Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle get international ripples

This week the joint struggle against the occupation and the separation fence got lot of media space. Especially the bank-rot of a building company in Modi'in Ilit where the success to get a verdict to move the route to the west put it out of business. The BDS our comrades involved in got huge exposer as an Israeli academian published an article on it in US media, and the rightists attached him out of proportion. In addition to the Friday demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation in Bil'in and Ni'ilin, we were involved also in the demonstration in Bidu & Beit Surik, that may become weekly too. A new site of joint struggle? "A meeting in Qarawat is scheduled for this Thursday (27.8) at 17:00. There aren't yet too many concrete ideas for action in the area..."

Bidu & Beit Surik

The village Bidu who was involved in an intense struggle against the separation fence six and five years ago regain the struggle again. This time the focus is the restriction of the passage of villagers to cultivate their land on the "Israeli" side of the electronic fence.

This Sunday (30.08.09), 10 activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) joined few international activists an few dozens of villagers of Bidu & Beit.

After we converged, the gate to the route and the gate of the electronic fence were forced open. When the Israeli state forces rushed to the place people set down in the middle of the route. After a while and negotiations, the demonstrators moved back to the side of the village and a long and hot "discussion" started between the Israeli authority personnel and the village activists.

This week, in spite of threats by the commander of the state force, no one was detained and we returned safely home.


"Thursday, 27 August 2009: The Bil’in popular committee and their friends - including Israeli activists [of the AAtW], welcomed the delegation of the “Elders”, including Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu who visited the Apartheid wall in Bil’in. The “Elders” placed symbolic stones on the monument commemorating Bassem Abu Rahme, a non-violent activist who was shot dead on 17th April 2009 while attempting to speak with Israeli soldiers during a Friday non-violent demonstration. (A video can be seen on"

Friday 28.8

The demonstration started at the center of the village directly after the Friday prayers, with participation of hundreds of Palestinians of the PFLP (including two groups from Lebanon and Syria), and from Bil'in, 20 international and 30 Israeli activists of the AAtW initiative. Demonstrators walked chanting in the village streets and in the road leading to the gate to the west of the fence.

Like in previous Friday, while marching on the road - long before we reached the gate of the route of the separation fence, a unit of the Israeli state force located beyond the fence threw tear gas grenades which did not deter us.

As the protesters reached the Apartheid Wall, Israeli activists dressed up as construction workers with yellow helmets holding up road signs such as "Illegal Wall ahead," "Wall Removal in Progress," and "Construction work ahead" cordoned off the barbed-wire fence and gate inside the Wall. One of the activists hit the steel fence with a huge hammer in a symbolic action of dismantling of the fence. It was a way to call the attention to the need to remove the separation fence and to not yet implemented verdict/resolution issued by the Israeli Supreme Court to move the route of the fence eastward.

The Israeli state force at the gate area were nearly out of site beyond their fortification and passive for nearly half and hour. When the demonstration started to march back to the village, the state forces got active and showered us with a cloud of tear gas and spray of stinking water. Three protesters were lightly wounded - including the wheel chaired Rani Burnat who nearly never miss his place at the head of the Friday demonstration. (He was shot at his neck in a demonstration in 2000 by Israeli sharpshooter of the state forces 2000 and only one of his hands is in good condition). He was scorched by a tear gas grenade thrown to his lap. Dozens others were suffocated with tear gas.

Friday 28.8.2009 Bil'in demonstration at


This week's demonstration in Ni'ilin was longer than usual, anticipating the coming Ramadan month, with its daily fast.
The 100 demonstrators marched to the route of the fence to view the concrete wall under construction parallel to the existing fence. Israel has built the wall farthest it could from the settlement Chashmonaim trying to satisfy its appetite for Palestinian land, thus locating the fence in a topographically low area – allowing the village youth to through heavy stones on it, and so inflicting it with heavy damages. The military now erects the concrete 8 meter high wall to defend the wire fence...
The demonstrators faced various weapons used by the soldiers, including tear-gas grenades shooting, rubber bullets, the smelly "skunk" and live ammunition to the air. After having an eating & drinking intermission, and after the Israeli demonstrators had already left the village, the youth once again took to the fields, succeeding in crossing the gate to the route of the fence. The soldiers shot rubber bullets, and apparently some extended range tear gas canisters.

Ni'ilin Friday 21.8.2008 video at:
Ni'ilin 28-8-09 - link to video

OFER (concentration camp)

Video of the August the 24th demo outside Israeli military prison Ofer calling for release of political prisoners

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Palestine-Israel, Efforts of the secret services to suppression of resistance in Bil'in continue

During the week the AAtW activists were involved in the resistance to the Israeli secret services persecution of the members of the Bil'in popular comity for the struggle against the separation fence. Comrades continue the involvement in the struggle Against the
transfer in Jerusalem, and the struggle against the persecution of African refugees, and Guest workers families with children. On Friday we mobilized to the three regular demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation: In Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna (Muasara).


Beit Umar is village in the south of the occupied west bank, we joined its struggle frequently the last few years...

Note from the AAtW mailing list: "We are were invited to go to a meeting in beit ummar this coming Sunday regarding future activities . If you want to go, please call me.

Beit Umar - 20-8-09 - link to video


Bil'in Friday demo 21.08.09 About 20 activists with the AAtW, and international activists accompanied people of the village:

"Today's demo did not evoke the usual aggressive response from the occupation forces. As the demonstrators arrived at the Apartheid Wall, the only visible two soldiers behind the Apartheid Wall remained in their shelter. One Jeep was parked far to the left of the door in the Wall and one to the right. It was eerily quiet for quite some time. There was no reaction to the Palestinian chanting until suddenly a multiple of tear gas was fired into the crowd from an additional Jeep that had just arrived. This caused the usual discomfort to the protesters, but most of them remained in the front lines.

A few single tear gas canisters were being fired here and there while the protesters remained gathered for awhile. Some activists tried to open the gate which had been firmly locked by the occupation forces. Then, earlier than in previous weeks, the demonstration was called to an end and everyone returned to the village without incident."

Monday Demo

"This coming Monday, August the 24th, at 9:30am, a protest will be held outside Ofer prison in the West Bank, in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and detainees. Ofer is where many Palestinian prisoners are detained, interrogated and tried.
For details and to arrange transportation: A"

The demo

About 20 of the Bil'in people arrested when the Israeli state forces invaded the village at night the last few weeks are still in the concentration camp. Others were released on bail charged with absurd "crimes". In addition the help in the arranges of bail and court solidarity, activists of the AAtW Joined Monday 24-8-09 morning, people of Bil'in demonstration in front of the Ofer concentration camp and military "court" while one of the Bil'iners was on "trail".


Years ago these villages - in the extended Jerusalem region, were involved in a fierce struggle against the separation fence. From time to time we joined their sporadic demonstrations.

A post in the AAtW list:

Coming Sunday [23.08.09] a joint demonstration of the two villages (which have a place of honer in the struggle against the separation fence), in protest of the new policy of permits [to access their lands on the other side of the fence]. According to this policy the villagers cannot access their lands on the "Israeli" side of the fence if they do not hold special permits. These permits are given in restricted number, prevent needed cultivation and even endanger the ownership right of these lands.

The demonstration will be at half past eight in the morning - traveling from Tel Aviv at 07:00. We like comrades from Jerusalem to join.

For details A.

The demo

Sunday 09:00 about 40 villagers of Bidu, Beit-Doku, and Beit-Suric converged for a demo against the restricting passing permits policy that prevent their free access to their lands located on the other side of the separation fence. Most of them were farmers above the age of 50. About 15 Israelis of the AAtW and few internationals joined them, together with sizable number of kids from the Neighboring Israeli (not colonial settlement) Mevaseret Zion.

Few soldiers and border gendarmes approached the demo and people talk with them about the injustice of preventing the access of farmers to their lands.

After about half an hour, the state forces put end to the dialog and crossed to the "Israeli" side of the fence.

The demonstrators responded with forcing the gate and entered between the fences of the route. The state forces started to photograph the "offenders" and tried to force them back - surprisingly with nearly no physical violence.

When all demonstrators were forced back, the demo ended.

In discussion after the demo it was decided to demonstrate again the next Sunday with a parallel one in the settlement Har Adar located on the other side of the fence.

"After the very quite demo today in Biddu/ Beit Surik, when 3 Jerusalemites who stayed in the village for another hour after the demo, went out of the village, they were arrested by the border police in the check point on the fence on the way to Jerusalem, and accused with sabotaging the fence. they are still in custody in the Atarot Border Police Station, and are being interrogated right now (16:00).... Y."

They were accused with damage to the fence, and not obeying "order of regional general" [that the area is temporarily a restricted military zone].... They were released on bail 18:00 but with no restrictions attached.


This week, the demonstration was longer than usual - in order to do as much as possible before the beginning of the Ramadan and the low energy which will result from the day hours fasting.

About 100 participated in the march towards the route of the separation fence, and observed there the 8 meter high concrete wall which is built to protect the electronic fence. The route of the fence was built as far as ("justice" high court allowed) possible from the near by colonialist settlement Hashmonaim to enable its expansion on more of Ni'ilin lands. The route is thus in inferior topographic position and enable the village youth to throw on it big stones from above and inflict on it serious damages.

Failing to deter the youth with other means, the state forces started the building of the high wall.

On the first wave, the village youth confronted with tear gas grenades, rubber coated steel bullets, the spray of skunk smelling water, and live ammunition shot in the air.

At the evening, after the Israelis returned to Tel Aviv, a good resting and the feast breaking meal came the second wave. In it, the youth succeeded to pass the gate to the route of the electronic fence. This time, the soldiers added to their shooting the high velocity tear gas canisters of the kind murdered Bassem in Bil'in and near fatal injured Tristan Anderson in Ni'ilin.

Ni'ilin Friday 21.8.2008 video at:

UM SALMUNA - Muasara

The regular Friday demonstration in Um-Salmuna - the Muasara region was the last for a while.

A message from the popular commity of Ma'asara was that the demonstrations will be postponed for the time being due to the holy month of Ramadan.

The struggle will continue once the month is over.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The suppression of resistance increase - and so is the joint struggles of resistance

During the week the Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) activists were involved in various struggles: Against the transfer in Jerusalem - mainly the Sheikh Jarakh location; In the struggle against the persecution of African refugees, and the expulsion of Guest workers families with children born in Israel - mainly in Tel Aviv; And in the struggle against the harassments and arrests of the Bil'in village activists in various places. On Friday we mobilized to the demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation: In Bil'in a special mobilization of about 200 Israelis focused on the arrests of Bil'in activists. We had also the weekly activities in Ni'ilin and Um Salmuna. There was also a beginning of may be prolonged struggle in Azure tame.


"There will be a demo at Azure tame tomorrow. If you can make it please let me know.

Around 30 Palestinians, two international and three Israeli activists gathered in front of the Azun-Atme checkpoint and demonstrated against the apartheid wall. During the hour long demonstration, the participants called out slogans against the occupation, and hanged red and Palestinian flags on the checkpoint fence.

August 14, 2009

As the demonstrators stood near the entrance road to the checkpoint, the soldiers maintained their checking, delaying and harassing the coming and going traffic from the village. When the demonstrators slightly neared the checkpoint, a military jeep headed them, and five soldiers lined up in front of them. One of the soldiers demanded from a Palestinian demonstrator that the demo will not exceed the sidewalk. The soldier's commander cut the short discussion by stating "leave them alone, they're bothering themselves". The soldier backed, and so did the demonstration a few minutes later.


"Only six of us were approved to attend the hearing tomorrow (Thursday) at Oder prison, regarding the arrests of Mohammed Hatib and others from Bil'in. 19 of the village residents have been arrested so far.

we are therefore organizing a support vigil outside of Oder prison."

The Call for Friday demo:

The army arrests Bil'iners under cover of darkness, We protest in broad day light.

Mass demonstration against the political repression of Bilin, This Friday, August 14

Dozens of residents of Bilin, including prominent activists from the popular committee against the wall, were recently arrested by the occupation forces. They were arrested in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness: Our friends and partners in the struggle for over four years, are pulled out of bed by masked soldiers. Most of them have now been in jail for weeks. They are accused of outrageous accusation and their release is not in sight.

The night invasions, accompanied by shooting in the village streets, and the political arrests are yet another attempt to suppress the internationally known popular struggle in Bilin. Almost two years after the high court ruled that the wall in Bilin must be moved, the wall remains untouched. The struggle against it will persist until it falls.

On Friday 14.8 we will set out, Israelis Palestinians and internationals, on a mass demonstration against the political repression of the courageous village of Bilin. We will demand that the army release the prisoners now or arrest us as well for we too incite against the occupation.


Tel Aviv: Meet at Lewinsky Garden on Hagdud Haivri St. at 11 am. To register or to lend your car please call Ilan.

Jerusalem: Meet at Bell Garden at 11:30. For more details and to register contact Assaf, preferably by email or else by phone .

Please make an effort to be on time. Thanks in advance.

The Demonstration:

"Almost 200 Israelis joined several dozens of internationals and Palestinians for a special demonstration against the annexation wall and the nightly political arrests of Bil'in protesters. Israeli member of Parliament Dov Hanin was present at the village, but did not join the procession. The demonstrators marched from the village center chanting slogans in Arabic, Hebrew, English and Spanish, followed by vibrant speeches when the procession reached the fence. There were relatively minor exchanges of stones for gas grenades between shabab and soldiers in the flanks away from the demonstration. When a small number of protesters attempted to cross the wall, they were gassed and later also sprayed with the "shit" water, whose stench is permanently present in the fence area due to previous weeks' spraying. When the demonstration was declared over the soldiers decided to get rid of excess ammunition and continued to pointlessly gas and spray the area, culminating in the surreal scene of a single bare faced protester throwing stones at dozens of soldiers, who sprayed the area with their multi-gas-canister cannon. When the procession was on its way to the village we heard what sounded like a single live shot at the shabab who were busy trying to disperse the soldiers with stones."
Bil'in Friday 14.8.09 video at
Bil'in 14-8-09 - link to video


"Monday, 10th August, at 8 pm: protest vigil in Sheikh Jerach with the evicted families and representatives of the international community.
Please bring candles."


Around 150 demonstrators gathered for the weekly demonstration against the wall in Ni'ilin. After the Friday prayer, the group marched on towards the route of the wall. A military jeep standing still as bate for stone throwers, left its position and the tear gas started flooding the fields. As soldiers accompanied by jeeps entered the village fields and kept attacking the demonstration from various directions, it moved from one location to the other.

Niilin - 14/8/09

The soldiers kept escalating the clashes, using tear gas in its various firing methods and rubber-coated bullets, trying again & again to surprise the demonstrators invading from different directions. Fortunately enough, no injuries were listed & no arrests done, and after a few hours the demonstration ended.


In protest of the nightly invading of Bil'in village by the Israeli army last few weeks, activists demonstrated tonight in front of the house of the commanding officer of the army forces of the occupied west bank.

"August 11 2009 - Late Night demo in front of Noam Tibon's house in Tel-Aviv

Some 20 demonstrators gathered late Tuesday night in front of Noam Tibon's house in north Tel-Aviv. Noam Tibon is the commanding officer of the entire Israeli military forces in the west bank. Among his various occupation activities, Tibon is in charge of the violent oppression of demonstrations against the wall in the west bank, not excluding the weekly Friday demonstrations. Furthermore, he is in charge of the arrests policy – and the recent weeks' ongoing night raids campaign in Bilin, yielding arrests of non violent demonstrators and terrorizing while depriving sleep of the entire village.
The demonstrators protested in front of his house calling "TIBON, wake up! The village of Bilin will not give up!" giving the quiet wealthy neighborhood a minimal idea of the actions their neighbor carries out almost daily – in order to suppress the ongoing non violent struggle of the people of Bilin in resistance to the wall. - Here is a link to the English version of the video:

UM SALMUNA - Muasara
Eight Israelis and about 30 international activists joined about 100 Palestinians for the weekly demonstration against the separation fence at Al-Muasara/Um Salmuna. The demonstration started with a march from the village towards the spool of barbed wire blocking the way to the route of the separation fence. On the way, they were joined by a group of youth who were drumming together with the Samba band of Tel Aviv activists.

At the blocking point speeches were given in Arabic and English derogating the fence and occupation.


Thursday afternoon was scheduled a meeting in the Karawat Bani-Zaid for thinking about the continuation of the struggle for water.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle expand to confront new harassments

During the week activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative were involved in the struggle against transfer of Palestinians of the Sheikh Jarrah - neighborhood of Jerusalem; with the struggle in Tel Aviv mainly against harassments and expulsion of African refugees and families of "guest workers" whose children were born in Israel. We also were involved in actions in connection with struggle against the scandalous water restrictions for the Palestinians in the occupied west bank (while the colonial settlers neighbor get unrestricted amounts of water from the common sources). Friday we participated in the regular demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Um Salmuna-Muasara... and in the water convoy to Bani Zayid as well.


Some 20 Israelis and 50 internationals joined a smaller than usual number of Palestinian men and women for the weekly demonstration against the separation wall. The demonstration marched chanting slogans against the annexation wall, the occupation and the arrest of Bil'in's youth and popular struggle leaders, accompanied by a marching poem written by one of the local leaders. When the demonstration reached the fence, short speeches were made in Arabic, English and French. An African-American speaker particularly engaged the crowd with his political-evangelical-panther-like speech. When a handful of protesters tried to cross the fence, they and the demonstrators behind them suffered a rain of tear gas. A Palestinian journalist who was gassed into the path between the fences was arrested by the soldiers. The demonstration then managed to regroup and chant more slogans next to the fence. A clear order given to the military by protesters to withdraw and release the prisoner was disobeyed. Just as the protesters announced the demonstration over, the shit-water cannon got in from Ni'lin, and started spraying the already putrid area with the stench of occupation. After a short round of gas, shitty water and a small number of stones thrown to disperse the demonstration dispersal weapons, the demonstrators returned to the village.

Bil'in 7-8-09 - link to video


Lately, the main struggle about the progress of transfer of Palestinians in the occupied parts of 1967 in the extended Jerusalem is in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood:

"After the evictions and tent demolition in Sheikh Jarrah, Al Quds, a few days ago, there will be an action to re-build the tent starting at 4pm today. All are invited to help and support". AAtW activists of Jerusalem have been involved in this struggle with the local people, internationals, and other Israeli activists.


The weekly demonstration in Nil'in started in the village's small olive grove, what is left to the village after tens of years of Israeli land grabs. Protectors marched towards the newly built fence. They dispersed there along the route of the separation fence and expressed lowdly their protest - each hir own preferred way.

The route in Ni'ilin clearly expose the sham claim of "security" reasons for the fence as in order to confiscate as much land as possible, part of the route is on a lower side of the hill. This enable the youngsters to flood the army patrol that came to harasse the demo with stones.

After a short while some demonstrators started throwing stones at the fence and at the outnumbered and strategically inferior Border Policemen who came to the scene. The latter's attempts at disbursing the demonstration with tear gas which often backfired on them, as wind carried the gas in their direction in stead of that of the demonstration.

Eventually, when a special Border Police unit crossed the fence, demonstrators decided to call it a day and retreated to the village. No injuries or arrests were noted.

Ni'ilin Friday 7.8.2009 demo at

UM SALMUNA - Al-Mas'ara

The previous Friday the army regiment commander of the region threatened that a cearfeu will be imposed on the village this Friday - to put end to the regular demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation. Thus, following request of the local activists a call was issued for our activists to come Thursday night to the village to enable the next day joint demonstration if the threat wil be implemented.

"The night before the demonstration military vehicles blocked the entrance of the village, while others were roaming through it. This act came after an IOF officer threatened to put the village under siege if it would continued the weekly protests.

In Al-Mas'ara today (Friday) dozens of Palestinian protestors against the apartheid Wall and the settlements were joined by groups of around 80 internationals from all over the world and some Israeli activists.

Protectors marched towards the Apartheid Wall carrying Palestinian and Fatah flags as a message to the members of Fateh from the popular resistance movement to adopt the popular resistance as strategy for the future and also as a message that unity is priority for the Palestinians. protestors marched toward their land chanting for the immediate end to the Israeli Occupation and Colonization of Palestine.

As usual, the Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) put a razor wire on the road at the exit of the village and stopped the march, denying people the right to access their land. Protesters stood against the soldiers, holding speeches in Arabic, Hebrew and English. Some protesters stayed longer trying to encourage the young soldiers from serving in an occupying army."


During the week, the struggle against the deportation of refugees and families of foreign workers with children born in Israel continued. It succeeded to draw lot of supporters - including funs of the local Hapoel (the worker) soccer club. A huge banner saying: "who is not a refugee here". At first the police tried to prevent the bringing of the banner to the Stadium. The intervention of members of the directory of the club forced the retreat of the police ban.

WATER convoy against thirst

Activists were arrested Wednesday night by the police which accused them that they hanged flayers declaring water stoppage in Tel Aviv in the context of water restrictions imposed in the occupied west bank. They were accused for "destruction of property" and at first even with "incitement". (,7340,L-3758179,00.html - In Hebrew).

After 5 hours they were released on bail. A post was distributed in our mailing list:

"... and many thanks to all who supported, some of which even sleeping(?) at the doors of the police station. :)"

Thursday demo was called in front of the water authority offices located in Tel Aviv.


One hundred Israelis left Tel Aviv and Jerusalem this last Friday on a solidarity convoy to the Palestinian village of Qarawat Bani Zeid in the Ramallah district, bringing with them tens of tons of water – as the village is being slowly dehydrated by Israeli authorities.

In the village itself Israeli met with local Palestinian leadership, and together brought the water to houses throughout the village. In his speech to the crowd Fuad Arar, the village mayor, said: "Here under out feet is an enormous reservoir of water, but we are not allowed to dig wells. For the Israeli government, that would be worse than throwing bombs. Our spring, from which this village drank for many generations, is under Israeli control, and we get less than half what the village needs. In many houses there is no water in the taps since March this year. We want peace – but how can you make peace when Netanyahu decides how much water we are allowed to drink?"

The convoy was just one part of a new campaign, which AATW share with a coalition of many other Israeli, Palestinian and International groups, NGOs and parties, in an attempt to break the water siege on Palestine. For a longer report of the convoy and a list of the Israeli partners press here An Israeli media report and video of the convoy can be found here: VIDEO FROM QARAWAT BANI ZAYID

Monday, August 3, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle with the Palestinians in the west Bank and occupied Jerusalem, as well as with the refugees and guest workers

In occupied East Jerusalem - the Sheikh Jarakh neighborhood, in Bil'in during the week, in Tel Aviv in protecting the refugees and "illegal guest workers", and in the Friday demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation: Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Um Salmuna... and Azun.


A new wave of Friday demonstration may have started in the Azun region with participation of the villagers, internationals, AAtW initiative and activists from the near by town of Qualquilia.


In addition to staying nights to help in the confronting of the invading Israeli state forces we held this week too a Wednesday night demonstration along the separation fence, in protest of the continuous night harassments.

"The popular comity of Bil'in invited us again to the night demo on the 29.7. Lately the wave of night invasions into Bil'in and arrests increase. The aim of the occupation forces is obvious - suppression of the popular struggle using collective punishment and scaring the whole village. Wednesday midnight we will support by our participation the popular struggle against the fence, the colonial settlements, and the suppression."

"Bil’in Demonstrates Against the IDF’s Nightly Raids – At Night! – Again

On Wednesday night, July 29, one hundred villagers of Bil’in along with their International and Israeli supporters conducted a Protest March against the IDF’s nightly raids and detaining of Palestinian villagers.

The protest march began in the village of Bil’in, buoyed by peace songs, chants, and flashlight-lit containers with peace messages written on them in over a dozen languages. The enthusiastic marchers walked down to the Separation Fence - where a 15-minute rally was held.

The lights and chanting attracted several Israeli military vehicles who launched several night flares (inducing exuberant cheering and vigorous waving of the Palestinian flags carried by several members) as the landscape brightened. It was reported that one tear gas canister was fired in the vicinity of the demonstrators, but no one was injured, fortunately.....

For more information, please contact:

Abdullah Abu Rahama- the popular committee against the wall coordinator\ Bil’in

0547258210 e-mail –


"Bad smell" water is back at Bil'in demo 31.07.09
Today's weekly demonstration proceeded non-violently toward the Apartheid Wall. About 50 meters from the Wall everyone gathered and several people — Palestinians, Israeli activists, and an international activist -- addressed the Army condemning the military occupation and demanding peace. Then, the protesters proceeded toward the Wall, opening the barbed-wire inner gate a short distance from the Wall as a symbolic live ammunition was used today, and no further arrests were made.

After throwing tear gas into the crowd, about a dozen soldiers came through the door of the Wall. They arrested an international activist with his camera in hand, who had his face covered with a kaffiya and was standing closest to the Wall. The occupation forces then fired a smoke bomb followed by a first round of "bad smell' water which dispersed the demonstrators somewhat. Tear gas followed but demonstrators kept returning to the front lines chanting peace slogans.

In response, the Army came through the gate a second time and threw tear gas and sound bombs at the Press people who had remained in the front lines while filming. "Bad smell" water was fired again drenching everyone in its range. No rubber coated steel bullets or
live ammunition was used this Friday."

Friday 31.7.09 Bil'in video at

Latest news: Monday 06:30

Army invaded Bilin at 04:00
they arrested at least 8 people including Muhammad Khatib of the popular comity
As of now they still haven't left the village

Major night invasion in Bil'in 03.08.2009
At 3am, the occupation forces invaded the village of Bil'in. A total of some 200* soldiers with combat paint in their faces and masks entered the village on foot at several points of entry. 5 homes were raided and a total of 8 people were arrested, 7 Palestinians and one international activist from the United States.


The occupation forces threw sound bombs to disperse the villagers who were coming into the streets at day-break throwing rocks at the arriving Jeeps and the soldiers that were still partly disguised from the night. The Jeeps then parked at various locations with their engines running until the end of the operation at 6:45am.

* The Israeli state forces use the Bil'in village for testing experimental weapons and tactics to disperse demonstrations as well as for training special units. Th use of 200 soldiers for a ride on a village with less than two thousand inhabitants was just such training.


"This afternoon, there was a high police presence in Sheikh Jarrah. There were 2 Palestinians, 7 internationals, and 1 Israeli arrested. 4 of the internationals and the 1 Israeli were released with conditions. We are not certain about the others as of right now. The press release explaining the situation is below. If you can come to support the families in Sheikh Jarrah tonight, please call Sharon. Due to the high police presence in the area, the families are worried that evictions may happen tonight."

"For Immediate Release:

3:30pm, 26 July 2009: Israeli forces arrest 3 solidarity activists in Sheikh Jarrah.

Israeli police arrested 2 American nationals and 1 British national in
Sheikh Jarrah as they were trying to enter the Darwish Hijazi home
that settlers had occupied.

Police had also earlier arrested 3 international activists and 1
Israeli as they were trying to prevent settlers from occupying the
Darwish Hijazi home in Sheikh Jarrah.

Around 12 border policemen violently arrested the 3 internationals,
breaking one of their glasses. The internationals had tried to enter
the home from the backyard to prevent settlers from destroying the
Palestinian home.

All of the arrested were taken to the police station on Salah al-Din
street in occupied East Jerusalem.

At the moment, parts of the house are being demolished from the
outside by a digger truck. Around ten settlers are still inside of the
house and several police, border police and soldiers are present in
the area."

"... hey, looks like all of the 7 internationals and 1 Israeli that were arrested yesterday in Sheikh Jarrah will be released with a condition of not being in East Jerusalem for 3 weeks.

Since those activists cannot stay in Sheikh Jarrah, more people are needed to come to the homes under threat of eviction. the families feel that the high presence of police in the area might mean that evictions will happen soon.

If you can come and stay the night, please call Sharon

There will also be a demonstration outside of the demolished home in Sheikh Jarrah today at 4pm

Please call Eva if you are interested in going.

For Immediate Release:

2 August 2009: Israeli forces have evicted the Hanoun and al-Ghawe
families from their Sheikh Jarrah homes.

At around 5:30 in the morning, Israeli police arrived at the Hannoun
family home and broke into the house through the windows. They
forcefully removed Maher Hanoun, his wife Nadia and their 3 children.
The police violently separated the family from the international and
Israeli solidarity activists that were staying in the home. Police
then arrested the international and Israeli solidarity activists that
were staying with the family. Similarly, Israeli police came into the
al-Ghawe family home at 5:30am and removed the family and
internationals staying in the home.

Settlers arrived with a truck and began to move the al-Gwahe Hannoun
family possessions out of their home. Everyone outside of the house
was forced across the street, away from the house.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli forces beat a Palestinian male who
was trying to intervene when police were yelling at an elderly
Palestinian woman. Additionally, media personnel were pushed around by
police when they were trying to get close to the evicted Sheikh Jarrah

Amongst those arrested are at least 7 international activists and 1
Israeli activist. They are scheduled to be brought to court in
Jerusalem at 11am.


In Ni'ilin, the deescalation of the confrontation during the demonstrations against the separation fence continues. Here too there was a wedding this week end and thus the Friday demonstration was shorter and calmer than usual. The demonstration consisted with a march in which participants chanted slogans derogating the occupation and the Roberto of lands. Afterwards there were some confrontation between border police gendarmes and soldiers who threw tear gas grenades and demonstrators who used means to defy the ban on demonstrations. No one was injured or arrested.

Ni'ilin 31-7-09 - link to video


Invitation was issued for AAtW activists to participate in a training session for prevention of arrests and expulsion of African refugees and work-immigrants... and afterwards to a happening in the anarchist vegan pub Rogatka, which was in the focus of the media and attacks for ban on entry of soldiers wearing uniform.

During the week there was lot of activity in response to increase harassment of the refugees and intended expulsion from Israel of children born here for illegal work immigrants.

The campaign during the week included hanging of posters against detentions and expulsion immigrant workers and refugees sicking asylum.

Wider circle of people joined the protests this week and the new measures were frozen.


"Thursday evening there will be a big celebration in the village. The wedding of a cousin of two members of the village popular comity incarcerated in jail. We received a warm invitation to the beginning of the wedding party Thursday and the continuation of it in the Friday demonstration."

"Some 100 Palestinians, 50 internationals and ten Israelis gathered this Friday in the village of Um Salmuna - the Ma'asara region, for a wedding march, which was combined with the weekly anti-wall demonstration in order to highlight the severe personal and social implications of the occupation, the oppression and the wall. Demonstrators accompanied a couple that got married just the night before and two other couples disguised as newlyweds all the way across the village, with marriage songs and protest slogans interchanging and completing each other. Coming close to the end of the built area of the village the couples left to prepare themselves for the next part of the wedding-protest.

The rest of the demonstration proceeded, and was met with soldiers and barbed wire, stopping the demonstration from reaching the village's agricultural lands. They then gave speeches in Arabic, English and Hebrew, at the end of which the newlyweds appeared right behind the soldiers' line – marching from the lands towards the village.

The soldiers, now trapped between the marriage procession and the couples, stormed and attacked the demonstrators, hitting them with rifles. Three Israeli activists were arrested, and one of them was beaten badly. All three were charged with assault of the Major who was commanding the soldiers, and with violation of a closed military zone. All three were later released, but are now banned to return to the area for two weeks. The activist who was beaten required medical attention and was taken to a hospital.

Meanwhile the demonstration concluded with no further arrests or wounded. However, the so-called "assaulted" Major pronounced that next week a curfew will be enforced in the village on Friday at 5AM, to prevent any more demonstrations. We will, of course, be there."

During the week, the state settled with the equivalent of 900,000 US dollars the demand for compensation of Limor Goldstein whose head was illegally shot at during a joint demonstration of AAtW and the village comity in Bil'in at the end of the Lebanon war.