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Palestine-Israel, The Israeli "loses management" diminished the intensity of the weekly confrontations with the joint struggle demos*

After so many years it is hard to get used to the replacement of tear gas and bullets with threat of arrests if we cross an imaginary line. For many years we worried about the day when the Israeli state decision makers will minimise or even stop the the harsh repression of the weekly joint demonstrations against the occupation, the settlers and the separation wall. On 27-5-16 was the first demo in Bil'in the state forces did not shoot us. It took a dozen such non shootings to realize it is a real strategic shift. The last Friday they even "invited" us to return the demo to the area near the new separation wall - forbidden for us for about a year. It seems the multi millions invested in the struggle against the B.D.S. recruited a more intelligent managers who was able to force the army to swallow their pride and stop harassing the Friday demos and the international activists participating in them.


22-7 Bil'in 22-7-16 Friday demo. 6 Israelis and about dozen internationals joined about two dozen Bil'iners. The regional commander tried to show his creativity and change the routine of the relative mild confrontation of the last two weeks. He placed warnings on used cardboard instead of his armed tags - luring us to disregard them and continue to the freed areas beyond the old rote of the dismantled fence. After we disregarded the warnings and nearly reached the new separation wall we were blocked by the soldiers who manoeuvred in order to arrest activists. During our "too slow" retreat 5 were detained but the rest of us just regrouped backwards very slow.... till we decided to return to the village.
5-8-16 Bil'in habibti Friday demo of today - a week before my 79th birthday. 6 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative, joined scores of international activists (Japan and Sweden mainly) and Bil'iners. The Israeli state forces "conquered" again the memorial square of Bassem claiming the are closed by military order.
When we arrived there they threatened participants they will arrest us if we stay there but did not.
After a long verbal confrontation mainly we returned to the village.
(We do miss the smell of the tear gas and the excitement of evading the shooting at us, - which stopped more than a month ago, and the pictures are nearly banal (: but it is better for the health of participants.)
19-8-16 Friday in Bil'in, The 600th demo against the occupation, the settlers, and the separation wall. The first demo after my 79th birthday celebration in Bil'in. 7 Israelis and a dozen of internationals joined 2 dozen Bil'iners in one of the strangest demo. While we were converging in the fringe of the village for the weekly demo, the state force who waited in their usual position near the rote of the dismantled separation fence drove away in a kind of invitation to march toward the forbidden area near the new separation wall. Afraid of a nasty surprise like in a few weeks ago we took the long round about dirt road to the gate in the separation wall. After a long long march we arrived there - where the state forces were waiting for us about 50 meters from the gate - "Allowing us to have the demo there", threatening with arrests if we cross an imaginary line.
After a long time of a low intercity confrontation with advances and retreats we started to return to the village.


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Kafr Qaddum demonstrations met with tear gas
On the 15th of July in the afternoon, the people of Kafr Kaddum took part in a demonstration against the Israeli Army’s continuing theft of their road. The soldiers checked cars going in and out of the village, and stationed snipers in the bushes and on top of the hill. The Israeli Army also brought men in dark uniforms, a special unit that is used to quell prison disturbances. They had a Jeep that was loaded with tear-gas. Clearly, their main goal was to intimidate the demonstrators and stop the protest from happening.
Palestinian demonstrators march towards the road
Palestinians, Israelis and internationals alike were in the crowd. After some chanting, the people tried to do a march but as soon as they got close to the hill where soldiers were stationed, stun grenades were thrown at them. The Israeli soldiers also fired rubber coated steel bullets at the Palestinian youth, as well as several volleys of tear-gas towards both them and the rest of the crowd. Although no one was hit by their ammunition, many people suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation.
Before leaving the Israeli Army made sure to destroy the main water pipe of the village, which will cost some 3000 NIS to repair. An overwhelming use of force was employed against a people who are simply fighting for the return of their road, which was illegally stolen from them in 2003.

Nabi Saleh


Don't say we did not know #510

The Palestinian villagers of Burin suffer enormous damage, caused by settlers from the nearby settlement, Yizhar.

For example, on Friday, 1st July, 2016, settlers from Yizhar ploughed a plot of three dunums (3000 sq.m), land belonging to a farmer from Burin.

Don't say we did not know #511

On Tuesday, 12th July, 2016, Israeli security forces came to a Bedouin neighbourhood, north of the Palestinian village 'Anata (north-east of Jerusalem) - and demolished four homes. They also demolished the entire agricultural infrastructure belonging to six families.

On Wednesday, 13th July, 2016, Israeli security forces came to the Palestinian neighbourhood Jabal Mukabar, annexed to Jerusalem, and demolished three homes that were being built there, as well as an agricultural structure.


On Sunday morning, 17th July, 2016, the Jewish National Fund returned its bulldozers to a hill near El-Araqib village in the Negev, where they had previously been used for planting trees near that village.

Don't say we did not know #512

This is what land robbery looks like.

The land ownership of El-Araqib Bedouin village (Inhabitants vs. the State) is still being argued in the District Court. Nevertheless, on Sunday, 17th July, 2016, JNF bulldozers, escorted by the police, started earth-moving works on the village land. The purpose: to complete plantation of a forest of trees on that same land whose ownership is still being disputed in Court. During the week, eight El-Araqib residents were arrested, after they had conducted a protest at the invasion. All those arrested were subsequently released.

On Sunday, 24th July, 2016, the JNF bulldozers started work again on the land. Yet again, eight protesters were arrested, but later released.


On Wednesday, 20th July, 2016, government representatives, under police escort, arrived for a day of demolitions of Bedouin homes in the Negev. At A-Zarnug, near Bir El-Hammam, they demolished a home. In Bir El-Hammam, a home owner demolished his own home. In Wadi El-Na'am, south of Beer Sheva, they demolished two homes. In Laqiyya, they demolished a building.

Don't say we did not know #513

On Thursday, 4th August, 2016, IDF soldiers demolished five homes and a sheep-pen, in the Bedouin village El Mu’arrajat, north of Jericho. Some sheep and cows escaped. Not far away, on the other side of the road, the soldiers demolished tents that were used by village shepherds.


On Wednesday, 3rd August, 2016, JNF heavy machinery entered the lands of Nuri El'Uqbi (near Eshel HaNasi). The land ownership where JNF intruded is currently in dispute in court. Some ten years ago, 12 dunums (dunum = 1000 sq.m) of the land in dispute was confiscated in order to pave Road 310.

On Thursday, 5th August, 2016, government representatives under police escort, came to the Bedouin village Hashem Zane (near Segev Shalom) and demolished the home of a mother and her ten children.


Don't say we did not know #514

Last week, there were many homes demolished all over the West Bank.

I have chosen, instead, to highlight the uprooting of olive trees. The case is one of land proclaimed by the IDF as "survey land." This represents an attempt to steal land from Palestinians by cancelling the Palestinian ownership and handing it over to the state, i.e. Jewish ownership. On Tuesday, 9th August, 2016, IDF soldiers arrived and uprooted some 250 olive trees belonging to villagers of Iskaka, east of the settlement Ariel.


On Monday, 8th August, 2016, government representatives under police escort arrived and demolished a home in Kseife, a Bedouin town in the Negev. Then, due to threats from the government and the police, a Bedouin family demolished two homes belonging to it, in Umm Namila (north of Rahat).

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