Thursday, October 31, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue and so does the creeping transfer*

On one side we have the mounting international pressure on Israel to yield a bit. On another side we have the increase of fear of the Israeli elite from the mounting pressure and the threats to increase it much more in the near future. In spite of that or as a desperate response the efforts to speed the creeping transfer by the Israeli regular forces and the irregular settlers increase immensely. The Israeli Bedouins face the prelude of the Farwer plan to transfer half of the villagers to concentration towns. Palestinians of the Jordan valley and of south of Hebron are harassed and pushed slowly out. The demolitions and confiscations of houses in occupied east Jerusalem continue. And the joint struggle persist both in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qadum, Ma'asara, Sheikh Jarah, and South of Hebron Hills - and will never stop.


Friday weekly demonstration. Dozen Israelis, nearly two Dozens internationals and dozens Bil'iners converged at noon in the Abu Lamun orchard near the separation wall. Not long after we approached the area near the gate in the wall the state forces started to shower us with barrages of tear gas canisters. As the wind was friendly to us, the state forces had to crossed the wall with armored cars in order to drive us back to the village. It took them nearly two hours to force all of us back to the village.
The photographer Mohamed Basman Yaseen (21 years old) was injured today by rubber bullet in his back, in addition to dozens of suffocation.
israel putermam


IOF arrested Activists in Shahada street which organized by YAS and Israelis activists when they were protecting against Israel occupation apartheid and they took all of them for Israel police station. Detained a group of activists tried to set up a tent


Friday, protest today, 25 October, 2013 West Bank village marks 7 years of popular resistance
The markedly stone-free protests in al Ma’asara are nevertheless violently suppressed by the Israeli army. ”We see the soldiers here with their guns, their boots, their shields and their helmets protecting the wall – but we know the real problem is the wall that is in their minds,” protest leader says.

About 200 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists attended this week’s Friday demonstration against the wall and settlements in the village of al-Ma’asara, south of Bethlehem. The larger-than-usual crowd gathered at noon in the village center to commemorate seven years of popular struggle in the village – seven years of weekly marches toward the land where the separation barrier is planned to run.

The larger and more festive procession this week took the usual route from the village center to the land using the village’s main road, only to find it blocked by soldiers at the entrance to the village – as the army does every week. Activists tried to break through the row of soldiers with their hands in the air and after failing to pass sat down on the ground in front of the soldiers.

A border police officer stated he was declaring the village a “closed military zone,” giving demonstrators five minutes to leave the area. “You are standing on occupied land in a liberated Palestinian village – so it is you that have five minutes to leave,” answered Hassan Brijieh of the popular committee in the village.

After about an hour and a half the demonstration ended and while activists were returning to the village, soldiers followed them in. At one point a couple of kids from the village threw stones at the invading jeeps and were answered with a few tear gas grenades fired on the main road. The whole incident ended shortly and back at the village center popular committee members stated they would continue with their struggle.
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Nabi Saleh
David Reeb


Demonstration 25/10/2013 Dozens of demonstrators gathered for the weekly unarmed demonstration in the Palestinian town of Ni'ilin, where they were met with the usual Israeli army violence.


Matan S. Cohen
Odai Qaddomi


Occupation forces Violently prevent Palestinians reaching their land Umm El Arayes 26 10 2013


Don't say we did not know 386

On Thursday, October 24, the government representatives with a police force came again to demolish Bedouin houses in the Negev.

They demolished a house in Wadi El-Mashash (south of Ramat Hovav), one in Umm Mitnan (south of Arara), and one in the town of Segev Shalom.

The government representatives and the police force continued and demolished El-Arkib again.

They also uprooted tens of olive trees in Darijat (northwest of Kseyfa).

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The low tide of the joint struggle continue on the background of the general disillusion

The high tide of the social struggle in the world at large and in our region just two years ago with lot of hopes gave way to disillusions. The joint direct action in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, Ma'asara, Beit Ummar, Shaikh Jarrah diminished in size. Contributing to it the stick and carrot policy of the Israeli occupation system. The significant increase of work permits to Palestinians within Israel and lax policy towards the "illegal Palestinians" who work in it, contributed its share. The strict policy of the corrupt Palestinian authority do not promote hope and militancy in the grass root nor among the Israeli radical people. The hope in approaching radical change due to international pressure on Israel and the low tide in both the general social struggle and the Palestinian arena diminished the numbers an energy of activists involved with the Israeli anarchists against wall initiative. Just a glimpse of hope bring the emerging of the Israeli anarchist communist Ahdut (unity) group I joined lately


Friday weekly demonstration with a smaller participation. The only flag carried in it was the red and black flag held by me which was accepted with sympathy of all participants. One Palestinian got injured and the another Palestinian photographer was arrested after the Israeli occupation force take his camera !

Nabi Saleh Solidarity

Activists report that today's demonstration took place in the rain. Despite the wet weather, residents of Nabi Saleh including men, women and children, along with Israeli and International supporters attempted to march to the spring which has been illegally annexed by Israeli settlers. During the demonstration, demonstrators also managed to open the large yellow iron gate that the Israeli military has installed in 2000 at one of the entrances of the village. For the first time in 13 years cars were able to pass via this entrance in and out of the village. As usual the IOF actively sought to repress the demonstration and at least one person has been detain/arrested - Helmy, a Palestinian photographer/cameraman from the village.


The Friday demonstration was smaller than usual because of Holiday, olive harvest, rain, and a funeral in the village.
The road to the village was closed hermetically by the Israeli state forces. The army tried to block even the round about dirt road. But, all wisecracks of the IOF could not prevent those who fight the oppression from manifesting it. With the help of our Palestinian partners we arrived - a large group of international and a handful of Israelis in spite the, jeeps and other means of oppressed.
At the begin the occupation army was hiding. Shortly after the demo began to march lot of them equipped from head to toe, came from every direction behind the houses and from the hills and shot barrage of tear gas grenades.
Gray was yesterday in Qaddum, both the rain clouds, the tear gas, the smoke burning tires igniting by the shabab. These painted the village gray but not in any way decreased the determination if the village people to continue the struggle and fight for righteousness, against the oppression, expropriation of their lands, and the breach of the fundamental right of travel.
The demonstration ended without injuries or detainees.
Odai Qaddomi·

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes.


Don’t say we didn’t know #385

On Saturday, 12th October, 2013, Palestinians from Qaryut (near the settlements Shilo and Eli) went to harvest their olives. At a certain point, settlers arrived nearby. They summoned the IDF, who arrived and declared the area a closed military zone, and then forced the harvesters to leave their land.

The next day, the same farmers went to harvest their olives, this time supported by international volunteers. Again, settlers came and summoned soldiers, who again distanced the harvesters from their lands. When the farmers went to a nearby plot – declared the previous day as being alright for harvest by the soldiers – they, the Palestinian harvesters, were removed by the soldiers from that plot, too, following the settlers’ demands.

On 19th October, 2013, at 3:00 a.m., settlers invaded the olive groves of Qaryut, and badly damaged some 70 olive trees.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The joint grass root social struggle continue in the cracks of the ruling elites*.

The tension in the air is high - waiting to see if the increased international pressure on Israel will yield some results. The contribution of Israel to the imperial powers is shrinking due to the compromises in Syria and Iran, and due to the diminishing dependency of US on the Mediterranean oil. The expected retreat of Israel from at least parts of the west bank increase the efforts of both the settlers and the state force to hasten the creeping transfer of the Palestinian peasants and shepherds from the Jordan valley and the Hebron hills. Israeli activists join (mainly on weekends) the Palestinian farmers to deter part of the harassments of settlers supported by state forces. The joint struggle in the usual locations the anarchists against the wall participate in continue. Bil'in**, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, and even Sheikh Jarakh also draw lot of internationals.

Reluctantly the Palestinian elite find itself involved with the popular struggle of Bil'in mainly. Coming from time to time to collect coupons - like in the yearly conference.


"In the wake of the recent massive wave of arrests of Palestinian activists, it is vital that we continue to resist against the Israeli occupation. Last 20th February had marked the eighth anniversary of the weekly non-violent protests against the construction of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank village of Bil’in.
Bil’in has become a symbol of the power of non-violent grassroots movements in building local and international resistance to Occupation. After six years of continuous resistance, Bil’in succeeded in regaining a part of its seized land. But the struggle is not over as long as Palestinians have not recovered all their legitimate rights.
The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and the Bil'in Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements kindly invite you to the 8th International Conference on the Palestinian Popular Struggle from Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th October 2013"

We participated as welcomed guests.

Weekly march where the suppression of the occupation soldiers fiercely demonstration and resistance will continue
David Reeb


Ten Israelis with the anarchists against the wall about 20 international and less than the usual villagers as the olive picking season started participated in the demo this Friday. When we reached the gate in the wall it was partly opened but the state forces stayed behind the wall and were holding fire. After a while they threw few tear gas grenades signaling to the shabab to start their stone throwing. For nearly half an hour the soldiers shoot tear gas only on the shabab and only at the end when we were starting to return to the village they flooded the area with tear gas and crossed the wall with armored jeeps in a long pursuit after the shabab.
israel putermam (You can see me in the first half with my protecting goggles, red shirt, and black trousers.)

Nabi Saleh

Activists report that the Children of Nabi Saleh were on the hills around the village and the Israeli Occupation forces opened fire with rubber coated steel bullets and teargas. Several IOF jeeps have also entered the village and the IOF have surrounded at least one home and are firing sound/shock grenades and rubber coated steel bullets at the people outside.


Friday demonstration 4.10.2013
Friday demonstration 11.10
Monday 14.10
Ni'lin activists report that the village was recently invaded by a large Israeli army unit that kidnapped Mohammed Hatem Ben age 21 from his home. Last weekend, in a similar invasion the army kidnapped his cousin Mohammed Hazem, age 18. Hazm is a student at the university and his detention will probably make him lost a year. Last few months alone 35 people kidnapped from Ni'lin, which neither of them was released so far. They got (by military court) prison sentences ranging from eight to 30 months. Most of them on charges of participating in demonstrations against the separation wall which robbed about 30% of the remaining land of the village.

Since 2008 the village of Ni'lin subjected to violent repression of demonstrations and arrests. Four protesters were murdered with live ammunition shot at them: Aqil Srour (36), Arafat Khawaja (22), Mohammad Khawaja (20), and Ahmad Moussa, aged 10. Another protester, Yusef Amira (17) was killed by rubber bullet. American solidarity activist, Tristan Anderson was critically wounded by tear gas canister launcher.


"I do not know what was the rain the weatherman meant in his forecast..., but heavy rain of tear gas was shot on the last Friday demonstration.
Due to the olive harvest season yesterday demonstration was attended by fewer people than usual, but only slightly. They will not let even the olive Harvest to weaken their persistent struggle.
Dozens of soldiers outflanked the village from all sides and continued with familiar strategy of confusing the enemy. But not the Qaddum shabab would be trapped. They were divided into three groups and were ready for any scenario.
The amount of tear gas shot yesterday was just scandalous. Bulldozer moved aside the barricades the shabab prepared beforehand, in order to enable the occupation army easy access to the village. (Needless to say that the focus of the struggle is the blocked access to the county town of Nablus in despite the High Court ruling.) And indeed the Israeli state forces entered the village. Huge amount of tear gas was shot into the houses and yards from every direction. Few people were suffocated but the demonstration ended without injuries and without arrests of participants thanks to the skill and alacrity of the shabab who succeeded to evade the soldiers despite their intention to make arrests.
A victory parade? For surely it was."

Protest, October, 4,2013attitude
Odai Qaddomi

Friday 11.10

Strange and confusing demonstration was last Friday.
The army set up a manned checkpoint and closed the entrance to the village. Crew of the Palestinian television were detained at the checkpoint
where. They were told that they are forbidden from entering the village until March.
They tried to detain us too but one of us had a vivid imagination and resourcefulness said we had lost our way and are looking for the road to Karbey Shomron settlement. Though skeptical they let us go.

In the village it was a quiet alert. On the route of the road the soldiers of the occupation army were absent - only four soldiers
were located on the hill on the left. It was tense and we were watching for surprises. After a while, a bulldozer descended to clear the
barricades set by the shabab each week. The soldiers got off the mountain and went behind one of the houses, shot tear gas and stun grenades and the shabab confront them as usual. It was still confusing but the protesters succeeded to shield the shabab. When the soldiers retreated the demo ended tradition triumph march.
Odai Qaddomi

Sheikh Jarrah 11.10

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes,

the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem.

They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.

Southern West bank

Joint activities to resist the crawling transfer efforts of the area C villagers:
This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills to frustrate harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.
Watch the video from last Saturday's activity
This coming Saturday, as usual, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.
Please bring an ID/passport, hat and water and don’t forget to dress modestly (no shorts or sleeveless shirts).

Tel Aviv

Social Struggle

On Wednesday 9.10 evening members of Ahdut joined an active vigil at the entrance of the Tel Aviv municipality theater "The Kamery" in solidarity with workers lied off for trying to organize the workers.**

On Sunday 13.10 evening, Power to the community initiative of the poor and neglected south of Tel Aviv (where the refugees are centered) organized a demo to protest the municipality neglect. About 100 participated in the meeting and the march. Among the people were about dozen refugees, activists from the neighborhood, and activists from the city at large who came in solidarity - among them about 30 anarchists including a dozen members of the anarcho-communis organization Ahdut with our redNblack flags.
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** I missed the previous weekly demo in Bil'in and the weekly report due to activities of "Ahdut" (Unity) - the emerging first Anarchist Communist organization of Israel (Palestine) I just joined. (It was a kind of small affinity group in the Russian immigrant community till about few months ago but lately expand to nearly two dozens - joined by members from the general anarchist scene.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The European B.D.S. on the settlement in the air, just the joint struggle continue as usual*

The Chinese curse "have an interesting days" materialize lately in our region. The surprising deescalation of the Syrian chemical weapons and the Iranian atomic program left Israel exposed to escalation pressures from Europe. In spite of the relative economic boom the Israeli people and more so the downgraded "middle class" victim of the intensive application of neo-liberalism start to express resentment. The media vibrate with subjects related to the emigration of the middle class people their nationalism is gradually eroded by both the neo-liberalism and the fear of the price of the continuous occupation. This is not just a background to the joint struggle but also responsible burn out of activists. Though not at their pick the weekly joint demonstrations and the involvement with Palestinian resistance to the crawling transfer continue.


Two young men and a photographer were injured in the weekly demonstration by metal bullets rubbed by rubber
Rani Abdel Fatah


Weekly demonstration, 27.9.2013 video

Sheik Jarakh

Kfar Qaddum:

Friday September 27, 2013
Dozens of citizens from suffocation and fires in olive groves during the Suppression of the occupation of kufor qaddoum caught fire the number of olive trees by tear gas fired by soldiers stationed on the mountain overlooking the street.
The occupying forces, and the so-called border guard reinforced by military bulldozers raided the village under the large cover of tear gas, sound bombs, injuring dozens of.
According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers deliberately tear gassed houses leading to damage tank water owned by Zahi Tahir Ali, witnesses reported that a bulldozer dumped Theater House of Adnan Abdul-Mahdi on the dirt and the remains of burning tires.
Yotam Ronen
Matan S. Cohen
A Palestinian journalist evacuated after being injured, during the weekly demonstration against the occupation,
Odai Qaddomi

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See at the blog previous reports about the joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall take part in.
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