Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The only sure thing about the joint struggle is the Tsumud (Persistence).

Both the Palestinians and the anarchists against the wall. Day in and day out, year in and year out, the creeping transfer of the Israeli settler colonialism continue - both in the Israeli south where lot of Bedouin Palestinians citizens are transfered and concentrated to small locations and most of their lands confiscated. Similarly happen to Bedouins in the occupied west bank and even to villagers in area C the Israeli state caveat. Some Israeli steps against specific settler colonialist outposts forced on it by the courts mascaraed of "justice" is balanced by settlers terrorist revenging Palestinians and demolition of Palestinian houses by the state forces. The struggle against the demolition of the last tent camps of the social struggle initiated escalation of the activities of the core activists even before the coming spring.


The struggle against the transfer of about 20% of the Bedouins and the robbery of their lands continue. Sunday 29-1-12 300 Israeli Palestinian citizens and Jews demonstrated in front of the JNF offices in Jerusalem against the demolishing and uprooting of the beduwin villege of El-arakiv, which was already demolished by the JNF and state forces 35 times (and which after every time is being re-built again). The brave people of el-arakiv together with israrli activists are putting outstanding struggle against the JNF, Please join the struggle, spread the word that JNF is uprooting families and villages and boycott the JNF!! The struggle must go on! "They say apartheid, we say fight back!!"

Beit Ummar

Our planed protest on the 28th of January 2012 in commemoration
of Yousef Ekhlayel will be postponed to Tuesday 31st of January 2012
due to weather conditions.

15 Israelis and 4 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in against the occupation, the separation wall, the robbery of the village lands, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Due to the rain, protesters were driven over the old route of the wall, and then marched to the new wall. While some protesters gathered waving their umbrellas at the soldiers along the western stretch of the wall, others took to the south west corner and braved the rain and skunk truck that lurked behind, armed with nothing but just rage and stones. The wind was very shifty, and the soldiers preferred to remain covered from the rain, so hardly any gas was shot. Photographer Moheeb Bargotiuy, however, was shot by a sniper with rubber bullets in his legs. Moheeb was chosen for two reasons. First, he was the easiest target to hit: standing very close to the wall, perfectly still, concentrating on taking pictures. Second, he was the biggest threat around: documentation is the biggest danger that Palestinian demonstrators pose to the persistence of Israel's violent land grab and terrorism (recall that a month ago Israeli authorities prevented Moheeb from participating in an exhibition of his work in Beirut). After Moheeb was evacuated to a hospital, one soldier was ordered to keep peering over the wall filming the shabab who were throwing stones uninterrupted, no doubt gathering evidence for the next wave of raids and arrests in Bil'in.


Kufer al-Dik

Lately joined the villages with a weekly joint demonstrations and persist.


Friday Jan. 27, 2012 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.357130480963929.93938.136633479680298

sheik Jarrah
The Friday demonstration and struggle against transfer continue.
The residents of Sheikh Jarrah together with Israeli activists are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem.
They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.


Creative Protest in Ma'asara as Israel Resumes the Construction of the Wall
A colorful march took place in Ma'asara this week following the recent Israeli decision to resume building the Wall.
Dozens of activists from Israel and abroad joined residents of Ma'asara this week to protest Israel's recent decision to resume the construction of the Wall in Bethlehem area. Aiming to counter oppression with creative force, the "Army of Clowns" a local performance group, took a significant role. Many of the protesters wore costumes and mask, and proceeded from the center of the village towards the main entrance to the village which chanting, singing and dancing. After a short confrontation with the soldiers who were placed to block the entrance, protesters moved a bit further and made a number of speeches. The protest ended without any arrests or injuries and with a promise to expand local resistance.

Nabi Saleh

Weekly demonstration against the Israeli occupation and settlements on January 27, 2011 in Nabi Saleh, in the West Bank.
Dozens joined the weekly protests in Nabi Saleh this week. The march proceeded from the center of the village towards the main roads where several jeeps were awaiting the protesters. Once again we got completely soaked demonstrating in the pouring rain in Nabi Saleh. There were stun grenades and tear gas, and two minor injuries, but no skunk water this time. We didn't miss them. Despite this, the protesters kept on chanting and marching for about 20 minutes. Most of the protests went back into the village as showers intensifies, however a small number of determined local youth remained in the fields and some clashed erupted between them and the soldiers. During the clashes the army shot rubber coated bullets at the youth, lightly injuring one young boy.
Photo Credit: Oren Ziv/Activestills http://popularstruggle.org/content/nabi-saleh-2012-01-27


aestaitia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-iONaPUrNM

Kufr Qadum

Protesters in Kuffer Qaddum marched towards the Jewish-only settlement of Qedumim to demand access to their land and the restoration of Freedom of movement.
Hours before the weekly march was set to begin in Kuffer Qaddum, soldiers have already taken positions at the outskirts of the village in large forces and set up a razor-wire barricade on the road leading to the settlement.
As the hundreds protesters reached the barricade that blocked the road at around noon, one of the protest organizers called on the soldiers to let them through to their lands and open the road that used to serve as the village's main thoroughfare until the beginning of the Second Intifada.
A line of soldiers was awaiting the march. When a few of the protesters began removing the barricade, the soldiers immediately started firing immense barrages of tear-gas canisters directly at the protesters. Another group of soldiers, based on the hilltops also threw tear-gas canisters into the populated areas of the village, including into houses. Clashes persisted for less than an hour, following which protesters dispersed voluntarily, making their way back to the village in a symbolic victory march.
Picture Credit: International Solidarity Movement http://www.popularstruggle.org/content/kuffer-qaddum-marches-despite-tear-gas
David Reeb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm_b5vflxBs
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6g-OsuoWCc

South Hebron hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, January 28 , we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.
See http://awalls.org
See Previous reports about the joint struggles of the Anarchists Against the Wall at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle try to balance the increasing demolitions Israeli state do to balance symbolic destruction of illegal colonialist

To vent their anger, to embarrass the Israeli state, and to expand their land grab, the settler colonialist militants respond to any excuse - whether from Palestinians or the state of Israel, by increased harassment on the Palestinians. To sweeten the symbolic destruction of illegal colonialist settler outposts Israeli state have to do to pretend being a law biding Israeli state "balance it by destruction of "unlawful" Palestinian houses, and roads. The joint struggle try to curb both the settlers and the Israeli state increased harassments. The persistent struggle focus on Arkib (Israeli Bedouins), Beit Ommar, Bil'in, A-Dic, Kufr Qaddum, East Jerusalem-AlKuds (A-Tur, Issawiya, Sheikh Jarrakh), Al-Ma’sara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, Wallage.

Beit Ommar

Weekly Peaceful Protest Saturday, 21.1.2012 The Beit Ommar Popular Committee has organized its weekly protest in coordination and cooperation with the popular committee of Yatta, Palestine women’s struggle committee, Israeli and International solidarity activists. We have organized the Beit Ommar weekly protest in a unique place and the first of its kind, it was held in front of the Tunnel apartheid checkpoint connecting Hebron with Jerusalem, this Tunnel and Road is prohibited for Palestinians. Once we arrived to the site, we directly started to play football in the middle of the street to emphasize on the following:
1. Our right to use this apartheid road which is built on a Palestinian land.
2. Our right to enter freely to Jerusalem which is a Palestinian city without the need to have Israeli security permission.
3. Our rights to move freely on our roads without Israeli apartheid occupation military checkpoints, all the checkpoints (450) have to be removed from the Palestinian land.
4. Among other demands related to putting an end to colonization, apartheid and occupation in general. When we started playing football on the road, tens of Israeli heavily armed soldiers attacked the protesters to suppress this peaceful protest, by terrorizing, pushing, beating participants, but we insisted to continue our protest until we deliver our messages, but then, they tried to arrest Mousa Abu Mariya and took him away, the participants insisted to stay until they release Mousa, and finally we succeeded to release Mousa.
We decided to end the protest, emphasizing that we will carry on our peaceful protests until we achieve our ultimate goal, ending the occupation and freedom.


"Almost 15 Israelis and no internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in. When the marchers reached the wall, the army had already been busy gassing and skunking the shabab. While the soldiers' attention was drawn to one side, a protester sneaked in between the barbed wire "protecting" the wall and sprayed anti-occupation and pro-Palestinians graffiti. Then a relatively low key exchange of gas for stones followed, both because the the wind blew in the soldiers' faces, and because the stones, as usual, didn't place the over-protected soldiers in any real danger.
Remembering the fiasco of the previous weeks when soldiers crossed the wall coming to harass us... only to be driven away by the shabab, they did not even try it this week. After more than an hour, and after the comrade doing the graphity finished his task, the popular comity declared the end of the demo and we returned to the village"
Bi'lin weekly demonstration, Jan. 20, 2012 Protests Arbitrary Sentence of Ashraf Abu Rahmah http://t.co/5b49KKlD
Rani Abdel Fatah http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3152158486036.302880.1327358013
US protesters target CSI, the manufacturer of the tear-gas that killed Bassem & Jawaher Abu Rahmah & Mustafa Tamimi. http://t.co/SFQ0szd8


Issawiye and A-Tor

On January 10th, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority started construction work on the "National Park", planned on the private lands of Issawiye and A-Tor
issawiye.avi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtz5oSez3Bs
At this weekend about 100 Israeli and Palestinian activists corrected it.

Al-Ma’sara weekly demonstration, Jan. 20, 2012

Protests in al-Ma'asara Continue as Israel Resumes Building the Wall.
A new gate to besiege Al-Ma'asara village was recently announced by Israeli authorities. Residents demonstrate against the appropriation of lands and gather objections for a court case.
Residents of Al-Ma'asara village, near Bethlehem, have been demonstrating for the past five years against the Wall that is planned to encircle the village. This week, residents were informed of the construction of new gate at the entrance of the village, which will prevent passage to the main road to Bethlehem and Hebron. The new gate is part of the recommencement of the construction of the Wall in this area, which ceased in 2008 after an Israeli court ruling. If completed, the Wall will expropriate Palestinian privately owned agricultural land and will result in the closure of the main road that links Al-Ma’asara to nearby cities in the West Bank. Residents are currently gathering objections for a court case against this decision.
Dozens joined the demonstration this week. Marching from the center of the village towards the main road, the demonstration was stopped by the Israeli soldiers who closed the main entrance to the village, preventing the protesters to reach the lands which had been grabbed for the building of the Wall. Israeli soldiers pushed back violently some protesters who attempted to pass their line. After some speeches the demonstrators ended the protest without further confrontation.

Nabi Saleh

"40 Days Without him, Nabi Saleh Village Held its Weekly Demo in Memory of Mustafa Tamim
Six weeks since Mustafa Tamimi was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier, Nabi Saleh village held its weekly demonstration in Mustafa's memory. This week protesters marched towards the village's hilltops, overlooking the spring taken by Halamish settlers. Once on the first hilltop, tear gas canisters were shot at the peaceful procession. Since the wind carried the gas back to the soldiers, protesters kept marching on the hilltops, until they were close to the other Palestinian village that Halamish settlement has grabbed land from - Deir Nidham. At this stage Israeli soldiers already managed to climb up the next hilltop. They then shot tear gas canisters directly at protesters. A medic was hit in the thigh by two consecutive tear gas canisters. His friends rushed to help him keep up with the procession, which was going back to the village. Even then, Israeli soldiers kept shooting tear gas at the protesters. Tear gas was also shot in the village's populated areas at times during the demo, and at one time soldiers entered the village's street and kept shooting at protesters and houses. Later on some youths threw stones there to ward off this incursion.
As is traditionally the case in Nabi Saleh, the demonstration kept for a few hours. The Israeli forces used the “skunk” foul-water cannon, tear gas machine that shots dozens of canisters at once and rubber-coated steel bullets. At least two more protesters were injured."

Raids and Arrests Precede Weekly Demo in Nabi Saleh. See http://t.co/ogyfenXs
Nabi Saleh Marks 40 Days Anniversary to the Murder of Mustafa Tamimi
40 days after the killing of protester Mustafa Tamimi in Nabi Saleh, the village holds a march of commemoration. The army in response continues to shoot tear-gas canisters directly at protesters, against its own open-fire regulations. A medic was injured by two canisters shot directly at him.
Another take:
"Six weeks after the killing of Mustafa Tamimi by a tear-gas canister shot directly at him from close range, the village devotes weekly protest to his commemoration. The village of Nabi Saleh has been protesting for the past two years against the appropriation of the village's spring by the neighboring settlement of Halamish. This week, protesters decided to march towards the village hilltops, overlooking the spring. Already as they were climbing the first hilltop, the peaceful demonstrators were met by a volley of tear-gas canisters. However, as wind carried most of the tear-gas back towards the soldiers, protesters were able to continue marching towards the adjacent village of Dir Nidham, which lands have also been taken over by Halamish settlers.
At this stage Israeli soldiers managed to climb up the next hilltop, which put them in a position to shoot tear-gas canisters directly at protesters. This manner of targeted shooting is in complete breach of the army's own open fire regulations and already caused the death and injury of several protesters, including Mustafa Tamimi. One medic was injured during this assault after two consecutive tear-gas canisters hit him in the thigh. He was evacuated by fellow medics, who rushed to help him and carried him back towards the village. Soon after this, other demonstrators also made their way back to the village, but even then the Israeli soldiers continued shooting large amounts of tear-gas at them. Tear gas was also shot in the village's populated areas, including into houses, as the soldiers entered the village. Several youth threw stones at the army jeeps to ward off this incursion. The demonstration was maintained for a few hours, with the army occasionally using the "skunk", a water cannon spraying foul-smelling liquid, rubber coated bullets and a appliance which launches dozens of tear-gas canisters simultaneously."
Michael Treiger http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.301858003194024.70671.100001094792472
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igqg8yZN1PI
David Reeb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HB953oN-sY


Weekly demonstration, Jan. 20, 2012
hassan daboos http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.286054584784338.68974.228124070577390

Kufr Qaddum

Protesters are gathering in Quffer Qaddum in preparation for the weekly demonstration against the settlement of Qedumim. Army already here
Army attacked the Quffer Qaddum protest minutes after it began with barrages of tear-gas. Now shooting projectiles directly at people

Social struggle

Tel Aviv 22-1-2012 Demonstration in front of the reopening of the national theater
Israel Puterman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51gDLyYAuXg

Don’t say we did not know #295

Another action made to expel the Bedouins of Khan El-Ahmar from their village (situated near the settlement Maale Adumim):

On Monday, 9th January, 2012, the IDF blocked the entrance to the village from Road #1 (the highway running from Tel Aviv, via Jerusalem to Jericho ).

Now the access to the village is made via a 2, 5 km dirt road. A sewage stream crosses the road, from sewage treatment pools of settlements in the area. On rainy days the road cannot be passed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the Negev Bedouins – on Monday, 9th January, 2012, government representatives escorted by police came and demolished a home in A-Sira. They continued and demolished another home near Hura.
Questions & queries: amosg@shefayim.org.il
See http://awalls.org
See Previous reports about the joint struggles of the Anarchists Against the Wall at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The Spring is behind the corner - the persistent joint struggle slowly expand

The winter cold did not freeze the joint struggle against the occupation, settler colonialist encroachment and occupation. The struggle in Beit Ummar, Bil'in, East Jerusalem, Kfar Al-Dik, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qadum, South Hebron hills, Walaje... The world Spring upraising did not perish coming the winter cold, not even hibernating... just went into a lower gear. After getting over the cold shock of mid winter, the spring buds are starting to develop and the swallows start to fly. In our region there are some signs in the occupied Palestine regions and more so in Israel. The destruction of the last main tent camp of Tel Aviv Hatikva ignited the social struggle movement pre-spring wave of struggle.


This Friday we did not march towards the separation wall in Bil'in ... We just traveled the about three kilometers distance from the village center to the wall. The rain was a good excuse for the half of the the demonstrators who usually make the journey on foot. Twenty Israelis, few international, and few dozens of Bil'iners arrived at the route of the separation wall. The armed forces of the State of Israel conducted several experiments by rubber bullets, stinker fluids and tear gas grenades before they could fire effectively and convinced us to return to the village.
The hot tea and the variety of delicacies at Veggie were above expectancy and warmed our frozen bones.



This week we recorded the first success of this campaign when we managed to stop the illegal work that the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) began to perform on the private lands of residents of Issawiya as part of the development of the new national park scheduled to be built on their land. The planned national park, located adjacent to the E1 area, would constitute another obstacle to any future agreement regarding Jerusalem and would "choke off" a number of Palestinian neighborhoods.

In the coming days, together with residents of A-Tur and Issawiya, organizing a series of protests against the approval of this national park:

1. The INPA destroyed it, we will fix it:
This Friday, January 13, join the residents of Issawiya in repairing the damage caused by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority through the work it started on the park infrastructure this week. Meet at 11:15 next to the Aroma Cafe on Mount Scopus (by Hebrew University). Contact: D.

2. A large demonstration in Safra square:
On Tuesday, January 17, we will demonstrate together with hundreds of residents of East Jerusalem in front of City Hall to protest the city's support of the National Park plan. Meet at Safra Square at 4:00 PM. Details about transportation will be published shortly. For the Facebook event, click here.

Nabi Saleh

13.1.2012 Raids and Arrests Precede Weekly Demo in Nabi Saleh. See http://t.co/ogyfenXs
By Abir Kopty:
This Friday, the weekly rally in the village of Nabi Saleh had a different smell for some of us.
We arrived early morning and learned that the Israeli army just left the village, after a raid that started at 2am. They raided more than ten houses using dogs, terrorized the families and children and detained three residents, Anan (15), Mahdi (20) and Khaled (27).
Army raid to Nabi Saleh 13.1.2012 Photo by Zeinab Tamimi at http://abirkopty.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/occupation-stinks/
Despite the heavy rain and freezing cold there was a good turn out. The demonstration started as usual after the Friday’s noon prayer. Minutes before the demo started, heavy rain began. However we all walked, chanted and sang while shivering and freezing.
Usually we walk towards the entrance of the village in an attempt to walk towards the spring through the main road, at the entrance the army wait for us, the moment we are 200m away, they start shooting tear gas directly towards us. Today, for the first time ever, they did not shoot tear gas at all, and we managed to get closer than usual. But they were ‘kind enough’ to spray us with the skunk water, which never reached us due to the strong wind and rain. Even when the rain stopped, the wind was moving the water away from us.
At the front, we were about 20 people, mostly women, 20-30m from the soldiers and the skunk water’s truck, still no tear gas. “How come?”, “What’s is wrong with them?” we asked ourselves. In fact, many of us, became addicted to tear gas, we need to inhale it every week. http://abirkopty.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/nabi2_b.jpg
Even when the Shabab-youth of the village started throwing stones from far away, the army did not respond. All of the sudden, the stones no longer “endanger” life . Soldiers could survive it without using arms.
There were two debated reasons for why we are not going to get our weekly dose of tear gas. One, That there was an American delegation of lawyers and scholars who were visiting Nabi Saleh and present at the rally. The other reason, also possible, that the tear gas will not work in this windy and rainy weather.
So, completely wet, shivering and freezing, we dared to come closer, to the closest point were the skunk water can’t reach us. It was very close. And this, it turned out, was the trap. The skunk pulled full gas, moved towards us and started spraying, everyone started running, but it was too late, we all got showered all over. The hair, body, clothes. Shitty and stinky smell was all over. If you ask me, I would rather inhale tear gas all day, even get rubber bullet than getting one drop of skunk water.
When the skunk stopped, it was one of the craziest scenes we viewed. We started all laughing, joking and hugging each other. We even started hugging those who did not get sprayed so we pass for them some of the ‘grace’. And that’s how the demonstration ended. No one could bear his\her or others’ smell and just wanted to rush back home.
Before saying good bye, people of Nabi Saleh advised us to scrub our hair with tomato and our skin with water and salt.
On our way back, we were four stinky people in the car and could not open the window since it was raining & freezing. We made fun of ourselves for the rest of the day. One decided to call us his “skunk comrades”, another created the hashtag #SmelllikeAThawri” (Thawri for revolutionary), one said her mother threw her shoes outside the house, another, who got the skunk via a hug, demanded a new jacket. One expected a long week with lots of tomatoes, and another wanted to give stinky hugs to everyone.
I think this picture with a quote of one of us says it all: “We Palestinians are crazy & Israeli army is right in hating us, we are skunked but still laughing & hugging”
In one month we experienced deep sorrow and grief after Mustafa Tamimi was murdered by Israeli army, and we experienced deep sarcasm and craziness after we got sprayed with skunk water. It is the greatness of becoming part of the Nabi Saleh family.
It will take at least one week until the smell get away of our bodies, and perhaps we will continue to joke about it for sometime, I guess because we understand that this is not our biggest problem. What really stinks is the occupation, and that’s the smell we want to get rid of.
Reports that demonstration has ended for the day. No reported arrests during the demonstration or injuries. Some protestors were bathed with skunk but nothing serious.


13/01/12, 200 Palestinians, joined by Israeli and international activists, marched in Qaddum this week. During the demonstration the army took over a village house to shoot tear-gas canisters at local youth.
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuzpz2wW9go
abooood711 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMSBKLbui50

South Hebron hills

Friday, 13 January 2012 - Non-violent Action on the road from At-Tuwani to Yatta
What: The South Hebron Hills Popular Committee organizes a protest action on the road connecting At-Tuwani and nearby villages to the city of Yatta
Where: Beginning in At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills
When: Friday 13 January 2012, 9.30 am
Why: to allow the work improving the road who connects this area with others Palestinian communities; to highlight the difficulties that Palestinian communities living in the South Hebron Hills villages face in their attempt to reach the nearest city of Yatta.

Additional Info: Villagers from the South Hebron Hills area, after the usual Friday prayer, will start working to improve the road leading to Yatta.

The purpose of the action is:
- to allow the Palestinians to work to improve their living conditions and their ability to me moving, the Israeli Military considers illegal the work on improving the road;
- to protest against the permanent difficulties that Palestinians from this area face when trying to travel along the only road connecting their villages to Yatta.

Please come to participate and to support the Palestinian communities of the South Hebron Hills in their attempt to secure the right of movement.


Israel Puterman video Al-Walajeh, 08.01.2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVnpIUDnAfM

Tel Aviv

Demonstration against the draconian law against "infiltrators" - refugees and work seekers, Tuesday late evening in city square.
Israel putermam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s76-nnlX1fc
Wednesday: All those arrested last night in Tel-Aviv, protesting the recent amendment to the 1954 Infiltration Law, are due to be released shortly
Haim Schwarczenberg http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3086256154687.2157796.1212414101

Sunday morning 15-1-12 a huge number of state and city forces attacked the Hatikva tent camp and demolished it - arresting 4 activists.
Emergency demo in front of city offices entrances at 16:00 was declared. Hundreds participated. About 14 activists were detained - two were taken to hospital for treatment.
Israel putermam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfLqsmVtRcs
18:00 at the interior and other state offices building a demo against the scandalous law of 3 years jail with no court hearing for refugees and worker immigrant crossing illegally the border.
Evening and night: activists of the Occupy movement return to the Rothschild boulevards/Habima location.

Don't say we did not know

Dear Friends
I prepared a story about attack of Settlers in Palestinian village Burin.. The Israeli TV channel 1 made a report about it. So I don't send my report and instead of it I send an article I wrote few weeks ago.
All the best to you!


The scam was a success. The political storm which followed the actions of the "price tag hooligans" has reached countries outside of Israel , presenting the government as fighting extremists who strike against Palestinians and even against the I.D.F. Only Lieberman's Foreign Ministry has managed, again, to jeopardize Israel 's relations with European countries, when describing them as "irrelevant", for not buying the scam.

A comparison between the I.D.F. and the "price tag hooligans" confirms that the I.D.F., which is subordinate to the Israeli government, inflicts much more severe damage and on a regular basis: Land robbery (over 50% of the land in the West Bank are in the hands of the Israelis), destruction of houses (over 26,000 since 1967), deportation, establishment of settlements on confiscated lands, water rights violations, uprooting of orchards and destruction of cultivated fields, prevention of the return of Palestinians who resided overseas for long periods of time and the prevention of family reunification of Palestinians with their spouses – this are only a partial list of the everyday occurrences and damages inflicted on the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

All these acts and occurrences have nothing to do with the safety of the Israeli people! These actions are done within the framework of the expansion frame work of Israeli governments since the Occupation in 1967. Even if only a small percentage of traumatized Palestinians, which trauma is a result of I.D.F. actions in the occupied territories, will decide to avenge their comrades, a small army of terrorists will arise to strike at the Israeli population.

Here begins the roll of the I.D.F.: Palestinian riots must be subdued and the Israeli population protected. In the name of national security land is confiscated and fruit trees are uprooted, the separation fence is built inside Palestinian territory and not on the Green Line border. Soldiers conduct night searches in villages causing destruction and traumatizing children and their families (until they take revenge). On these night searches not only terrorists are hunted but also non violent popular activists. Those activists adopt a struggle which poses no threat to the security of Israel 's population. It does, however, pose a threat to the continuing Occupation and its crimes.

What is the difference between the I.D.F. and the "price tag hooligans"? The I.D.F. has been active throughout the years to transfer the occupied territories to Israel so they will become part of it. These actions actually remove Palestinians from the remaining land that is still theirs. These actions are slow and calculated in order not to anger our overseas supporters. after all, our existence depends on their good will. Contrary to this practice, the "price tag hooligans" would like it to happen immediately, not understanding that Israel cannot allow itself to lose the support of the West, since those countries have policies against occupation, racism and the violation of human rights. The debate is not about removing or transferring the Palestinians from their lands but the pace of process.

It can be observed that all the effort of peace making has not slowed down the removal of Palestinians from their lands. Abu Mazen has understood that and today demands a true peace process which will prevent it. To this demand, the Israeli government does not agree. And so, as the Arab League suggests a peace treaty , including an end of Occupation and a reasonable solution to the refugee issue, Israel refuses; the Occupation is more important than securing our existence.
See http://awalls.org
See Previous reports about the joint struggles of the Anarchists Against the Wall at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue with the usual repression and resistance

Though the winter here is very mild with most days sunny and not so cold, the political whether is stormy. The colonial settlers attacks on the Palestinian villagers as a punishment for restriction of settlers by Israeli authorities are interwoven with the joint struggles, mainly in the villages persistence "Tsumud" resisting the crawling encroachment of their lands and transfer. In addition to the hot struggle in Nabi Saleh and the intermittent one in Wallage, there are the Kufr Qaddoum and Kfar A-Dic who joined lately, and the long term ones of Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Al-Ma'asara, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah (Jerusalem-AlKuds), South Hebron Hills. And of course, though in a toned down measure the social justice "Occupy Rothschild" struggle continue focused on the resisting the destructions of the few remaining tent camps.


Few hundreds marched in Friday demo in Bil'in commemorating the murder of Jawahar Abu Rhama a year ago as a result of the huge amounts of teargas fired by IOF. Among the marchers were about three dozen Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative, as well as lot of political activists from Ramallah and international activists. The wind was changing direction so the Israeli state forces failed in the efforts to disperse us.
After a long while a convoy of armed cars and soldiers crossed the wall and try to intimidate us... but were driven away by the shabab not before injuring 4 of us with metal bullets wrapped by rubber and many who suffocated for a while by tear gas. At the end we returned to the village weary but satisfied.

Another take:
Anne Paq/Activestills.org, Bil'in, 06.01.2012.
Anne Paq: "The weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of Bil'in was dedicated to Jawaher Abu Rahmah, a Palestinian resident from Bil'in, who died last year following massive tear gas inhalation during the demonstration.
The large group of protesters walked towards the Separation Wall which is built on the lands of Bil'in to protect the nearby settlement of Mod'ilin Illit, also built on the village's land.
The visual effect was greatly enhanced by a lots of Palestinian youth wearing masks made of hats with the colors of the Palestinian flag.
The Israeli soldiers started to throw tear gas on protesters. One Israeli soldier also shot live ammunition towards a Palestinian protester who managed to pass the barbed wire line in front of the Wall. As the protesters were actually walking back, Israeli jeeps crossed the Wall to chase demonstrators, attacking them with tear gas and bullets. Palestinian youth started to throw stones at the jeeps, the Israeli soldiers continued shooting. Some brave Palestinian demonstrators came closer to prevent the soldiers from shooting. At one stage, a protester even jumped on one Israeli soldier to stop him shooting, another one also managed to throw a tear gas canister inside a jeep. Amazing footage can be seen in Haitham Katib's video below. The Israeli soldiers finally withdrew, leaving four protesters injured. It is quite again a miracle that today no one was killed or seriously injured. Jawaher did not have that chance; she was killed by the tear gas, which has become a lethal weapon in the Middle East.
Richard http://on.fb.me/wpv9Ci


Also on Friday, Al-Ma'asara activists demonstrated against the renewal of construction work on the Apartheid Wall near the village. Demonstrations in Ma'asara have been taking place on a weekly basis for more than five years now, and after a long pause – construction work in the area was restarted this week.

Kfar a-Dik

There will be a demo in Kfar a-Dik tomorrow. If you can make it please let me know

Nabi Saleh

weekly demonstration, Jan. 6, 2012 against the occupation and settlements
Haim Schwarczenberg http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3058387137979.2157258.1212414101
David Reeb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkGD4etz9VM
hassan daboos http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.273303012726162.66260.228124070577390
Richard http://on.fb.me/zAaC2d


Chen Misgav photos of Ni'ilin & Nabi Saleh http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150572687091803.432950.770301802
Richard http://on.fb.me/yxR17i


They also have weekly demos in Qadum and we have been invited. If you can make it please let me know.

Kufr Qaddum weekly demonstration Jan. 6, 2012
A protest against the Jewish settlement of Qadomem, near the West Bank City of Nablus on January 6, 2011.

Kufr Qaddoum marches forward despite threats of violence

At noon on the 6th of January, 2012, a demonstration was held in the village Kufr Qaddoum, located just outside Nablus. The people gathered after the Friday-prayer and started marching along the main road that runs through the village. This road was, until the year of 2003, also the main road to Nablus, which by then only was a 10 minute drive away. This came to a short end during the second Intifada when the Israeli army decided to close the road as they considered it a safety risk to the nearby illegal settlements. The Israeli government has, since the end of the Intifada, agreed that the road is not a “safety risk” anymore and therefore gave the green-light to reopen it. The army however has so far disobeyed this decision and refuses to open the road which means that the villagers still have to take a detour of about 30 minutes, making the drive to Nablus three times longer and more expensive than before.
This denial by the army is the reason why today 150 – 200 Palestinians, accompanied by internationals, marched in a peaceful demonstration towards the roadblock to show their dissatisfaction with the Israeli army and to reclaim their right to their road. When the demonstrators approached the road-block they were met by about 15 armed soldiers standing on the road and approximately 5 more soldiers stationed on the hills next to the road. About 50 meters in front of the soldiers on the road they had placed barbed-wire. The soldiers spoke through a megaphone declaring that if anyone crossed the barbed-wire the demonstrators would be met by violence. Not one of the protesters crossed the line nor used any violence but simply tried to remove the barbed-wire when the soldiers began to fire teargas-canisters, forcing the protesters to run back towards the village. The protesters were then followed by a truck spraying them with “skunk-water” from a water canon as well as by soldiers attacking them with teargas and stun-grenades from the hillsides, as well as from the streets, and continued following the protesters deeper into the village. This violence continued throughout the demonstration, which lasted for about two hours. In the end the soldiers withdrew, and the Palestinians reached the road-block where they sang and cheered before they went back to the village, all the time watched by soldiers ready to take action from a hill closer to the nearby settlements.
Photos http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.343053662371611.91484.136633479680298
Israel Puterman video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgArIIgBSYU
Richard http://on.fb.me/zB493c
QNN http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.300795569956762.76179.207291869307133

Sheikh Jarrah

Richard http://on.fb.me/zHllja
Guy Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150518631402138.396514.779192137

South of Hebron Hills

Saturday 9.1.2012
Activists escorting plowing and sowing, eight new demolition orders in Umm al-heir, 5 demolition orders for cistern in hlat' a - Foron, and a new transport aircraft been build
Saturday, Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150522766062138.397177.779192137
Guy Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150525731862138.397735.779192137


Direct action against the building of the Wall, Al-Walajeh, Sunday 08.01.2012 From Anne Paq Today there was a direct action organized in Al-Walajeh village close to Bethlehem. A group of Israel activists sit in front of a caterpillar bulldozer which was working on building the route of the Wall and managed to stop it for about one hour. 9 Israeli activists were forcibly dragged by Israeli soldiers and arrested. They are now in Atarot police station. The action highlights the critical situation of Al-Walajeh village. Once completed the village will be totally surrounded by the Wall, isolating it from both Jerusalem and the West Bank. Hundreds of trees had been uprooted and the villagers will lose access to their lands. More action will take place. Bulldozers building the Wall should not be stopped for one hour, they should be stopped forever!
"9 people were arrested today while blocking a bulldozer working on the route of the Wall in the village Al-Walajeh . They are now interrogated in Atarot in suspicion of violating a legal order and obstructing an officer." All 9 were released late evening with usual restrictions.
See ActiveStills photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/activestills/

Tel Aviv

Social Justice struggle
42 activists were detained during a few hundreds demo at Saturday evening in south Tel Aviv (Atikva) against the eviction of homeless families in one of the last occupation camps of the summer social struggle. Among the arrested two of the founders of the J14 uprising. The last ones were released Sunday Morning.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle try to accelerate the turning speed of the wheels of history...

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle try to accelerate the turning speed of the wheels of history...

Some time the persistence (Tsumud) is the main aspect of the struggle against the mighty enemies. Some times, small successes improve the feelings of the involved. Such seems to be the joining of the Qadum village to the list of joint struggle of local popular struggle activists and the Israeli anarchists against the wall. During the years we were invited and participated there in activities but only lately it ripened to the level of Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asarah, Beit Ummar, Sheikh Jarrah, and Nabi Saleh. The expansion of the joint struggle start to light red lamps on the Israeli dash board and the anarchists are mentioned more and more as an enemy that needs a harsh treatment... even if it will damage the farcical/phoney image of Israeli democracy.

Beit Ummar
Saturday 31.12.11
Chen Misgav http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150558039886803.430408.770301802


Around 15 Israelis and 10 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in for the return of the village's stolen lands and for freedom to all between the river and the sea. Santa, who should have already gone back to the north pole, made a surprise appearance, perhaps because he was denied the right to leave Palestine, like photo-journalist Moheeb Bargotiuy (nearly always in the Friday Bil'in non violent demo) who was supposed to attend an exhibition of his work in Beirut, and was denied the right to leave Palestine (the official reason for the ban on Moheeb's travel was suspected cooperation with the Hizbullah; Moheeb, however, is strongly committed to nonviolence and does not even sympathize with the Hizbullah). When the protesters approached the wall, the air was already filled with the smell of tear gas. The protesters marched upwind along the wall to the northern gate under a relatively mild attack of tear gas, and demanded to be let through to their lands. The shabab responded in a way that one may term "proportional", if one were to adopt Israeli jargon. After a while we heard a cry for medical assistance from the southern stretch of the fence, where one protester was injured by gas. The shabab were holding their ground there through a somewhat more intense confrontation that lasted for about two hours, until they finally managed to lure the soldiers to cross the wall and chase them as far as the old wall, where the soldiers' own gas screen curbed their efforts.
Haitham Al Khatib http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2740627467850.137898.1022320161
haithmkatib http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDwAwSiZaKg


There will be a demo in Kfar a-Dik If you can make it please let me know.
Friday, Soldiers have just stopped protesters in Kufer al-Dik from praying on their land, on which Israel plans to build a new settlement.


Eviction Danger in Sheikh Jarrah Yet Again!
Resume the march to Sheikh Jarrah
Join us this Friday, December 30th, at 1pm from the Mashbir square, King George Street, Jerusalem. Together we will walk to Sheikh Jarrah, protesting against the pending eviction. Join us after that at the weekly demonstration, 3pm at the Sheikh-Jarrah garden, Demascus Road (near the American Colony), together with the residents of Sheikh-Jarrah

On Friday afternoon 30/11/11 the Israelis and Palestinians activists resumed to march downtown neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah protest against the evacuation of homes and occupation of East Jerusalem, the march was not violent and was relatively calm, protestors hijacked swearing and spitting as they paced the Jerusalem pedestrian mall, demonstrators chanted slogans against the occupation and evacuation of houses, and distributed flayers, we arrived about three o'clock in the entrance to Sheikh Jarrah and from there we walked into the neighborhood to the homes of the stolen express solidarity with the evicted families and to protest against the takeover of the settlers on the houses, one of the houses were trying settlers tear us the poor dogs their. We will continue to protest until they returned to their home Palestinians families

A-Tur Tour: Launching new campaign in East-Jerusalem --- The residents of A-Tur and Issawiya have, for years, been struggling for the right to develop and expand their neighborhoods, on land that is privately owned- by them. But the State of Israel has chosen not to allow them to build, even on their own land.
Every one of the neighborhoods presented zoning plans, whose preparations costed the residents hundreds of thousands of shekels out of their own pockets, and yet the plans were never even discussed by the Israeli authorities.
Instead of allowing the residents of these neighborhoods to build schools, houses and public spaces, the State of Israel, along with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, to declare a new "National Park" on the last remaining land reserves in East Jerusalem.
Now the residents of A-Tur and Issawiya have decided, despite attempts to scare them into submission, to begin a public struggle for their rights to build on their own land. As a first step, Solidarity, along with the popular committees in the area, invites you to a tour of the new "National Park." Come to listen, to enjoy from the "wonders of nature" in the area, and to help plan the next step in the struggle.
We will meet on Saturday, 12.31.11

Walking Against the Occupation and evacuation 30.12.2011
Guy Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150503665042138.393672.779192137
Tal King http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150444838123244.360641.642813243
picaresque21 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gas9p4pVNC8
Mario Savio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYaT-A_0KBc
Sheikh Jarrah demo march http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31s1l0fAhVc
guybo111 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MkU8peGCS8

Kufer al-Dik:

Protesters marching in Kufer al-Dik against the construction of a new settlement on their lands. Soldiers have just stopped protesters in Kufer al-Dik from praying on their land, on which Israel plans to build a new settlement.
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337655032911474 http://t.co/D3blueQH


Activists in al Maasara near Bethlehem are reporting that two people - 1 Palestinian and 1 international have been arrested in the Friday weekly demonstration.
Tal King http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150442482858244&set=oa.283576991689822

Nabi Saleh

This Friday Nabi Saleh Marks 3 Years to the Gaza Massacre
Activists reporting that IOF have already mobilized 2 gas canister launchers, 1 bulldozer, 1 skunk trunk & many military jeeps and soldiers and arrested two internationals even though the demonstration has not started yet. According to Linah Alsaafin the kidnapped internationals are being charged with disobeying orders. They kept running when ordered to stop by IOF....
Protesters in Nabi Saleh are marching today with balloons dedicated to the victims of Operation Cast Lead.
The same toxic US Made tear gas, Yellow and a little greenish, that is used at #Bahrain is used now at #NabiSaleh

"Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh, marking 3 years to the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, killing over 1400 Palestinians. Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, and international and Israeli supporters marched peacefully from the center of the village.
As always, a peaceful procession met with Israeli aggression. The Israeli forces used their “skunk” foul-water cannon against non-violent demonstrators. Once the demonstrators chose a different path, where the “skunk” couldn't reach them, tear gas canisters were shot at them. This did not deter the demonstrators who kept going towards the village's spring and other lands that Halamish settlers have annexed or are attempting to annex. Some demonstrators kept going and got close to the other Palestinian village Halamish has grabbed land from - Deir Nidham. As kids from Deir Nidham watched from beyond the main road, over six Israeli military vehicles and dozens of soldiers crowded the road. Masses of tear gas canisters were shot, including directly at demonstrators, from a close range.
The demonstration kept going until sundown, in several locations. Some people hurled stones to ward off the army incursion. Several people were injured from directly shot canisters and tear gas inhalation. Even before the demo has started, Israeli forces raided the village and arrested two international activists. Towards the day's end, the Israeli army took over the main road of the village, leading to Ramallah, and asked every car for identification of its passengers. Two Palestinians were taken out of service taxis going through this ad hoc checkpoint. They were arrested on suspicion of participating in the demo and beaten up by the Israeli soldiers."

tamimi1966 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiksUn--0ZU
Haim Schwarczenberg http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3017924406436.2156296.1212414101


Paying the Price: Ni'ilin Commemorates its Martyrs

The village of Ni'ilin maintains weekly protest despite the heavy price. This week, the village marked three years to the killing of Mohammed Khawaje and Arafat Khawaje.
Volleys of tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition is how the Israeli Army met a small demonstration in remembrance of 2 martyrs, in Ni’lin today. Starting after Friday prayers approximately 25 Palestinians and few Israeli and internationals made their way from the village through olive groves to the Apartheid Wall to commemorate the murder of Mohammed Khawaje and Arafat Khawaje on the 28th December 2008. Mohammed was shot in the forehead with live ammunition and Arafat was fatally shot in the back when attempting to rescue another villager who had been shot by an Israeli sniper.
The protest was immediately greeted with the full arsenal of the weapons available to the Israeli military. There was nearly as many heavily armed soldiers as demonstrators. A Palestinian demonstrator pleaded through a megaphone in a fog of tear gas for the soldiers to “Stay Human.” The reply was a callous round of live ammunition fired at the demonstration. As the demo drew to a close, an armored Humvee packed with soldiers taunted the protest before a final set of shots were fired.
Ni’lin has been holding these weekly demonstrations since the Apartheid Wall was first planned. The Wall has annexed over 30% of the land of Ni’lin and has cost the lives of 5 martyrs. The protest continues weekly.


Anarchists Against the Wall Join The struggle in Qadum

They also have weekly demos in Qadum and we have been invited. If you can make it please let me know. k/
http://www.awalls.org/anarchists_join_the_struggle_in_qadum 18/12/2011 The Village of Qadum is located in the center of the West Bank near the Nablus. Since 1975 the settlement of Kdumim has been expanding on their lands. The village was subjected to the usual array of abuses and attacks from their new uninvited neighbors. 9 years ago the only exit from the village was blocked by the army. The reason is probably that the settlers wanted to connect two settlements on both sides of the road and did not want Palestinian traffic close to their houses.
Year of litigation and political efforts did not help and on July 1st 2011 the village launched a popular struggle to demand the reopening of road. Since then the people of Qadum have had large demonstrations every week. They have invited international and Israeli supporters and AATW have have came several times over the last months. Last week a group of AATW activists committed to coming to support the demonstrations every week. This would be the 6th village that AATW will be supporting on a long term basis at weekly demonstrations.

Protest in Qadum, December, 30, 2011 -- Kufr Qaddum Demonstrators Force Israeli Army to Withdraw

Some 200 demonstrators joined the weekly protest against land grab and for freedom of movement in the village of Kufr Qaddum. Residents of the village, joined by a solidarity delegation from Bil'in and Israeli and international activists, made their way to the main road of the village that had been blocked by the army for the past 9 years. Many youth, as well as a local DJ joined the protest, making the demonstration into an especially lively event.

The village has been effectively besieged since the beginning of the Second Intifada, when the main and only entrance to the village was blocked by the army. Furthermore, settlers of the adjacent settlement Kedumin have been long taking over privately owned Palestinian land in a manner that even the Israeli civil Administration called "theft"
The army awaited the demonstrators on the main road, stretching barbed wire across the path and firing tear-gas projectiles towards the crowd. Clashes began to erupt between the local youth and the army, which persisted for about two hours. After making an attempt to move forward, the army finally left the village, leading the protesters to embark on a spontaneous "victory march" back into the village.

Picture Credit: Ann Paq/Activestills at:
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBT6XgJ_9wY


Demonstration, Dec. 30, 2011: http://on.fb.me/s2mWxu

Southern Hebron Hills

31.12.2011 Guy Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150507539992138.394459.779192137


Don’t say we did not know #292

On Wednesday, 21st December, 2011, government representatives, accompanied by police forces, demolished five homes in the Bedouin village ‘Atir in the Negev .

They then went on to demolish two homes near the village Umm Matnan, belonging to the ‘Amrani family.

Sixty people were made homeless.

Then they demolished El’Araqib, yet again.

* * * * * * * *

On Wednesday , 21st December, 2011, IDF forces went to the Palestinian village Kufr A-Diq (near Salfit) and demolished three agricultural structures and two water cisterns .

Questions & queries: amosg@shefayim.org.il