Friday, May 30, 2008

Palestine-Israel, an intensive week of joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall were involved with

Ktsiot, Um Salmuna, Ni'ilin, Bil'in, Dir Istiya...

Bil'in is not alone... and more so lately. The struggle in Ni'ilin catch momentum. After months of meetings and preparations it started the previous week.This week we participated there in four demonstrations, in the first one the works on the route of the fence were stopped for more than half an hour. Thursday our activists went for a solidarity demonstration with Mousa Abu Maria - activist of the joint struggle in the south of Bethlehem region, who is administratively jailed at the Ktsiot concentration camp. On Friday we had the the 171th demonstrations at Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Um Salmuna. We also participated in the demonstration against the theft of lands of the village Dir Istiya for the settler colony of Revava.


A noisy solidarity demonstration with Mousa Abu Maria outside the Ktsiot military concentration camp (for Palestinians) * free Mousa Abu Maria *

Ten demonstrators came to the military court at the Ktsiot prison to express their support for the peace activist Mousa Abu Maria of the Beit Umar village, while there was hearing of his contesting the administrative order of his detention issued against him a month ago.

The hearing of the contest against the ratifying the detention order for 6 months period was behind closed doors. Behind these closed doors the demonstrators converged. On their chests were banners of "I am Mousa Abu Maria" in various languages. All along the hearing they called with a megaphone for the release of Mousa and the other prisoners, against administrative detention, and agains the occupation. They accompanied it with high volium drooming. The calls and noise were heard clearly within the caravan housing the court.

The demonstration raised interest within the prison and few minuted after it started prison guards arrived, tried to drive the demonstrators away, to confiscate the banners and detained the photographers documenting the action.

In spite of that, the demonstration continued till the end of the hearing, while in parallel the photographs were checked if not violating the ban of photographing the military premises. Though the verdict will be given in the near future, there is no much hope the verdict based on secret "evidence" not available for refuting by the defense will bring the release of Mousa.

Mousa is age 30. He is one of the founders of the Palestinian Solidarity Project (PSP) grass roots community non armed activity for joint struggle together with internationals and Israeli activists.





We participated this week in the Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and friday demonstrations:

"Struggle Against the Wall in Nil’in Begins Anew, Amidst Use of New Weaponry.
If the Israeli military gets what it is asking, Nil’in along with 7 other villages in the Western Ramallah district will be completely surrounded by the Annexation Barrier and Israeli-only settlement roads. In 2003 the villagers of the district, including Budrus, Al-Midya, Dir Qaddis and Kharbata, held almost daily demonstrations against the confiscation of their land. In Budrus, the campaign was successful and the Annexation Barrier was pushed back to the Green Line in all but a few hundred meters of land. This week, construction has begun again on the land of Nil’in and the demonstrations have begun in earnest. Four demonstrations have been held in the past week and the residents, numbering in the several hundreds, have been successful in blocking the bulldozers on more than one occasion.

Yesterday (Tuesday), approximately 500 Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists marched to the site of the bulldozers and attempted again to block the destruction of the Palestinian land and livelihood. They were met with overwhelming violence, including a jeep-mounted tear gas ‘cannon’ capable of shooting several canisters of tear gas at once directly into a crowd. Participants held out for quite some time under the barrage of tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets, and sound grenades though more than 2 dozen were injured, including at least four people who required hospitalization. Demonstrations in Ni’lin will continue as residents are determined to resist the theft of their land and their livelihoods."

Thursday, 5 activists were arrested - 4 Palestinians and one of the Israeli AAtW. The Israeli activist was released after a night in prison on condition he will not participate for the following 60 days in the struggle in Ni'ilin....

Video clips:

Here is a link to the report about the struggle in Ni'ilin of 25-05-08

Here is the call for Tuesday and Thursday demonstrations:
The village of Ni'ilin will hold a big demo this Tuesday, against the construction of the apartheid wall, taking most of the its remaining lands.
The last few demos in the village, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, were strong and inspiring. At two of them the people of the village succeeded in blocking the bulldozers and stop their work. I know it's hard to come to demos on weekdays, but as long as the people of the village are willing to try and stop the construction, it's very important that we join them.

Video of that demo:

Another demo will take place on Thursday.
Video of the Thursday demonstration:

Two of the three Israeli TV channels included part of the documentary.
In it you can see the commanders stop soldiers from brutalizing demonstrators in front of the cameras... The army spoke person claim that was included in the evening news was that the said soldiers were already punished... (probably for their stupidity of harassing Israeli demonstrators in front of cameras)

[Your editor with his white hairs can be seen in the above video clip with partial immunity due to white heirs... I.S.]


Um Salmuna 30-05-08 by kobi snitz

Two arrests at the weekly demonstration in Um Salmuna.
The weekly demonstration at Um Salmuna was joined by a large American delegation from the Christian Peacemakers Team and the holly land trust.

As every week, soldiers placed an arbitrary line marked with barbed wire and prevented the demonstration from marching to the land. When some insisted on their right to march they were attacked by soldiers and border police troops. Two Israelis were arrested but eventually released at the spot where the demo took place.



During the week, mainly at nights, activists of the AAtW helped to keep presence at the Bil'in outpost located west of the separation fence. From time to time the state force do not follow the decree of the Israeli Highest court which ordered it to let the people of the Bil'in village to cross the separation fence to their lands located west of it. The outpost that was built about two years ago, during a rainy winter night, in order to make the presence of the Bil'in people at the lands west of the separation fence, more visible, is one of the continuous arenas of confrontation with the Israeli state forces and the colonialist settlers of the Modi'in Ilit. (It is a settler colonialist town of already more than 30,000 inhabitants, being built on the robbed lands of Bil'in and the neighboring Palestinian villages). The presence and meetings at the outpost is both a tool and a symbol of the joint struggle against the separation fence.

The 171th Friday demonstration was as usual last few weeks.
Like in Ni'ilin, the new automatic canon of tear gas grenades was brought for a test in Bil'in too, and was fired towards the end of the action.

David Reeb video clip of this Friday demonstration:


Dir Istiya

First, the invitation to join the struggle and background:

"For immediate release.
Stop settlement expansion! Stop stealing Palestinian land!

Farmers of Dir Istiya will hold a non-violent protest on their land appropriated by the illegal Israeli Settlement of Revava

On Friday the 30.05.2008, the farmers of Dir Istiya, supported by international and Israeli activists, will hold their Friday prayers on land slated for an expansion of the illegal Israeli Settlement Revava. To assert their ownership they will then plant olive trees on the land razed by Israeli bulldozers in the last days.

On May 15th farmers discovered that bulldozers and diggers were razing land North West of Revava settlement, apparently for a new housing unit for the settlement. At least 200 Dunum belonging two 10 families from Dir Istiya are effected so far. The land is partially planted with olive and tamarind trees, partially used for grazing and collecting wild plants. However, Israeli settlers and army have prevented Palestinian farmers from planting summer crops and trees on their land close to the settlement since the late 1990s, repeatedly threatening the farmers and uprooting olive trees.

On Monday, the 26th of May, after complaints with the DCO did not result in the work being stopped, farmers spontaneously went to physically stop the bulldozers. A temporary freeze on the work was then imposed by the DCO, but might be lifted or violated by the constructors any time. The village is preparing to file a law suit against the blatant land grab as well as planning a series of protests.

Farmers and Israeli and international supporters will gather in the centre of Dir Istiya at

11.00 a.m. and then march together to the land."


Lately, the Bil'in mode of persistent joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation collect momentum. Though the number of the activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative, and the people who sporadicly join us is too small for join all the villages that invite us to participate in their non violent direct actions we decided to accept the invitation of the popular comity of Dir Istiya.

Following the distribution of the above invitation, a team of our activists traveled there this Friday.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Palestine-Israel, More joint direct actions the AAtW* activists participated in this weekend

Saturday, activists of the AAtW were invited and joined "fighters for peace" - an Israeli organization focused on relations with the Palestinians. They are in the process of radicalization. For their previous direct action in Shufa they coordinated with us (the AAtW) and so for this demonstration. following is report (Haggai) and link of video (Israel) of our people who joined them:
So today we went on the Combatants for Peace bus. And we stayed on the bus. And drove around. And then drove around some more. And then after six and a half hours on the bus we came back to Tel Aviv. ---- That's the short version. ---- The longer version is that the TA+JM bus was stopped at the Minharot checkpoint by police, who said they had intelligence that we were about to commit a life-threatening offense (dismantelling road blocks) - and are therefore forbidden from driving on.

After long group deliberations it was decided that the JM people would go back to Jerusalem and act as if they were leaving, but would re-meet in ten minutes and take a van. Which is what they did, and left towards the Liberman road.
We stayed on the bus, followed by an undercover police car, and took some time in circling Beit Shemesh and getting to the Gush Junction. By then we have already heard that the action was over (the dirt was brushed aside, but police and army attacked once people tried to touch the concrete) and that people were going to the police station to release those arrested. Still we drove on, until a Yasam car stopped us quite close to Hebron. We all got of the bus, and two of us were arrested (one for assaulting a policeman, the other... donno). The police forced us to return to JM, holding the driver's licenses. (the JM people, BTW, did get through, and I don't know what they did once they got to the action-area once it was all over with).

We then drove back to JM, and from there to TA.


The other contingent of activists with AAtW activists from Jerusalem had a better logistics... following the report of Yoav:

"So the following is a short report on Saturday's action with Combatants for Peace in village of Samua (South Hebron area).
About 100 Palestinians and 20 Israelis did get to Samoa on Saturday and started moving the road block (on the road that leads from Samua to Road 60).
After about an hour of work, police (yasam, border police) and army forces prevented us from continuing. Following that, 4 people were arrested for different reasons - three of them were released at about 1Am and one was released only the day after (Sunday) morning after spending the night in Hebron police station.
The two people that were arrested on the bus from Tel Aviv (as you can see in Israel's movie below) were also released Saturday night - one of them with a broken elbow and a very big glove (she seems to feel OK now...). Anyone that was a witness for her arrest please let me know.
Yom Tov

Israel's video:


Ni'ilin 3rd demonstration in 5 days by kobi snitz

The village is mounting a courages and determined fight.

The Israeli government has started to implement a plan which if completed will enclose the village of Ni'ilin and its neighboring villages in an enclave. On one side of the enclave will be the currently approved route of the wall and on the other side, an addition to the wall which follows road 446 about 8 km in order to include two additional settlements on the “Israeli” side of the wall. The proposed addition to the wall will surround an Israeli-only highway while the Palestinians on whose land the wall is being built will be relegated to secondary roads.

Starting last Tuesday, the people of Ni'ilin have began a new phase in their resistance to the wall. They have demonstrated on Tuesday Friday and now Sunday. Each time large numbers of people turn out from the village and are joined by internationals and Israelis. On the two days when the bulldozers were working during the demonstration the protesters stopped the work by placing themselves in front of the machines.

At today's demonstration, two bulldozers were stopped for at least half an hour by the people of the village and their supporters. They included young and old, men and women students and village officials. Five of them were injured by sound bombs and two were arrested (and later released). At the end of the day, the feeling seemed to be of satisfaction with the demonstration and a determination to continue struggling.

Israel's video


Photos and text on:
* The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The involvement of the AAtW* in the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continue

Palestine-Israel, The involvement of the AAtW* in the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continue

This Friday the focus was on the demonstration in Um Salmuna which focused on solidarity with administratively jailed Mousa Abu Maria - one of the main organizers of the (joint) struggle in the region. "Only" ten of us were arrestables in this demonstration... and they were detained but state authority decided to release them after an hour. A new front of struggle opened in the village of Ne'ilin (we pass every Friday on our way to Bil'in) After meetings and other joint actions during the year, a new front opened when when a new part of the separation fence was started. In Bil'in, the 170th Friday demonstration was in the new stile, with successful contact with the electronic fence.

"We are all Mousa Abu Maria" - A solidarity action in Um Salmuna by kobi snitz

10 arrested today in a solidarity action with Palestinian political prisoner Mousa Abu Maria.

Mousa is a well known nonviolent activist and a co-founder of the Palestinian Solidarity Project. He has been a lead organizer in peaceful protest involving hundreds of Israelis and internationals and has been committed to nonviolence for several years.

He has been arrested no April 11 and has since been placed in administrative detention. This is the Israeli term used for imprisonment without trial. His imprisonment is being appealed but since he had no trial it is nearly impossible to challenge the decision.

The weekly demonstration against the wall in Um Salamuna was also in solidarity with Mousa Abu Maria. Mousa was a key organizer for such demos and attended them regularly. The demonstrators who included Palestinians, Internationals and Israelis wore signs on their chests reading "I am Mousa Abu Maria" in several languages. When the demonstrators refused to be ordered around by occupying soldiers on Palestinian land the army considered that a 'provocation'. Ten demonstrators were arrested for this crime and stuffed into an army truck. As the truck drove the demonstrators away they passed a diplomatic delegation stopped by the side of the road. It later turned out that it was French Foreign minister Kouchner who was probably on his way from Bethlehem to Hebron (seen in the AP picture while in Bethlehem). It would be interesting to know if Kouchner had an idea of the struggle waged by the people of the villages he passed by.

After about an hour in detention the detained protectors were dumped in a settlement near Jerusalem.

Original and pictures at:

Link to video of this Friday demonstration in Um Salmuna


Link to video of the previous Friday demonstration in Um Salmuna
Nakba day in Um Salmuna 16-5-08


The new front in Ne'ilin

During the last year we were invited for consultation, coordination meetings and few actions in relation with the separation fence and the near by settler colony Hqshmonaim. This Friday, a team of the AAtW together with a Czech media worker participated in the demonstration against the starting of the works on another part of the separation fence on the lands of the village. Following is the report of one of our team:

Hi all,
On Friday I was at Nilin and we had what I felt was a very successful
demo. There were about 130 people altogether, with 20 or so
internationals and three of our lot. First we met with some of the
organizers in the village and they gave us a short presentation about
the village (they went from 78,000 dunum in '48 to 7500 now) and then we
marched towards the "disputed" land, right underneath the fence of
Hashmonaim settlement. After a lengthy prayer the majority of the
village youth and several internationals went down the hill and towards
the settlement and the soldiers. The soldiers opened fire with
rubber-coated steel bullets and the villagers responded with rocks.
After about half an hour of victimless exchange the soldiers fired lots
and lots of tear gas towards the more active half of the stone-throwers.
During all this the rest of the villagers and the internationals were on
the opposite hill, shouting support. After about an hour of running
around and hiding behind rocks (unfortunately the soldiers never got
close enough for us to address them properly) we left and went back to
the village. The only casualty I know of is one guy who got a slightly
bruised hand from a rubber bullet.

This may seem like a pretty average demo, but the sense of optimism,
enthusiasm and sheer anger (at least in the numerous village youth) was
inspiring and we all came back feeling exhilarated (though tired) and
talking about what a successful action it was.

There will be another demo tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am and on Tuesday at
11 again. Tomorrow's demo is a smaller one for the landowners, and on
Tuesday they would like a big gathering. We are invited to both.


In Bil'in, the 170th joint Friday demonstration against the separation fence and occupation - that is already a legend (Google: 292,000 for "Bil'in"). Lately, another point of the separation fence that rob more than the village lands was selected - Northern than the gate to the other side where the Israeli state force are waiting for us. When we arrived near the fence - after the usual march at noon from the village center, we found only few soldiers at the other side of the fence, who did not respond to the assault of the bolder participants.
People succeeded to pass the spool of the barbed wire and the outer fence of the route of the separation fence, shook the electronic fence and even hung flags on it. Stones were thrown on a photoelectric gadget of the fence too... and still no response. Only when a reinforcement from the state forces at the gate arrived, the usually shooting of tear gas and rubber coated bullet started.

Few times, tear gas grenades were returned to them, and one of these landed in the middle of concentration of state force who retreated fast for a while - tasting what they treat us every Friday.

See Emad video of this Friday demonstration at:

Following is an excerpt of the report of one of the village comity:

"Villagers from Bil'in, located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, supported by international and Israeli peace activists conducted their weekly nonviolent protest, on Friday midday, against the illegal Israeli wall built on the village's land.Protesters carried banners demanding the removal of the Israeli wall and settlements. As is the case each week the protests started after the mid-day Friday prayers were finished in the local mosque, villagers from Bil'in, along with Israeli and international peace activists, marched towards the location of the Wall which is separating the village from its land."

Though the grass roots villages' comities and even higher national levels
of the Palestinians of all parties and trends support the joint struggle with the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative, it is not easy for them to reveal our political identity.
Most of the instances they label us as Israeli peace activists... but often enough people and even political leaders do give us credit with our true identity admitted.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The Friday joint actions the Israeli AAtW are involved with - Bil'in, Um Salmuna, El-Hader.

The 60 years anniversary of the Naqba included many activities both in Palestine and Israel. The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall were invited to more activities than we could attend. The following three traditional Friday demonstrations got the priority. There was the new tradition of more than a year long of demonstrations against the separation fence in the south of Bethlehem region (see report on Um Salmuna and Al-Hadder bellow). The third was, of course, the 169 Friday demonstration in Bil'in. As we choose the less frequent route of march to the Northern part of the fence, the state force came a bit late for the usual confrontation, which was of low intensity - mostly tear gas.

South of Bethlehem

Um Salmuna:

On Friday (16.5) morning some thirty Palestinians, 25 internationals and 5 Israelis gathered for the weekly demonstration against the wall in Um Salamunne, which was this week dedicated to the memory of the Palestinian Naqba. As the regular Border Police units were probably too busy guarding Bush's visit, there were none of them around to stop the demonstration, and only 15 soldiers (all of them new to the area) guarded the barbed wire put on the road to prevent demonstrators from marching to the route of the wall and to the village lands.
The demonstrators successfully confiscated two such metal fences, facing stun grenades thrown at them by the soldiers (these were thrown very close to some of the children who came to the demonstration), and managed to proceed several meters behind the soldier lines before being stopped again.
Following several more confrontations, speeches about the Naqba, and one round of "We Shall Overcome" sung by the Americans who joined the demonstration (leaving the soldiers quite bewildered) - the demonstration ended, and everybody returned to the village.


Later that day, after the Friday noon prayer which took place on the main road to their village, citizens of Al-Hadder marched towards the planned route of the wall on their lands. They were stopped by Border Police, threatening to shoot anybody who touches the barbed wire put on the road. After chanting several slogans and giving speeches on the Naqba - demonstrators left back to the village.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The week of 60 anniversary of the Nakba.

This week the Israeli Anarchists against the wall added appropriate activities to the on going struggle against the separation fence and occupation. Tuesday night, activists prepared a reminder to the celebrating people who visit the forested areas what the woods are covering. Added on Friday to the usually joint demonstrations - together with Palestinian partners, in Bil'in (West of Ramalla) and Um Salmuna (South of Bethlehem), was the mocking salutation for the Israeli national pride. It was done with the second "national erection parade" in Tel Aviv. Saturday was another special action at the Shufa village - to which the AAtW people were invited by the Israeli "Combatants for Peace".

In Israel, the overwhelming majority of the 80% of population which are Jews, are celebrating every year in May, the 1948 massacres and the transfer of the Palestinians from 75% of Palestine. The masses of people are going out to the woods to have meat on the grill. Many of these woods are covering the ruins of most of the more than five hundreds Palestinian villages occupied in 1948. Activists prepared for them notices by decorating the entrances of some of the woods: see at:

"Yesterday night, activist sabotaged signs in several JNF (Jewish National Fund) forests that are planted on destroyed Palestinian villages in order to remind the many visitors who are expected to come tomorrow, to celebrate the day of independence, the Catastrophe of the Palestinians that was caused by the Jewish state".

The 167th Friday demonstration in Bil'in was as usual. In addition to the various flags and chants, special chants and placard were about the 60 years for the Nacba. A video clip of this Friday demo is at:

Um Salmuna and Al Khader May 9 2008 by kobi snitz

The army acted in the reflexive way it is accustomed to act: by collectively punishing the village. The weekly demonstration at Um Salmuna drew a small crowd of Palestinians Israelis and internationals. The demonstrators marched towards the village's lands but as usual were stopped before even leaving the village. A force of about 30 soldiers was present to deny this right to people who have few other rights. The simple demands of the protesters- to march to the land, were ignored by the Border Police force and the regular soldiers who were assigned to demonstration. A stand off of lasted for about an hour, during which the children of the village attempted to remove the barbed wire place in their way and the soldiers threatened them. Soldiers also threatened with arrest those members of the popular committee who tried to walk around the barbed wire.

The constant disregard for the rights of the people of the village has not deterred them from constantly making the same demand for over a year. The army acted in the reflexive way it is accustomed to act: by collectively punishing the village. The road leading out of the village was closed to traffic and For good measure, soldiers also occupied a house and placed snipers on its roof.

The situation was similar at the demonstration at Al Khader which coincided with the Friday prayer. Large amounts of soldiers, a road closed to traffic and determined demonstrators who will be back next week to continue to resist their imprisonment.

The second national erection parade in Tel Aviv

The celebration of the 60 anniversary of the declaration of the Israeli state was even more repulsing then the previous ones. The label of "national erection" convey our despising of national pride and more so the Israeli one. On the Previous parade we had a three meter long and erect male organ on a bicycle court in the head of the parade along the Rothschild bulvard.

However, this Friday the demonstrators had a big surprise. Just before the time to start the parade, a team of the special task force of police attaked the erected organ... detained two comrades... and after sreading the erected organ disapeared leaving behind two policemen who just observed how the parade blocked intersections on its way. The detained comrades were released on the condition they will refrain for two weeks from passing the Rothschild bulvard....

Invitation to the action in Shufa
At 12pm on Saturday 10th May, Israeli and international activists will
join Palestinians in the village of Shufa, near Tulkarm, to dismantle
the Israeli roadblocks that divide the two parts of the village.

The demonstration is organized by the municipality of Shufa as part of
An Nakba commemorations. Israelis from the activist group, Combatants
for Peace, Palestinians from throughout the West Bank, and
internationals, will join with residents from the village of Shufa and
Tulkarm to protest against the act of collective punishment that
divides Izbit Shufa from the rest of the village.

Buses will leave Tulkarm at 11:30am to remove roadblocks closest to
Izbit Shufa, whilst activists coming from Israel and Shufa "proper"
will work on the roadblocks nearest to Shufa "proper." .

The one kilometer-long main road of Shufa was closed with four
roadblocks three years ago, preventing Shufa "proper" from being
accessed by car - the stretch can only be traversed by foot. The
1200 residents of Shufa also lack the electricity and phone lines that
are available to the 800 residents of Izbit Shufa, because the path of
the lines passed through "Area C:, too close to the illegal Israeli
settlement of Avne Hefez, and so were cut by Israeli authorities in
2001. These are examples of the collective punishment imposed on

The Illegal settlement has taken over 2500 dounums of the village land
- a number which will rise to 5000 dunams if residents continue to be
denied access to their lands by the Israeli army, as they currently

The village of Shufa is an extreme example of the ways in which the
Israeli occupation denies freedom of movement and other basic rights
for Palestinians under pretext of providing security for the illegal
Israeli settlements - thus creating an undeniable system of apartheid.

The direct action in Shufa today.

Invited by the organizers, "Combatants for Peace" activists of the AAtW joined
the action. going around road blocks we arrived near the road blocks of the village, and joined Palestinian activists from Tulkarem, and together we arrived at the road block, Most of the other Israeli and Palestinian participants were verbally confronting the Israeli state force near a second road block. For an hour we worked on the dismantling of the first road block and after finishing it joined the other near the second one. When we tried to pass the state force to the other side of the road block, they responded to our pushing with shock grenades and barrage of rubber coated bullets injured 10 (5 of the AAtW contingent.

After a while, the state force let us pass the road block and the Israelis returned home...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Palestine-Israel, the Friday joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation - Bil'in, Up Salmuna, Al Khader.

In Bil'in we had a clear proof of the escalation of the Israeli state suppression. This Friday we choose the southern part of the separation fence on the lands of Bil'in. When we arrived at the fence of the route the electronic fence run in its center, the commander warned us not to touch the fence. Thou we did not try to touch the fence, after a while, with out any provocation the soldiers started to shoot in the air, and threw shock and gas grenades. We decided to go along the fence to the north - where the gate is and were we usually demonstrate. When we arrived there we shout and call the soldiers "to repent" and go away. There too, after a while the soldiers started to shoot and throw grenades. Only then the kids started to throw stones on them. However, as they soldiers were not effective we stayed there till the demonstration was declared finished.

David video clip:


The theme of the demonstration in Um Salmuna (Bethlehem region) was the 1st of May. Activists gave speeches about the robbing of the lands using the separation fence and on suppression and unemployment of the Palestinian workers. Like in Bil'in participated in the demonstration Internationals and Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative. After the demonstration, a Palestinian participant was arrested and few hours later released.


In Al Hader, the action was under the observation of Israeli snipers from the top of a near by hill, who seemed just waiting for an excuse to shoot.

The protest was in the shape of the noon prayer in the demonstration site instead of the mosque. At the end they anounced that there will be a big demonstration there on the 16th of May - 60 years for the 1948 Nakba.

Pictures and Hebrew report at