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Palestine-Israel, The History wheels turn faster and scream as the blood is not oiling enough the axes*

The turmoil in our region express the melting of the world history as we knew it. It accelerate before it reach its end as the axes of the old order can not hold it any more. The Zionist settler colonialist bridge head of the developed imperial countries in the cradle of human culture at the east of the Mediterranean sea is eroded by the resistance of the indigenous inhabitants which recruit supporters all over the world. The cracks in the neoliberal global capitalism which seemed to reach the ultimate victory just few years ago when the end of history was declared... point to the real end of the history of the egoistic and alienated class society. In the day to day struggle here, it is still hard to discern the cracks in the structure of the system, but you can already smell it in the clouds of tear gas of weekly demos and feel the ground tremor under your feet.

Weekly Non-Violent Protests in #Palestine, August 23, 2013

"Bil'in, West Bank, Palestine

In the wake of the recent massive wave of arrests of Palestinian activists, it is vital that we continue to resist against the Israeli occupation. Last 17th February had marked the eighth anniversary of the weekly non-violent protests against the construction of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank village of Bil’in.
Bil’in has become a symbol of the power of non-violent grassroots movements in building local and international resistance to Occupation [started 10 years ago in the joint camp of Mas'ha**]. After six years of continuous resistance, Bil’in succeeded in regaining a part of its seized land. But the struggle is not over as long as Palestinians have not recovered all their legitimate rights.
The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and the Bil'in Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements will hold the 8th International Conference for Popular Struggle from Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th October 2013.
We kindly invite you to participate in our conference on grassroots popular resistance.
The aims of the conference are:
To show internationals real life examples of the struggles and suffering of Palestinians;
To extend the popular non-violent struggle;
To strengthen the relationship with the international solidarity movements and to find new ways to support and empower the popular struggle
More details and program will be communicated soon.
Follow us:"


Four injured and a field of olive trees burnt by Israeli Forces’ munitions
Three Palestinians and a foreign journalist were wounded alongside with dozens suffering of severe suffocation after the Israeli forces attacked the weekly march against settlement and the apartheid wall in Bil’in.
The march began after Friday prayers from the center of the village towards the Apartheid wall. We were about dozen Israelis with the anarchists against the wall, about two dozen internationals, and dozens of Bil'iners. Participants raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans calling for national unity against the occupation and the release of all Palestinian prisoners.
Israeli soldiers immediately fired sound bombs, rubber bullets and tear gas at participants when they arrived on the liberated land near the wall. Rubber bullets injured Ashraf al-Khatib (33) in his stomach, Kefah Mansour (32) in his thigh, Mohammed Hamad (22) in his right hand, and a Chinese journalist in his leg. In addition, dozens of peace activists suffocated from inhaling tear gas.
Soldiers opened the gate to chase and assaulted demonstrators in the olive groves. Due to the massive use of tear gas and sound bombs a fire broke out and burnt a large field of olive trees.
The Popular Committee against the Wall and settlements in Bil'in invited all Palestinians and political parties to participate in the march next Friday, the 30th August, in the village in solidarity with prisoners in Israeli jails.

the photo of Rani in the weekly demonstration in Bil'in will tell the whole story of Bil'in struggle 23.08.2013
Fires as a result of heavy firing gas in Bil'in weekly demonstration

Nabi Saleh

As today's demonstration marched to the spring, Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire with teargas, rubber coated steel bullets and skunk. Several people suffocated from teargas and at least one person has been injured from rubber steel bullet in the arm. IOF have also detained and beaten a Palestinian photojournalist.
Israel Puterman
David Reeb


"Dear friends
Even the mosques aren’t safe from the tear gas bombs
Today it was very strong and hard march nearly 50 soldiers attack kufr Qadum at 11am shooting many tear gas and sound bombs.
Tow were shoot directly by bombs one in his hand caused cut wound and the other in his back.
The most important and dangers case that the soldiers who were on the mountain shot bombs targeted the mosque which we pray before the march causing many suffocated cases between prayers of course you know that a lot of old men and children were in the mosque.
After braying we gathered ourselves again and go for the usual march but the army suppress us and shot nearly 300 hundred tear gas and sound bombs.
The wounded are:
Mashhoor jomaa 42 in his hand
Mohammad shtaiwi 24 in his back"
Report: Israeli army firing tear gas into the mosque during prayer time, before the demonstration
Full report and pictures at"


Don’t say we didn’t know #375

Yet again, the “Judea and Samaria” police have confiscated water tankers belonging to Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills region.
On Wednesday, 14th August, 2013 one lorry was confiscated, and on Friday night another one. In total, ten water tankers have been confiscated in recent weeks. In addition, the Civil Administration, IDF and police have demanded that filling water from reservoirs can only take place between 09:00 and 15:00; they have threatened that tankers will be impounded and the filling points closed down. Until now, water operations have been carried out 24 hours a day, to satisfy the demand. The new orders raise concern that tens of thousands of residents will suffer from thirst. Each confiscation entails payment of thousands of shekels in fines, posting of a deposit before trial, as well as payment for removal and storage of the lorry.
At the entrance of Kiryat Arba industrial zone, a tap is operated by settlers selling water to Palestinian carriers at almost three times the normal price. No restrictions there…
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
On Wednesday, 14th August, 2013, government representatives, escorted by police forces, arrived in Bedouin localities in the Negev to demolish homes. In the township of Kseifeh, three homes and a commercial premises were demolished, in Umm Batin a home was destroyed. The following day they demolished two homes in Abu Qrinat, then they went on to demolish El’Araqib once again.

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** The Idea of the joint Israeli Palestinian camp was initiated half year before at a workshop on the struggle in our region in the Leiden 2002 conference of the European People Global Action - in which participated 15 Israeli anarchists and radical activists, with activists of the region and supporters.

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Palestine-Israel, The tremors vibrate under our feet as the joint struggle accelerate processes*

The start of the "talks" and the release of old time prisoners was forced on Israel as Europe started the pressure on Israel following mounting public opinion and failure of US to protect its "venerable" client. The B.D.S. and involvement of Israeli and international Jewry neutralized the Israeli harping on antisemitism. The split within the Israeli elite when the scientific and advanced technology get the alarm of imminent punishment result in public cry. The financial establishment is second in line but still not in the open. The arms industry and high-tech seems to have business as usual and still do not change sides. The Israeli ruling elite seems to contemplate a new compromise with the Palestinian elite as business as usual reaching a dead end.


Friday 443 (16/8/2013)
Haitham Al Khatib


"I'm writing on behalf of the internationals activists which are taking part in the solidarity camp in Aida refugee camp. Today (Friday) they were in Al Ma'sara and the demo was violently attacked by the soldiers. Four people, 2 palestinians and 2 internationals, were detained. The 2 internationals were transferred to Hebron police station, where they are still under arrest. We are in contact with them and they are telling us that the police wont let them go unless a lawyer shows up. The police is telling them that they need a lawyer otherwise they will deported"

7 years of struggle

‪Nabi Saleh‬

Manal writes: "Protest is over we getting ready 4 a wedding 2night,life goes on minute 4 running of tear gas & a minute 4 dancing & enjoying life".
David Reeb




We finished our march today Friday 16-8 at 3 PM.
As usual nearly 40 soldiers attack the village at 11 am shooting tear gas and sound bombs at houses and towards the persons who share the marsh. Many tear gas bombs fell inside houses and Tayseer Shtaiwi told me that 6 bombs fell in the yard of his house and caused suffocated cases inside the house. Yaqub Ashraf Shtaiwi child of 2 years suffocated and fell unconscious after he smell gas from a bomb near his house and he is ok now.
The soldiers began to change their way of repression us by trying to transfer the confrontations between houses to increase the suffering of the people.
But we have a message and duty for our land that in spite of suffering we will continue our struggle.
"Activists say that over the past two years, the protesters got better at maneuvering the terrain, taking care of each other, avoiding arrests during demonstrations, and leaving each demo with a weird sense of victory. There’s a joy to this struggle, a freshness embodied in the image of laughing men as they step out of the mosque and clap to the beat of the chants. A heyday is foreshadowed in these images, a peak of creative and uncompromising protest."
Odai Qadduni

Kids Play War: The Struggle of Kufr Qaddum and Meanderings on Violence
"There’s something infectious about the joy of the struggle in Kufr Qaddum. Perhaps it is blooming. It’s an exciting moment to join in. What is often perceived as dark and desolate is in my eyes a unique and colorful display of resistance. Clowns and musicians are welcome as well. Heed the call."

Canaan Protest village 6, 16/08/2013

While we were on our way to built our protest village in the middle of Gosh Ezion colonial block, 10s of heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers attacked us and arrested 5 people including 4 activists and a Palestinian journalist. Many protesters were injured after being beaten by Israeli occupation soldiers.
protesters chanted slogans for Palestine including: "Free Free Palestine", "Free freedom Prisoners", "one, two, three, four, Occupation no more", among many other slogans that demanded to put an end to Israeli occupation, end colonization of Palestinian land, dismantle all military checkpoints throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem as a basic human right to move freely, to put an end to colonists attacks against Palestinian people, land and properties, to put an end to the ongoing and non stop raiding of Palestinian towns, villages, refugee camps and cities.

South West Bank Committee

Photos: Younes Arar

South Hebron Hills

Guy Butavia

Sheikh Jarrah protest, August 2013

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Palestine-Israel, the international struggle protected by the joint struggle from being called antisemitic show results*

Till now, even the more realists of the Zionist left who are for the retreat to the 1967 borders (with some amendments) insisted that retreat will be conditioned on final peace agreement in which the Palestinians agree that no return of refugees will occur. To day, the ex-chief commander of army and previous head of a big party of the parliament suggested to agree to temporary peace giving back 60% of the 1967 occupation committed to give during the following 4 years the equivalent of the rest with final peace agreement. As Palestinians who are not in areas targeted for transfer efforts have much better life, the motivation for popular struggle do not expand and even shrink - and so is the Israeli side of the joint struggle - in spite of the fact we see already the light in the end of the tunnel (or because of it).

REPORT Weekly Protests, Friday 9th and Saturday August 2013
For the second day of Eid El Iftar, non violent demonstrations were organized by the Popular Resistance Committees in several Palestinian villages joined by Israeli activist with the anarchists against the wall and others, and internationals, to protest against the expansion of settlements, in support with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails, and against occupation.


Friday 442th demo (9/8/2013)
As every Friday, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists gathered after the Friday Prayer in the center of the village, near the mosque, and marched towards the Apartheid Wall which protects the illegal Israeli settlement of Mood’in Ilit built on Bil’in’s land.
Whilst participants were peacefully chanting slogans calling to end the occupation and raising Palestinian flags, they found the gate opened and military jeeps were already on the Palestinian side of the Wall. Israeli soldiers immediately attacked demonstrators - even before we reached the separation wall, with a massive use of sound grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets, which led to some suffocation cases that were treated on the field. In the meanwhile, Israeli soldiers chased demonstrators to arrest them and succeed to apprehend one female Swiss activist.
Ambulance crew and journalists had also been deliberately targeted by Israeli Forces to prevent them from doing their work.

Israeli army aimed and shot directly at journalists today at the protest in Bilin and arrested anne journalist and activist from Switzerland ! haithmkatib
The Swiss activist was released 2 hours after her arrest and she said "they took from me the Palestinian flag and refused to give it back to me"


After the Friday Prayer, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marched from Al Shamo Cultural Centre towards the site of the unfinished Annexation Barrier in Um Salamuna neighborhood.
As every Friday, demonstrators, who were peacefully chanting and raising Palestinian flags, were stopped by Israeli Forces before reaching the main road. Soldiers claimed that protesters were not allowed to pass as the area was declared closed military zone. Once again, Israeli Forces used their arbitrary power to stop the non violent resistance. Military zone can be declared in any instance, with no warning, and anyone can be arbitrary arrested if passing by this area.
Thus, two international activists were arrested by Israeli Forces who also fired sound grenades and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.
The popular resistance coordinator hold a speech in English assuring that the non violent popular resistance will not stop as long as Palestinian people are suffering under Israeli Apartheid policy.

Back from a demo in Ma'asara (near Jerusalem). Depressing! 10 villages with NO water at all . Why? the apartheid, occupation, another way to oppress the non-violent resistance, Oslo accord and maybe just because the settlers didn't have enough pressure in their tubes. Two people got arrested and probably disported one French one Italian. Why? just because they can. And here they started piss talks again no peace with no justice


After the Friday Prayer, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marched from the center of the village through the olive groves towards the annexation wall on Ni’lin’s land. Whilst participants were peacefully chanting slogans calling to end the occupation and raising Palestinian flags, Israeli Forces, located behind the Wall, fired numerous amounts of tear gas canisters and sound bombs for about an hour. Then Israeli soldiers crossed through the gate in the Wall to chased protesters up the hill.
Two Palestinians were injured with rubber coated steel bullets. The protest ended when Israeli Forces retreated behind the Wall.
israel putermam


This Friday, Israeli forces had invaded the village before the demonstration even started and they were shooting tear gas and sound grenades, and chased Palestinians around the village for about an hour.
As soldiers retreated to the hill, demonstration could begin. Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marched from the center of the village towards the Israeli illegal settlement built on Palestinian seized land.
Israeli Forces had blocked the road leading to the settlement and they massively used tear gas and rubber bullet to prevent demonstrators to approach them. Soldiers chased Palestinian young inside the village, and keep firing tear gas towards houses.
Thus, five children and their grandmother suffered from tear gas inhalation: Harith Awad (7), Ghofran Awad (4), Osaid Tayseer (5), Wasfiya Zahi (6) and Sobhi Zahi (4).

Yotam & Oren
Odai Qaddohi

South Hebron hills

"Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues. This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. This coming Saturday, August 10, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands. For details and registration: (no SMS) Maria
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle face fresh activities of the never ending transfer activities of the Zionist settler colonialism

Just a pure essence of the Israeli settler colonialist rational: State responds to two High Court petitions to stop planned evacuation of eight villages in south Hebron hills (of the occupied west bank). "Israel: Eviction of 1,300 Palestinians necessary to save IDF time, money" see From the Israeli daily The Bedouin struggle refute the claim that within the 1948 borders Israel is a normal state. The joint struggle of the anarchists against the wall with the Palestinian popular grass root comities against the separation fence and colonialist settlers encroachment on their spaces is a constant call out for international action of solidarity - not for "the national liberation of the self determination of statehood" of the Palestinian elite, but for the end of occupation and transfer of the Palestinian People.

"The Anti Praver Coalition is growing bigger and bigger and is led by a new local independent youth movement from the Negev. They Invite all of us to join tomorrow.
Last week we had a big and very good meeting in Jaffa with many activists from many different backgrounds, most of them independent local Jaffaians .We started bringing up ideas for the summer protest - much help is needed, please write me if you want to join for the next meeting.
For tomorrow buses will leave from Jaffa Gaza Garden , Tel Aviv Arlozerov train station, Jerusalem, Lod, and Kufr Kasem.
1 August is a 'Day of Rage' against the planned uprooting of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin in the Naqab (Negev). Demonstrations across Palestine, as well as solidarity protests around the world.
Reports of more than 20 arrests already in Wadi Ara demo!
Israeli police violently dispersing a demonstration Thursday against the Prawer plan, 'Ar'ara
01.08.2013 Damascus Gate, Al Quds
Friday, the 2 arrestees from Naqab demo will be released soon. The court hearing was canceled


Friday 441th demo against the separation fence/wall (2/8/2013). 15 Israelis and a few internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demo in Bil'in against the Israeli Occupation and Apartheid. As we approached the wall, the army responded to the threat of dangerous peaceful demonstrators by surrounding us with clouds of gas. Then, when only the non-threatening shabab stayed at the front, the soldiers just stood back and watched them egg and stone the wall. A few similar rounds ensued, and when the demo finally dispersed, we celebrated the publication of Hamde's new photo book by taking a photo of us holding copies against the background of the wall and soldiers. When a demonstrator approached the wall to give the soldiers a copy of the book, they panicked, climbed down and backed away
Clashes between demonstrators and the army eggs and gas:

Haitham Al Khatib

Nabi Saleh

4 Israelis arrested in the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh
David Reeb


Younes Arar
Odai Qaddomi


Friday weekly protest against the wall and the occupation - 2.8.2013
israel putermam

Sheikh Jarrah

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes,
the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem.
They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.


Don’t say we did not know #373

Over a year ago, settlers from Tel Rumeida, in the Old City of Hebron, planted a garden on land next to a military base. That land belongs to their Palestinian neighbor, Hani Abu Haikal, and the garden is currently the subject of a legal case. Abu Haikal has 50 olive trees on his land. On Sunday, 28th July, 2013, settlers torched the olive trees, probably coming from Tel Rumeida to do so. All the trees were damaged by the arson attack, and three were totally burned down. The settlers’ garden was not damaged by the fire at all. The IDF closed off the road to the site, but internationals managed to get there by a back way, to help to put out the fire. This marks the eighth time that the olive grove has been targeted by arson this way, and as a result, a complaint was laid with the police. The police claim that the fire was accidental.

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