after the weekly demo in
the Lehavim junction that will be held today, as every Monday, at 17:00)

Beit Jalla

Beit Ommar


Over 30 internationals and 10 Israelis joined the local Palestinian demonstration against the wall in Bil'in this Ramadan Friday, possibly the hottest day of the year. The demonstrators marched to the wall, chanting slogans against the occupation and for the release of the village's prisoners. They also carried reproductions of a photo of soldiers taking a souvenir picture with the body of a dead Palestinian. Since this week exposed Israeli soldiers' affection to taking pictures with blindfolded and cuffed Palestinians, the demonstration was led by several cuffed and blindfolded protesters. When they reached the soldiers, they sat at their feet giving them the photo-op they can later post on facebook. After a while spent chanting and singing, the soldiers threatened protesters with arrests, and a few moments later the usual stones-gas-arrests routine started. One of the blindfolded and cuffed protesters was grabbed and arrested, and so was the artist David Reev, who documented her arrest. The demonstrators regrouped peacefully to negotiate their friends' release, and promised to leave as soon as they were set free. But the army insisted, until eventually the shabab decided to release the frustration they've been building up with stones, which were answered by a flood of gas, forcing everyone to retreat. The abducted demonstrators were released the same evening.
Bil'in Friday 20.8.2010 video at

Hebron South Mountain

Saturday 14th August

Hebron Saturday demo 21st demo

This week the organizers had decided to hold marches through the
market, rather than demos during the Ramadan period and due to recent
events where the army had arrested organizers and protesters and
closed shops as punishment for the simple fact that demos are being
held nearby. By doing so, the army is hoping to turn the shop owners
against the demos. The participants walked through the allies and
handed appreciation certificates to the shop owners, supporting and
encouraging them to keep their shops open and not to be intimidated by
the army. The soldiers, who moments before the march accompanied the
settlers' march through the market, were seen in the adjacent allies,
but did not confront the participants. Some garbage was thrown by the
settlers on the marchers' heads.


Palestinians from Al Ma’sara and nine surrounding villages south of Bethlehem were joined on Friday by internationals and Israelis in solidarity with their cause. The weekly demonstration against the Apartheid Wall and illegal settlements reacted to the pictures of Palestinian prisoners humiliated by Israeli soldiers in ‘souvenir photos’ posted on Facebook – and so several protesters wore handcuffs and blindfolds while others carried enlarged photographs of the abuse.

Al Ma'sara protestors hold copies of photos showing captured, injured or killed Palestinians - posted on facebook by Israeli soldiers
Despite some suggestions that they are a one-off, the demonstrates hoped to make the point that in fact these images and such incidents are common and form part of the systematic abuse that goes hand in hand with Israel’s ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine. In chants and speeches, protesters called for an end to the continuing violations of the Geneva Accords and international law.

The protesters proceeded to the road that Israel illegally constructed on Palestinian land to connect the Jewish-only settlements of Gush Etzion but they were intercepted by the Israeli army. Sound bombs were thrown at the unarmed and nonviolent protesters who were denied the right to access their land once again. However, organizers stated that despite the soldiers’ violence they would continue their peaceful fight for freedom and justice which is their right.


On Friday about 25 Palestinians were joined by a small group of internationals for the village of Ni’lin’s weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall. Five international and two Israeli protesters joined the demonstration which started after Friday prayers. The group marched to the wall which cuts off Palestinians from their farmland, annexing it to Israeli settlements like Modi’in Illit.

Perhaps due to the intense heat and it being the second Friday of Ramadan, the demonstration this week was fairly quiet. Despite huge aggression for the Israeli army in the past, they refrained for once from even using teargas or sound bombs against the unarmed protest so the situation remained peaceful. After the demonstration the internationals present were given a tour of the village and its small museum commemorating important events in the history of Ni’lin’s struggle.

Nebi Saleh

Around 50 people took part in this Friday’s demonstration against the illegally built Halamish settlement encroaching on land belonging to the village of An Nabi Saleh, this Friday, and this number included approximately 15 Israeli and international human rights activists.

As usual the protest began after noon prayer, and continued until around four o’clock, despite the fact that the majority of the participants are currently fasting for Ramadan. The march down to the entrance of the village was once again met with a blockade, and after several attempts to gain access to the village’s main road, the protesters retreated back up the street to the center of the village.

Soldiers later began throwing sound bombs and shooting tear gas projectiles directly at Palestinian children. The children stones at the soldiers’ armored jeeps. One of the children was hit in the leg by a ricocheting tear gas canister, but was not seriously injured.

Subsequent attempts to reason with the soldiers resulted in two international activists being detained in Halamish military base for several hours. Other attempted arrests were scuppered by fellow activists. A lot of teargas was fired at the houses nearby and a lot of people including children suffered from teargas inhalation, but the protesters declared the lack of serious injuries and spirited protest a success.

Sheikh Jarah

The Settlers' violence in Sheikh Jarah does not cease for a moment

But We Will Not Stop Protesting!

Demonstration in Sheikh Jarah
Saturday 21/8 at 20:30
on Ben-Affan street, Sheikh Jarah (map)

for additional info,
or Y.
(no transportation from Tel-Aviv this week)
In recent weeks it seemed that the presence of Israeli activists and the use of cameras in Sheikh Jarah had quelled the violent behavior of the local settlers.

However, two acts of assault took place in Sheikh Jarah today (Tuesday), against local Palestinians. As in similar past events, when the police arrived on the scene,it was one of the local Palestinian residents whom they chose to arrest.

Between one court hearing and another, the settlers do not forgo any means in their attempt to expel the residents of Sheikh Jarah from their neighborhood - and we will keep standing up to them and keep opposing this continuous ethnic cleansing!

Saturday 21-8-10

Wad Rahhal

The people of Wad Rahhal invite Israeli and international activists every Thursday for agricultural works in the village. The works take place in their fields, on a hill close to the village. From there you can watch westward and see the Efrat settlement and northward toward Beit Lehem, Jerusalem and even Rammala, in a clear day. Due to this fact the hill is suppose to stay outside the separation fence. During the building of the fence road some of the fields were destroyed and olive trees were demolished, their owners have rehabilitated the fields and planted new olive trees.
The works last for about two or three hours and take place during the late afternoon, they include pruning the trees and cleaning the fields from rocks allowing tractors to plow the land.
This week the villagers plan to build a tent near one of the villagers home, that under threat of being destroyed by the IDF. The house in a bit further that the village hence is a target for harassment by the army and the settlers. In order to support its owner their will be a Hafla every Thursday, after the works.
The work will start at 17:00 Israel time (16:00 Palestine time), if you wish to attend please contact Dany: 050-8370450/054-6966253 or via mail

the al-walaje popular committee for the struggle against the wall

yasamba-rhythm of resistance + al walaje children's drumming band

invite you to Friday 20.8 demo against the separation wall being constructed around the village


Friday demo 20.8 13:00 - invitation:

Last week's demo was very successful 100 people, including villagers, internationals and Israelis, marched to the separation wall and nearby settlement to the beat of a band of drummers. The demo was met with harsh, unprovoked violence on the part of the Israeli army and riot police. This week the village has decided to have a partially children-led march, with a decision to avoid direct confrontation and keep a safe distance from the army .

Detailed UNRWA fact sheet on the village:

Walaje Diaries 27.7-4.8


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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle is no more "news" and the number of locals of it expand

Seven years of persistent and expanding joint struggle of Palestinian grass root community activists and the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative in the Israeli, Palestinian, and international media changed it from a curious Phenomena to an obvious one. The too mild involvement of the Israeli radical left the start of the AAtW initiative was a reaction to... is responding too with expanding and intensifying its struggles. The Israeli state which invested lot of efforts in the past to repress the joint struggle seems to resign to mild efforts to contain it - and more so after the Gaza flotilla scandal that increased immensely the number of international activists coming to participate in the joint struggle.


Growing chances of another round of demolitions in El-Arkib tomorrow early in the morning.
For more details you can contact H.

People are asked to come for the night, please contact asap if you can.
10.8.10 05:00 at the morning the Israeli state forces destroyed the village for the third time.

Video of destruction in Al-Araqib village in the Negev

demo and demolition 9-10.8.2010

We are all El-Araqib

While Sheikh Sayah and two of his sons are waiting at the Beer Sheva courthouse, awaiting the hearing on their appeal against the government's demand that they be denied access to their village El-Araqib,

The El-Araqib village committee and the organizations supporting recognition and justice invite you to the - Weekly Protest: Against the repetitive demolition and the -three times over- attempted erasure of the Unrecognized Bedouin village of El-Araqib

Tomorrow, Monday, August 16th, at 5:00pm At Lehavim/ Rahat junction

Stop the Policies of Demolitions and Expulsion!

Commence recognition of villages and land rights!

Commence policies of Justice and Equality!

For more information: H.


Two dozens Israelis of the AAtW initiative joined about 40 internationals, people of the village and a contingent from Ramalla to the Friday demonstration.

In spite of Summer and Ramadan day time fasting, the march was lively as usual.

The changed repression strategy was expressed with open roads to Bil'in and no efforts to arrest demonstrators out of the village who did not obey the closed military zone order.

They just blocked our way to the gate of the separation fence about 100 meter from it with their line of bodies and threats.

Even the "mandatory" tear gas shooting was moderate.

Hebron - Al Halil

August 10 Evictions -- On August 10, 2010 the Israeli army forcibly evicted the owners of three shops in front of Bab Al-Baladiyah in Hebron, welding the doors of the shops closed so that the owners would no longer be able to use them. The only conceivable reason for these closures is retaliation for the 100% non-violent protests that Youth Against Settlements has been holding weekly in front of Bab Al-Balidiyah protesting the apartheid conditions imposed on Hebron by the Israeli army.

Several activists were detained for refusing to move from the shops, and two of them, Badia Dwaik and Tamer Al-Atrash, have been held for 3 days in military prison. Youth Against Settlements calls for donations and support:

Saturday August 14, 2010 --- Following a week of collective punishment measures against the weekly demo in Hebron (see below), the demo itself was also met with escalating Israeli army aggression. This time the entire area in front of the gates of the closed Shuhada street was shut down for any civilian movement. This resulted in increasing blocked by-passers watching the demonstrators standing, chanting and drumming in front of the soldiers. After a few minutes the army has announced the demo 'illegal', threatening to make arrests, and indeed soon enough the soldiers pushed back and attacked the non-violent demonstrators and arrested 2 Israelis and 3 internationals in the process. One of the internationals remained arrested over night, being charged with assault, and the rest were released a few hours later with 15 days restraint conditions.

5 arrestees in Hebron Saturday 14-8-10 demo - 2 Israeli's and 3 internationals on the grounds of; illegal assembly,disrupting a policemen in his work, and the Israelis also for supposedly entering area a.
Protesters say every week the army worsens the measures against demonstrators restricting their movement and using physical violence

22:00 "4 of us were released with 15 days restrictions from returning to Hebron.
Only one international guy is still there, he is charged with attacking a soldier."


Due to intense heat and the beginning of the Muslim month of Ramadan, this week's Ma'asara demonstration was attended by no more than 13 Palestinians and two Israelis. These were, however, joined by more than sixty international activists.

Demonstrators marched from the center of the village towards the lands stolen by the fence, until encountering soldiers who blocked the road. The soldiers declared the area a closed military zone, and the villagers declared it was a freed Palestinian zone. After some twenty minutes of speeches and slogans, soldiers attacked with stun grenades, and the demonstrators retreated a bit. The soldiers then took to their jeeps and stormed away, allowing the demonstrators to march forward and celebrate a small victory. The demonstration then ended, and all returned to the village.

An Nabi Salih
Friday demo, soldiers fired tear gas bombs directly at the protesters and then chased them back to the village, Mohamed Al Tamimi, a local organizer reported.

Friday 13.8.2010 video at


In Nil'in, Friday 13.8.2010, Protesters reached the gate of the wall before soldiers attacked them with tear gas and sound bombs. Troops also beat up some protesters after following them back to the village, local sources reported.
Soldiers chased demonstrators and threw tear gas canisters at them. Clashes broke out, protest organizers said, as demonstrators responded to the violence by throwing stones.

Sheikh Jarah

Due to the beginning of the month of Ramadan, and in order not to make it difficult for protesters of all persuasions under the blazing sun on Friday afternoon,

The Sheikh Jarah protest and solidarity vigils will be moved to Saturday nights throughout this coming month only!

Protest Vigil in Sheikh Jarah
Saturday, 14/8/10, 20:30, at the houses compound - Ben Affan street

For additional details:

Tel Aviv

Marching against the deportation of 400 children of guest workers and their families...
On this Saturday, August 14th 7pm, we will gather on Rothschild blvd. and Mazeh street and will march via Ben-Zion blvd. to Meir garden (Gan Meir) for a demonstration
Media reported on 2000 participants.

Wad Rahhal

This Thursday we will be joining our friends from Wad Rahhal for agricultural works in the village, at 16:30. If you wish to participate please contact D.


"The village of al-walaje - south of Jerusalem/ North Bethlehem district- is experiencing an upward momentum in its struggle against the separation barrier

A big demonstrations planned on this Friday and the one after with the intention of it being led by the children in a march with drums and big carnival dolls in the likes of an event held in Dahmash a month ago.

We are going to use the infrastructure of the summer camp that ended a week ago and was led by volunteers from the village.

we need people from outside- both people who can drums/ build dolls and people who can just help organize and work with the kids, preferably in the next days, but also through out next week.

For detail contact y."

"The al-walaje popular committee for the struggle against the wall

yasamba-rhythm of resistance

invite you to Friday 12.8 demo against the separation wall being constructed around the village

Friday 12.8.10 13:00

100 people including villagers of all ages gathered in the village
13:00 and upon the conclusion of the noon prayer marched towards the
concrete separation wall built 2 weeks ago 5 meters from the houses of
the village to the beat of a large drumming band calling
"1234occupation no more 5678stop the stealing stop the hate.""the wall
will fall" etc.
the mass marched along the wall towards the entrance to the village.
on the other side of the road there was the gate of the settlement
Har-Gilo and 40 soldiers standing between in two lines. the crowd
stopped 70 meters before the settlement gate and the soldiers. they
stood there and continued calling in coordination with the drums.
after 15min an officer approached demanded that the crow×’ disperse and
then arrested Ali, an organizer from the village who stood in the
front holding a loud speaker, they started blowing stun bombs amidst
the crowd and shooting tear gas all around the village including
inside houses, the children-that often talk about their fear from the
army- ran in panic with traumatic memories and stories obviously

the soldiers started pushing the crowd aggressively and when some
people pushed back they started kicking, one villager run to his
adjacent house chased by soldiers who even hurled a large rock to stop
his fleeing.

they gathered around his house and didn't let anyone get close, pushed
the pleading family members aside aggressively and took the young man,
the officer urging one of the soldiers to identify him and say he
pushed soldiers.

they continued shooting stun and tear grenade even when the crowd
dispersed and was walking away into the village for an hour.
in no point was there stone throwing or any type of violence on the
protesters side

Video here:
photos-last 6 here

two palestinians violently arrested, one of them from his house in an
nonviolent demo in al-walaje that was met with stun and tear gas
grenades and direct violence from the Israeli Army including throwing
rocks. the two were released at 19:00 without conditions

Nissim Mossek video

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle picked on Friday Sheikh Jarrah solidarity demonstrations

The one year "anniversary" of the transfer of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied east Jerusalem was marked by about ten demonstration locations. Up to two thousands participated in Israel - both from Jewish and Palestinian communities: Kufr Yasif, Haifa, West Jerusalem, Dahmash, Taybe, Nazareth, Wadi Ara, Gan Shmuel, Ranana and Beersheba, and Tel Aviv. The weekend demonstrations and week days activities draw widening spectrum of the Israeli left. The AAtW activists joined other struggles at Al Arkiv, south of Hebron region, and the Sheikh Jarah solidarity demos, but still persisted in the ongoing struggles in Beit Jalla, Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Hebron, Ma’asara, Nabi Salih, Ni’lin, Sheikh Jarah, Wadi Rahal, and Walaje.

Al Arkiv

The struggle against the transfer of the Bedouins of the south of Israel - the Arkive demolition is the focus of, continue. Rebuilding and demolition again by state forces continued in Al Arkiv and other villages.

Beit Jalla

Beit Ummar Saturday August 7

Protesters said a group of several dozen Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered at the edge of the illegal Israeli settlement Karmi Zur, and demanded an end to the confiscation of land. The settlement is built on 50 dunums of privately owned Palestinian lands, according to Israeli NGO Peace Now.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said a group of approximately 40 marched toward Karmi Zur and "tried to reach" the settlement "to start a provocation." She said the group was "presented with a military order" mandating the area a closed zone, making their presence in the area illegal.

When the protesters started hurling rocks, she said, Israeli soldiers responded using riot dispersal mechanisms, which can include tear gas and rubber-coated bullets, among other means. She said she was "not aware of any physical confrontations" during the incident.

Organizers from the local Popular Committee said soldiers arrived in the area when the protesters were around 300 meters away from the settlement fence, and declared the area a "closed military zone."

Spokesman of the Palestinian solidarity project in Beit Ummar Mohammad Awad said soldiers used physical force "deliberately" against the protesters, and fired "intense series of tear-gas canisters toward protesters and journalists."


About 35 Israelis and 25 internationals joined Bilin's weekly demonstration against the land grab, arrests of local youth and the occupation in general. The demonstration was led by a large delegation of men and women from the Palestinian People's Party from all over the West Bank. The protesters marched to the wall, but were blocked on their way there by a line of Israeli soldiers in full crowd control gear. The demonstrators stood peacefully, chanting and singing at contact range with the soldiers. When the local shabab wanted to force the soldiers back so they can reach the fence and their land, the People's Party organizers strongly objected, and made the shabab wait. It was only when the soldiers started shoving demonstrators that stones and gas/concussion grenades began to be exchanged, and the protesters had to retreat through the mists of gas. The shabab continued their efforts for a while, and the army's weapons caused a few bush fires between the olive trees already scorched from previous demos.

Haitham Al Katib video:

Hebron (Al Khalil) Saturday August 7

The gradual transfer of Palestinians from parts of Hebron the settler colonialists covet continue and so is the joint struggle.


Al Ma’asara: Around 60 people demonstrated in Al Ma’sara on Friday August 6th, about half of them internationals, joining the locals in solidarity with their struggle. Members of the Popular Committee welcomed the internationals, and made special mention of Japanese participants, expressing solidarity with their nation on the anniversary of the destruction and death wrought by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some parallels were drawn with the suffering of Palestinians today.

Two peace and justice delegations from Canada and France also participated in the demonstration which as always aimed to reach village lands stolen by the military occupation forces for the nearby illegal settlements. Palestinian demonstrators and their international supporters were presented with a written military order by four soldiers, in an attempt to deter the protest by declaring it a closed military zone .But chanting slogans of ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘The Wall Must Fall’ demonstrators continued their march past the soldiers regardless and only stopped when they were physically prevented from going further because of three army jeeps blocking the road.

The demonstrators instead sat down en masse in front of the occupying forces. Speeches by members of the Popular Committee were followed by united chants from the crowd demanding peace, justice, access to land and the end of Israeli Apartheid. Members of both the Canadian and French delegations also sang resistance songs from their home countries. The demonstration reached its conclusion peacefully with no assaults by the Israeli Occupation Forces.


Nabi Salih

An Nabi Salih: This Friday, August 6th, around 100 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals took part in An Nabi Salih’s weekly nonviolent demonstration against the illegal Halamish settlement’s theft of the village’s land and water supply. Regardless of the illegality of firing tear gas projectiles at body height, a practice which has caused many casualties in the village and last week injured an international female protester, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continue to use this method in an attempt to quash the peaceful protests.

In response to the children symbolically throwing stones at IOF armored jeeps, tear gas projectiles were fired both directly at the children and also into the village, setting fire to one family’s garden. Despite the military’s refusal to use the fire extinguishers they carried with them whilst inspecting the blaze, international, Israeli and Palestinian demonstrators collaborated in attempting to extinguish the fire with bottles and buckets of water filled in neighboring houses.

During this period, Israeli soldiers forcefully entered one of the aforementioned houses, in which women and children were collecting water to put the fire out. Several internationals and Palestinians entered the house in order to protect its inhabitants from the soldiers’ aggression. At this point a soldier attacked a Danish protester, bashing his head against the wall.

One fire engine was later allowed on the scene, and the fire was extinguished after over two hours. The military continued to fire tear gas canisters at children throughout this period, and later began using both sound grenades and rubber coated steel bullets in addition.

Despite the IOF’s grossly disproportionate use of violence in order to repress the demonstration, the protest continued for several hours, with the majority of its participants – including more than twenty children – standing directly in front of the soldiers, chanting, singing and making peace signs.

In answer to these peaceful actions, two demonstrators (one Italian and one Israeli) were violently seized by soldiers and detained for over 5 hours in Halamish settlement’s military base without reason. The two protestors were standing in solidarity with villagers as soldiers attempted to arrest a Palestinian, again without cause.

The protest at An Nabi Saleh has taken place since January 2010, because of repeated attempts at land theft by nearby Israeli settlements – despite an Israeli court decision in December 2009 that awarded the property rights of the land to An Nabi Saleh residents. Stolen village land now lies on the other side of Highway 465 and is controlled by the illegal Hallamish settlement which has been expanding and colonizing Palestinian land since 1977.


The protest in the village of Ni’lin on Friday August 6th mourned the loss of Yousef Amireh, who was killed 2 years ago by an Israeli soldier who shot him in the head with a rubber-coated steel bullet on August 4th 2008.

Shot dead in this way at the age of 17, Amireh had been demonstrating against the murder of another child from Ni’lin – 10-year-old Ahmed Mousa – killed by the .Israeli army two days before Amireh, and whose death was commemorated in last week’s Ni’lin protest.

The demonstration to mark this painful anniversary, which followed 6 hours of mourning in the village, was attended by international and Israeli activists as well as Palestinians. Protestors marched towards the Apartheid Wall, holding pictures of the two boys while chanting slogans in remembrance of the two innocent children murdered by soldiers. They held a banner which read: “We will never forget you Yousef, you will stay in our hearts” and called for the illegal wall to be brought down, with one protester bearing a hammer to smash a part of the wall symbolically. The Israeli soldiers started shooting a lot of tear gas into the crowd and 5 protesters suffered breathing difficulties after the inhalation of toxic tear gas. Luckily, no serious injuries were incurred by any of the demonstrators and no arrests were made, despite Israeli soldiers moving towards the village, firing tear gas at the group and chasing protesters hoping to arrest them.

The route of the wall in Ni’lin has been declared illegal by the Israeli Supreme Court and the wall in its entirety illegal by the International Court of Justice. It serves to annex many thousands of dunams of Palestinian land to nearby illegal Israeli settlements such as Modi’in Ilit. Since the killings of Mousa and Amireh, three other Ni’lin residents have been killed by the Israeli army, and American solidarity activist Tristan Anderson was shot in the head with an illegal high-velocity tear gas canister on 13th March 2009.

On the second anniversary of her son’s death, Yousef’s mother said that the village would remain steadfast and continue to protest against the Apartheid Wall. Yousef’s brothers said that they will never surrender and will always honor what Yousef died for: a free and peaceful Ni’lin. Saeed Amireh from Ni’lin said: “For every one of us who gets killed, thousands will stand up and refuse to surrender to the inhuman forces that insult life and try to deny us a peaceful and dignified existence. No person on this planet should be denied freedom and peace and dignity. For this, we will always stand up and struggle.”
Ni'ilin and An Nabi Salih

Friday 6.8.2010 Ni'ilin and An Nabi Salih video at

Wadi Rahal

"Our friends in Wad Rahhal have asked that activists will join them in work day this Wednesday at 16:00. If you wish to come to the work day please contact D."

Wednesday 4-8-10 about 40 Palestinians, international, and Israeli activists joined Abu Lutfi to working his lands usually prevented by the colonialist settlers and the Israeli state forces.

After clearing the land from obstacles the tractor plowed the land and the participant were on their way to the village the settlers and state force came with concocted accusations. An Israeli activist accompanied a villager and refuted the accusation.

The settlers and the state force left reluctantly with out arrests.

Sheikh Jarah

Hello everybody,

A year has passed since the eviction/expulsion of the Ghawi and Hanoun families from their homes. A year in which we have struggled together, not only in solidarity with the families, but also for the future of us all: against the attempt to bury the possibility for a just solution for our peoples; against the injustice and oppression, which are part and parcel of so many in the reality we live in; and against the anti democratic current that is taking over Israeli society.

Over 1,000 men and women marched at the Solidarity Day event that we held in Tel Aviv yesterday -- one of the hottest days of the year. At the same time, Arabs and Jews held solidarity vigils in over ten other locations in the country: Kufr Yasif, Haifa, West Jerusalem, Bil'in, Dahmash, Taybe, Nazareth, Wadi Ara, Gan Shmuel, Ranana and Beersheba.

At the end of the march and various vigils, hundreds of us joined the main demonstration in Sheikh Jarah, where the resident's representatives and the activists gave speeches.

The events of the Solidarity Day can be seen in this video
and in this photo slide show

that document most of the demonstrations that took place.

The Solidarity Day is another milestone in the long way we have traveled together and a new stage in the struggle. Yesterday we showed that the solidarity that was created in Sheikh Jarah is not limited to Jerusalem only, in the same way that the injustice which we are fighting against is not confined to a single neighborhood. What began as a protest against a local injustice turned into the battlefront for the struggle for a just society, against occupation, against wrongdoing, against discrimination and for equality.

We still have a long way to go, but we will not give in to the hard and difficult reality around us, and we will keep up the struggle, knowing that together, through solidarity, we shall prevail.

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to watch the media coverage from today:
Report in English by Ynet,7340,L-3931313,00.html, a report in Arabic,1,2.html,
another report in Arabic.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every resident of Sheikh Jarah and each and every activist. Thank you all, for a year of persistent, energetic and optimistic struggle. Thank you for the Jewish-Arab cooperation, and thank you for instilling the hope of a better future here one day.

For your information, during the month of Ramadan (starting next week), the Friday weekly vigils will not take place, and activities in the neighborhood will take place on Saturday nights. Further updates will be sent soon.

The Sheikh Jarah Solidarity Activists


"Al-Walaja village popular struggle committee calls on all internationals and Israeli activists to participate in the demonstration starting in the Mosque area of Wadi Jweza section of Al-Walaja on Wednesday at 9 AM. For more info call A."

"Today (Wednesday 4-8-10) was another honorable and painful chapter in the struggle of the village of Al-Walaja. Apartheid soldiers assaulted children and adults protesting peacefully, injured many, and arrested six Palestinians.
The destruction of the beautiful ancient village land was stopped for over 1.5 hours. I was especially touched by the courage of Omar and his two children, one of them was hit by a soldier with his gun on top of his head.
Please see this video and be both angered and inspired by the courage of the Walajans.

The villagers need our support in many ways especially to demand Israel release those they abducted. Come join us PLEASE and act.

6 Palestinian arrested, and also 9 Israelis."

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

"We were all charged, all judged, all sat together from morning to
evening in police stations.
The only difference is that the 5 out of 15 arrestees (all Israeli)
got more severe punishment because we had files for previous arrests.
we got 180 days not to get close to the wall in wallaje. G. "

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle that defy all expectations

El-Arakeeb, Beit Jalla, Beit Omar, Bil'in, Hebron (Al Khalil), Jerusalem (Al Kuds), Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, Wad Rahal, Wallaje

No one will expect that the anarchists will lead the main struggle of the radical left of a country. No where in the world anarchist confront the state forces in a one sided non violent mode, week after week, expanding gradual the arena... and still walk free even when few of us detained for few hours or a day or two. No one will expect that the Hamas Fundamentalists will support in public the joint struggle with the anarchist Jews atheist. No one will expect the popularity and attention of the media to a few dozen anarchist activists that in less than 7 years changed the meaning of the label of "anarchists" in public opinions. No one will expect that the mighty Israeli repression machine will have to endure the activity of the anarchists like the legendary mosquito.


In renewed and intensified measures the Israeli state invest lot of efforts to transfer the Bedouins citizens of Israel within the 48 borders to restricted areas and robe
the remaining lands not yet taken from them during the years.
"Emergency call for help in Al Arakib in the Negev - police gathering towards house demolitions tonight 26-07-2010, please contact asap if you can come or have a car"

On Tuesday 27-07-2010 35 homes demolished, 250 men women and children left homeless.
Is this only the beginning?
Demonstration tomorrow, Friday July 30th, 1:00pm
Stop the violent destruction of the village of El Araqib!
Where: at the location of the village of El-Araqib.
Directions: drive through the Lehavim-Rahat junction towards Beer Sheva. Take the 2nd dirt/ insignificant road turnoff to the right. You will see ahead of you a Bedouin cemetery, signs, and many cars. For more info: Halil el-Amour tel: 050 2700365

On Tuesday, 1,500 policepeople accompanied about 20 tractors to demolish and erase the village of El-Araqib. Women crying, children left to sit in the shade of the home's ruins under the summer desert sun.

In spite the presence of activists of the coalition for defending the Bedouins of the Negev (Israeli south) the Anarchists Against the Wall participate in, the huge state forces just did their destination mission...

It is difficult to describe the pain and horror when such force is used to destroy your roof. The helplessness. The forces arrived before dawn, at 5:30am. By 9:00am the meager dwellings were all just piles of rubble.

The Government of Israel has a plan for the "settlement of the Bedouin". As usual, no one in the Bedouin community is aware of the details, as it was, as usual, created for them, and without them. So we are only left to guess. The plan is sitting on Netanyahu's desk waiting for his approval. It is the plan that is supposed to implement the Goldberg Commission's recommendations.

These recommendations were good on the declarative level: Recognize all the villages, the Bedouin are not squatters… but on the practical level – far less generous. One recommendation: Bedouin should not have ownership of land beyond a defined area – a "Badu-stan". A second recommendation: villages that their location does not conflict with governmental plans should be recognized. However, 63 years of governmental plans that their intention was to prevent the possibility of recognition, do not leave many villages with this option. In effect it allows the decades of deprivation and coercion towards this weakened indigenous community to continue. Rumor has it that the new governmental plan includes the erasure and resettlement of at least half of the unrecognized villages, concentrating the population into a handful of to-be recognized other villages.

Is the attempt at erasing El-Araqib a first attempt at the erasure of villages? El-Araqib is outside the defined "Badu-stan", it is known as a village with strong leadership and a little more resources than most of the unrecognized villages. Its history includes forced re-settlement in the 1950's with an attempt of the people to return to the land ever since. It seems that this would be the right village for the government to start with to see what tactics can break a village's resolve not to be erased. Once they manage to break this village, it will be easier to continue and erase the others slotted for erasure.

During the 1948 war over 80% of the Negev Bedouin population were "convinced" to leave the country. In the 1950s the remainder was concentrated into a reservation area – the Siyag. Since then the government has refused to recognize the villages or the traditional land claims, leaving the population exposed to home demolitions and without the basic services of running water, electricity and much more. Now – the entirety of the land the Bedouin are living on and claiming is 3% of the Negev desert land. Is it not time that the Government stop the policies of demolitions and destruction, and allow the community to settle, and start healing from the six-decades long wounds it is suffering from?

If the village of El-Araqib holds against these policies of violence – there is a fighting chance for the entire community. So – YOUR HELP IS STRONGLY NEEDED!

El-Arakeeb :rebuilding continues amid fears of another demolition


The women of al-Arakib village, whose houses were demolished by the State on Tuesday morning, invite Jewish and Palestinian women of conscience:

Women's Demonstration in al-Arakib

Friday, 30.7, 12:00

After the demo, we will have a women's meeting and tour.

Bus from Tel Aviv: 10:00 at Lewinsky Garden, near the Central Bus Station.

Transportation from other areas might also be available, please follow the updates

More info (in Hebrew)


The Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity initiative (AAtW activists are part of) enlarge its "jurisdiction" again, and join the popular comity of Al Araqib village and others and organize a solidarity visit in the village on Saturday.

Robbery of Al Araqib village

On Saturday we arrived on a solidarity visit to the ruins of El-Arakeeb, to meet the locals who are now rebuilding their homes.
We have been informed that another demolition may take place soon, and therefore, volunteers to stay the night at the place are needed. If you wish to volunteer, please contact N.

Beit Ommar Saturday July 31
A demonstration in Beit Omar, near Karmei Tsur settlement, were attacked by Israeli army on July 31st 2010.


Thursday, a meeting of Bil'in popular comity activists with ISM and AAtW activist discussed the style of Friday demonstrations in the village against the separation fence and occupation....


Over 100 internationals and about 10 Israelis joined the local weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in. The demonstrators were determined not to give in to the weekly cycle of running away from soldiers under threat of arrest, and marched ready and willing. The soldiers, seeing the large demonstration from behind the fence, ran into the village and deployed along the route leading to the fence. The demonstrators continued their march and stopped only when they reached the first row of soldiers. There they chanted and sang for over half an hour, accompanied by Palestinian songs booming from a car-borne sound system. A few gas canisters shot into the flanks of the demonstration did not deter the demonstrators who stood their guard. Eventually some demonstrators insisted on marching onward toward the fence and the stolen lands. The soldiers reacted with grabbing and pushing. One activist was dearrested - as can be seen in the video of Emad Bornat:

As usual, when the state force starts its violence against the nonviolent demonstration, not all participants adhere to the non violent mode. This time, like in previous demonstrations, three of the tear gas grenades which did not explode when shot at the demonstrators were returned.... with better success.... to the soldiers who tasted their own medicine to the cheers of many of the demonstrators.

Within seconds the soldiers' gas and the shabab's response of stones throwing dispersed the demonstrators, who retreated through clouds of gas.

They regrouped further back along the road, enjoyed a brief ad-lib hip-op session and ended the demonstration.

Half of the Israeli activists continued to the Sheikh Jarrah demo.

Friday 30.7.2010 David Reeb video at
Raperring in Bil'in demo

Hebron (Al Khalil)

Saturday July 31 "Open Shuhada Street" Weekly Demo in Hebron meets army violence; No arrests

Following last week's army attack, arresting 6 people, protesters were trying to avoid any confrontation with the Israeli army, but just before the end of the demo soldiers attacked the demonstration, pushing the protesters away from the already closed gates of Shuhada street in Hebron.

About 100 Palestinians and their supporters participated in this week's "Open Shuhada Street" demo. This time the army didn't allow the protesters to get anywhere near the closed gates of Shuhada street and in order to avoid confrontation the protesters marched away from the street the soldiers were blockading at its end.

While chanting slogans against the occupation, apartheid and settlements and for freedom of movement in Hebron, the march through the old city alleys led protesters to gather in front of the soldiers from another direction, close by to the usual spot. At this point a small 'play' was performed, featuring a “settler” protecting his colonial and racist supremacy. A donkey was also used in the demo.

After some speeches, the demonstration then started another march, which is usually its ending march, but as the street that was first blocked - was now open, protesters seized the opportunity and passed through this street to chant in front of the gates of Shuhada street. The army soldiers soon came out of the gates and violently pushed the protesters away.

After a short sit-in to assert the ever-diminishing Palestinian right to protest, the demo was declared over and people were about to go away. At this moment soldiers started harassing a journalist who was covering the demo. Protesters were trying to assert that (i.e.,freedom of press) diminishing right as well and were rejoiced when the journalist managed to get away from the soldiers. With this hopeful tone and a promise to come back next week - the demo then ended for real.

Jerusalem - Al Kuds

Another case of eviction of families in occupied east Jerusalem occurred at the night between Thursday to Friday. Activists of the AAtW initiative joined the families in their struggle to return to their homes.

"We are currently at the invaded Palestinian house in the old city,
invaded earlier today by a bunch of settlers. As far as I understand
the court, after instructing the settlers to be removed, agreed to
wait until Sunday with any decision.

Please get here to show support, the more the better!"

Sheikh Jarrakh

As usual, Friday demo had hundreds of participants. It included a march to the demo location from the Israeli part of Jerusalem and march to the street of the evicted houses that was blocked by the state forces.

Friday July 30, Protesters Defy Censors - Nissim Mossek video at:

"Hello to all the activists and supporters of the Sheikh Jarah campaign

A year has passed since that morning of infamy when the Hanoun and Ghawi families were expelled from their homes, an act that ignited an unprecedented protest in Sheikh Jarah, a protest which has been growing from day to day.

Therefore, we are stepping up our campaign this week.

On this coming Friday, 6.8 at 13:00 we will set out on solidarity vigils with Sheikh Jarah all across the country!
And from these vigils we will continue to the

Central rally in Sheikh Jarah at 16:00!

Vigils will take place in West Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Beer-Sheva, Kufr yasif, Tira, Taybe, Ara, Gan Shmuel junction, Raanana - and the list has not been finalized!


This week, the Friday demonstration was a bit bigger than
usual due to the massive international activists
presence - as in other demonstrations, probably an after
effect of the Gaza flotilla. Contributed to the size were delegates
from the neighboring village Wadi Rahal which suspended
the Friday demo following temporary judicial success.

As usual the demo marched from center of the village to
the intersection on the way to their lands and started to go there
The soldiers tried to blocked physically and when they failed
used shock grenades - forcing the demonstrator to
retreat to the intersection.

Then. the soldiers retreated 50 meters trying to lure the demonstrators
to try passing and use it for another round of repression...

The demonstrators were wiser and stayed in the intersection
singing and even started there the Debka dance.

After a while the demo was declared finished and the participant returned to the village.

Part of the Israeli activists continued to the Sheikh Jarrah demo.

Nabi Saleh

Nabi Saleh: IOF hold a child hostage, wound a British activist
Latest News, Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, July 31st, 2010

On July 30th, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Forces detained the child Walid Daifallah (13 years-old) and arrested international solidarity activist and took him to an unknown destination in the village of Nabi Saleh (Ramallah District). The Occupation Forces also wounded a British supporter, 23 years-old, with a tear gas canister fired at her foot during the Nabi Saleh weekly protest.

The protest began after the Friday prayer and moved towards the land threatened by confiscation. The protest was an expression of the civil rejection of the Occupation practices and settlement expansion following a recent incident four days ago when settlers raided the village and attacked the villagers and their property.

The Occupation Forces blocked the regular route of the march, forcing the demonstrators to change their path. Significant amounts of tear gas was fired directly at the crowd, wounding a 23 years-old British activist who sustained an injury to her foot. Afterwards, violent clashes erupted between the demonstrators and the Israeli Occupation Forces who used rubber bullets and tear gas to suppress the protest.

The IOF also raided many houses and arrested Walid Daifallah (13 years-old) from his aunt's house. He was detained for more than an hour as the IOF held him hostage until the clashes subsided. Moreover, the IOF arrested an international solidarity activist and took him to an unknown destination.


Ni'lin honors its martyrs and calls for continued popular resistance
Latest News, Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, August 1st, 2010

On July 30th, 2010, the weekly protest against the Wall and settlements in the village of Ni’lin (Ramallah District) commemorated the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Ahmad Musa and Yusef Amira. Ahmad Musa was killed during a demonstration against the Wall on July 29th, 2008 from a bullet in his head and Yusuf Amira was injured fatally the next day, and died a week later.

The demonstration began after the Friday prayers and moved towards the land in front of the Apartheid Wall. Many international activists participated in the march. When the demonstrators arrived at the Wall, Israeli Occupation Forces began firing teargas canisters directly at them, causing 15 cases of suffocation due to the inhalation of tear gas. The demonstrators responded by throwing stones and throwing back the tear gas canisters that were fired at them by the Occupation Forces from behind the Wall. According to eyewitnesses, five soldiers suffered asphyxiation from the tear gas thrown back at them.

Afterwards, the Occupation Forces pursued the demonstrators and the international solidarity activists to the outskirts of the village after they had opened the gate of the Wall and fired a significant amount of tear gas and sound bombs to suppress the demonstration. However, no demonstrators were arrested in the process.

Honoring the deaths of Ahmad Musa and Yousuf Amira during Ni’lin’s weekly march underlines that Palestinians are continuing to struggle for the cause that these Palestinian died for. Protests against the crimes of Israeli Occupation will continue in spite of the violent suppression at the hands of Israeli Occupation Forces.

Wad Rahal

Due to highest court order to halt the works on the separation fence on the lands of the village, Friday demonstrations were suspended.

"Our friends in Wad Rahhal have asked that activists will join them in work day this Wednesday at 16:00. If you wish to come to the work day please contact me".


Al-Wallaje village popular struggle committee calls on all internationals and Israeli activists to participate in the demonstration starting in the Mosque area of Wadi Jweza section of Al-Wallah on Wednesday at 7 AM. For more info call A.

on Thursday 29.7 about a 150 Israelis internationals and people from the village including about 30 summer camp kids watched the movie Budrus - a movie about the village Budrus' struggle against the wall - together in the village council. (One of the first joint struggles against the separation fence the Israeli anarchists against the wall involved with.)

Most of the Israelis and internationals did a tour of the village and the wall construction before the screening.

On Friday 30.7 about fifty people with 4 Israelis, 7 internationals and about 20 village children walked from the upper mosque to the new wall between the village and Har-Gilo, all the time shouting against the wall and occupation.

We walked along the wall and on the dirt path to the Har-Gilo fence.
Two border policemen stood on a roof in the settlement and observed us as we continued with the calling and the head of the village gave a speech. IDF jeeps passed us by on the village road stopping near the crowd for a second. But, there was no reaction from the villagers and we marched back shouting.

Saturday 31.7 the village celebrated the end of the summer camp with kids preforming debka, enacting a demonstration which met with IDF violence and more.


Previous (weekly) reports at