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Palestine-Israel - The third Intifada is collecting momentum - The joint unarmed struggle continue

The fiasco of the failed take over of the relatively independent Iraq and Syria, by US imperialism lead to the compromises with the independent Iran. Israel role of threat on Iran during the bargain gave israel increased freedom to suppress the Palestinians. The returning of Russia to the Syrian arena give Israel more rope and it use it to intensify the efforts to take over the area C lands of the west bank. The third intifada is a desperate response of the Palestinians who see that the end of occupation is removed to behind the horizon. The joint struggle continue not as a rising hope but as a stubborn Tsumud of not giving up. The intensifying attack of the Israeli state and its rightist agents ignited a lot of social and individual responses. The Israeli media and public is not in 100% support of the state activities.


25-9-15 15 Israelis and few internationals joined the Bil'iners and others in this Friday demo. The Israeli state force dedicated the usual 30 minutes to harass the Friday demonstration just as we started to march down the village hill. In spite of the temporary suffocation from the huge amount of the tear gas, few activists who survived better the tear gas barrage marched to the forbidden zone of the new separation wall and confronted there the soldiers.
2-10-15 Another Friday in Bil'in. Another intimate meeting for the Israeli and the activists of Bilin. Accompanied with Catalonian anarchists and other internationals we marched down the hill. Nearing the Israeli soldiers they started to shoot the tear gas canisters. Due to the northern wind we only had to retreat a bit and continue the demo till the soldiers left. Barely got some tear gas - compensation for last week flood.
Israel Puterman


Friday 9-1-15 The oppression of the demo in kufr qaddum today was a real carnage. An old man was shot in the belly and he is in unstable condition now.
And dozens have been gravely injured
10_10-2015 again all over the weekend the Israeli army terrorized the village Kufr Qaddum, who's ppl resolutely protest for reopening their main road.
They fight with their will, megaphones, tires and rocks, all inside the village, and Israel responds with lethal gunfire, night raids, arrests, gas and skunk water

Beit Jala

27-9-15 protest David Reeb video at

Nabi Saleh

2.10.2015 Residents of Nabi Saleh and solidarity activists staged the weekly march towards the al-Qaws spring, which was expropriated by the settlers from nearby Halamish in 2009. This weekly demonstrations began after the settlers took over the spring and adjoining lands owned by Nabi Saleh and Deir Nizam, renamed the site “Maayan Meir” and with the assistance of the IDF, blocked Palestinians from using the spring. In 2013, the Israeli supreme court ordered the settlers to cease any further works in the site and the immediate dismantling of existing structures. Nevertheless, the IDF still prohibits the Palestinian owners from reaching their lands. On the first Friday of October 2015, settlers staged a demonstration, marching from Halamish to the spring as a show of force, under military protection, while Palestinians were forced to watch from the opposite hill.
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Firing live ammunition on Palestinian demonstrators
David Reeb
David Reeb
09/10/2015 Following a week of escalated Israeli violence against Palestinians and the repeated incursions of al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, residents and Nabi Saleh confronted the Israeli army, protesting the occupation, land expropriations and mass detentions. The Israeli army attempted to disperse marchers using tear gas canisters, rubber coated steel bullets and stun grenades. No major injuries reported.
David Reeb


02.10.2015 Friday weekly protest today in solidarity with Ni'lin isolated political prisoner Shukri kawaja, 47 years old who is in Israeli military isolation since more than 245 days!

Don't say we didn’t know #467
On Thursday, 3rd September, 2015, at 3:00 a.m., IDF soldiers entered the homes of six Palestinian families in Hebron to carry out search operations. They broke doors, damaged furniture and a car. Three men were arrested, then released, and summoned for interrogation. The Palestinians lodged a complaint that soldiers had stolen NIS 1200 and a gold pendant.

On Monday, 7th September, 2015, government representatives, escorted by the police, demolished a home in Umm Batin, near Omer. In El-Ghara, near Road 31, they demolished a home.

Don't say we didn’t know #468
On Wednesday, 16th September, 2015, IDF soldiers came to the Bedouin village Khirbet Umm El Jamal, near Maskiot settlement, in the north of the occupied Jordan Valley. They confiscated a tractor belonging to a resident, and threatened all those living there that if they didn't leave, their water tanks and farming equipment would be impounded.
Last January, 2015, the IDF demolished the entire village.
On Thursday, 17th September, 2015, government representatives, escorted by the police, again uprooted olive trees in the village Za'arura, near Kseife, in the Negev. They also yet again demolished El-Araqib.

Don't say we didn’t know #469
On Monday, 21st September, 2015, 170 Palestinian children from Hebron passed through Qitioun checkpoint on the way to their (elementary) school. One or two kids threw stones at the soldiers. The soldiers responded by firing three tear-gas grenades and a stun grenade at the children. Returning from school, stones were again thrown and the soldiers responded with four tear-gas grenades fired at the children.
Don't say we did not know #470

On Tuesday, 22nd September, 2015, a Palestinian shepherd from Fasayil, in the occupied Jordan Valley, crossed the road with his herd of sheep near the settlement Masua. While crossing, an Israeli (presumably a settler) came by in his car (a 4x4 Toyota). The shepherd signalled to him to stop and wait until the sheep had finished crossing. The Israeli continued to drive, running over and killing forty sheep and then immediately drove away.

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