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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggles the AAtW are involved with continues.

We are not alone. We join the popular Palestinian comities for the struggle against suppression, house demolitions, creeping transfer, the separation robbing fence, settler colonialism, settler's harassments of neighbors and encroachment on villages lands, and occupation. Among Israelis too we are not alone. Some radicals struggle for long for the rights of Bedouins within the 1948 borders. Others involve for long with the southern Hebron mountain dwellers against transfer and settlers' harassments. There are others, less radicals who organize educational tours of Israelis in the Palestinian regions of struggle. Many of them join from time to time the anarchists against the wall initiative in our joint struggles with the Palestinian villagers at week ends (usually). It seems the uprising in the various countries of the Arab region influence the struggle in Palestine too.

Beit Ommar

"The entire town of beit umar was closed off to car traffic today. the army put up road blocks in all entrances around it including farming roads.
The committee there is going to have a demonstration on Saturday and they are asking that we make an extra effort to come."
Saturday ‏ 26-3-11 Israel Puterman video

Beit Ommar Residents Protest as Road Closures Enter Third Day
26 MARCH 2011

On Saturday, March 26, 2011, international and Israeli activists joined with Beit Ommar villagers to protest the road closures of the area, now in their third day. Around fifty participants and twenty journalists gathered near the village cemetery, where Israeli Defense Forces had closed off the road with large blocks of cement. The strongest members of the group began pushing one of the blocks, attempting to roll it aside to allow the passage of cars. Israeli military forces arrived and looked on until the group began to lever the block with a long steel pole. At this point, a soldier approached and confiscated the pole. An Israeli activist was arrested, but was released after an hour.

Demonstrators moved beyond the blocks to continue as a peaceful march down to the road. However, they were halted by soldiers, who produced paperwork declaring everything beyond the village limits a closed military zone. When it became clear that the IDF would not allow demonstrators to continue outside the village limits, the protest moved to another road near the main gate and military watchtower.

This road was also blocked by cement barriers. As the protest attempted to move past, soldiers once again intervened, citing the papers calling everything outside of the road blocks a closed military zone. Israeli activists argued with the soldiers for twenty minutes before the protest moved one last time to the main gate of Beit Ommar.

This time, the military barred the path yet again. As arguments between IDF and Israeli activists began again, the soldiers opened the gate. They did not allow anyone to pass however, and they locked it once more within five minutes. Demonstrators stood in front of the army for another half hour, waving flags, speaking with media, and asking for an end to the closure of Beit Ommar, before peacefully dispersing.


Over 20 Israelis and around 30 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demo in Bil'in. The procession was led by Bargouthi and Fatah flags. When they reached the area of the fence, protesters split into two groups. One group marched to a gap in the northern part of the fence, and after a bit of pushing and shoving escalated to stoned and gas. The other group went to the main gate, attempted to cross it, and was answered with skunk water and gas. A larger than usual number of protesters stood their ground at the gate throughout the demonstration. At the end of the demonstration one protester was shot in his leg.

Israel Puterman video at:
Pictures at

South Hebron mountains

About 50 activists succeeded to defy the Israeli state forces and arrived to the South Hebron mountains region. State force expressed their displeasure by arresting 16 activists. Two of the arrestees agreed a "deal": bail and refraining from visiting the region for two weeks. The other 14 refused, and spend the night in jail. When brought to court the judge he decided that disobeying the restricted military region order do not justify restricting from visiting the region. 11 were released on bail to appear in court on demand. The other three accused for assault, threats, and spiting... released as well.

Illegal Arrests by Israeli Army in South Hebron Hills


This Tuesday, March 22, at 18:00
Demo in Lod at the Abu-Id Family Protest Tent


About 30 Palestinian, Israeli and international sounds of drumming Samba marched toward the exit of the village, where they waited five army soldiers and military vehicles and police. The soldiers prevented the demonstrators to march and blocked the demonstrators marking specific threats. Demonstrator addressed an officer responded to the threat "if you did not fly away you get a ball." After several unsuccessful attempts to cross the wall of soldiers, the demonstrators sat down in protest on the ground. Speeches in Arabic and English rose, set against the occupation and calls for unity at all - Palestinian struggle. Two soldiers through their guns with grenades, so protestors began to march to the northern exit, which also reached the soldiers soon. After this exchange, and that the army had finished filming demonstrators as "new" Nablus, ended the demonstration broke up into the village to the sound of a brief volley of stones that accompanied the buzzing military vehicles.

Nabi Saleh

Today's demonstration was the first following the violent abduction of Basem from the village and the military court's decision to detain Nagy in the Occupation prison until the end of his "trial". It also marked the return of units of the Border Police (a unit infamous for its brutality) to the village after a one week absence.

After the prayers, the villagers joined by a large number of internationals and Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) assembled in Martyrs' Square. The marchers then proceeded down the main road towards the entrance to the village chanting slogans against the Occupation and related themes. However, instead of continuing down the road, the march veered to the left and down the large open, green area leading down to the highway and the lands stolen by the illegal "settlement" across from the village. The Occupation was taken totally by surprise. Eventually, large numbers of soldiers and Border Police attacked the marchers firing gas projectiles directly at them. Marchers at the villages of Bilin have in the past been killed, maimed or crippled by such projectiles. The marchers put up a brave, completely non violent resistance until the sheer volume of gas forced them to disperse. An attempt to arrest an international was stopped by the courageous intervention of a number of anarchists and other internationals.

The Occupation the proceeded (as it has done every week) to invade the village sending large numbers of Border Police and soldiers in full combat gear both on foot and in jeeps into the village which it declared a "closed military zone". Young Ouday who was simply present in the Square was singled out for arrest for no discernible reason. An international who attempted to foil Ouday's arrest was also arrested. A large number of anarchists and internationals who protested this arbitrary and unnecessary action were themselves arrested, pepper gassed and beaten. Bilal who takes extensive video coverage each week on behalf of B'tselem was arrested and his video confiscated. Bilal a middle aged father of four young children was initially accused of "stone throwing" which along with "incitement" are the standard "charges" leveled against any activist villager. Obviously, the Occupation feels increasingly uncomfortable with the videoing of its illegal actions in the village and is taking steps to try and intimidate photographers. In spite of this, excellent video coverage is available both on FB (like "Tamimi Press") and Youtube ("Tamimi66").

Bilal but not Ouday was released shortly before the Occupation finally left the village at 6 p.m. Again in a final act of gratuitous violence, it fired a barrage of tear gas projectiles at a number of homes. The activists from AATW were eventually released close to midnight but only after being forced to sign an undertaking not to return to the village for 15 days.

In spite of it all, the resistance continues and will continue until the land and water are restored to their rightful owners. Activists are asked to make every effort to join in next week's march! It is critically important to demonstrate to the Occupation that the arrests of Nagy & Basem will not result in the protest ending. Follow this link to see the type of disinformation that is being placed in the mainstream media about the village in an attempt to delegitimize its protests:,7340,L-4047503,00.html.

Special arrangements should be made to get to the village as the Occupation now sets up roadblocks early in the morning and has begun patrolling the woody areas around the village to try and apprehend activists. Three such activists were detained on their way to the village until their release some 3 hours later. Contact Ayala at 052-4707885.

25 3 2011 video


The Friday demo in Ni'lin left the center of the village after noon prayers. approximately 30 protesters followed the regular route to the wall demanding its dismantling and the return of the village's stolen land. Around 20 minutes after getting to the gate, the soldiers crossed it and the usual exchanges of stones and teargas ensued between the soldiers and the village youth. No injuries were recorded.

Dvid Reeb video of Friday 25.3.2011 protest at

"Dear All, sorry for the late notice. There will be a protest tomorrow at Noon in Ni'lin to mark Land Day. people are expected to come from all over the west Bank, and following the protest there will be a festival. The village asked us to join. If you can come, call S.".

Occupied Jerusalem - Al Kuds

Clashes in Silwan --- After prayers on Friday, March 25, hundreds of Shabab (young men) took to the streets to clash with the Israeli military stationed around settler's houses in the Palestinian village of Silwan. The military, as usual, used rubber bullets and tear gas canisters to punish the whole neighborhood for their activism.

Picture: Asaf Sharon, an activists in Sheikh Jarah Solidarity group was being arrested for filming the soldiers, After he was taken to the police car, soldiers beat him and sprayed him with gas pepper. He was later taken to the hospital.

Picture: Settlers are siting comfortably in their settlement, filming the clashes that are happening close by. The movies are later given to police and secret service who uses them to identify and arrest those suspected of participating in the clashes.

Pictures at:

Sheikh Jarrah

This Friday, March 25, at 3:00 PM in Sheikh Jarrah
Together we will stand, Jews and Arabs,
against discrimination and against terror in the streets.

While we were converging for the demonstration at the garden on the main road of the neighborhood we heard about the arrest and torture of Asaf Sharon in the Silwan activity. We than started a long march - few hundreds strong towards the police station where Asaf was taken afer medical treatment in the hospital emergency ward. Strangely, the only police presence was a few officers at the entrance to the police station. We made there our point for more than a hour till dispersed.
Demonstration, Mar 25, 2011 Amir Bitan pictures

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The persistence (Tsumud) of the joint struggle continue

On the back ground of the general uprisings in the Arab countries, the persistence of the joint struggle contribute its share of rebellion. As the moment of truth for the last settler colonialist project in the modern world approach, the rightists intensify their onslaught and the Zionist and a-Zionist radical left adopt the anarchist persistent direct action mode. Some locations like Al Arakib, Lod, and occupied East Jerusalem they are even the dominants in mobilizing Israelis. The joint struggles against occupation and the separation fence the anarchists against the wall participate in for long - Beit Ommar, Bidu, Bil'in, Al Ma'asara, Nabi, Saleh, Ni'lin, draw more and more radical Israelis.

Al Arakib

The weekly demonstration and solidarity presence in other days continue after the 22st demolition of the village.

Beit Omar

"We were asked to participate in the upcoming demo in Beit-Omar, Saturday at 13:00. Due to recent settlers' attacks there's a greater need to show up and support.
Contact person is K."


The village which was one of the first locations of confrontation against the separation fence resume from time to time the joint struggle.


The Friday demonstration was on the background of the wide spread uprising of the masses of the Arab countries and its expression in Palestine in protests against the Hamas-Fatah split.... and the release of Abdallah Abu-Rahma after 16 months in Israeli concentration camp Ofer. About 50 Israelis, dozens of internationals, and Palestinians of the west bank joined the Bil'iners in this Friday demo.

Five locals injured and a dozen suffocated by tear gas in this Bil'in's weekly demonstration. Two Israelis with the AAtW initiative were detained for few hours. The slogan of this week's demonstration was 'End the Division and Occupation' Five local residents were injured in various parts of the body and a dozen people suffered due to inhalation of tear gas.
Haitham al khatib Video 18.3.11

Abdullah returned to demonstrate

After his release from prison on Monday, returned Abdullah Abu-Rahma yesterday to demonstrate against the Wall and Settlements in Bil'in. After 16 months in prison did not break his spirit, nor did the skunk-spray or gas, he resume leading the popular struggle for freedom, equality and peace.

Just for one moment in a conversation with him you could feel the outlet last experience. "And how are the kids?" I asked, "Great. Are very pleased to see their father," he replied. "They came out to see you sometime during the arrest?", I inquired, half knew the answer. "Not really. Some once, some twice. Basically forbade me to be visited," he said, his smile fixed hard moment, his voice trembling a little.

Abdullah Abu-Rahma, one of the leaders of the popular struggle against the Wall in Bil'in, was arrested three times before this time, and each time spent a month in jail before his release. This time, put on trial and convicted of organizing illegal rallies and incitement (incitement intention to participate in demonstrations and sentenced to 16 months in prison.

It was a long and complicated period. Occupation forces continued to arrest activists in Bil'in, who found themselves united together and spend varying periods in Ofer prison, instead of the village. Abu Rahma barely see his wife and children, prison conditions made ​​it difficult for him. In prison he also heard about a relative's death, Jawaher Abu- Rahma, during a demonstration last December 31.

On Monday, the nightmare is over, and Abu - Rahma was released from prison. He was happy in the village festivities. Yesterday (Friday) returned to the weekly demonstration show, and celebrated a second celebration with Israeli friends not seen for a long time.

Simon Krieger Photos:


In addition to other activities, the usual Tuesday evening demonstration.

Al Ma'asara

About two dozens participated in th Friday demonstration. Few Israelis, internationals, and local villagers kept the chain of Friday demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation.
"We marched along the high way in the direction of Wad Rahal accompanied for 300 hundred meters by Israeli soldiers to ensure order till the state forces blocked our way - declaring closed military zone.
Using shock grenades they dispersed the demonstration and arrested two of the Israelis released soon afterward on bail."
You'll can watch the video from the demonstration, at:

Mount Hebron

Nissim Mossek video Mt Hebron Settlers harassment and brutal arrests

Nabi Saleh

After the prayers, the villagers joined by a number of internationals and anarchists against the wall assembled in Martyrs' Square. The marchers then proceeded towards the entrance to the village chanting slogans in favor of Unity and other themes. Yet again their progress was blocked by the Occupation who used gas and sound bombs to block the marchers' progress. The Occupation then proceeded to invade the village and remain there as has been the case now for months and months until darkness. During the course of the day, in an act of sheer malice, the Occupation fired gas projectiles at the villagers who were playing a football match. In addition. a roof of one of the homes in the village was taken over for hours against the will of the owners. Some of the more foul mouthed Occupiers added a barrage of profanity to the tear gas projectiles unnecessarily used against the villagers. Excellent video coverage is available both on FB (like "Tamimi Press") and Youtube ("Tamimi66").

In related developments, the Occupation failed to file a statement of charges last Thursday against Nagi even though it had asked for and received an additional 5 days of detention in order to do so. However, the officer presiding over the "trial" agreed to give the prosecution a further extension until today to do so. Fourteen year old Islam's trial continued last Thursday. As he remains in the Sharon prison in 48, his parents are barred from visiting him. His older brother 20 year old Omar also remains imprisoned in the Occupation prison called "Ofer".

In spite of it all, the resistance continues and will continue until the land and water are restored to their rightful owners. Activists are asked to make every effort to join in next week's march!

Solidarity, F.

A Thumbnail Sketch by Murad Tamimi.wmv
David Reeb video 18.3.2011 video at


The weekly protest in Ni'lin was held at the second anniversary of the serious injury of Tristan Anderson from an extended range teargas canister fired at him by a border police officer. The demonstration also commemorated Rachel Corrie, killed in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah. The protested held banners and posters with the pictures of Tristan and Rachel, and messages of solidarity. Approximately twenty minutes after getting to the wall, soldiers crossed it and chased protesters, firing tear gas. a number of the village youth who didn't participate in the demonstration arrived from the village to help resist the soldiers with stones. Less than an hour later the soldiers retreated back to the wall, and the youngsters collected the aluminum cartridges they left behind. No injuries were recorded.

Jerusalem - Al Kuds


Today about 200 Palestinians, refugees from Lifta, a Palestinian village on the entrance to west Jerusalem whose inhabitants transfered in 1948 Nakhba, and some 80 Israeli and international activists met in the village in a joint action to stop the destruction and building plans there. After the prier in at the spring of Lifta we went in small tour groups to study and see the village.

Sheikh Jarrah

A few hundreds of activists, Palestinian Israel and international took part in this week's weekly demo at Sheikh Jarrah. For the second time running the street was completely open and the demonstrators went into the neighborhood playing drums and chanting slogans. Some of the Palestinian residents approached the crowd.

Mario Savio pictures

Amir Bitan Photos:

Art in Sheikh Jarrah - a troupe of Tel Aviv high school of art 18.3.2011
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Palestine-Israel, bright moment in the joint struggle against the separation fence, settler colonialism, and occupation.

Yesterday, on a sunny Monday afternoon, Abdallah Abu Rahme - the initiator of the joint non violent popular struggle in the village Bil'in 2006, just released from the Israeli concentration camp Ofer after a year and a half sentence for incitement, hugged Jonathan Polak - one of the founders of the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall 2003, released last month after 3 months sentence for unlawful demonstrations. Abdallah also hugged me and the other activists of the AAtW who came to the celebration. It was a bright moment for the more than hundred activists after a "regular" week of struggle in the various locations: Al Arakib, Beit Ommar, Bil'in, Lod, Al Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, Sheikh Jarrah, and more.

Al Arakib

The weekly demonstration and solidarity presence in other days continue after the 21st demolition of the village. On Saturday 12-3-11 was a tree planting action.
Nissim Mossek video at
Israel Putermam Video at

Beit Ommar


Some dozen Israelis and 20 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in. Under intermittent rain and at the height of winter blossom the demonstrators marched to the wall, opened the gate and demanded to go through. They were answered with a spray of colored water. Since the water wasn't the usual stinking skunk water, the shabab responded with only a few stones directed at the water truck. But later there were more stones, colored and skunk water, and, of course, gas. At one point two soldiers crossed the fence, but they were turned back by demonstrators armed with cameras.
Haitham Al Khatib video of Bil'in 11.03.11

Sunday, Jailed Bil'in Protest Organizer, Abdallah Abu Rahme release celebration.
"We're all invited to arrive tomorrow March 14, at 16:00 at Ofer prison, for the much anticipated release of Abdallah Abu-Rahme."

Release of Abdullah video Haitham Al Khatib


In addition to "night shifts" presence, and other activities, the usual Tuesday evening demonstration.
Demo in Lod - "Women against house demolition" 8-3-2011Demo in Lod
This Tuesday, the 8th of March -- the 100th International women's day -- will hold a large vigil protest in Lod. For the past few years the Palestinian residence of Lod has been suffering from institutional violence on the part of the Israeli authorities.
Israel Puterman video at

Al Ma'asara

Nabi Saleh

After the prayers, the villagers joined by a large group of internationals and anarchists against the wall assembled in Martyrs' Square. This was the first march & demonstration following the abduction of Nagi and attempted abduction of Basem last weekend . Their absence was felt by everyone. However, in accordance with their wishes, the Resistance continues unabated. A high spirited group of the village's young women took the front line of the march to commemorate International Women's Day. As usual, the Occupation was waiting at the village's entrance in full battle gear but the marchers continued undeterred. Once again, the Occupation made its absurd declaration that the village was a closed military zone and that the demonstration was illegal. The only illegal presence was and is the Occupation and this is what the marchers answer red. Immediately thereafter, the Occupation cowardly opened on the the marchers aiming their gas projectiles directly at the marchers. One international was hit and we are waiting for an update on his situation. The Occupation then marched into the village in full battle gear. The Shabab responded to their presence in suitable and courageous fashion throughout the day.

Two of the Internationals, Bastien from France and Thomas from the U.K., who were in Martyrs' Square were ordered by the Occupation to leave the village within 10 minutes. When they refused to do so, they were arrested, blind folded and hands cuffed behind their backs. They were taken to the Shaar Binyamin police station and held for hours until they were finally questioned and released at about 8 p.m.

The pig water machine was brought to the village (as were other ones in Bilin and Silwan) and used towards sunset on at least one home close to the village's entrance. Finally shortly before 6 p.m ., the villagers celebrated the departure of the Occupation and normal life resumed.

Tomorrow Nagi must be brought for a court hearing as a week has passed since his abduction. The hearing will take place at the court adjacent to the "Ofer" Military Prison sometime during the course of the day. I visited him in the prison on Thursday and I can tell you all that he his spirit is as strong as ever.

Respect & solidarity,


The village's land is stolen and the protest is met with violence but the resistance will continue until the lands are restored to their rightful owners.


In heavy rain, a group of around 15 Ni'linites and Israeli activists walked to the route of the wall. the demonstration was shorten than usual due to the weather, and involved a naked protest by a Ni'lin activist who scaled the wall and demanded that soldiers allow him to cross over to his land. his demand was answered with the usual dismissive response by soldiers claiming that Ni'lin's land is a closed military zone. a couple of youth demonstrated their objection by throwing stones over the wall, and the soldiers fired a large number of tear gas canisters, which seemed quite surreal considering the lack of protesters. No injuries were recorded.

Sheikh Jarrah

Hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian demonstrators gathered in, East Jerusalem for the weekly protest. For the first time since December 2009, police did not block the entrance to the neighborhood and the demonstrators were able to demonstrate in front of the stolen houses. It was a quiet demonstration and no violence was recorded. This week's protest happened a week after masked Israeli policemen beat up many demonstrators and arrested 3 of them illegally. One of the results was participation of new Israeli people.

Pictures: Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration, March 11, 2011
Media report,7340,L-4040903,00.html
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The uprising of the masses in the whole Arab region vibrate also in Israel and the 1967 occupied areas.

The connection between the upraising of the masses of the Arab countries is expressed by the uprising masses and the political arena in both Israel and the occupied territories. The continued joint struggles the anarchists against the wall are involved with include these vibrations and eruption is expected. The Israeli state force worry about the expanding of the joint struggle beyond the fight against the separation fence and are targeting for this the struggles of Hebron, Beit Ommar, and Nabi Saleh.

Al Arakib

State-forces continue demolition and harassment of the Bedouins and the activists who join them.

Beit Ommar


This week we had again a medium size demonstration in Bil'in against the separation fence and occupation. Two dozen Israelis mobilized by the anarchists against the wall joined dozens of international activists and more than hundred Palestinians. A contingent of the Palestinian Popular Democratic Front (with Naif Hawatma pictures) joined with their sound system, flags, and speeches, the Bil'iners. The first demonstrators reached the near by north section of the fence and confronted verbally the Israeli soldiers. The core of the demo arrived at the west section of the fence at the gate to the route of the electronic fence (now, after long delay in the process of being replaced by one - more to the west following the verdict of the higher court of Israeli "justice".) After few minutes there, daring protesters opened the gate and few entered the route the state forces started to spray us with the stinking water forced us to distance a bit.

As the wind was with us - north eastern most of the time, the state force could not disperse us as they wish even with the added tear gas. A prolonged confrontation with the youth of the village who responded to the stinking water and gas with stones and half used tear gas canister near the gate and the other demonstrators a bit further, continued for more than an hour.
Boy injured in addition to dozens of people who suffered from tear gas inhalation in the revival of
David Reeb video at

Lod Ramle and Dahamash

The already 3 month struggle in Lod collect momentum with every Tuesday action and additional struggles during the week.


About ten internationals and four Israelis joined a similar number of
Palestinians for the weekly demonstration at the village of Ma’asara,
protesting the stealing of Palestinian land for the separation wall, and
other crimes of the Israeli occupation. The demonstrators marched along
the road in an attempt to reach the villagers’ land, their chanting
accompanied by a solitary yet determined drum. Soon, the soldiers stopped
the march and tried to prevent the demonstrators from walking along the
road, “for their own safety”. When the demonstrators explained why they
are there and reminded the soldiers that they come in peace, the officer
pointed at the fields, saying: “Peace is this way”. Weary of Israeli
road-maps to peace, the demonstrators insisted on continuing along the
road. Finally they were allowed to go on, and after reaching a hill
overlooking the nearby settlement, they announced the end of the
demonstration and returned to the village, leaving three Palestinian flags
behind to continue the protest.

Ni'lin 4.3.2011

The weekly protest against the wall in Ni'lin was smaller than usual, and involved around 20 Palestinians and 6 Israelis. The march to the wall ended at the closed gate, where villagers demanded that the soldiers allow them to access their land. soldiers answered that it was a closed military zone, and responded to the handful of stones thrown over the wall with teargas. shortly after that soldiers crossed the wall and chased protesters, firing teargas canisters. No injuries were recorded.

Nabi Salah

The demonstration began after midday prayers. It was immediately put down, the demonstrators dispersed with rubber coated steel bullets, sound grenades and US-made tear gas, similar to those used against Egyptians in Tahrir Square. Israeli soldiers took over the main square for the afternoon as Palestinian youth clashed with the army on the outskirts of the village. The occupation forces intensify the harassment of the village people in a desperate effort to put end to the "bad example" of the Nabi Salah struggle which is beyond the struggles against the separation fence.


Around 200 Palestinian women gathered near the entrance to Qalandiya refugee camp on Saturday to protest the occupation on the occasion of international Woman's day. Arriving from as far afield as Tulkarm, and East Jerusalem, the women, joined by international and Israeli activists, marched along the main road leading to the Qalandiya checkpoint chanting "the people want an end to the occupation". when the march reached the locked gate leading to the checkpoint, protesters pushed forward the gate, and hung Palestinian and DFLP flags on the gate, while chanting "Jerusalem is an Arab city". A few minutes after reaching the gate, border police officers who were in the checkpoint compound approached the protest announcing that it is illegal, and threw a stun grenade into the crowd of protesters, and fired tear gas and a bouncing stun grenade which exploded near the head of an international protester and scorched her hair and arm. a few stones were thrown back at the police officers. Following that, border police officers, together with soldiers and two armed, private security guards crossed the fence and approached Qalandiya camp, preparing to make arrests. The incursion failed to provoke any of the refugee camp's youth, and as the protesters dispersed by then, the soldiers proceeded no further. One woman fainted after inhaling teargas.

East Jerusalem (Al Kuds)


Violence and trauma grips Silwan once again

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) -- Violent confrontations erupted in Silwan yesterday [Friday] , with clashes sparked in Samer Sarhan Street and spreading throughout various districts of the village. Witnesses state that in addition to firing heavy amounts of rubber bullets at protesters, Israeli forces have begun using a new type of tear gas. 17 Palestinians were reported injured, with many more suffering the asphyxiating effects of gas inhalation.

A Palestinian house was set alight and partially burnt in Baten al-Hawa after tear gas cannisters were fired inside. Confrontations then spread to Ras al-Amoud district, which saw some of the worst violence of the day, with Israeli forces firing gratuitous amounts of rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas grenades.

Medical sources state that a total of 17 were injured due to the clashes, including 10 from Ras al-Amoud alone. Amongst the injured were several children below 16 years of age. Dozens more inhaled heavy quantities of tear gas, with one medic stating that they handled 34 such cases on the ground alone. Many residents were forced to medically assist others during the clashes. One woman, Suad al-Mimi, was transferred to hospital after experiencing difficulty in breathing due to gas inhalation.

Sheikh Jarrah

Police used masked police of special forces to brutalize the Friday demo. Judge criticized the police for falsely arresting three activists.
Nissim Mossek video at

Tel Aviv

Wednesday, activists and local inhabitants of the Palestinian neighborhood of Jaffa confronted the rightist settler colonialist provocation march and the police that protected them.

Invitation: We Won’t Be “The US Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East” ---- We invite all the organizations taking part in the struggle to join us this coming Thursday, March 3rd 2011, at 19:00, for a second vociferous and edgy protest in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. We will draw the world’s attention to the USA’s collaboration with the occupation

Thursday, anarchists against the wall activist and others - about 30 participants, we had a second vigil in front of the US embassy. The theme, placards, banners, and chants were against the support of US and EU to the Israeli occupation, and call for B.S.S.

March 3rd , 2011 --- Press Release

Israeli activists launch a campaign against EU-US aiding and abetting the occupation and apartheid.
Israeli activists held a vigil on Thursday, March 3rd, at 19:00 in front of the US Embassy, 71 Hayarkon St. in Tel-Aviv.
The aim is to draw the world’s attention to the EU-US complicity in the occupation and apartheid.
Among the slogans and posters:
• Veto settlements, Vote Justice
• Israeli Apartheid – Made in the USA
• Dr Democracy and Mr Apartheid
• We Need Hope, Not Military Support
• Obama Has Vetoed Peace
• Return to Sender (see image below)

The campaign follows last week's United States veto at the UN Security Council, against a draft resolution condemning Israeli settlements. The US veto is in opposition to the other 14 member states (including Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, India and South-Africa). It disregards the request of the Palestinians – the direct victims of the settlement project.

The activists state that “The US presents itself as an “honest broker” in the Middle-East, a mediator and a conciliator between Israel and the Palestinians. In practice, however, it maintains “special security relations” with Israel and sees it as “The US aircraft carrier in the Middle East” . In addition to the US massive economic and
military support, it is its active support of Israeli crimes which maintains the prolonged occupation and apartheid.

Therefore, it is inevitable to regard the US as an accomplice to Israeli crimes and grave violations of International Law.”

Launching this new campaign, the activists hope to draw attention to the ongoing US and EU support of the Israeli occupation. Along with the raising of awareness, they call upon the US and EU member states to “join the international community in deed rather than words, and act towards the fulfillment of the Palestinian people's legitimate rights.”

Pointing the finger at the criminal policies of the US and the EU, they say: “Without their military, economic and diplomatic support, Israel could not possibly carry on its blatant disregard of International Law, ignore the world consensus and maintain the settlements project and its ethnic discriminatory regime. Even so, the direct responsibility still lies with the State of Israel.”

For further inquiry contact:
T. S., +972-52-xxxxxxx
“The US aircraft carrier in the Middle East”,7340,L-4030523,00.html
List of US vetoes of UN resolutions which are critical of Israel:

Friday demonstration against deportation of guest workers families with young children
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle confront the desperate escalation of the settler colonialist naZionism

The more the shrinking of support and international objection for Israeli settler colonialism the more reckless is the Israeli rilling right. It is expressed in new laws, and onslaught against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The harassment of the Bedouins with focus on Al Arakib. The onslaught on Palestinians in Jaffa (annexed to Tel Aviv). Climbing attacks on Palestinian citizens of the East of the country. And of course the attacks on the joint activities against transfer and separation fence as a tool on the occupied west bank. The Anarchists Against the Wall intensify too our participation in the struggles - both within Israel and the occupied west bank.

Beit Omar

Today during the demonstration in Beit Omar, we walked towards the gate separating the village and the lands remaining, from the land stolen for the settlement Carmei Zur built on the stolen lands. Army forces waited on the path and blocked the way to the land and the gate. A few of the residents spoke about the stolen lands, explained to the soldiers that it is a peaceful demonstration and that they where sent to defend the settlers stealing the land, and showed the settlement to the many new demonstrators who came today. One of the Palestinian activists declared the scattering of the demonstration. 10-15 Palestinians, 3 Israelis, and tens of internationals took part in the demonstration

Bilin weekly demonstration 25.02.2011 by Haitham Khatib

Hebron/Al Haleel

We have been invited to join the demonstration in Hebron/el Haleel this Friday.
This demo is a part of the international "Open Shuhada street" campaign and will take place in other places around the globe.


Only part of the activists of the AAtW who traveled from Tel Aviv succeeded to pass the road blokes.

Thousands of Palestinian demonstrators, together with dozens of Israelis and international activists marched in Hebron commemorating the 17th anniversary of the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, perpetrated in 1994 by an Israeli settler backed by the Israeli regime and army, leading to the murder of 29 Palestinians.

The demonstrators demanded the opening of Shuhada street, which used to be the main street in Hebron and is closed to Palestinians since the massacre.

The demonstrators reached the army barriers on the street, but the army, who took control of the roofs of houses and shops in the streets, attacked them with grenades and heavy amounts of tear gas, which also spread inside the city, affecting many of the town's residents and bystanders.

Some Israeli and Palestinian activists were detained, and released some hours later. Issa from Hebron is at the hospital, not detained.

Morad's Photos of Hebron February 25, 2011 Protest
Nissim Mossek video Open Shuhada demo


This week the Tuesday vigil was held as usual.
For the coming Tuesday 1 March, 6PM: protest vigils in Lod (and Jaffa)
Solidarity Together against discrimination
and for civil equality


Non-violent protesters shot on sight; House attacked with tear gas; Israeli cameraman arrested in Nabi Saleh

This Friday in Nabi Saleh, as been the case almost every time in recent months, the army has shot tear gas projectiles immediately on the non-violent protesters' march against the occupation and settlements in Nabi Saleh. The attack was followed by an incursion of army soldiers throughout the village, declaring the village a “closed military zone”. Some protesters went outside the village and tried to ward off the army incursion from there by stone throwing. Many others went to their homes, but that still put them at risk as the army filled the village with tear gas and went inside houses to arrest people who are not residents of the village and threaten the residents. In such event one Israeli cameraman was arrested, and after he was taken, soldiers threw a tear gas hand grenade at the house where he was taken from. The grenade filled the populated roof with gas, and residents fled into the house's first floor. Clashes continued into the evening as the army repeatedly entered it and retreated, shot tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets inside populated areas, harassing the entire population of the village. Some protesters were injured and required on-spot medical attention from the attacks.

Israel Puterman video
David Reeb video at


Israel Puterman video

Sheikh Jarrah

Demo Today (21.2.11) at 20:00 in front of Russian Compound in West Jerusalem in Solidarity with Palestinian activist of the joint struggle from Silwan - Jawad Siam, that got arrested earlier today. For Info, D

In spite of reports that the Knesset's decision to investigate funding-sources of human rights NGOs, in Jerusalem the political persecution is still carried out. Just a few days ago the police arrested Jawad Siam of Silwan, a close partner of Solidarity, on a false accusation of breaking his house-arrest limitations. Notwithstanding this, Jawad's house-arrest was prolonged in another month. Solidarity activists protested in front of the police station where Jawad is kept at the night of his arrest.

Our only reaction to these attempts of intimidation
is to increase our civil activity and
carry the voice of protest ever louder .

Come, then, this Friday, February 25th, to Sheikh Jarrah :

1:00 PM A puppetry workshop for children will be held in the yard of the Alkurd family inside the neighborhood. All are invited to come with children of any age.

3:00 PM The weekly demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah garden
next to Nablus Road

Tel Aviv

Activists change street names in Tel Aviv to those in Hebron

Last Thursday evening, Israeli activists with the Anarchists Against the Wall changed the wording of a number of street signs in the heart of Tel Aviv to mark the closing of Hebron’s Shuhada Street. The action was done in connection with the international day of action to Open Shuhada Street in occupied Hebron/Al Halil. At 03h30 in the morning, activists changed street names on Tel Aviv’s popular Sheinken Street to read, “Shuhaha Street: Closed to Palestinians since 1994.” The activists were immediately arrested by police, who the activists believe, had been following them throughout the night. After one night in jail, the state asked that the activists be “barred from the Tel Aviv area for 90 days” as a punishment. Instead, the judge ordered the activists released with the condition that they do not engage in any illegal activity for 30 days. Both options seem strange on second reading considering that graffiti is an illegal act according to Israeli law. A judge ordering someone to refrain an illegal act for only period of 90 days is odd.

Sheinken Street in Tel Aviv briefly read "Shuhada Street" in Hebron on Thursday night. Photo: Karen Zack/

This is not the first time that activists have carried a political message to the public by changing street signs in Israel. Supporters of the immediate release of captured solider Gilad Shalit changed a number of street signs in West Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to read, “Gilad Shalit, Gaza.” No criminal changers or arrests have taken place in connection to these similar acts of political vandalism.

Original image of the street sign to be used in the action in Tel Aviv. Photo:

Pictures at

a hearing in the case of last night's arrestees: N., El. and Seb. will take place in about an hour at the Tel-Aviv magistrate court. it is likely they'll be released under conditions, whoever can come and sign bail.
Last night's arrestees have been released from court with minimal
conditions and without trial.


2 Israeli, 6 Palestinians, 3 Palestinian Flags, 0 Internationals. The demo started by walking from the village in the direction of the road. Around 5 army and civil administrative Jeeps waited for the demo. The demo got to the main road with out any problems and started walking on the side. After marching around 100 meters in silent the soldiers woke up and came and asked the demonstrators in a colonial and stupid manner to move to the other side of the iron balustrade (yaani maake) or that they will not be allowed to continue the demo. The demonstrators argued with the soldiers for another few minutes and refused to move. After a while the demonstrators went back to the village and where accompanied by the army for a short while. The two Israelis said goodbye and went to look at archaeological sites in the near area.
Jaffa's popular comity and Kfar Shalem comity - the struggle in defense of home
Urgent demo in Yafa on Tuesday, 1-3-11 at 18:00, against Halamish, T"A Municipality and Ministry of Construction & Housing.
Joseph Dana of the Israeli AAtW was added to the occupied West Bank Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

Demonstration against US support of Israeli settlements this Tuesday (22.2.11)

The General Union of Palestinian Youth in Palestine and the Diaspora are honored to invite you to join a demonstration against Israeli expansionism in Jerusalem and unconditional US support for the Israeli state. This support is clearly illustrated by the US administration's repeated use of its veto power on the United Nations Security Council, such as the resolution to consider Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem illegal.
The demonstration will be held on Tuesday 22 February at 1:30pm, commencing at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. A message to the US Consulate in Jerusalem will be delivered prior to the demonstration to condemn the state's support of the Israeli occupation.
Simultaneous demonstrations will take place throughout different capital cities in the diaspora on the same day. Your presence will strengthen our numbers in support of this vital issue.

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