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Pal-Isra, The one state the joint struggle try to change*.

You struggle when you have hope for a developing change. You struggle when you refuse to accept the present as the only possible future. You struggle even when the hope is low just to keep your dignity from evaporating. And there are people their rage is so strong that no reasoning can hold them back. Now, when the hope for a better common future evaporated, and the hope for a nice personal future is even lower, the anger of lot of youth is stronger than the preservation of life instinct... it is just waiting for a chancy trigger to pull another boy or girl and send them to a suicide mission. And the mighty Israeli state just start to admit that their brutality reached the wall it cannot overcome. The military elite already stated to reveal it in the open that the new emerging "individualist" Intifada cannot be stopped by force. For those who are not burnt out or desperate the non armed joint struggle is the only sane road.


13/11/2015 Friday 13-11-15, the strangest ever demo in the nearly 11 years of Friday demos. This noon, when we converged at the western margin of the village as the last months, (10 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative dozens of internationals, dignitaries from Ramallah, and the local people) the usual convoy of Israeli armed forces were not there to block our way to the new separation wall.
We immediately reorganized and travelled to the vicinity of the gate of the separation wall. Cautiously we approached the gate... but nothing happened.
The soldiers opened symbolically the gate to show us the armoured car parking behind it and shut it again. Even when the few shabab youth started to throw stones of them - they refrained from any warning or shooting.
Many of the participants got bored and returned to the village, while the more resourceful moved to the Abu Lamun oak wood where the youth converged.
Soon, the unit of border police which had entirely different mood came with cars, harassed both the youth, and the other demonstrators. The also arrested Mohamed Khatib of the village comity and three internationals.
"Do you want to know what the Israeli occupation commander told his soldiers?"
"Don't get too close to those Palestinians journalists, they carry knives with them. If any of them get close just shoot them."
Watch how six Israeli occupation Soldiers attack and severely beat an Italian man before he was arrested for participating in the non violent demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people .Palestinian and 2 Americans were also arrested . * **

Nabi Saleh

13/11/2015 "villagers from Nabi Saleh confronted the IDF protesting the ongoing occupation, land confiscation and mass arrests. As many of the village’s youth remain in Israeli military jail awaiting trial, the IDF stages nightly raids, and often closes the main gateway to the village. The Israeli soldiers deployed barraged of tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets to disperse protesters. No major injuries reported."
International Solidarity Movement (ISM) report via twitter that Israeli Occupation Forces have fired around 20 rounds of tear-gas at the peaceful Friday demonstration, targeting the press. Four International activists have been arrested while participating in the regular Friday demonstration in Nabi Saleh and an Italian man has prevented by the IOF from receiving medical help.
David Reeb
The village of Nabi Sales commemorated Rushdi Tamimi who was shot and killed by the Israeli army three years ago, during a demonstration against the war on Gaza, operation pillar of defence. Villagers and solidarity activists marched on the main road, when the IDF fired barrage of tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets. A tear gas canister was fired in my direction, causing my eyes an acute burning sensation. Even when I crouched toward the ground, soldiers continued to fire in my direction. The effects of the tear gas then lingered for many hours after the demonstration concluded.
Haim Schwarczenberg
27-11-15 With the number of Palestinian casualties rising over 100, among then several women and minors, residents of Nabi Saleh confronted the Israeli army in a show of defiance, decrying Israeli impunity and calling for an end to occupation and land grab. The soldiers fired tear gas canisters and many rounds of rubber coated steel bullets, which resulted in a few light injuries.




Friday 27-11-15 two injuries with live bullets today in Kafr Qadddom
Qaysar Jehad 13 and Hamza Motee´ 22 were shot in their legs today during the Israeli occupation army to Kafr Qudoum march.
The march began after praying to the eastern of the village but at the first moment we didn't see army so this means that some of the soldiers hide in an ambush because we saw one jeep comes towards us and goes back to give the youths the chance to follow it to let the soldiers arrest them from the ambush.
Suddenly appeared a group of special forces soldiers and shot live bullets caused the tow injuries.
After that the soldiers chased us with jeeps and bulldozer shooting gas and rubber bullets until we finished the march at 3:00.

Don't say we did not know #473

The Israeli army persists in its efforts to force the Palestinians out of the Jordan valley. It notified the Palestinian inhabitants of Khirbet Khumsa, in the northern Jordan valley to evacuate because of forthcoming military manoeuvres. The inhabitants were evacuated on Monday, November 2, 2015, from 06:00 AM till midnight. On Thursday, November 5, 2015 they were evacuated again for the same reasons. The army informed them that in the coming week, they will be ordered out of their homes again on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

- Continuing an item in "Don't say..." #468 -- The Israeli army told a Palestinian of Umm El Jamal, in the northern Jordan Valley, that he could get back his tractor which the army confiscated on September 16, 2015, if he pay a NIS 4600 fine. A month earlier he redeemed the same tractor for NIS 3700. He was told that the army will continue to confiscate his property until he leaves.
Fearing state threats that they are forced to pay for the demolitions, two Bedouins from Wadi Gawin (near road 31) demolished their own homes.

On Thursday, November 5, 2015, government agents escorted by police arrived and demolished Bedouin homes. East of Tell Sheva they demolished a home. in Al Fur'a, near Arad, a shop. In El Dardani, near 'Ar'ara, they demolished a home.

Don’t say we did not know #474

On Saturday, 31st October, 2015, Ahmed Nassar stood with an ambulance near a Palestinian demonstration, in front of the IDF base at Beit El. An IDF jeep hit one of the demonstrators. Ahmed and another ambulance crew member went to the wounded person in order to treat him, and take him to hospital. The IDF soldiers prevented them from doing so, and sprayed pepper gas at them. A journalist covering the event was hurt too. Two and a half days later (at 2:30 a.m.) IDF soldiers came to Ahmed’s home to arrest him. During the arrest, they beat him and broke five of his ribs. During his interrogation, it was claimed that he had thrown stones at soldiers in Beitunia (where he lives). When it was obvious that the charge was completely unfounded, he was released from detention.

Don’t say we did not know #475

On Thursday, 19th November, 2015, once again there were clashes between IDF soldiers and Palestinian children passing through the Qitoun checkpoint, on their way to school in Hebron. International volunteers, there to monitor, report that 18 tear gas grenades were fired at the children. A short while later, IDF soldiers fired tear gas canisters in the vicinity of Al Zahra Girls School. Thirty seven young girls were injured by inhaling the tear gas.

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Don’t say we did not know #476
Even though a stop work order had been frozen until 31st December, 2015, on Wednesday, 25th November, 2015, IDF soldiers arrived and demolished some 200 metres of the entry road to the Palestinian village El Hadidiya, near the settlement Roee, in the Jordan Valley. After phone calls had been made, a Civil Administration officer arrived and halted the demolition.
The next day IDF soldiers came back and demolished three families’ homes and sheep-pens. Since that demolition, the army has not permitted residents to erect tents and is calling for eviction from the site, using threats.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
On Thursday, 26th November, 2015, government representatives arrived, accompanied by police, and demolished El Araqib, yet again.

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Pale-Isra - The one state the "realist" Zionists strived for and the (joint) struggle.

In the beginning of the British mandate of the both sides of the Jordan, when Palestine was divided by the UK into two entities - each on one side of the Jordan, the secular national socialists accepted it while the rightist opposed. They still have in their movement anthem: "two sides to the Jordan - this side and the other are ours too". After Israel grabbed 75% of the west bank of Palestine in 1948 war, the Zionist elite of all trends was urging and waiting for opportunity to enlarge its share. The 1956 war failed to supply it but the 1967 one gave Israel all the west bank (and some more like Sinai - which it had to give back). The efforts to transfer the Palestinian out was successful in 1948 war, was less successful in the 1967 war, and much less substantial later - in spite of the efforts. The fear of transfer which inhibited the urge to struggle - both within 1948 borders and the enlarged 1967 ones is gradually dwindling and the non armed popular struggle - though hesitant, is gradually collecting momentum.


16-10-15 Friday demo. 15 Israelis and many internationals Joined the local activists reinforced by exceptional number of youth in the weekly demonstration. The Israeli soldiers confronted us with lot of tear gas shooting.
Due to the northern wind the state forces forced us to regroup out of their shooting range, but they failed to disperse us in the allotted half hour of confrontation.
"Nothing like the surprise effect and once will not hurt, since we harvested the olives in a field on the heights of the village of Bil'in against the wall of shame, my friend Abdullah us proposed a strategy of occupation soldiers approach, coming up behind them, instead of converging towards the wall of the village and be "gassed" quickly ... As is usually the case
The surprise was total all with us that day fifteen young Spaniards, an arrival "in force" as only 2 Palestinians with us ... The other being opposite in relation to us. After negotiations, the military escorted us practically, some even tried the discussion and only after having largely exceeded they sent us their toxic gases .... Just to show their domination! With GĂ©rard
Mohammed Yasin:
Bil'in 23-10-15 Friday demo. 9 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall, and some internationals joined the local activists and lot of Shabab youngsters in the Friday demo. Thanks to the strong mainly southern winds the Israeli forces had a real problem to repulse and disperse us. It took them much more than the usual 30 minutes confrontation till they pulled of.
Friday 30.10.2015 Due to moving the clock but not the demo, the state force fail to come in time. Gradually, about dozen of Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative, about ten internationals and many youth of the village and near by villages joined the village activists and gradually we entered the usually forbidden area around the old route of the separation fence. After a long while the state force arrived... and started to confront the youngsters with lot of tear gas leaving the few of us who were near the rote to stand in peace and view their activity from the side of the road (and the stones and tear gas canisters the shabab threw on them).
After a long while when the cloud of tear gas was cleared for a while we left the soldiers and regrouped to the line where the youth and other demonstrators were dispersed.
Long after the usual 30 minutes the state force continue the confrontation a after nearly 2 hours still few of the youth still confronted them.
Bil'in, Friday 6-11-15 demo. 6 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall with few internationals joined the village activists and youngsters. Before starting the demo, while converging to the march, the state forces sent a unit to ambush the youth among the olive trees. The tear gas canister were shot too before we started to march. Though the soldiers came nearer to the village than usual, due to the many gas masques and the southern wind, we just had to retreat nearer the village than usual. After the failed ambush and the allotted 30 minute for harassment, the soldiers retreated to behind the new separation wall and many marched to the forbidden region near it. The soldiers responded with another intrusion and shooting. ***

Nabi Saleh

Friday 23.10.2015
David Reeb
Friday 30.10.2015
With dozens of Palestinians killed in the past months by Israeli forces, villagers in Nabi Saleh confronted the IDF to protest this wave of brutality, in addition to continued land confiscations and construction of Jewish-only settlements. Israel, on its part, has attempted to squash these weekly protest through a wave of arrests. In the last few weeks, 15 young residents of Nabi Saleh have been arrested from their homes, including a young woman, They are all being interrogated by the Israeli Shabak as their detention is repeatedly extended by a military judge. Today, the Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canister and rubber-coated steel bullets at demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them. No major injuries reported.
David Reeb


October 20 the main entrance to the village of Ni'lin was completely blocked with concrete barriers, perhaps as a form of collective punishment against the very existence of the village. The next day, soldiers invaded the village on the main road and clashed with young stone throwers. When they ran out of tear gas they started using live ammunition. Three young men were wounded one got head injury. Transporting the wounded to the hospital was deliberately denied by the soldiers. On Friday (October 23) fuel trucks that were supposed to go into the village stood near the blocked entrance. After indirect negotiations and fear of tankers loaded with fuel that stand near occupied population that have nothing to lose, the road was temporarily opened. A number of Palestinian vehicles, trying to enter with the fuel trucks, were stopped and the soldiers confiscated the car keys. The drivers and their cars became a shield against stone-throwing. It seemed that the soldiers were relaxed because they were fully shielded and armoured. They passed the time by firing rubber bullets from time to time. A television crew that arrived and settled near the soldiers fled the scene quickly. From time to time even when I was not close to stone throwers the soldiers fired towards me (rubber coated steel bullets). Apparently it was a


Friday 16-10-15 - "Right now, Israeli army snipers invade the village and fire copious rounds of rubber costed steel bullets. Thankfully no one has been hurt so far amongst the protesting residents of kufr Qaddum".
We shall overcome!
23-10-15 demo in Qaddum and olive picking in Jayus:

Sheikh Jaraqh


C area The settlers are para-military militants in the front of the transfer efforts of Palestinians which is the core of the Zionist settler project.

Don't say we did not know #471

On Thursday, 8th October, 2015, a Palestinian from Tayassir transported bales of hay to the owner of a flock of sheep, in neighbouring Al-Aqaba. IDF soldiers confiscated the tractor and cart.
Past experience teaches that the IDF will now demand thousands of shekels for the return of confiscated property – the tractor and cart.


Don't say we did not know #472

Our bus - a bus of leftist peace activists who had came to the West Bank to help with the olive harvest - stopped at the entrance to the olive groves of the Palestinian village, Burin, between the settlements Bracha and Yizhar. As we got off the bus, IDF Jeeps arrived and soldiers - with masks on their faces – prohibited us from entering the olive groves. The harvest had been co-ordinated with the DCL (District Co-ordination & Liaison of the Civil Administration of the IDF). The harvest organisers phoned the DCL. They were told to wait until officers had checked the matter. Meanwhile, the (civilian) security co-ordinator of the nearby Yizhar settlement turned up. I was surprised to see a religious Jew driving on Shabbat. Meanwhile he and other settlers expelled Palestinians who were harvesting near the settlement's fence - even though they had been given permission by the army. Land robbery is apparently permitted on Shabbat... We talked to the soldiers about that, but apparently they were not in the least bothered.

The army probably assumes that leftist activists coming to assist Palestinians with the harvest pose a military threat to the State and to a settlement a kilometre away. Indeed after some officers arrived, it seemed that we (Israeli citizens!) were indeed a threat to Israeli citizens: the IDF proclaimed the area a closed military zone and commanded us to leave. We were afraid that if we insisted on staying, it would cause problems for the Palestinian farmers, so we left.

We had come to help the Palestinians of Burin who are regularly attacked by settlers from Yizhar and the Givat Ronen outpost. We must emphasise that the Palestinian farmers are attacked in their village and their own fields. So, in many places in the West Bank, settlers are taking over land from Palestinians when those Palestinians cannot hold out against the regular, repeated attacks. Usually the IDF does not interfere. On that Saturday, 31st October, 2015, the IDF helped the settlers by driving us out, preventing us from helping or being a non-violent human shield for those victims of the settlers, the Palestinians.

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