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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle on the back ground of Israel not hiding any more its true nature

Al along the years israel tried to neutralize the pressures of the more enlightened people by hiding its brute racism and and murderous activities recruiting the memory of the holocaust as justification for every heinous act of it when revealed. However, as the masquerade was exposed last years and more and more are disillusioned from the "Zionist dream", the restrained are loosened fast. The rightists preach their extreme racist ideology in the open. The "para militarists" settlers get freer hands. The transfer of Palestinians both within the 1948 borders and these occupied in 1967 is done in the open. Though it is still restricted mainly to the Israeli area of the Bedouins in the south and the C agricultural regions of the 1967, the "gloves" were removed. In the same new mode, the repression of the non armed popular struggles intensified last few weeks and we can not guess which will be - if at all, the limit of the new repression mode.

Arkib (1948 Bedouins), Bil'in, Dahams (Ramla 1948 village), East Jerusalem (occupied 1967 mainly Sheikh Jarah, Shuafat, Silwan, and the Bedouins of the region) Ma'asarah, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, and the Jordan valey Palestinians.

20-10-2014, Ofer Israeli military court finds Abdullah Abu Rahma , a well known activist and coordinator of popular resistance committee in Bil'in, guilty of obstruction of military vehicles . In 2012 ,Abu Rahma among other activists demonstrated in Bil'in against Israeli army bulldozers . Bulldozers were trying to block the road with huge concrete blocks who also serve as a shield and secure post for army snipers and soldiers. Abu Rahma was arrested back then and released a few hours later as he made bail. A year later, Abu .Rahma Rahmeh was not called for any court hearing . All eye witnesses confirm the Abdullah just stood on the bulldozer but he never posed danger to any Israeli armed to-the-neck soldier.
Abu Rahma an EU recognized human rights defender was detained twice before, though what he was doing was considered legal by The EU.
1-12-2014 is the date when Abdullah will receive his new sentence..!


Friday in Bil'in. 10 Israelis, with 40 internationals joined the villagers in the olive harvest procession. The Israeli armed forces tried to block our way to the liberated lands between the removed separation fence and the new separation wall. We managed to march on the fields paths and confronted the army jeeps so in spite the teat gas that the north east carried away we succeeded to make them retreat and came near the wall.
After a long confrontation we returned to the village - tired but with satisfaction.
Yisrael Puterman
Friday 24-10-14
As usual, before the demonstration had barley began the Israeli army attacked by firing tear gas and rubber bullets causing injuries to 2 Palestinians, an international on looker who was rushed to hospital and journalist Hamde Abu Rahma was struck by a tear gas canister covering the demonstration. Yet again a home was almost destroyed by fire as the army intentionally fired in its direction, the family lost more olive trees as they were burnt to the ground. International peace activist Robert Martin helped demonstrators distinguish the fire after suffering effects of tear gas.


17-10-2014, Almaasara occupied Palestine. The weekly demonstration against settlements and apartheid wall started at the city center and moved towards the village entrance blocked by a huge number of Israeli soldiers . As the protestors got close, the soldiers fired a massive tear gas and sound bomb attack to push demonstrators back, yet a few brave men and women kept pushing and reached route 60 ( the main road connecting settlements in the area ), and blocked it for an hour before the soldiers viciously reopened it.
Popular resistance committees in the area said that they will not stop before they free their village and reclaim their stolen lands.
24-10-2014, Al Masara -occupied Palestine.
Occupation forces suppressed the weekly demonestration in Al Masara and prevented the demonestratores from accessing to the lands confiscated. This demonestration, which organized by the Popular Committees Against the Wall and Settlement in the village, is in solidarity with the Al-Aqsa Mosque and as a condemnation of incursions carried out by the occupation and the settlers from one hand, and of the actions of hitting Palestinians with cars by settlers.
The demoenstration began at the center of the village with the participation of dozens of villagers and foreigners. They waved Palestinian flags and filled the village streets. Demonstrators chanted in solidarity with the prisoners and with Al- Aqsa Mosque.
After arraiving the entrance of the village, dozens of Israeli soldiers were blocking the entrance and forming a human barrier to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the confescated lands. The Israeli occupation forces detained citizens and prevented vehicles from passing.
The popular committees confiremed that they will continue resistting the wall and settlements in the village that popular resistance will until defeating the occupation. The also demanded the international community to intervene to stop the violations of the occupation forces against the Palestinian people.

Nabi Saleh

Friday 17.10.2014
David Reeb
Friday 24.10.2014 Israeli occupation forces suppressed Nabi Saleh weekly demonestration, which began after Friday prayers from Martyrs' Square at the center of the village towards the lands confiscated and threatened of confiscation. The demonstrators chanted slogans condemning the occupation and the settlements and callling for its removal from the Palestinian territories. They also chanted slogans for the prisoners and martyrs. Immediately after the arrival of the demonestration to the confescated lands, where a settlement called Hallamish had been built, Israeli soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas, causing suffocation to dozens of demonestrators.
The Popular Resistance press office assured to uphold the national principles and continue the resistance until the defeat of the occupation. They also called for the Palestinian people to stand in the face of the settlers and their abuses against our people and property.


The weekly demo against the Israeli occupation today at kufr qaddum.
Lots of tear gas grenades fitted directly. skunk juice used to stink protesters and in particular the houses around. And many rubber coated steel bullets fired on us.
Nearly 200 participated! There was One injury. Happy olive harvest season to all
Tens of Palestinians required medical treatment today due to cases of suffocation in Kufr Qaddoum. Tens were wounded today, Friday 17 October, due to suffocation during demonstration in Kufr Qaddoum due to attempts by the Occupation to suppress the demonstration in Kufr Qaddoum against Israeli settlement and which brought about a victory for al-Aqsa.

The demonstration in Kufr Qaddoum started at Omar bin Khitab mosque with the participation of tens of families from the village holding flags of Palestine and denouncing the belligerent campaign directed at al-Aqsa.Upon the arrival of protesters to a road which had been closed, the Israeli Occupation Forces attacked by shooting gas canisters, rubber coated metal bullets and spraying sewage water, leading to the suffocation of tens of protesters. The coordinator of the rally stressed that the Kufr Qaddoum march had brought victory to the al-Aqsa Sanctuary which is being subjected to brutal aggression by settlers and the Israeli Occupation Forces. He noted that the occupation deliberately sprayed houses with waste water instead of digging up the road and throwing dirt on people's homes.

"At the weekly demo against the occupation in kufr qaddum today, we were near 100 locals, 5 internationals and 3 Jews.
the Israeli army and the locals were more passive than usual today, partly due to the olive harvest the army took positions in a house, outside by the road, and up on the hill above us. Dozens of gas canisters were fired directly at us, we set some tires afire, and thankfully there were no injuries nor arrests."
Open the village road! Free Palestine!
Happy olive season :) "
Abdullah Qaddomi

Friday 24-10-14 At the weekly demo against the occupation in kufr qaddum!
So far the Israeli army has taken sniper positions in an abandoned house, outside by the road, and up on the hill above us. Dozens of gas canisters were fired directly at us, we set some tires afire, and thankfully so far there were no injuries nor arrests.
Open the village road! Free Palestine!
Tens of local and international demonstrators clashed with Israeli soldiers. Armed with only slings and stones ,the locals faced the strongest army in the middle east as israel claims. strong well and pure love to land pushed the soldiers back and marked another day of popular resistance.
Amnon Lotan

Sheikh Jarah

Friday 24-10-14

Tel Aviv

Friday 17-10-14 About 20 participated in a vigil called by the anarchist communist Ahdut (Unity) in solidarity with Kobani and the autonomist Kurds in northern Syria - protesting the Turkish hypocrisy in front of their embassy.
Don't Say We Didn't Know 424

Every year during the olive harvest season, Palestinian farmers and their families are subjected to assaults by Jewish settlers in the Occupied Territories. On Thursday, October 9, 2014 inhabitants of the Palestinian village Yasouf, east of Salfeet town, discovered about 70 of their olive trees cut down. The by-now-familiar inscription "Price Tag" was found at the site. The next day, Friday, Jewish settlers lit up a tire and tried to set fire to the village olive grove. The farmers put it out. On Saturday a family harvesting their olives was assaulted by settlers. The father and mother were hurt, the mother had to be hospitalized. The settlers had also damaged the family car that was there.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 425
On Tuesday, 14/10/2014 representatives of the Government accompanied by the Yoav Unit ( a special police unit 'dedicated' to policing the Bedouin population of the Negev, among other things, protecting demolition crews demolishing their homes). in Bedouin villages in the Negev. In Wadi el Na'am south of Beersheva the representatives violated a court order to suspend the demolition of one of the houses and demolished the home of a young couple shortly to be wed. During the demolition the police injured residents who protested the demolition. Seven of the injured were evacuated to hospital for treatment and five were arrested, including the young woman about to be married.
At Al Arakib the police destroyed the shelters and expropriated equipment including two cars. They arrested three residents, one of whom was released the same day while the other two were released the following day.

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Palestine Israel, The joint struggle already eleven years old and continue

A physical confrontation between between the Israeli armed forces (and settlers) and a joint crowd of Israeli Jews and Palestinian activists in the 1967 occupied territories is so common that people do not sense its unique nature. In addition to PR disaster for the Zionist transfer project it also forced Israel to mostly exclude shooting with life ammunition fire to kill non armed Palestinian demonstrators whenever Israelis might participate. In addition to the usual locations of joint struggles, addition places Palestinians start protests we learn of from the media. The Israeli media to which the agreement with the Hamas about the end of the rocketing was not revealed, come again and again with facts and generals opinions which can only be explained as rationalization to changes forced on Israel in the agreement.


Friday 3.10.14 in Bil'in was in eve and in the beginning of olive picking. In addition to seven Israelis and dozen international only had about a dozen and a half Bil'iners participated in the demo. Some regular participants and especially the young stone throwers Shabab were absent due to the beginning of the olive picking season. For reasons best known to them, the Israeli armed forces have initiated an unusual step. They have stood in a line of soldiers and border police at a Square just beyond route of the old (and dismantled) separation fence, forbade us to move forward towards Abu Lemon garden and the separation wall.

After a long while in which the confrontation was only verbal, Some of us started to walk toward the wall along the old route of the dismantled separation fence. In response, the armed forces called as reinforcement an armed unit in a jeep that tried in vein to locate us on the gravel roads crisscrossing the freed area and shoot in random few tear gas grenades. When the lack of an ongoing conflict start to bore us, demonstrators began to return to the village.
This Friday, a rare thing occurred. It was the firs time in long months that I had not got even a trickle of tear gas nor smelt it.

Friday 10.10.14
Before the demo, soldiers entered the area between the old and new wall routes, and set fire to a small building. Then they waited for the demonstrators on the village side of the new wall, and while the latter were still gathering in the Abu Lamun grove, the soldiers arrested a Palestinian demonstrator and drove the others away with gas. The demonstrators regrouped at the old wall route. The soldiers came there too, and kept chasing demonstrators away with gas, advancing as far as the built area of the village. Despite the small Shabab presence, the soldiers didn't only shoot gas, but also used live bullets to scare non violent demonstrators away. They also put a sound bomb under a disabled person's car, and it broke down due to the explosion. The demonstrator who was arrested at the beginning of the demo was released later, after being beaten to the point of bleeding from his face.
Bil'in 10:10:14, Attack of the Israeli armed forces on the Friday demo that we have not experienced for several years. Ten Israelis, and about two dozen international converged with the Bil'in activists at the Abu Lemon oak grove near the separation Wall. Before the march began, soldiers who were stationed near the oak grove arrested the Popular Committee member Mohammed Khatib and beat him to a pulp. They flooded the other demonstrators with tear gas. They also exploded a stun grenade under Rani Burnat car, before he could settle down in his wheelchair out of the car and immobilize the car which was later toed to the village. Gradually, they chased us with armored jeeps they pushed towards the village. We succeeded few time to regroup, but they pushed again and again till we entered the village. Attack like that had not happened more than two years. After over an hour and a half of pursuit the armed forces released Mohammed and left the the lands of the village not before firing live ammunition and arresting a boy who collected the used aluminum canisters.

Nabi Saleh

3-10-2014 In the village of Nabi Saleh a weekly march started and confronted the occupation forces stationed at the entrance to the village, using rubber bullets and tear gas.
Bilal Tamimi
10.10.2014 The Child Karim al-Tamimi, photojournalist Bilal Tamimi, a foreign solidarity person, and many others were suffocated today during the severe repression of the violent occupation against the weekly march in Nabi Saleh. The march started today in solidarity with Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, which are under Zionist attacks escalating in recent weeks.
The media Office of the popular resistance in Nabi Saleh said that the child was shot in the head causing medium hemorrhage. He was then taken to treatment in the Palestine Medical center in Ramallah.
Bilal Tamimi
Nabi Saleh 10.10.2014
David Reeb

Al- Ma’sara

Friday 10-10-2014 Occupation forces suppressed Al- Ma’sara weekly march
Occupation forces suppressed the weekly march that came out to condemn settlement expansion aimed at confiscating the Palestinian lands and deprive the Palestinians of their land. The march began at the center of the village with the participation of dozens of villagers, international activists, and activists of the Popular Resistance who have come from various regions to participate in the march. They raised Palestinian flags and chanted solidarity and popular mottoes. The Israeli soldiers assaulted them and prevented them from progress. The activists closed the street to prevent the occupation from moving freely. The Popular Committees Against the Wall confirmed that the popular resistance in the village will continue until the end of the occupation. They, as well, denounced the process of settlement expansion in the city of Bethlehem
with the presence of the local people of South Bethlehem, the activists of the popular resistance, the leaders of the political movements, the representatives of the unions, civil society, youth movement, and international solidarity
we would like to invite you to participate in the central demonstration in Al-Ma'sara village for the 8th anniversary of the popular resistance in the village of Al-Ma’sara
date: Friday 17-10-2014 time: 12 PM place : Alshmoh Cultural Center


3-10-2014 Occupied Palestine Kufur Qaddum - A young man injured by a sniper's shot during a march in Kufur Qaddum.
Young man was injured on Friday by snipers in Kufur Qaddum during clashes erupted after Friday prayer and four civilians were also wounded by rubber bullets and dozens of cases of suffocation due to inhaling tear gas. the march started from the Mosque of Omar Iben al-Khattab toward the closed street. the demonstrators chanted slogans condemning the settlement amid wide participation of villagers. The coordinator of the march asserted will continue until achieving the rights. he added that the Israeli occupation deliberately sprayed houses and trees with waste water as a kind of collective punishment of the people of the village.
after almost 4 years of popular resistance demonstration , The village Of Kuffor Qaddom manage to open the main road that connects the village with the city of Nablus . This road passes alongside with the nearby illegal settlement of Kadumim and it was closed for Palestinian access and it was only open to illegal Israeli settlers since 13 years !!
Congratulations ... LONG LIVE RESISTANCE
Kufr Qaddoum has also lost 4,000 durums of land to the 5 illegal Israeli settlements that surrounds the village. Farmers seeking to reach their lands face threats, attacks, and arrests. Some of the Palestinian-owned agricultural land has been declared as ‘closed military zones’, and Israeli settlers regularly sets fire to them.

10-10-2014 Palestine , kufur Qaddom
Kufur Qaddum: Breaking into a house and tens suffocated in Kufur Qadoom’s confrontations.
Tens suffocated today due to the IDF attacks on Kufur Qadoom’s weekly anti-settlement demonstration. The Israeli soldiers attacked the demonstration with gas grenades causing suffocation among the demonstrators. They were all treated in the field. The Israeli army broke into the house of Abu Ihab and centralized there. They fired rubber and live bullets from inside the house to the young with no injuries. They also used wastewater to deter demonstrators spraying young people, houses and trees. The march started from the Mosque of Omar ibn al-Khattab with the participation of tens of villagers toward the closed street, chanting slogans calling for stopping settlements and for opening the street. The coordinator stressed that the march, despite the picking olive season, was lunched with all the power to tell its united message; no option no solution without opening the closed street and stopping settlement activities on our lands.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 423

The Israeli army has been demolishing time and again in the Palestinian village of Tall al Hashaba (Tawa'il), north east of Akraba (in the Nablus region). Please see the Don't Say posting 410. On Monday, September 29, 2014, the army destroyed nearly 70 electricity poles on the way to and inside the village. Still earlier, on August 20, 2014, the army demolished the home of two families and a sheep pen. 17 persons remained homeless.

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South of Hebron Hills

Another Brutal attack of Ta'ayush activists by Mitspe Yaia's settlers
Saturday, 11.10.2014, South Hebron hills, while Ta'ayush activists accompany Awad and Jabareen families to their land near the out post of Mitspe Yair. the a...
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See at the blog previous reports about the joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall take part in.
See also: Stories from the year 2100 - 50 years after the revolution