Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Palestine-Israel, There are more invitations for the anarchists against the wall to join local struggles than we can

The third Intifada slowly but surely collect momentum. In spite of the increase in the number of the Israeli activists we cannot manage to participate in all places we are invited to. Some villages start it on their own not waiting for our meager protection from harsh repression. The tense is climbing due to the expanding of hunger strike of the Palestinian administrative prisoner. No one know what will start after the death of the first hunger striker thus Israel state forces already released two of them.

Al Aqaba

"Hi all, there will be a demonstration in Al Aqaba (Jordan valley) and we have been invited. If you can make it please let me know."

Beit Ommar

Saturday weekly protest, Apr. 21, 2012. Protest in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Occupation Jails, three participants were injured today due to the Israeli Forces violence including Yousef Abu Mariya 40 years old, who was hit with a stick in the face, Hamza Abu Hashem 14 years, was hit in the head, and Ahmed Abu Hashem 48 years, was pushed hardly on the rocks.

Bil'in About 20 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall joined some international activists and people from the village in the usual Friday demo. We marched towards the new separation wall with the usual chants with the theme of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. On the way we passed near the solidarity tent. When we arrived at the wall, the usual repression activity of the Israeli state force started with tear gas canisters shooting, the spray of skunk stinking water and treats of shooting by rifles.

Dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation and got skunked. Three Palestinian journalists, Ali Abu Rahme, Haitham Khatib, and Hamde Abu Rahme, as well as Waji on his motorcycle and two other activists were temporarily detained. The IOF took away Ali's gas mask and refused to give it back.

Picture of the tent which was built on the side of the road leading to the new separation wall, for solidarity with prisoners and the hunger strikers, just beyond the dismantled fence! haithmkatib An edited 15 minute clip from the film Bil'in Habibti (Bilin My ♥) JerusalemDay2011


Friday demonstration, Apr. 20, 2012

Nabi Saleh

Weekly demonstration, Apr. 20, 2012, "I'm broadcasting Nabi Saleh live on #Ustream. Come watch and chat! 15:14" In Nabi Saleh, soldiers have taken over the center of the village to try and prevent the demo. Protesters are trying to flank from the south. Billal Tamimi, a member of the popular committee in Nabi Saleh was arrested during the demonstration at the village today as he was trying to prevent soldiers from arresting his wife, Manal.
Picture Credit: Oren Ziv/Activestills Large forces of Israeli army and border police raided the village of Nabi Saleh this morning, long before the demonstration in the village began. The forces, apparently including high ranking officers and accompanied by Israeli media, blocked the local gas station and main road to the village in an attempt to halt the demonstration. Protesters, in response, took a different route than usual for their march, bypassing the army through the hills and making their way to the spring confiscated by settlers of Halamish. A small group of protesters actually managed to set a precedent when they got approximately 50 meters away from the spring. In the meantime, clashes began to erupt in the village. While the army aiming at first to present "restraint", following international criticism on extreme use of force against unnamed protesters this week. However, this guise did not last for long: beyond the regular use of tear-gas canisters and the foul smelling "skunk" water canon inside the village, the army also used clubs to beat up women and children.
In clashes that took place inside the village, between youth and soldiers, two Israeli activists were arrested, one is still held in custody. The army also made an attempt to arrest Manal Tamimi, one of the major women activists of the village. As her husband, Billal, approached to release her from the soldiers' grip, he was himself arrested, beaten and his camera broken. Manal and Billal Tamimi are the parents of the boy injured last week when a tear gas canister hit him in the face.

Soldiers hitting women with clubs in Nabi Saleh: Picture Credit: Oren Ziv/Activestills Clashes maintained for another few hours on both sides of the village, with the army using extensive amounts of tear gas canisters, and spraying the "skunk" directly into private houses. Towards the end of the demonstration, the army detained a resident of Nabi Saleh who did not participate in the demonstration and was making his way back to the village tried to come into the village through. Soldiers confiscated his ID card and said it will not be returned until the man succeeds in convincing the demonstrators to disperse. Haim Schwarczenberg Chen Misgav yisraelpnm PopularStruggleCC

Women action, Sunday 22.04.2012 Palestinian women take back spring as settlers, soldiers look on.
For the first time in years, a group of roughly 30 women was able to reach the Nabi Saleh spring, which was taken over long ago by settlers. The group was made up of local women, who were joined by activists from other villages, and supporters from Ramallah and Jerusalem. The women vowed to return, hoping to hold on to the spring. Every Friday for the past three years or so, Nabi Saleh residents, along with Israeli and international supporters, have been demonstrating against the theft of their lands by settlers from the nearby settlement of Halamish. At the focus of the struggle is the attempt to reach the Al-Kous spring, which was taken over by settlers in recent years. Week after week, demonstrators march toward the spring, but are stopped by soldiers who disperse them with tear gas (sometimes aimed directly at protestors and once resulting on the death of a Nabi Saleh resident) with “skunk” water, severe beatings, arrests and more. Soldiers and settlers who arrived at the scene did not stop the women from picnicking around the spring. After a few hours, the group left, vowing to return.
“The point of this direct action was to reclaim what the settlers have stolen from us,” says Irene Nasser, one of the activists. “Many of us were very excited about being able to reach this beautiful place, after more than 100 demonstrations during which we were barred from going there. The uniqueness of the action was also in that it was about women taking the popular struggle into their own hands and leading it together.” Nasser believes that the soldiers did not react this time both due to the fact that they were facing a women-only group, and as a result of the Shalom Eisner story – in which an officer was caught on video beating a Danish peace activist – and the trauma it caused in the army’s ranks. In the coming weeks, the women plan to organize more direct actions, both in Nabi Saleh and elsewhere, in order to both challenge the army and empower the women taking part in the struggle. Photos by Keren Manor and Oren Ziv / Activestills Palestinian, Israeli and international women enjoy a picnic near the main spring: Bilal Tamimi: A judge at the Israeli Ofer Military Court ordered the release of Palestinian videographer, Bilal Tamimi, after a video presented in court proved he was the one attacked by an Israeli Border Police officer.


Friday, weekly demonstration, Apr. 20, 2012

Dozens joined the protests against the Wall in Ni'ilin this week. During the demonstration, Israeli soldiers shot tear-gas canisters directly at protesters, against its own open-fire regulations. One boy was injured by a rubber coated bullet and evacuated.
Picture Credit: Anne Paq/Activestills Some fifty residents of the village of Ni'ilin, and a handful of Israeli and international activists joined the weekly protests against the Wall and settlements in the village this week. Shortly after the Friday prayer, which took place in the olive groves, protesters marched towards the Wall. As they were approaching the concrete wall that surrounds the separation fence, they were targeted by Israeli soldiers stationed safely on the other side. The soldiers also used the "skunk", foul-smelling water cannon, aiming to disperse the demonstration. At this point, protesters moved to the western stretch of the Wall, where clashes erupted between the army and the local youth. During these clashes, the army shoot tear gas canisters directly at protesters, in head level, against its own open-fire regulation. Several protesters have been severely injured in the past due to this manner of shooting. Mustafa Tamimi from the neighboring village was killed earlier this year when a tear gas canister was shot at him from close range. The army also used rubber-coated bullets, which led to the injury of one youth, who was evacuated to the hospital to receive medical treatment. Nilinvillage

Kufer Qaddoum

Soldiers just used live bullets against the protesters in Kufer Qaddoum. No injuries recorded. A resident of Kufer Qaddoum, brother of popular committed coordinator, is being detained at the checkpoint at the entrance to the village. Military jeeps are blocking the single entrance to Kufer Qaddoum, laying siege on the village to stifle the weekly protest.

"As with all recent weeks, at the entrance of the village was a surprise checkpoint, to whom it is a surprise. As we are used to in the recent weeks we, entered the village in an alternative way. About two hundred Palestinians, handful of international and ten Israelis marched toward the blocked road. The army waited for us closer than usual and soon after a few minutes the skunk waterings truck came and sprayed the village with the best stink of the occupation. Immediately afterwards the army began shooting tear gas into the crowd of protesters.
During the demonstration two shots of live ammunition were fired into the air in the direction of the shabab probably. It was the first time live ammunition was fired in Kadum. This Friday, the demonstration was dispersed without the usual triumph march but also without serious injuries - apart from gas inhalation and one Palestinian who was hit by a tear gas canister and received treatment in the village.
Update on the 21 detainees arrested on the night of the mass arrests two weeks ago: Seven were released on bail. The rest remain in detention. Some of them do not want or can not pay the bail.
On the way back to Israel a maned checkpoint was waiting for us at exit from the village. We were let go after being detained for a few minutes." Picture: A Palestinian protester returning a tear gas canister fired by the Israeli military during a demonstration against the expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel in the village of Kafr Qaddum,

A-Tur & Sheikh Jarrah 20/4/2012

Demonstration in Issawiya Friday, April 20th, at 1:00 PM at the Lookout on Mount Scopus
Despite the partial success in blocking the planned "Slopes of Mount Scopus National Park," the occupation continues to strengthen its choke-hold around Issawiya. On the evening of Land Day, police forces burst into the neighborhood and carried out many arrests, including children. Some of them are still detained to this day.
The residents of Issawiya are determined to continue their struggle for freedom. We will stand by their side in solidarity in a demonstration that will leave from the Lookout on Mount Scopus at 1:00 PM. The demonstration will begin immediately after a Muslim prayer service that will take place there. You can arrive either directly to the Lookout at 1:00 PM or at 12:45 PM at the Aroma Cafe by the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus.

Nearly 100 Palestinians and Israelis converged on Mount Scopus which overlooks the Dome of the Rock in the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon to march against a planned national park in the Issawiya and A-Tur neighborhoods of occupied East Jerusalem. They protest against the Jewish settlers who live in the Arab East Jerusalem's a-Tur neighborhood and against a decision by the Jerusalem municipality and Israel's Nature and Parks Authority (NPA) to build a national park on Palestinian land in a-Tur and Issawiya.
The proposed plan will place hundreds of acres of privately owned Palestinian land under the jurisdiction of Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority. By allocating the area as a national park, the Israeli authorities avoid paying the necessary compensation.
The protest began following the traditional Friday prayer service. Palestinian boys hoisted Palestinian flags in the air, seen by authorities as an affront, and chanted in Arabic, “End the Occupation. "It as a great parade. We walked into the Mount Scopus Observatory - Tur, through "Beit-Hoshen" settlement in the center of A-Tur neighborhood, up to the observatory opposite the Seven Arches Hotel. Residents of A-Tur went out of their homes and join us, and there was an excellent atmosphere that gives encouragement to continue the joint struggle and to expand it."
Guy Hircefeld


Solidarity demo with refusnics 16.4.12 at the recruiting center: ------------------------
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue on the background of the hesitating third Intifada

Israel state is in panic from the coming third Intifada. It did an overkill efforts to prevent a few hundred international activist from entering. While in media focus created by it, it had a big shame when Israeli colonel was on video showing brutal hitting of a Danish cyclist in a troop cycling in a demo along the Jordan river valley. The Bil'in seventh international conference was in the focus of the joint struggle not pushing aside the weekly joint demonstrations of the anarchists against the wall have with the popular comities of Beit Ummar, Bi'lin, Kufr A-Dik, Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Ma’sara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Kufr Qaddum, Walaje. Week after week, more than 50 Israelis activists are mobilized with the AAtW and more than 100 other Israeli radicals with various other initiatives are promoting popular struggle against occupation and hampering transfer.

Beit Ummar Saturday April 14 Contact K. at 054-2191547

A Palestinian protester confronts an Israeli soldier during a protest after Palestinians and peace activists were prevented by Israeli troops from reaching Palestinian lands in the West Bank village of Beit Omar near the Jewish settlement of Karmei Tzur on March 24, 2012. AFP PHOTO / HAZEM BADER (Photo credit should read HAZEM BADER/AFP/Getty Images) 2012 AFP

The seventh Bi'lin Conference on Popular Struggle culminated on Friday in a mass demonstration against the Wall and settlements. Demonstrators were able to reach the area between the fences and place a Palestinian flag on top of the Wall.

Hundreds of Palestinian activists, residents of Bil'in and international and about 30 Israeli allies of the AAtW joined the weekly protest in the village that has become one of the main symbols of popular struggle against Israeli apartheid. The protesters marched from conference site near the route of the removed separation fence towards the near by Abu Lamon grove, in the area returned to the village by court order after a long popular and legal struggle and the new wall beyond it. Protesters carried flags and banners of various political factions, demonstrating unity in struggle and commitment of popular movement. As the protesters reached the area near the Wall, the army started using tear-gas projectiles and the "skunk" – a foul-smelling water cannon, to disperse them. Some of the protesting youth answered military repression by throwing stones at the Wall and on the truck carrying the skunk. Clashes maintained for a few hours after which the demonstration ended peacefully. No injuries or arrests were reported.

Friday end of the 7th conference demonstration, Apr. 13, 2012
israel putermam

Kufr A-Dik Friday April 13 Contact Yuval at or 050-xxxxxxxx (SMS only)

Jerusalem - Sheikh Jarrah

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem.
They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.
Please make the effort and join them this Friday, April 13


Friday demonstration, Apr. 13, 2012.
IDF waiting in the end of the village in big numbers.
A demonstration against the Wall also took place in the village of al-Ma'asara, where soldiers prevented the residents from reaching their lands. It ended peacefully, with no injuries or arrests reported. Many of the participants traveled to the near by Walaje for the special event of the Jenin Freedom Theater.

Nabi Saleh

16 Year Old Hit in the Eye by Tear-Gas Projectile in Nabi Saleh
The demonstration in Nabi Saleh this week was held in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike. In the past month, three children were hit in the face by tear-gas canisters during protests in the village, as the Israeli army continues to shoot canisters directly at protesters against its own open-fire regulations.

Dozens joined the weekly protests against the occupation and settlements in Nabi Saleh this week. The demonstration was held in solidarity with the growing protest movement of political prisoners inside Israeli prisons, in particular prisoners who have gone on open-ended hunger strikes to protests administrative detention. The demonstration commenced shortly after the Friday prayer and proceeded from the center of the village towards the spring that was confiscated by settlers of the adjacent Jewish only settlement of Halamish.
As demonstrators went down the hill, the army started shooting tear-gas canisters and rubber-coated bullets, and used the skunk – foul smelling water cannon, all with the aim of repressing the popular unarmed demonstration. Clashes soon erupted between the local youth and the soldiers. A 16 year-old Osama Tamimi was injured in the eye after a tear-gas canister was shot directly towards his face. Osama was evacuated to the hospital, not before the army held the ambulance at the checkpoint for some 20 minutes. Luckily, Osama did not lose sight in his injured eye and will likely to recover from this injury. This is the third event in four weeks in which children from Nabi Saleh are hit in the face by tear-gas projectiles and rubber-coated bullets. These injuries highlight a dangerous trend on part of the Israeli army, which shoots demonstrators in order to injure them, sometimes in violation of its own open-fire regulations which stipulates appropriate use of crowd dispersal weaponry. 8 other protesters were injured more lightly during the demonstration, which ended with sundown.

Manal writes: "Today is one of the worst day in Nabi SAleh , the Zionist aiming directly on protester , Osamah my son was shot in the head with tear gas canister near the eye , thank God he is OK , but our day is just begin"
Today's demo in #NabiSaleh is for hunger striking prisoners #BilalThiab & #ThaerHalahlah who are on Day 46 of their hunger strike protest against Administrative Detention.
Activists in Nabi Saleh are reporting on twitter that the Israeli military have deliberately delayed the evacuation of Manal Tamimi's 16 year old son who was hit in the head with a tear gas canister. Israeli activist activists are also reporting that they have also been also hit by teargas canisters -in the waist and torso.

8 people was injured today in the village , they shot two houses directly with tear gas , one of the houses were in fire the other one is my house the canister broke the glass and the house is full of tear gas .
Friday demonstration, Apr. 13, 2012
David Reeb


‎04.13.2012 Outbreak of clashes between the people of Ni'lin and the forces of occupation after Friday prayers near the confiscated land (lens: Hudhayfah ) Residents of Ni'ilin Demand Access to Lands Eye On Palestine
Chen Misgav

Kufr Qaddum

Kfer Qaddum a West bank village located East of Qalqiliya started to organize regular demonstrations in July 2011 protesting against the blocking of the main road east of the village.
Friday 13/04/2012 -- ‎2 man running away from tear gas shot by Israeli army during the weekly demonstration
Haim Schwarczenberg


Jenin Freedom Theater Performs in al-Walajah On a mountain top that is soon to be cut off from the village of Al-Walajah, members of the renowned Freedom Theater from Jenin staged stories of resistance to Israel's occupation.

Freedom Theater Performing in al-Walajah.
Some 200 people, Palestinians from across the West Bank, Israeli and international activists, came to Al-Walajah this week to participate in a creative protest staged by the renowned Jenin Freedom Theater. The theaters crew has been touring around Palestinian sites of popular resistance in the past few months as part of their "Freedom Bus" project. In every site, the actors use "playback theater" techniques to tell the stories of local residents and their resistance to Israeli oppression. The performance in al-Walajah took place near one of the houses of the village that is effectively encircled by the separation Wall. To prevent this special event from taking place, the Israeli army blocked most of the entrances to the village. Nevertheless, most of the audience was able to make its way into the village, proving that in Palestine, despite repression, the show of resistance goes on.

Al-Walaja is an agrarian village of about 2,000 people, located south of Jerusalem and West of Bethlehem. Following the 1967 Occupation of the West Bank and the redrawing of the Jerusalem municipal boundaries, roughly half the village was annexed by Israel and included in the Jerusalem municipal area. The other village's residents, however did not receive Israeli residency or citizenship, and are considered illegal in their own homes.
Once completed, the path of the Wall is designed to encircle the village's built-up area entirely, separating the residents from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and almost all their lands - roughly 5,000 dunams. Previously, Israeli authorities have already confiscated approximately half of the village's lands for the building of the Har Gilo and Gilo settlements, and closed off areas to the south and west of it. The town's inhabitants have also experienced the cutting down of fruit orchards and house demolition due to the absence of building permits in Area C.


Sunday 16.4 morning, at the recruiting center near Tel Aviv, a solidarity demo for Noam Gur and Alon Gurman who will submit an official refusal to military service.
16/4 Demonstration in support of Israeli refusers being imprisoned
16/4, 9 AM, in the entrance to the "Bakum" in Tel Hashomer military base
(Transportation will leave Arlozerov terminal, Tel Aviv, at 8:15, Register with N: 054xxxxxxxx, and from the Liberty bell garden in Jerusalem, at 7:45, Register with S: 054xxxxxxx - you may SMS as well)
Noam Gur and Alon Gurman will arrive, on Monday 16/4, to the enlistment office in Tel Hashomer military base, where they will declare their refusal to serve in the Israeli Army as it is an occupying power, and will be imprisoned time and time again for this refusal.
In his refusal declaration Alon wrote:
"My refusal to serve in the Israeli military, in addition to being a refusal to take part in occupation and apartheid, is an act of solidarity with our Palestinian friends living under Israeli regime, and struggle for liberty, justice and equality."
In her refusal declaration Noam wrote:
"I refuse to join an army that has, since it was established, been engaged in dominating another nation, in plundering and terrorizing a civilian population that is under its control."
Friends and supporters will join Alon and Noam to the base, and remind the young Israelis about to join the army, that the occupation still continues, that there are those who appose it, and that we must all act like Noam and Alon and refuse to take part in the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people.
For more information please contact Neta: n.
Guy Butavia

Ben Gurion airport

Sunday afternoon, welcome initiative for the social justice activists coming for activity in occupied Bethlehem - the Israeli state try to block. (Repeating last year action - the media keep repeating screening, Claiming they are all anarchist: both the social justice activists and the welcome action...)
Flytilla 2
photo: Yonatan Shapira among arrested Israelis at Ben Gurion. So far 30 French arrested, 6 of them on way to deportation. 4 Israelis arrested.
2 Israeli activists holding drawings made by Bethlehem children at TLV airport #AirFlotilla2!/emilie_baujard/status/191471939867521024/photo/1
Every half hour news update 15:00 report that already 6 Israelis were arrested.
15:45 Already 9 Israeli arrested
‎1 more Israeli activist arrested. 2 detained. Total of 12
Israeli activist Ronnie Barkan was arrested yesterday at the airport while he was waiting to be interviewed on Israeli Channel Two. (Seen it in the TV news of Channel Two.)
Dozens of international activists were arrested in an international day of solidarity where 1500 activists tried to land in Israel's Ben Gurion Airport to travel to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Social justice

Protest against the police violence - Jerusalem 09-04-2012 On 13 March at 11.00 p.m. Ovadia Ben Abraham, a veteran activist in the Jerusalem tent protest,

Social justice (Occupy) Tel Aviv 07-04-2012

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The 7th Bil'in Conference of the joint struggle against the separation wall and occupation

Palestine-Israel, The 7th Bil'in Conference of the joint struggle against the separation wall and occupation

When the call for the third non armed Intifada is issued by the Palestinian leader Marwan Burguti from his jail cell, the 7th Bil'in Conference of popular struggle is both celebration the log way we made, commemoration the martyrs murdered by the Israeli state forces, solidarity with the activists in jail and opportunity for wishing health for all those injured during the non yielding struggle. Hundreds of internationals, Palestinians from the whole west bank, and two dozen Israeli activists participated in the first day of the conference. It happened after a week and of joint struggles in various locations of the occupied Palestine, and it will end in the Friday demo in Bil'in that symbolize the unyielding joint non armed struggle against the separation fence that now is on the verge of transforming into the much fiercer Intifada. (This explain the vicious attack on the Nabi Saleh, Qaddum villages and Beit Ummar whose struggle is not related to the Wall.

Beit Ummar

one Palestinian child, in addition to an Israeli and an international peace activist, were injured after Israeli soldiers attacked the weekly nonviolent protest against the Wall and the near by Settlement


Two delegations from Norway joined the weekly demonstration in Bil'in, protesting the racist policies against Palestinian prisoners and demanding their release. The Israeli army soldiers, situated behind the concrete wall shot rubber bullets , stun grenades, tear gas and waste water mixed with chemicals towards the participants.
Haitham Al Khatib, Iyas Abu Rahmah
Rani Abdel Fatah

East Jerusalem-Al-Kuds

The weekly demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah
Mario Savio


The popular committee of Al-Ma'asara village calls people to join us tomorrow in the weekly demo. The demo tomorrow will be in solidarity with the political prisoners.
Weekly demonstration, Friday Apr. 6, 2012

Nabi Saleh

Weekly demonstration, Apr. 6, 2012
Israeli occupation forces advancing and pushing people back into village. Skunk truck is spraying people near local petrol station.
On the backdrop of continuing night raids , numerous injuries sustained at the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh. A photographer injured after he was hit in the head by a tear gas projectile shot directly at him by the Israel army. The army doused the participants, homes, and the local gas station with "skunk" water, and fired huge amounts of tear gas projectiles. Journalists were repeatedly attacked by soldiers with physical force. A shock grenade was tossed at local journalist, Bilal Tamimi's feet
Michael Treiger
QNN Media
Issam Rimawi
Bilal Tamimi


Weekly demonstration, Apr. 6, 2012

Kufr Qaddum

Friday Apr. 6, 2012 Protest against the Jewish settlement of Qadomem, near the West Bank City of Nablus

After Israeli army nightly incursion into Kufr Qadum accompanied by massive arrest of villagers, the children of the village have come out in protest with a message to the occupying army and the world: "You Arrested Our Fathers, So We Lead the Demonstration Today".

"In the entrance of the village stood a flying checkpoint, what has become commonplace.
So we had to go like last week in roundabout ways.
Procession marched over two hundred and fifty Palestinians, about thirty-five internationals and Israelis. The demonstration began as usual accompanied by music and good atmosphere.
An army contingent was waiting on the outskirts of the village and on rooftops and minutes after we got started skunk water were sprayed on us in large quantities. Soon after they started shooting a lot of tear gas and shock grenades. Shabab of the village gave as usual impressive fight. And the army began to advance a little into the village and shoot gas both in front of us and from the hills on our left.
The protest was marked by mass arrests made by the henchmen of the occupation on Thursday early morning.
The army got about twenty young men and looted jewelery.
As the demo finished, the triumph march was more determined than ever. Firm and unyielding.
Singing and clapping demonstrators returned to the village center. There were two short speeches, That I did not understand but sensed that they were speeches of a considerable victory, struggle and adherence to fighting beck, despite the price They pay due to the diligence demonstrations.
Even at the end of the demonstration army blocked the entrance to the village and we had to go back the unpaved roads I did not believe we can pass...
But here we are.
Small incident was as one of the photographers was assaulted by one of the boys but all the photographers around him quickly backed him an called the organizers who
supported and clarified that photographers should not be hurt, and drove the youngster away. It is important that though not all the shabab are aware of it - as that is a big demonstration, but most of the protesters and march organizers understand
the importance of photography and are backing us and explain the shabab whenever a conflict arouse."
Haim Schwarczenberg
Dima Dany Zarkh

South Hebron Hills

I accompanied a group of Palestinians farmers in Wadi between Bat Ayin and Tzafa (Beit Ummar). Settlers came towards us. Army and director arrived. Thanks to anarchists, we have official written permit for the Palestinians to work their land. The settlers just asked us not to photo the settlement and some remained to ensure it. We agreed that as long as the settlers do not advance to us, we do not take pictures of the settlement.

Al Walajah!

Friday, April 13 at 3:30pm
Commemorating 64 years since the Dayr Yassin massacre
On Monday, April 9, we will commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Dayr Yassin massacre. We will walk along the main street of the village (now Kanfey Nesharim Street), learn about the village and its Nakba, and pass some of the Palestinian buildings that are still standing along the road - people were massacred in some of them - as well as the Kfar Shaul mental hospital, whose buildings were once the core of the village. We'll stop at the remains of the Palestinian cemetery and end the tour in the grove behind the hospital.
We will carry signs bearing the names of the victims of the massacre.
The tour will begin at Kanfey Nesharim 22, Jerusalem, at 16:00, and will end at 18:00.
For information: Umar


Tomorrow at 8:30pm demo and....
Town Square, You arrive Saturday with revolutionary mats, tents, blankets, couches, signs ... After the demonstration anyway remain in-take advantage of the mass of the people to strengthen the camp (spring)
We were four hundreds according to TV news. After lot of marching around in the town square, the march along the main street started, blocking the traffic to the north. Later, a main intersection was blocked for a while before marching back to the square. Police was very tolerant and most of the time let the demonstrators alone till nearly the end. Two kids age 14 were physically assaulted by "law keepers" and one adult was rushed to hospital after a lousy kick by a policeman. Five demonstrators were arrested and scores came to the police station in solidarity.

Dear Friend the AAtW needs your help

I am writing on behalf of Anarchists Against The Wall to ask for your support for our legal defense fund. It has been another intense year of constant struggle against the construction of Israel's wall. We have also worked on struggles against Israeli settlements and for freedom of movement for Palestinians. We have managed to reach every village in the West Bank that invited us to join their struggle. We have continued to march in villages such as Bilin, whose struggle we joined seven years ago when its demonstrations began; and we have recently joined villages such as Kafr Qadum, which has been demonstrating for seven months.

Throughout hopeful times and times of mourning, we have continued to demonstrate every single week following the example of our Palestinian partners. This year another demonstrator was killed in the struggle for his freedom. Mustafa Tamimi of Nabi Saleh was shot by the army at close range and died from his injuries the following day. Like a lot of the people in his village Mustafa had formed close ties with many of the Israeli supporters, and his killing was a shock to many of us.

The knowledge that our struggle is supported by people throughout the world helps sustain our work but we are also in need of donations to be able to keep activists out of jails and in the struggle. Please donate what you can and consider making recurring monthly donations.

We have no office, no paid staff. Our objective is to reach $2,500 per month to cover the legal fees and thus to ensure that all our activists receive good representation when they need it. Donations (which are tax deductible in the US) can be made through our website Please consider lending a hand.

All the best,
Adi W.

P.O. Box 5046
Tel-Aviv, TA 61050

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The joint non armed struggle expanded and the third Intifada was "officially" declared

The involved of the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative and other Israeli radicals that joined us, within the popular non armed struggle of the grass root Palestinian communities, prevented the Israeli state to suppress it with rivers of blood. Now, that it collected momentum, the most popular Palestinian leader Marwan Burguti call for the third Intifada. It may take time to develop as the Palestinian authority do not seem to be happy for this development... But, may be it will not be able to put too many sticks in the wheels that start to spin. The Israeli state seems to be nearly helpless to stop this development but they vent their frustration on the heroic people of Nabi Saleh that are the symbol of the expanded of the struggle beyond the confrontations regarding the separation fence/wall.

Beit Ommar

The Beit Ommar Popular Committee and in coordination with the National High Follow-Up Committee for Popular Resistance is inviting you to participate in the "Loyalty Day for Land" marking the "Land Day" and in conjunction with the "Global March to Jerusalem 30.3.2012", and in solidarity with the 30 Palestinian prisoners hunger strikers, your presence and participation is highly appreciated on Saturday 31.3.2012
"Reminder: Register for Transportation to Saturday March 31 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements Beit Ummar Saturday March 31
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Some 1,000 people marched towards the checkpoint on the way to Jerusalem, where they were confronted by Palestinian police. After succeeding to break police lines, demonstrators reached the wall, and some started throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the watchtower. Soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets, causing several severe injuries.


Dozens of cases of suffocation by poison gas was marked in the weekly march which organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil'in. The march comes on the 36 anniversary of the Land day and to support Palestinian political prisoners, the demonstration included participation of Bil'in's residents, Israeli and international peace activists.
The march began after Friday prayers from the center of the village heading to land which was liberated a few months ago, Participants raised Palestinian flags and they chanted slogans calling for national unity, departure of the occupation , destruction of the apartheid, slogans calling for freedom for Palestinian prisoners.

Upon the arrival of Participants to Abu Lemon area, demonstrators made some holes in the spools of barbed wire, then the soldiers Who were situated behind the concrete wall shot tear gas canisters mainly and rubber bullets, and threw some sound grenades. They also sprayed skunk water towards the participants. Some of the participants (the youngsters of the shabab) threw stones to the soldiers Who were behind the wall.

Rani Abdel Fatah


The village of Budrus was actually one of the quieter places to be today. This small yet ancient village, with lands on both sides of the green line, was one of the first to raise the flag of non-violent resistance to separation fence, and after a long struggle, regained 95 percent of the lands de-facto annexed to Israel by the construction of the barrier. The route of the fence was changed. An award-winning film was made about the local struggle, and many villages were inspired by it to take the same path of struggle. “Today’s demonstration is actually mainly symbolic,” says local popular committee activist Ayed Morrar. “This is all about resisting the occupation and commemorating Land Day. Even though we were so successful in our struggle, the occupation lives on.”
And so the demonstration started. Right after the Friday noon prayer, some 100 residents and five Israeli activists marched the short distance towards the infamous separation fence. It was a beautiful day, and one could see all the way to Tel Aviv – if one was to look over the fence that still steals 5 percent of the village’s agricultural lands. Once at the barrier, demonstrators started waving flags and chanting slogans about the people’s commitment to their land. From the other side of the fence, soldiers warned villagers to stay away from the fence, and after about five minutes started throwing stun grenades and firing tear gas into the non-violent crowd.
Within seconds, the atmosphere changed: the masses ran back toward the village, while a few youngsters stayed behind, throwing stones at the soldiers. Over the next two hours, the soldiers shot hundreds of tear gas canisters at the youth and the village, used the “skunk” water water cannon and the Long Range Acoustic Device (aka “the scream”). They even cross the fence three times, chasing the youth into the village, filling the narrow streets with the stench of tear gas, and then leave.

Kafr al-Dik

Tree Planting to mark Land Day in Mar. 29, 2012


Sheikh Jarrah

Nabi Saleh

Army forces tried to prevent Israelis from joining the demonstrations, but about 20 were able to answer the Palestinian invitation and attend the protest.
10 people arrested at the entrance to Nabi Saleh ahead of the demo there this morning.
Protest to mark Land Day, Mar. 30, 2012 Nabi Saleh live on #Ustream. Come watch and chat! 14:08
Haim Schwarczenberg
David Reed


In Nil’in, more than 200 local and Israeli activists marched towards the wall, where they were met by dozens of soldiers. Gas and stones were exchanged for about an hour
Around 300 people took part in the protest in Nilin, one journalist has been injured.

Ofer (concentration camp)

We're organizing some protest action in support of Hana Shalabi, on her 44th day of hunger strike tomorrow (Thursday), at 16:00. We need more people.
If anybody is interested, please give me a call, 050-xxxxxxx. There's also a demo at Ofer, Palestinian side, at 12:00.

Kufer Qaddoum,

Israeli Anarchist Against the Wall: "At the entrance to the village surprised us a make shift road block, usually designed to block the the free passage of Palestinians.
We walked around it through the land and we arrived to the village center.
Two hundred Palestinians participated in the protest and a few Israelis. We marched in a procession accompanied by Music and some customary speeches as is the usual ritual in Kadum towards the forbidden road.
After not too many minutes shower of teargas which was shot at us from the front and from the hills wrapped us.
After some more time it was the turn of the skunk water spray. The less unusual and dangerous - that has already been done several times but not so intense, was the shooting of canisters of tear gas directly at the demonstrators during the flight from the skunk water.
Few dozen hurt from tear gas inhalation and eight wounded by tear gas and were treated on the spot.
At the end of the demonstration when the army retreated, the protesters returned to the village. It was not really a victory parade but as usual, was accompanied by a little music and shouts of joy.
After the demonstration, we learned that the army was waiting for us at the entrance of the village. So, we delayed traveling home for about an hour as guests an heard more
stories and interesting facts about the village we did not know about problems of supply of water and electricity (connected only three years ago".


Qalandia protest to mark Land Day, Mar. 30, 2012
"My experience...
About 1,000 protestors marched from the center of Qlandia refugee camp aiming to reach Jerusalem, When see'ing the march the soldiers unleashed the scream device and after and it added the skunk water spray and mass of tear gas. Then they used something i haven't seen before in protests, a rubber coated bullet canon, i noticed that every time it fires, someone gets heart, that once you hear the sound of the canon you have a few seconds till it hits and you never know were... and the best thing to do is find a cover if you can and cover your head, try to be as small as you can, at one time a Palestinian protester who stood next to me did not do that and was hit in three places falling in pain to the ground, as I am filling useless in helping while the medics jumped on him, I realized I was hit as well in the back of the upper part of the leg, the pain started to spread, knowing I can walk and function and other around me cant, I decided not to trouble them with medical help, during the protest there where a few attempts by two groups (one of them led by a brave blind student from east Jerusalem) to push forward by a non-violent march towards the barrier and the soldiers, Around 80 protestors needed medical care, mostly from coated rubber bullets hits, 12 where evicted to hospital, at the end we didn't reach Jerusalem!"

Over 100 injuries reported from #Qalandia as LRAD, tear gas, skunk water, rubber coated steel bullets rain on demonstrators. Some activists reported also live ammo.
Soldiers shoot a rubber-coated bullet at an ambulance in Qalandia. More than a hundred injured so far
Haitham Al Khatib
Haitham Al Khatib
israel putermam

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Billionaires Against Human Rights vigil. Mocked block at the human rights march 24.3.12.

Land day

Land Day march on Saturday will Jaffa 31/3 at 15:00 from the port of Jaffa and the rally will end in two in Jaffa. The event is the organization of institutions and organizations operating in Jaffa.
Chen Misgav

During the week. As intimidation towards the coming Land Day. State security officers phoned some activists of the anarchists against the wall - warning them and trying to engage them in conversations which all of them declined. Later, some of them received official letters ordering them to report to the police center for interrogation.

Social Struggle

It was not dormant all along the winter, but spring time gave the struggle a bust. Previous week it was the big demo against the war mongering regarded Iran. Saturday marked the collect momentum in Tel Aviv with late evening demo. More than 1000 marched.
The city square sees beginning of tent occupation. Few evening in a row activists marched and blocked for a while main road.

Wadi Al-Na'am

The main commemoration of the Land Day in the Negev (southern part of the country where the Israeli Palestinians Bedouins live) will be held on March 30, at the unrecognized village of Wadi Al-Na'am. The event will start at 3pm.
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