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Pal-Isra: The third intifada is officially in... the joint struggle do not yield to mounting pressure*

The Israeli authorities admit it have no solution or a strategy to stop or even restrict the third "unorganized" mainly individualist and of youth. The mass arrest of hundreds of under age children do not seems to have any effect. The transfer efforts do not stop, and even increase in the Jordan valley, area C, Jerusalem, and even within the 1948 borders. The controversy in the Israeli media is mainly about the admitting it is already one state and about initiating a better Bantustan order before international pressure will force a more substantial retreat from 1967 expansion. The B.D.S. media news are usually restricted only to dramatic additions in it. The Nebi Saleh community is in the focus of the efforts to stop the joint struggle and its Friday demos. In spite of it, the regular Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, Ma'asarah, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarrah, West of Hebron Hills are accompanied from time to time by other communities.


Friday 4-12-5
Three participants were injured and Dozens of participants suffered from tear gas inhalation in Bil’in. Three citizens were wounded in demonstration today, Hamza Ghazi al-Khatib was injured by spongy bullet in the head, Wael Abdul Fattah Bornat was injured by sponge bullet in hand and Ahmed Abdul Momin was injured sponge bullet in the leg , in addition to dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation me me
11-12-15 "Today is the umpteenth time that photographers and civilians were attacked by the military. There was a lot of tear gas used against civilians and houses. Houses where innocent people live, men, women, children and the sick. The soldiers do not care about this because this is a way to intimidate people and to suppress and to create fear so that the weekly demonstrations will stop. Even today another four wounded, including three photographers who were clearly recognizable. So they can not say it was by "mistake". Today I was lucky, because they fired at me, too, but the bullets that were used have hit my wind-shield. I stood next my car and was doing my job, taking pictures. Unfortunately my gas mask didn’t survived today..because I could smell the tear gas. Despite all these attacks on us, we and the protesters will be standing there again next week and we will not let them stop us. As long as the wall stand, we are standing too."
18/12/2015 best me
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Nabi saleh
Today 4-12-5 With over 110 Palestinians extra-judicially killed by the Israeli army, many of whom minors, residents of Nabi Saleh staged their Friday demonstration, defying Israeli brutality. Protesters marched along the main road, which is often closed by the IDF as punitive measure, and confronted the soldiers, who fired many barrages of tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets. No major injuries reported. Meanwhile, two more Palestinians were killed by the IDF in the nearby village of ‘Aboud and on road 60 north of Ramallah., photos from Nabi saleh Demonstration
David Reeb

11-12-15 Commemorating the village's martyrs Mustafa and Rushdi Tamimi, activists from Nabi Saleh marched from the village's main square towards the main road and the checkpoint. Four years ago, Mustafa Tamimi, 28, was shot and killed by an Israeli soldiers who was sitting inside an armoured vehicle and aimed his weapon directly at Tamimi's head. The village's women spelled Mustafa's name with stones, and then some of the children proceeded towards the main gate with footballs. The Israeli soldiers targeted the children with tear gas canisters. They were also using new and improved tear gas launchers that has a much bigger range. In addition, the soldiers also fired rubber-coated steel bullets, injuring several protesters.
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David Reeb
18/12/2015Palestinian protesters of the village of Nabi Saleh confronted the Israeli army. The demonstration, which began near the local gas station, marched along the main road towards the checkpoint, where soldiers attempted to disperse protesters with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets. In addition, schoolchildren from the nearby settlement of Halamish came out, yelling “death to Arabs” and other racial slurs.
David Reeb


Today 4-12-5, photos from Kuffer Qaddum Demonstration

Don't Say We Didn't Know 477
It is International Struggle Against Racism Day! But here we have no such struggle. Racism and its daughter – cruelty – are running wild, unimpeded. After the army yesterday confiscated all the temporary shelters and tents brought by the International Red Cross, as well as rods and other equipment, tonight the people of Al Hadidiya sheltered themselves under nylon sheets. It was raining, not hard but still annoying and wet. In the middle of the night the Israeli army arrived, removed the nylon sheets and took them away.

Don’t say we did not know #478

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 8th-9th December, 2015, IDF soldiers entered the Palestinian village Taban, in Firing Zone No. 918, in the South Hebron Hills region, and confiscated building materials and a vehicle.
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In the Bedouin village El Grein, south of Hura, a Bedouin “self-demolished” his own home, following a threat from the state that otherwise it would demolish it and charge him with the demolition expenses. On Thursday, 10th December, 2015, government representatives escorted by the police came to demolish the floor and foundations of the home.

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