Sunday, December 25, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue with blaming of the anarchists by the Israeli prime minister and his extreme rightist supporters.

The political arena in Palestine occupied by Israel and Israel did not take the winter hibernation. The Arab Spring seems to continue during both the summer, the Autumn, and even the winter. The Hamas, who supported the nonviolent joint popular struggle in Bil'in from the beginning in spite of extreme fundamentalists objections to it, adopted now the the nonviolent popular struggle as the main strategy. Israeli escalation of repression of this and the joint struggle is expected. In spite of the uncertainty we continued another week of joint struggle: Beit Ummar, Bil'in, East Jerusalem-Al-Kuds (Silwan,Shu'fat,Sheikh Jarrah), Al-Ma’sara, Naby Saleh, Ni'ilin, kafr a-Dik, Kafr Qadum, Qalandiya, South Of Hebron Hills. Within Israel the social justice struggle continue in localized struggles with a moving focus. The air is vibrating with the expectancy of a dramatic eruption.

Beit Ummar

Saturday, Dec., 24, 2011
John Brown:


"Two days before Xmas day, almost 20 Israelis, a few internationals and two Santas joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration against the wall and occupation in Bil'in. With bells a ringin', we marched to the wall, and as soon as Santa touched the barbed wire (that protects the other barbed wire that protects the concrete wall that protects the Israeli snipers that protect the settlers watching over from the other side), before we could even chant "hura hura Falasteen", Santa and his entourage had a barrage of gas canisters shot directly at them, just barely failing to repeat the military achievement of killing a protester in Nebi Salah two weeks earlier. Due to a local wedding the shabab decided on a short demo and, with very few exceptions, refrained from throwing stones at the people who steal their lands and try to kill them, but this didn't prevent the army from shooting several more barrages of gas canisters directly at protesters, which, only by sheer chance or Xmas spirit, ended up whistling in their ears rather than crushing their skulls. After some exchange of insults with the settlers hiding behind the soldiers and a brief excursion between the barbed wire and the wall, the protesters returned home early, as planned, with a few iron poles appropriated from the fence as an early Xmas present courtesy of the Occupation."

Rani Abdel Fatah -


Silwan Demonstration 24/12/2010
Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians, gathered in Silwan in East Jerusalem for a demonstration and march against the settler colonialist robbery.

Protest the new checkpoint
Approximately 30 Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals gathered at the edge of Shu'fat refugee camp today to demonstrate against the new Israeli checkpoint.

Sheikh Jarrah
The persistent Friday demonstration

Al-Ma’sara weekly demonstration, Dec. 23, 2011

Naby Saleh

The IDF confirmed that sharp shooters fired 0.22 caliber ammunition at the lower body of a protester in the West Bank town of Nabi Saleh Friday afternoon. An IDF spokesman noted that the protester was previously known to security forces and was specifically targeted after he was identified throwing stones at security forces.
Live Sniper-Fire Injures Protester in Nabi Saleh. See
Activists posted a picture on-line of a man who appeared to have been shot in his thigh.
Now with a video of the shooting: Live Sniper-Fire Injures Protester in Nabi Saleh. See
Nariman Tamimi
Chen Misgav
Fadi Arouri
Today two prisoners
Dvid Eeeb -
Israel Puterman video
Tamimi Press

Ni'ilin 23/12/2011

By Mario Savio


A Demo in Qalandiya Town Against the construction of the Separation Wall.

South Of Hebron Hills

There were demos also at:
kafr a-Dik
Kafr Qadum
See Previous reports about the joint struggles of the Anarchists Against the Wall at:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle persist in spite of Israel state harassments

This week we added the mourning of Mustafa Tamimi to the ongoing joint struggle. There was a special recruitment of activists to Nabi Saleh with around of 100 Israelis in addition to Palestinians activists of the region who joined the hundreds of Nabi Saleh villagers. The conflicts with the Israeli state forces was more than usual and was included action in the entrance of the adjacent colonialist settlement who rob Nabi Saleh lands and springs. The Bil'in struggle continue week after week and in addition to being a symbol for the struggle against the separation fence, robbery of lands by settler colonialists and the occupation, it is also a focus of defamation of our struggle by the Israeli Prime minister and his servants. The Israeli courts system that usually serve whole heartedly the transfer of Palestinian had a glitch when a judge refused to evict Palestinians from two hoses in occupied East Jerusalem.


16 Dec. The 360th Friday demonstration against the separation wall/fence and the occupation in Bil'in. At noon, some drove directly to the new separation wall, most of us marched the long way towards it. We were about 15 Israelis, similar number of internationals and few dozens Palestinians. Many of us held the picture of Mustafa Tamimi murdered last Friday demo in Nabi Saleh. Soon after we arrived at the wall the state force "warned" us with tear gas grenades but due to a friendly wind that carried the gas towards them they refrained for a while from shooting us. Many of the shabab who started earlier confrontation with the soldiers at the south end of the reservation moved towards our location and had a long and intense "communication" with the soldiers who had to hide behind the wall.
Few of the shabab and one of the main demonstration carrying a flag even succeeded to enter the forbidden zone between the spools of barbed wire and the wall. After long while, as the state force failed to disperse us with the shower of tear gas they shoot from behind the wall, they crossed the wall and came with their armed cars and by foot to threat us...
At this stage most of the participants dispersed on the surrounding hills and returned to the village.



Demo against the new checkpoint this Sunday at !6:00
Representatives of the Palestinian community in Shuafat have invited Israelis and Internationals to come to the weekly demo against the new checkpoint constructed by the Israeli military. The demonstration will be held on Sunday at 3. A transportation will pick up attendees from the Bell Garden at 1:45. To register for the transportation/directions please contact Michael at 0507750754
Approximately 30 Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals gathered at the edge of Shu'fat refugee camp today to demonstrate against the new Israeli checkpoint, which opened last Monday, December 12 and that an Israeli activist referred to as ethnic cleansing.
Pictures -
Haim Schwarczenberg -

Sheikh Jarrah
We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St.


The weekly demonstration against the Wall and settlements in Ma'asara commenced peacefully, like on any other week in the past five years. Some 50 protesters marched from the center of the village towards the main road, aiming to reach their agricultural lands, confiscated to build the Wall.
Chanting slogans and raising banners, the demonstrators soon met a military battalion that was standing in a line on the road, aiming to prevent the march from passing through. As they reached the soldiers, Hassan Breijieh approached them and asked might he be allowed to cross to his lands. The soldiers replied, apparently mockingly, that he may. As soon as Breijieh took two steps forward he was immediately arrested.
The demonstration continued for some time following this event. As most of the protesters were heading back into the village, soldiers arrested a local youth, Ibrhaim Fawaja, claiming that he had thrown stones. While soldiers told the demonstrators that they will be released shortly, both remain in custody and it is still unclear when they will be brought before a judge.
Weekly demonstration, Dec. 16, 2011 Photos by Yousef Shaheen

Nabi Saleh

Thursday evening - commemoration for the martyr Mustafa Tamimi murdered last week end.

The village of is calling for a central demonstration this Friday to protest the killing of Mustafa Tamimi and show their resolve in the face of IDF murderousness.
The people of this small village have been assaulted endlessly in the nearly two years since they started to demonstrate regularly for their rights and for their lands. They have been arrested and injured countless times and now the IDF has done its' worse.
Still, they remain committed to their struggle and are calling on their supporters to join them this Friday to show that they and their supporters will not be give in.
Please let us know early if you can come so transportation can be arranged. Contact N

Text by Jonathan Pollak on Mustafa Tamimi:

Palestine-Israel: Nabi Salih, the death of a stone-thrower



More than 100 Israelis joined the heroic people of the village and activists from Bilin and the region (including international activists).

Hundreds joined the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh today, including more than 100 Israelis, and a contingent of activists from Bil'in for marking the killing of Mustafa Tamimi (28), who was shot in the face during the weekly protest in the village last Friday. Tamimi was shot from a distance of less than 10 meters behind the semi-open door of an armored military jeep.

The demonstration held today commenced peacefully from the center of the village towards the spring confiscated by the nearby settlement Halamish. Shortly after arriving to the point where Tamimi was shot last week, the march was attacked by a shower tear-gas, shot by Border Police soldiers - both in arch and directly towards protesters. Massive amounts of tear-gas were shot continuously for approximately 30 minutes, despite the fact that no stone throwing was taking place. In addition, the "Skunk" truck carrying foul-smelling water was used to spray the entire area including the large crews of press present.
During the same time, a group of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists were blocking the entrance to the settlement of Halamish, built adjacent Nabi Saleh, on privately owned Palestinian land. 10 protesters were arrested in this attempt.
In the village, clashes started erupting between local youth and the army. A small group of protesters, who managed to get quite close to the spring, were also arrested. A Palestinian woman was pepper-sprayed by a Border Policemen for no evident reason. Several protesters and media personnel were slightly injured by tear gas canisters. One of them was evacuated to receive medical treatment.

Another group of Palestinian protesters were arrested while already leaving the village, when a taxi going to Ramallah was stopped by the army. All commuters were taken off the car and a number of them were arrested. All arrestees were taken to the Benyamin police station and most of them are charged with road blocking and entrance to close military zone.

‎25 arrested/detained - including Palestinians of the village and from Bil'in, Israelis and internationals - preliminary reports are that the majority of those detained are being held in the illegal Israeli colony of Halamish. Later, 8 of 10 Palestinians were released while two were taken with most of the internationals and Israelis to Benyamin police station. Later, most released with 14 accepted ban of 15 days on returning to Nabi Saleh. 2 Israeli women detainees remained in custody as they have refused to sign conditions of being banned from the area for a certain period of time and are staying in jail In solidarity with Mohammad Tamimi and Mohammad Khatib. They will be brought before a judge this evening in Jerusalem.

the internationals and the Israelis were released except 2 who refused to sign on two weeks ban on returning to Nebi Saleh.
Fadi Arouri -
davidreeb -
RT -
Israel Putermam video

From Mohammed Khatib 18-12-11
I have just been released from jail, after three days inside. I was arrested last Friday, together with 22 others, in the village of Nabi Saleh, during a demonstration commemorating the murder of Mustafa Tamimi. Our arrest took place as we peacefully protested near the entrance to the Jewish-only settlement of Halamish, which is built on lands stolen from Nabi Saleh.

Minutes after we got to the gate, Israeli Border Police officers moved in to remove us from the scene. Palestinians, Israeli and international activists, we were all shackled and dragged away into military jeeps that transported us to the adjacent military base, which is in fact part of the settlement.

In the military base, still shackled, I was assaulted by a settler who hit me in the face, leaving me with a bloody nose. Shortly after, the settler also attacked a female Israeli activist who was by my side. The soldiers and policemen present did not prevent the attack, nor did they bother to detain the settler after the fact. Instead, the zip-tie locks on my hands were removed, only for my arms to be bound again, this time behind my back.

Hours later, at the police station, I learned that to cover up their responsibility for my attack, the soldiers have laid a bogus complaint against me for assaulting them. My hands were tied, my face was bleeding, but it was I who spent the night in the inside of prison cell.

Mohammed Tamimi from Nabi Saleh was also arrested during that same demonstration. While the police decided to release all the others, he and I were to remain in jail. During our demonstrations, soldiers often take pictures, to later use them as "incriminating evidence". This time, the soldiers used one such picture to accuse Mohammed of throwing stones during a demonstration a few weeks or months back. The man pictured in that photograph is not Mohammed Tamimi from Nabi Saleh, regardless, he remains in jail. Military law allows Israel to keep us Palestinians in jail for eight days before seeing a judge, and even then, it is a soldier in uniform who is the so called neutral arbitrator.

As the prison doors closed behind me, my happiness was clouded by the fact that Mohammed Tamimi was not released. The battle for his freedom is only beginning, as our lawyers prepare the petition for his release. If you can, please help us fund legal aid for him and for the countless others who are regularly arrested protesting Israeli Occupation.

I would also like to use this letter to extend my gratitude to Ayala Shani, an Israeli comrade who was arrested with me. She refused the injustice of being released while both me and Mohammed Tamimi were still detained. As these words are written, she is still in jail, despite having been offered her freedom twice already by Israeli courts.

Mohammed Khatib

Ayala, who refused to sign her release papers (with commitment not to return 15 days to Nabi Saleh) as solidarity with Mohammed Tamimi still jailed was literally kicked out of jail without signing any papers on 19-12-11 with Mohammed Tamimi the only one of Friday demo detainees still at jail.


Protesters in Manage to Open a Gate Long Closed by the Army.
Approximately 100 residents and activists in Ni'ilin for the Friday demonstration against the separation fence used to rob their lands and occupation. They also protested Israeli construction work in the Gates of the Temple Mount (Bab Al Magharbeh) in Jerusalem. Protesters managed to open an agricultural gate that has been closed for more than six months.

The demonstration commenced at the center of the village shortly after the Friday prayer, marching towards the concrete wall surrounding the separation barrier built on the village's agricultural lands. Upon arriving to the Wall, protesters burned tires as well as a cardboard-made model of settlements. A small group of youth then began throwing stones at the Wall, to which the army responded by shooting large amounts of tear-gas projectiles.
Despite the heavy fall of tear gas, protesters were able to reach an agricultural gate installed in the Wall. The gate is supposed to be open in fixed times to enable farmers to reach their lands, however it has been constantly closed for at least six months. Demonstrators were able to open up a passage of about half a meter in this gate. The army responded rapidly – for the first time in months soldiers passed the Wall and entered the village, shooting large amounts of tear gas and rubber coated bullets at the demonstrators. Clashes lasted for over an hour, through which at least one protester was slightly injured.

Kufr Qaddum

Dec. 16, 2011 Resistance Persists in Kufr Qaddum
Dozens join the weekly demonstration against land grab and closure in Kufr Qaddum. Army replies with a shower of tear gas and invades the village.
Weekly demonstrations in Kufr Qaddum Persist. Residents of Kufer Qaddum in the northern West Bank are protesting land grab by settlers and severe violations of their freedom of movement. Settlers of the adjacent settlement Kedumin have been long taking over privately owned Palestinian land in a manner that even the Israeli civil Administration called "theft". Moreover, since the beginning of the second Intifada the main road leading to the town has been blocked by the army, largely impeding transport in and out of town


Demonstration in Qalandia Town Dec. 16, 2011 Against the construction of the Separation Wall.

Photos by Nasser Shiyoukh, ''I love Ramallah" & Ahmad Gharabali


Don’t say we did not know #290

On Tuesday, 6th December, 2011, the IDF demolished two homes and three agricultural sheds (one of them without a military demolition order) in the Palestinian village El-Halaila, near the settlement Givat Ze’ev. One home owner who received a demolition order partially demolished his home in advance, hoping that this would give his family at least some sort of shelter. It did not help. Twelve souls were left without a roof over their heads.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Palestine-Israel,Mustafa Tamimi of Nabi Saleh was added to the list of martyrs of the joint struggle

About 20 Palestinian people involved in the joint struggle were already murdered by the Israeli state forces. Due to differential orders about shooting Israeli participants, till now no Israeli activist was murdered, though few were operated in hospitals after being shot, two lost part of their sight, and three suffered brain damage. Last Friday, Mustafa Tamimi of Nabi Saleh was murdered during the weekly demonstration by direct fire from few meter distance from an armored car. His head was seriously injured and hours of operations failed to save his life. Few thousands participated in the procession in Ramalla and about thousand came to his burial in Nabi Saleh. Dozens activists of the anarchists against the wall who knew Mustafa from the Friday demonstrations were among the about 50 Israelis who came to pay the last honer to Mustafa.

Bi'lin weekly demonstration, Dec. 9, 2011

The new pattern of the Friday demonstration in Bil'in already established. As soon as the noon prayer ends a contingent of the shabab travel to the new separation wall, and start their action at the south end of the adjacent Abu Lamun nature reservation. When the nonviolence demonstrators march approach the reservation the Israeli state force already attack the shabab with tear gas grenades. When our march pass the reservation and approach the wall, the state force just wait for an excuse to open their tear gas fire on us.

This week we had a relatively lively demonstration. The Palestinian activists of the village and the 7 Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative were joined by about two dozens of Belgian media students and half a dozen of Japanese medical project people. Due to the wind, we had to cross a cloud of tear gas which was carried from the shabab confrontation. We could see but luckily not smell the stinking water cannon spraying the shabab. Not long after we reached the separation wall, an activist of the shabab walked from the south along the wall between it and the spools of barbed wire "protecting" it. As expected, when he arrived at the point between the demonstration and the wall, the soldiers started to shoot us with canisters of tear gas. Due to the western wind most of us could not resist the tear gas and after a while all of the non violent demonstrators started to return to the village.
PHOTOS | Bi'lin weekly demonstration, Dec. 9, 2011:


Shuafat - PHOTOS | Clashes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, Dec. 11, 2011: — Richard Dufek's
Representatives of the Palestinian community in Shuafat have invited Israelis and Internationals to come to the weekly demo against the new checkpoint constructed by the Israeli military. The demonstration will be held on Sunday at 3. A transportation will pick up attendees from the Bell Garden at 1:45. To register for the transportation/directions please contact M.

Sheikh Jarrah
The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. After the radical Zionist Solidarity ended its involvement in the Friday demonstrations, the number of participants is only around 100 but more Palestinians do come.


PHOTOS - Al-Ma’sara weekly demonstration, Dec. 9, 2011:

Nabi Saleh

Today during the weekly demonstration, unarmed civilian, 28 year old Mustafa Tamimi, worker from Nabi Saleh was shot at close range (less than 10 meters according to eyewitness) and with precision and intent right in the face with a tear gas projectile and mutilated him for the rest of his life.
"Just got back from the hospital, where Mustafa Tamimi was taken after being hit in the face with a tear gas canister fired directly at him by a solider, during the weekly protest at a-Nabi Saleh. Here is the footage I filmed of the seconds after he was hit": He was severely injured and is now undergoing emergency surgery right now. The footage is very hard to watch".

PHOTOS of the weekly demonstration
David Ribb video

"Mustafa Tamimi, a 28 year old resident of Nabi Saleh, was shot in the face yesterday, during the weekly protest in the village of Nabi Saleh. He sustained a critical head injury, under his right eye, and was evacuated to the Belinson hospital in Petah Tikwa. The severe trauma to Tamimi's brain, caused by the shooting, left the doctors with little to do to save his life, and he eventually passed away at 09:21 AM today. Tamimi's funeral will take place tomorrow (Sunday), leaving Ramallah at 10:00 AM towards Nabi Saleh, where it is expected to reach at around 11:00 AM"

Sunday, Few dozens of us (AAtW) participated in his funeral in the village. Few of our people were arrested after the clashes of the shabab and the Israeli army and one comrade (the spokesperson of the grass root popular comities - see his article at: was rushed to the hospital for treatment after being suffocated tear gas combined with pepper and beaten by soldiers.

PHOTOS - Mustafa Tamimi's Body In Ramallah:
PHOTOS - The Funeral of Shaheed Mustafa Tamimi in Nabi Saleh, Dec. 11, 2011:
Israel Putermam
David Ribb

Update on arrests: 7 arrested/detained yesterday in Nabi Saleh, including 3 Israelis, 3 internationals and 1 Palestinian. Fortunately, the Palestinian boy was released shortly after his detention. 3 of the others detained were released when they signed papers imposing a 15 day exclusion period from Nabi Saleh. Others are being brought before detention hearings today. Not much information on the situation of Jonathan Pollak who was hospitalized after being beaten and suffocated but initial reports are that he is okay.


PHOTOS - Ni'lin weekly demonstration, Dec. 9, 2011:


PHOTOS - Demonstration against the wall in Qalandia, Dec. 7, 2011:
there will be a demo at the Qalandia village tomorrow (9-11-11 not in the camp or checkpoint) - if you can make it please let me know.
PHOTOS - Qalandia demonstration, Dec. 9, 2011:


firing tear gas directly at demonstrators is a regular thing. yesterday, around the time tamimi was shot, the army used the exact same method in kfur Qaddum. read:
PHOTOS - Kufr Qaddum demonstration Dec. 9, 2011:
At Kufr Qaddum Army Fires Teargas Directly at Protesters. See

South of Hebron Hills

Saturday activity to enable tilling the lands of villages near colonial settlements
Guy Butavia

Tel Aviv

Friday, a five thousands strong demo for human rights. The real radical left gave its unique contribution.
Israel Putermam

Saturday evening, about 200 activists converged in a demonstration in front of the war compound (called by the anarchists against the wall) to protest the murder of Mustafa Tamimi of Nabi Saleh.
Israel Puterman


Don't say we did not know #289

Here's another way of making life hard on the Palestinians of the South Hebron Hills region:

On Monday, 28th November, 2011, Civil Administration supervisors confiscated a Palestinian truck carrying construction materials to one of the cave-dweller villages in the South Hebron Hills region. They had no problem finding something out of order. So they confiscated the lorry. Past experience has shown that if an Israeli human rights organization sends a lawyer, it is interpreted as meaning that the Palestinian is wealthy, and so he can pay the fine to release his lorry. To avoid that, the Palestinian driver had to negotiate himself, and after a while the fine was decreased so that he could pay it. The driver then had to pay for the parking space as well.

The next day another lorry was confiscated.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle persists

All along the Zionist settler colonialist project in Palestine there were from time to time waves of onslaught and in between periods of persistent pressure for expanding the areas colonized and to transfer Palestinians from their lands... and persistent resistance (Tsumud) of the Palestinians. Last few weeks are an in between waves period of persistent pressure of Israel and persistent resistance (Tsumud) of the Palestinians. The joint struggle of the activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative with the grass root Palestinian activists during the last 8 years is part of the persistent resistance.... The main focuses of resistance are still Arakib and the Bedouins (in Israel mainly), Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, occupied East Jerusalem (Silwan and Sheik Jarrah), Qaddum,South Hebron hills, Walajeh.


Dear friends,
We are planning to hold a larger demonstration in Bil'in this Friday because of the demolition of the "Bil'in Outpost" last Monday.
The building that the army demolishes was built long before the old route of the Wall was demolished, in order to highlight the illegal construction (even according to Israeli law) that was taking place in the settlement at that time.
Now, the land the the Outpost was standing on until last Monday is no longer between the Wall and the settlement as it was supposedly given back to us after the rerouting, but as the demolition proves - Israel still views it as its own and we are not allowed to use it as we wish.
Please come and support us this Friday in demanding that we are allowed to use our land, and in the continued demand to dismantle the Wall and the settlements.
Mohammed Khatib
Rani Abdel Fatah
Chen Misgav


Silwan: The struggle is lately around few houses whose residents were issued eviction order. "We are still missing people for a few shifts - Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Morning, Thursday Morning and Thursday Evening."

Sheikh Jarrah: The struggle include the Friday weekly demonstrations. Since the mildly radical Solidarity deserted the Friday afternoon demos, the numbers shrink to less than hundred... but more local Palestinians participate. This week we came after the Bil'in demo to enforce the comrades in Sheikh Jarrah.

Kufr Qaddum Dec. 2, 2011

Nabi Saleh weekly demonstration, Dec. 2, 2011

Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh against the theft of its lands and spring by the Halamish Israeli settlement and the Israeli occupation that sustains it. Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, and international and Israeli supporters marched peacefully from the center of the village.
This time the procession headed directly towards the hilltop overlooking Nabi Saleh's spring. The approaching protesters caused settlers who were there to run back to Halamish, but the procession was stopped by Israeli soldiers. At this point Israeli forces also raided the village and besieged the protesters, taking over rooftops and shooting tear gas canisters directly at people: unarmed or peaceful demonstrators and residents of the village. However, some people managed to evade the army and place rocks on its way out. Clashes between soldiers and stone throwers erupted, and after a while, the army managed to take control of the main junction. By then it rushed outside the village. Protesters then burned tires and placed rocks on the main road to prevent the army from raiding the village again. During the raid two Palestinian journalists were arrested and taken by the Israeli army: Majd Mohammed from AP and Mohammed Razi from the Palestinian Television. Clashes then erupted beyond the burning tires line. Soldiers advanced on foot and shoot volleys of tear gas canisters by a cannon installed on a jeep. At this phase Israeli forces also used extensively their “scream” machine, which produces a deafening alarm sound.
Haim Schwarczenberg
Video -
Israel Putermam

Ni'lin weekly demonstration, Dec. 2, 2011
Hassan Daboos

Kufr Qaddum demonstration Dec. 2, 2011

South Hebron hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

Tel Aviv

29-11-11 Demo at Halamish in Jaffa - the municipal agency of dwelling for the needy
Israel Putermam
Saturday evening, about two hundred activists of the Social Justice struggle converged
at the main government offices building in Tel Aviv for a noise demo. The police tried on us the imported "kettle" tactic and for more than an hour prevented us from leaving the area. After we were let go, some marched to the head quarters building of the ruling party and had there confrontation with the police.

Al Walajeh

This Friday the 2nd of December we will join the residents at 1200 at the first Mosque in the village.
Its still to be confirmed but there might be a meeting for activists and members of the village on Friday after the demo. To participate then please let me know by email by Thursday night. Thank you. If there is rain before or on the day please wear suitable clothing.


Don’t say we did not know #288

On Thursday, 24th November, 2011, IDF forces arrived in the Palestinian village Umm Fuqra, situated in the South Hebron Hills region, and demolished a mosque, a home, a reception room for guests (madafe) and a rabbit shed. They attacked a young girl with pepper spray. They arrested her and her friend and injured her mother.
On Wednesday, 23rd November, 2011, Civil Administration supervisors arrived in the Palestinian village Sussya, situated in the same area, and handed out orders for the cessation of construction work of a school, a cistern, and toilets. The next day IDF forces arrived and demolished two tents in the village, which were used as living quarters.
On Wednesday, 23rd November, 2011, government representatives arrived, escorted by police, and demolished, yet again, the Bedouin village El’Araqib in the Negev .
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle on the background of house demolition

Because of internal considerations, in parallel of demolition minimal part of illegal settler colonialist building on private Palestinian lands, demolition of Palestinian houses increase. As part of it is the confrontation of the joint struggle in the hills of south of Hebron region. Another part was this week demolition of Bil'in outposts in the returned lands adjacent to the new route of the separation wall. Miraculously the older one, built nearly 7 years ago at the beginning of the struggle under cover of a heavy raining survived till this week. On the first few months we often spent nights near the fire at the adjacent shade - with members of the village comity, in order to protect the outpost from being destructed by Israeli state forces. The usual week end struggle continued - including the flag bearers, Beit Ummar, Bil,in, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, and occupied East Jerusalem.

Bil'in 25-11-11 demo

It seems that following the moving of the separation wall to the west, the interest in the struggle against the separation wall/fence and occupation is gradually diminishing. The seasonal decrease in the participation of international activists and Palestinians of the region is joined with diminishing of the interest of Israelis too. Today, less than 10 Israelis with similar number of international activists joined about two dozens of Bil'iners in the march and travel to the new separation wall. We held placards for the release of Ashraf Abu Rahme arrested weeks ago on the trumped charge he organize the demos and throw stones. We chanted all the long way to the new wall the usual slogans. when we approached the wall the Israeli state forces already started to shoot tear gas canisters on the shabab on the southern section of the wall. Not long later they started to shoot on us too.

After we absorbed the usual dose of tear gas we returned to the village... to return next Friday.

Ashraf video:
Photos by Haitham Al Khatib, Wafa, Rani Burnat
Haitham Al Khatib

Bil'in outpost,demolished by Israeli forces 28.11.2011

Large forces of the Israeli occupation army demolished international solidarity center in the village of Bil'in

The Israeli occupation forces Proceeded this morning (29-11-11) without warning demolish the international solidarity center, which was built by the Bil'in people Popular Committee Against the Wall and settlement, [+ the Israeli anarchists against the wall], and international solidarity activists seven years ago [in the cover of a heavy raining day] on land that have been isolated by the wall at that time. It came just a day after the Israeli occupation forces destroyed the near by small structure and confiscated all seats wood and waste containers which was developed since six months in protected natural reserve (Abu Limon ), This process is designed to prevent the people of Bil'in and foreign peace activists of access and presence in that region, note that the center of international solidarity is located on land that was liberated after seven years of persistent joint struggle.


Silwan - vigil in protest of the planed transfer of the Sumarin family in front of their house. Stop the Sumarin family eviction!, November 25, 2011 By Amir Bitan

Sheikh Jarrah - the Friday demo

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them. Please make the effort and join them this Friday, November 25 for a vigil in support of their struggle. Please notice, the vigils will start at 3:00 PM We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St.

Nabi Saleh weekly demonstration, Nov. 25, 2011

A group of international activists arrived to Nabi Saleh in solidarity with people there following the terrorizing night raids. Army raiding Nabi Saleh now, spraying foul-smelling water directly into houses. A protester was shot in the face with a rubber-coated bullet. A peaceful activist from Nabi Saleh village in the West Bank : "We hardly marched and chanted when the Israeli army sprayed the protestors with skunk & tear gas we were standing doing nothing". Palestinian activist from Nabi Saleh: "Another round of tear gas, but actually today the wind is on our side!".

A comrade of the anarchists against the wall report:
"Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh against the theft of its lands and spring by the Halamish Israeli settlement and the Israeli occupation that sustains it. Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, and international and Israeli supporters marched peacefully from the center of the village.
This demonstration followed days of Israeli complete siege over the village and a massive night raid, resulting in the arrest of three people from the village.
As always, a peaceful demonstration met with Israeli army attack. Volleys of tear gas canisters were shot on the entire demonstration from a cannon installed on Israeli military jeeps. Sole canisters were also shoot by Israeli soldiers directly at people, in violation of their army's own regulations. Israeli forces used their “skunk” track, carrying a foul-smelling water cannon. This time the “skunk” wondered around the village and sprayed houses in a blatant unlawful repressive measure.
Few people also threw stones to ward off the Israeli army's incursion. A group of people managed to approach the soldiers, despite threats of arrests.
One youth was injured in the forehead by Israeli rubber coated bullet. He was helped into an ambulance that took him to hospital."

International communities
Michael Treiger
Richard Dufek
Israel Putermam
Bilal's video from last week's demo. NABI SALEH 18-11-2011


Friday demonstration, Nov. 25, 2011
hassan daboos
Hudaifa Srour

Kufr Qaddum

demonstration Nov. 25, 2011

Tel Aviv

Demonstration against anti-democratic bills and legislation, Tel Aviv, 22.11.11
Israel Puterman -
Israel Puterman -

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Palestine-Israel, Another week of joint struggle in the last weekend of the Autumn

On the background of the world wide struggle for social justice, the advance of the encroachment of the settler colonialism both in the villages and occupied Jerusalem. The weekend joint demonstrations and the struggle within Israel for social justice and against the fascism advance. The pick of the struggle was in Tel Aviv this evening (Tuesday 22-11-11) where few thousands converged near the national theater. Within it, demo we had a black block of anarchists and other radical activists simulating a grotesque fascist counter demo. After long speeches and chanting we started a spontaneous march to the head quarter building of the Licud ruling party. State forces were just monitoring us till some people threw few eggs on the building when they retaliated with a tear gas canister and arrested an activist.

Beit Ummar


The threat of rain resulted in a smaller than usual demo in Bil'in. Only 5 internationals and about 15 Israelis joined the Bil'iners in their protest against being excluded from their own lands by the apartheid wall. The theme was Autumn - the elementary demands of the Palestinians. By the time we got to the fence, the shabab had already been busy throwing stones, but only when the the peaceful procession approached did the army bother to shoot a few canisters to welcome us. The protesters gathered next to the fence, chanted, were threatened by the soldiers, and had gas shot over their heads in the direction of the shabab. A lively discussion developed across the wall between some shabab and some settler kids revolving mainly around their mothers. The settler kids swirled some stones in a makeshift sling, but didn't seem to know quite how to launch them.

Rani Abdel Fatah -
International communities -

Nabi Saleh

Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh against the theft of its lands and spring by the Halamish Israeli settlement and the Israeli occupation that sustains it. Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, and international and Israeli supporters marched peacefully from the center of the village. Referring to recent news, demonstrators called for Hamas and Fatah reconciliation in order to boost Palestinian struggle against the settlements, annexation wall and occupation.

As always, a peaceful demonstration met with Israeli army attack. Volleys of tear gas canisters were shot on the entire demonstration from a cannon installed on Israeli military jeeps. Sole canisters were also shoot by Israeli soldiers directly at people, in violation of their army's own regulations. Israeli forces used their “skunk” track, carrying a foul-smelling water cannon, which said to be of different “flavor” this time, according to protesters. However, the “skunk” couldn't reach but few people due to a rocks-made protesters road block that prevented it and all other military jeeps from deepening their incursion into the village. Few people also threw stones at the army's position and managed to ward off some soldiers advancing on foot from a different direction.

At least 3 people suffered from minor injuries from the Israeli attack. One protester who suffered from gas inhalation was carried by others a few dozen meters until they reached a road, where an ambulance waited to rush him out for medical treatment.

The demo, which was accompanied by a rainy cold day, lasted about 3 hours, after which the army retreated to its post at the main entry to the village.

International communities
Israel Puterman -


South of Hebron Hills

Another Saturday of accompanying villagers to their lands.
Guy Butavia -


A comrade report: "We gathered near the first mosque and despite the weather decided to walk down to where the army and construction company had recently blown up the mountain. There were about 50 people and after marching through the village we went down to the valley and began walking the planned route of the wall. We were shown various sites including where the original village of al Walajah used to be on the other side of the valley.

From where we were standing we could see the railway line which signifies the green line and the road. Palestinians including of course the residents of al Walajah are denied access to this Israelis only road. So in all defiance of the occupation and its apartheid rules we walked down to the road. As we got down to the road some of the Palestinian protesters began blocking the road with large rocks. Cars were coming round the corner to be greeted with a roadblock. After a debate on whether or not to stay there with the rocks or remove them and keep moving we chose the latter and began walking the road back up to the junction where the illegal settlement of Har Gilo and al Walajah meet.

The border police came down just after we had left the rocks. They stopped their Jeep and one soldier got out. After a short confrontation we carried on walking up ignoring the absurd calls of the two and half soldiers. The Jeep followed behind us. We carried on chanting and signing to cars that were passing. A police van passed us up to the junction and another Border Police van drove down to follow us in front. As we reached the junction and the entrance to the village we were joined by the Mayor of al Walajah and about 15 Border Police and the settlements head of security. After two speeches we ended the completely non-violent and peaceful demonstration on our own terms."

For the first time villagers of the Al-Walaje village managed to walk on settlers bypass road built on their lands.



International communities
Villagers from Al-Walaja walk on settlers road during demo. 18.11.2011
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle is not intimidated by the change of seasons

Another olive picking season is ending with its confrontations with settler colonialists slowly encroaching on adjacent lands of Palestinian villages. Accompanying villagers at the lands coveted by neighboring settler colonialists and the Israeli state continue - in addition to the regular weekend joint demonstrations. Anata, Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarrah, South of Hebron Hills, Walajah. Within Israel the Bedouins are in a much wider confrontation than Arakib. The Struggle for Social Justice is still fermenting even if not with the original intensity. The not predictable political storms of the winter that just begin are approaching.


Anatot is not a peaceful, so called "quality of life" settlement, just five minutes from Jerusalem. Anatot is a settlement which regularly robs private Palestinian lands, and terrorizes the neighboring villages. As in the most extreme out-posts, also in Anatot there is a kernel of violent rioters who believe they are above the law.

The past month will be remembered as the watershed moment in terms of the right-wing terror who focused it on Israeli activist at the gates of Anatot. Between the burned mosques, the uprooted treed and the wounded activists, it has become clear that this sort of violence is a wide-spread and growing phenomenon.

The calling out are not only against settler-violence, but against a whole system which has let this kind of behavior spread and has backed it up. Since the beginning of the "price-tag" actions there, the police is systematically failing in investigating these events and the vast majority of investigations that were carried out ended with no persecution (read more in the Yesh Din's report). Throughout the past month we have learned and seen how the security forces turn their watchful eye away from such actions, in the best case, or in the worst case, actively participate in them.

A protest vigil in Anatot, Friday, 11/11/11, 13:00.
Ido Grumer
By Narine Melikyan
Lior Ben Eliahu


Friday 11-11-11 was another demo in the chain of about 350 demonstrations against the separation/robbery wall/fence and occupation organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Bil'in with the anarchists against the wall initiative. At noon, about 10 Israelis, 20 international activists (including an Irish and a Brazilian delegations), and few dozens Palestinians marched towards the new separation wall. (The older separation fence was dismantled in June after 6 years of struggle - returning about third of the robbed lands of the village). Along the the march, participants carried flags and chanted for the departure of the occupation, destruction of the apartheid wall, freedom and rights for Palestinian prisoners.

Upon our arrival to the Abu Lemon nature reserve, some local participants were able to remove some of the barbed wire and iron posts that blocked us from touching the separation wall. Then The soldiers behind the concrete wall shot tear gas canisters and rubber bullets toward the demonstrators, which caused an injury to a Brazilian activist who was transported by Ambulance to Ramallah hospital. It also caused various levels of suffocation to many of the participants - some of them were treated during the demo.
Haitham Khatib video -

Al-Ma'asara weekly protest, Nov. 11, 2011

Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, in the village of al-Ma'asrah (near the West Bank city of Bethlehem). After the protest against the wall and occupation, a member of the local poplar committee was arrested by soldiers as he walked back to his home after a very peaceful demonstration in the village.
Photos by Nasser Shiyoukhi

Nabi Saleh

Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh, this time commemorating the seventh anniversary to Arafat's assassination by Israel. Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, and international and Israeli supporters marched peacefully from the center of the village on the main road leading towards Ramallah. Israeli forces used their “skunk” track, carrying a foul-smelling water cannon, to attack the demonstrators. This followed shortly by volleys of tear gas projectiles. After a while, the entire area close to the soldiers smelled from the “skunk” and they retreated. At this point demonstrators started descending towards the village's spring, taken by settlers. The Israeli army shot tear gas and rubber-coated bullets at the descending crowd. It then deepened its incursion into the village, taking over rooftops and the village's center, shooting tear gas and rubber-coated bullets at passers-by, including children. More then ten people were injured, including an eleven year old who was shot in the chest and an organizer from the village, who was shot in the face and rushed to a near-by hospital. A local photographer was detained for a few hours. He was blindfolded and cuffed with his hands behind his back.

Another take:

"A peaceful protest in the village of Nabi Saleh was attacked with tear-gas from afar today by Israeli soldiers, as protesters tried to march to their lands adjacent to the Jewish-only settlement of Halamish. Following the attack on the peaceful procession, clashes ensued between soldiers and local youth.

The soldiers shot volleys of tear-gas projectiles into the crowd, as well as rubber-coated bullets, causing injuries to at least ten protesters, among them an eleven year-old who was hit by a rubber-coated bullet to the chest and suffers a suspected fracture to the rib. An organizer from the village was hit in the face by a rubber-coated bullet shot from close range and was evacuated to the hospital.

Bilal Tamimi, a local cameraman and a volunteer with the B'Tselem Shooting Back documentation project, was arrested by soldiers as he was filming the demonstration. He was blindfolded, cuffed with his hands behind his back and taken to the military base in the adjacent settlement of Halamish. Currently, soldiers have taken over the center of the village and are patrolling its streets."

Photos by Ahmad Al-Jorbaji, Fadi Arouri, Eyad Jadallah, Mohamad Torokman, Majdi Mohammed & Abbas Momani
David Reeb


On Friday,after the Friday prayer under the olive trees in the fields, a massive peaceful demonstration started, joined by dozens of demonstrators from Ni’lin along with number of international peace activists. the demonstration was called by Ni’lin popular committee against the Apartheid wall.
Before arriving to the gate of the apartheid wall, the Israeli soldiers starting firing tear grenades directly at the protesters as they marched towards the Wall even before it arrived there. Moreover,they shot 5 live bullets in the air to scare the demonstrators, and started shooting rubber coated steel bullets direct at the demonstrators which led to the injury of four demonstrators in different places in the body. and another five others suffered a lot as a result of inhaling tear gas.
hassan daboos /set/?set=a.245333438856453.61398.228124070577390


The village of Kufer Qaddum, north of Qalqilia, has also seen an attack on the demonstration there today, resulting in three injuries from direct hits by tear-gas projectiles, including one to the head. An American activist and a Palestinian protester in his 30's were arrested by the soldiers and taken to the police station in the Ariel settlement. Shortly after his arrest, the American sent an SMS to one of his friends saying that the soldiers are assaulting him.
International communities -

South of Hebron Hills

Activists accompanied Palestinian villagers to land near colonialist settlements.


Friday the 4th of November -
After meeting outside the second mosque about 20 villagers, a number of Israeli and a few international activists walked to the entrance of the illegal Har Gilo settlement. There we stood chanting and a few speeches were given. After the head of security for the Har Gilo settlement came down and saw us with a Border Police van they were joined by the arrest van, another jeep and a police van. We were then joined by another car of Israeli activists. There was a basic stand-off while the army it seemed were waiting for us to do something. If we had crossed an arbitrarily imaginary line then there would have been action. Two sets of soldiers spread out on either side of us; one on the road to Jerusalem and one to the left of us. After an hour we left and those that wanted went on a tour with Shireen. Pictures from the day can be found here :

Friday the 11th of November -
We waited outside the mosque at 1230 - two Israelis, three internationals, a member of active stills and a villager. When it was clear that there was not going to be a demonstration and after some debating we went to the house of a friend and sat in her court yard where we were joined by Mazin Qumsiyeh. Mazen shared with us his interesting and mostly amusing stories from the Flotillas and his experiences in Turkey and Cario. Some he has written about and others we were lucky to be privy to. You can find more about it here - He also discussed the history of uprising in Palestine and this led him to mentioning a Popular Committee meeting scheduled for Saturday night. They will be discussing the rises and falls in uprisings, what actions can take place in the lulls and how they as Popular Committees can better organize and mobilize. He also mentioned to me their desire to arrange a meeting for and with Israeli activists. Just a heads up....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Palestine-Israel, Another week of joint struggle

The Media was busy regurgitating the acceptance of Palestine as full member in UNESCO. The happiness for the hundreds released in the Gilad transaction was still fresh, but the settler colonialist onslaught the Palestinian olive pickers and the Israeli activists that joined them was more intense than in previous years but state force had not show more than minimal intervention... and mostly on the side of the settlers. The consistent struggle at Bet Ummar, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarrah, Southern Hebron Hills, Al Walaja. The social struggle continue, in spite the tendency of the student organization to bargain for specific subjects instead of the struggle against the neo-liberalism piggery as a system to replace.


The thirties time the villages meager dwelling were destroyed. The whole Bedouin population is in expended struggle as the eviction of tens of thousands is on the agenda in a renewed efforts of Israel to rob half of the lands not robbed yet, and relocate the victims.

Beit Ummar

In the Hebron-area village of Beit Ummar, Saturday’s demonstration was held in protest of the arrest of local activist Yousef Abu Maria. Abu Maria, a member of the Beit Ummar Popular Committee, was detained during a night raid that took place in the early hours of Saturday morning.


At noon, about dozen Israelis, two dozen internationals and similar number of Bil'iners participated in the 347th Friday demonstration against the separation fence and occupation. We chanted along the way to the new separation wall and when we arrived started the usual ritual: First, calls towards the few state force armed tugs, then a touch of the spools of barbed wire blocking the approach to the wall, than a kid threw some stones on the wall that served as an excuse for the soldiers to throw and shoot of us a salvo of tear gas canisters, then more touching and more trowing and even entering between the barbed wire and the wall.
The time passed slowly, the amount of tear gas increased and the strong wind changed direction frequently... as a result most demonstrators reached the limit of tolerance, and we returned to the village.

Photos From Bi'lin Protest, Nov' , 4,2011
By Rani Abdel Fatah

David Reeb -


Protest against the closure of a road by Jewish settlers from the nearby settlement of Kadumim, on November 5, 2011 in the West Bank village of Kfar Kadum.

The non-violent demonstration in the Nablus-area village of Qudum on Saturday was also attacked by Israeli soldiers with tear gas, sound bombs and rubber coated steel bullets. During the demonstration--which drew some 250 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists--the leg of a Palestinian activist was broken after he was hit by a tear gas grenade.
200 protesters marching in Kufer towards the Qedumin settlement.
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee Demonstration against Land Grab in Kufer Qaddum Ends in Military Raid . See
Wall Photos
‎200 protesters marching in Kufer Qaddum towards the Qedumin settlement.

Nabi Saleh

Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh against the Israeli occupation and settlements. Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, and international and Israeli supporters wore “Freedom Flotilla” ribbons to salute the Freedom Waves to Gaza flotilla activists in their attempt to break the Israeli naval siege on Gaza.

Slightly after noon, a peaceful procession started at the center of the village and headed towards the village farmlands and spring, taken over by settlers. Israeli forces blocked the protesters from approaching the spring, shooting masses of tear gas from two different locations at the protesters. Two men were injured due to gas inhalation and required medical attention.

From then on demonstrators kept going back and forth on the village's main road towards the exit, blocked by Israeli forces. Others threw stones to ward off the army incursion. The army used a foul-smelling water cannon, rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas projectiles. Both the bullets and projectiles were shot indiscriminately and directly at protesters, sometimes at a pace of about a dozen at once, using automated cannons. As a result, more than a dozen were lightly injured. One protester required medical treatment and was taken to a hospital, after his finger was hit and broken by a rubber-coated bullet.

By the day's end, and for no apparent reason other than the well-known Israeli army habit to provide “practice” for its soldiers on the expense of struggling Palestinian communities, four Israeli jeeps entered the village and circled inside it, stones hurled at them throughout. At a certain point Israeli soldiers also hid behind a military tower, leaving the road clear, and then reappeared chasing nearing protesters. One Palestinian photographer was beaten while his arms were raised in the air and then arrested.

Protest, Nov', 4,2011

Ni'lin 4/11/2011

hassan daboos -
International communities -

Al Walaja

Al Walaja Fights Back Illegal Construction of the Wall
In recent weeks, there have been significant legal developments concerning the Al Walaja residents’ legal efforts to challenge the route of the Wall, which could effectively encircle Al Walaja and confiscate more privately-owned Palestinian land.
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Al Walaja Demonstration against the Wall. Picture Credit: Anne Paq/ Activestills
The Friday demonstration was joined by several dozen residents and supporters from Israel and abroad. The protests took place near the gates of Har Gilo settlement, which is located literally on the top of Al Walaja, overlooking the village. During the protest, demonstrators sang songs and chanted slogans against the Wall and land confiscation. Near the end of the demonstration, while protesters were making their way back into the village, they were followed by two military jeeps who tried to provoke and incite violence. This attempt, however, was quite unsuccessful, and the demonstration dispersed peacefully. The local popular committee promised to maintain and expand the struggle in the coming critical weeks, as construction works are being renewed.
A similar demonstration also took place in the neighboring village of Al Ma'asara, where some 100 residents and activists flew kites and played ball games. The demonstration was blocked by the army however no injuries or arrests were reported.

Al Walaja, with a population of approximately 2,000 residents, is located north-west of Bethlehem and south-west of Jerusalem. In a recent decision regarding the western section of the Wall, (on the ‘West Bank’ side), the Israeli High Court lifted an interim injunction that had managed to stop work on the Wall in that area since 28 December 2010. On a positive note, the judgment confirmed a partial change in the route of the Wall, keeping an ancient water spring and a cemetery within the ‘West Bank’ side of the Wall. However, the decision also rejected another proposed change to the Wall’s path, which means that a large area of agricultural land owned by residents of Al Walaja will remain on the ‘Jerusalem’ side of the Wall, accessible only by agricultural gates and a permit system. Construction of the Wall continues although legal procedures are not exhausted.
Residents have raised a number of critical legal concerns in their appeal against the Wall: the wall will highly impede residents' access to their lands, the fact that lands were expropriated without necessary court orders and that construction persisted despite court deliberations without any security justification. Furthermore, at least in one part of the planned route of the Wall, a house will be completely encircled. At the same time, the expansion of the nearby settlement continues, proving beyond doubt that the main motivation for building the Wall is to advance Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands. For further reading see a detailed legal briefing on the situation in Al Walaja.


Circus action Saturday 5-11-11
Don’t say we did not know #285

On Tuesday, 25th October, 2011, IDF forces arrived at the Bedouin neighborhood adjacent to Jaba’ (to the north of Jerusalem ), and demolished two homes. Fifteen people were made homeless. In addition, four animal sheds were demolished.
In ‘Anata the army demolished a chicken coop and an agricultural building; six beehives were confiscated.

On Thursday, 27th October, 2011, government representatives, with a police escort, went to various unrecognized Negev villages and carried out demolitions: one home in Tel ‘Arad, a home in Qasr a-Bir (near Dimona), a home in ElQurein (south of Hura), and two homes in Sa’ua (east of Hura); forty people were left without a roof over their heads.
The authorities continued on their way, and two sheds were then demolished south of Rahat.
Questions & queries:
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue with intensified confrontations

The settler colonialists intensify their assaults both in the occupied west bank and within Israel. The olive pickers are assaulted by settler colonialists with partial backing of state forces in spite of the participation of Israeli activists. International support for Palestinian state alarm the settlers and their reprisals are channeled against the Palestinians. The social struggle against the neoliberal capitalist piggery continue and the state try to divert attention by intensifying the terror on the Gaza strip. In spite half split in the social struggle as the students leadership try to pull it to the parliament quagmire, Nearly 100,000 marched and converged Saturday night in the town square of Tel Aviv for a long gathering with speeches and entertainment by artists of the top. The locations of joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation were as usual.

Beit Ummar

Saturday 29 Oct: "Settler threw stones on the joint demonstration participants. One suffered head injury and few did not enjoy the tear gas thrown on them.
John Brown Pictures -
Video -
John Brown -
PalestineSolidarity -


Friday 28 Oct demo was similar to other "regular" ones. No special theme, no special political guests from Ramalla, no special international delegation... Just 15 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative with similar number of internationals joined few dozen people of Bil'in at noon, in the long march towards the separation wall with Palestinian flags, and a large banner painted with the images of the martyrs Basem and Jawaher Abu Rahma - both killed by the army while participating in a Friday demonstration, and the usual chants, (with an added one for the release of Ashraf Abu Rahmah - brother of the two martyrs, arrested at the previous demo whom the Military Court Orders the Indefinite Remand, on a trumped up stone-throwing charge. This despite testimonies and video evidence to the contrary. Ashraf is the brother of Bassem and Jawaher Abu Rahmah, both killed by the army while demonstrating peacefully in Bil'in). On the way, near the location of the demolished separation fence, we have seen the the renewed memorial tomb for Basem who was murdered there with a tear gas canister.

When we arrived at the separation wall - bordering the Abu Lemon oaks groove preserve, we have seen the Israeli soldiers who were looking on us from behind the wall - waiting a bit for a good excuse for showering us with tear gas. After a short time when we were chanting, but no one was throwing stones, they availed to the excuse that the spools of barbed wire "protecting the wall" were touched and they started the tear gas shower. First we retreated a bit, but as the wind was blowing along the wall strong enough, after a while it dispersed the tear gas and we returned... to repeat it in respond to following volleys - till the end of the demonstration was declared.!/photo.php?fbid=313518031995900&set=a.102244519789920.5280.100000131186902&type=1&theater

Not far away, at the end of the fence of spools of barbered wire, some participants managed to remove some of the barbed wire and iron rods.

Issa Mahmoud Abu Rahma, a 41 year old resident of Bil'in, was wounded on his right hand by a tear gas canister. Dozens of participants suffered various levels tear gas effects.

Haitham Al Khatib -
Israel Puterman -


Friday 28 October 2011 - New Israeli military tactic: Head butting
The Israeli military violently obstructed a peaceful demonstration against the Israeli separation wall in Al-Ma’sara, near Bethlehem, today.
Around 25 Palestinians and a similar number of international observers and some Israeli activists marched from the village at 12:20 PM today and attempted to reach olive groves on Palestinian land just outside of Al-Ma’asara in time for this year’s olive harvest. A line of thirteen soldiers, backed by reinforcements in three armored vehicles, pushed and shoved protesters, including a small Palestinian boy, in order to prevent them from leaving the village.
As demonstrators attempted to walk around the line of soldiers, one officer snatched a Palestinian flag from a protester and then head-butted him.
Mahmoud Alaaelddin, President of Al-Ma’sara local council and member of the Popular Resistance Committee, said “Every Friday we try to go to our land and the soldiers always prevent us from going. They don’t care if there are children at the demonstration; they use more and more violence every Friday.”
After being prevented from peacefully marching to Palestinian land, protesters chanted, sang and remonstrated with the Israeli military for around 30 minutes. The protest dispersed at 1:00 PM, with Mahmoud Zawahra, member of Al-Ma’asara’s Popular Committee of Resistance, alerting the soldiers of their continued persistence.

“Next Friday we will come with more people and we will fly kites with Palestinian flags. And for the hundredth time we tell you – you are not welcome here. You are killers and occupying forces,” he said.

Around five minutes after today’s protest ended, a small group of Palestinian youths threw stones at the military, who responded by firing a tear gas canister, causing billowing gas to enter a house and garden at the edge of Al-Ma’asara.

Demonstrations take place in the village every Friday in protest against the separation wall – illegal under international law – which has been used by the Israeli military to expropriate much of the village’s land since 2005. Work had ceased on the wall near Al-Ma’asara in 2008 after an Israeli court ruling, but it is scheduled to re-commence on 1 January 2011.

If completed, the barrier will expropriate more Palestinian land and will result in the closure of the main road that links Al-Ma’asara to nearby cities in the West Bank. Al-Ma’sara residents will be forced to take alternative routes, tripling the length of time it takes to drive from the village to Bethlehem or Hebron.

Alaaeldin says that over the past few years Israeli soldiers have come into the village late at night before the Friday’s protest; forcing entire families – including children – to stand in the cold, often for 2-3 hours.

According to Alaaeldin, the Israeli military “wants people to be afraid [to protest]. They say ‘we will arrest you, we will kill you ‘but more people come to the demonstrations and refuse to be scared.”

The Israeli military has not carried out such incursions into the village for three months, but Alaaeldin is concerned that they may start again as soldiers have taken advantage of the cold winter nights to harass people in previous years.

Nabi Saleh

weekly demonstration, 28-10-2011.
Oct 21st the weekly joint demonstration was canceled due to the celebration of the release from prison people of the village in the "Gilad Shalit deal"
As "compensation" the Israeli activists were invited to celebrations party Thursday 27th Oct. evening.
A Palestinian youth throws back at the army a tear gas canister during the weekly demonstration against the occupation and the settlement in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih; on Friday 28.10.2011.

International communities
Awad Abuzaid
Weekly Protests
Haim Schwarczenberg -
David Reeb


Protest 28-10-2011, Small in number but strong in spirit, today, protesters in Ni'lin were attacked by Israel Occupation Forces from behind the safety of the Apartheid-Annexation wall.
It was so much violent from the Israeli army. 7 people got injured and many others suffered from tear gas suffocation, but my village still continue mounting a strong will and determination and courageous. and the struggle is still on.


Kufr Qaddum demonstration, 28-10-2011

Demonstration against the closure of a road by Jewish settlers from the nearby illegal settlement of Kadumim on October 28, 2011.

Sheikh Jarrah

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them. (Solidarity Sheik Jarrah is no more organizing the Friday demos.) Please make the effort and join them this Friday, October 28 at 3:00 PM for a vigil in support of their struggle. We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St.

Friday 28/10/2011
Mario Savio -
Guy Butavia -
Israel Puterman -

South Hebron hills
This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, October 29 , we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.
Guy Butavia

Protest vigil on Friday
Guy Butavia -

Social Struggle

More than 60,000 (according to article in a daily before the demo, assessing the capacity of the square) converged at the Tel Aviv town square many of them marched in the street in a demo to reach it.
Tomer Peled Pictures:
People numbering hundreds to 3 thousands converged in 6 other towns.
Video of the eviction of the Jerusalem second squat of people already evicted from the tent camp and the first squat.
Israel Puterman
See Previous reports about the joint struggles of the Anarchists Against the Wall at:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of grass root communities is part of the resistance to the continuous robbery of Palestine.

The local struggle of the villages against the crawling occupation frustrate the striving of Israel to take over all the areas around the Palestinian towns and leaving the towns and cities as separated islands. The picking of the olive trees open many battle arenas where settler colonialists are encouraged by the Israeli state to expand the areas around them "clean of Palestinians". The anarchists against the wall and other radical Israelis share with the Palestinian partners some of the injuries inflicted by settlers while state forces prefer a neutral position. Anata was the bloody arena at the beginning of the month. In addition to the accompanying farmers to fields and olive trees we participated in the usual location of week end demonstrations: Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Ma'asara (where they celebrated the 5 year anniversary), Ni'ilin, and Qaddoum (which joined for persistent struggle 4 months ago).

Beit Ummar

Israeli occupation army Saturday attacked the weekly non-violent protest against settlements and the Apartheid Wall in Beit Ummar.
‎22th October 2011: Accompanied by a big crowd of international and Israeli activists and residents of Beit Ommar, PSP had a peaceful demonstration towards th...


"Last week: Some 20 Israelis and over 30 internationals, including a Basque delegation, joined the weekly Palestinian demo against the wall, land-grab and occupation in Bil’in. The protesters marched from the old route of the wall to the new route, where the soldiers demanded that they retreat. The demonstrators started retreating in order to have a few peaceful minutes of protest, but the army started shooting gas. The shabab took their posts in the Southwest corner of the Abu Lamun oak grove, and the usual exchange of stones for gas and rubber bullets ensued. The soldiers made a point of shooting also the peaceful demonstrators at the back, and shooting at protesters who were trying to put down fires that spread into the few olive trees that hadn’t been uprooted and stolen before the wall was moved. An Israeli demonstrator called the Israeli fire brigade (the site being area C), but they did not come to the rescue."
"This week: Some 20 Israelis and about 10 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demo for freedom, peace and Tsumud in Bil’in. The protesters, led by the new Libyan flag, marched to the new route of the wall, where the soldiers welcomed them with gas. The demonstrators moved upwind, eastward along the wall, where a handful of Shabab held their impromptu fort for about an hour. Since the spot was hard to hit, the soldiers retaliated by shooting canisters into the oak grove downwind behind the shabab, setting fire to some rare and ancient oaks. When the demonstrators were heading back, the soldiers decided to have the last word and crossed the gate. The shabab were swift to disappear, leaving behind peaceful Israeli, international and Palestinian demonstrators.

In line with apartheid rules, the soldiers jumped and arrested Ashraf Abu Rahme (brother of Bassem and Jawaher, the two unarmed and nonviolent demonstrators killed by the Israeli army in Bil’in during Friday demonstrations, himself shot in his foot by soldiers while arrested, bound and blindfolded at Ni'ilin demo). He was arrested under the false pretext of throwing stones (while he is a person whom I’ve never seen as much as pick up a stone to throw in the hundred or so demonstrations I’ve been to in Bil’in). His true crime: he didn’t run away from the soldiers like the kids who did throw stones, and wasn’t a Jew like the other demonstrators who stood next to him.

The soldiers promised to release him if the demonstration dispersed, which was anyway the case, but, of course, lied through their teeth. Two army jeeps then drove through the village to show who’s boss, and then left. Ashraf was taken to Ofer prison, despite the authorities’ awareness to his medical problems."
International communities
Michael Treiger
Rani Abdel Fatah
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Documenting and Intervention Campaign

The joint patrols to deter settlers harassment (Tag Mechir) and documenting them continue.


settlers attack Palestinians and Israeli supporters at olive picking activity in jalud!


Yesterday (17,10,11) I learned that an old man in Jayyous, father of a shaheed, is the only one in his family that got a permit to pick olives behind the wall. Without his wife and sons (he's alone), he is having a hard time. A friend called to ask if there was anyone that could help? ISM is stretched thin, as I know many people / groups are. But, if you know people that would be willing to go help this man pick his olives in Jayyous, it would be greatly appreciated -- internationals, Israelis, 48 Palestinians... basically, they would have to be allowed to go through the gate.

Olive picking Thursday 20.10, was attacked by settler colonialist including shooting with live ammunition. State forces responded by driving away the Palestinians and the Israelis who accompanied them.

Ma'asara 21.10.11

Pasta, flags, drums and blows: five years of struggle Ma'asara
For five years the inhabitants of Ma'sara out nonviolent popular demonstrations against the Wall and settlements. Today they celebrated with Israeli and foreign, with flags and pasta, and the soldiers who guarded the local tradition and again attacked the demonstration with blows.

Origin [translated here by machine] with Pictures at:

Today (Friday) afternoon were about a hundred demonstrators - Palestinians, Israelis and foreigners (mostly French) - specify five years of popular struggle in Ma'asara against the wall and settlements. Every week for five years out of the demonstration from the heart of the village, and gay procession moved toward the village's land and the surrounding villages, now to be confiscated by the security fence (whose construction was put on hold for now) for the settlement of Efrat.

Surprisingly, and unusual, at the entrance to the village waited only one jeep with two soldiers, who were unable to arrest many demonstrators, and for the first time these were able to leave the village and move toward land, marching most of the time the road. A few hundred yards of walking and reading slogans the protesters were stopped by a larger force of soldiers and border police, who began to push them back.

It should be noted that although the violence continued throughout the demonstration, with many pushing and beating demonstrators clubs, this has not been declared a closed military area, no arrests, no thrown grenades or gas - unlike many other demonstrations and similar instead.

The demonstration lasted about an hour and a half, limited to the roadside at the village entrance, with occasional urgency on the part of soldiers. Between protesters waved flags, sang songs in various languages, danced to the samba drums were there, blew soap bubbles, and declaimed speeches to mark five years of popular struggle. At some point drew solidarity activists Italians who were there, including Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament, former Louisa Morgantini, pots of pasta big, and began to distribute lunch the demonstrators as a birthday present struggle. Controversy easy broke out between some demonstrators as active Italian and French offered pasta also soldiers (who refused to ). Some said it was improper collaboration with representatives of the violent occupation, and the soldiers are entitled to join in the fun only if you will go out of their uniforms, and were insisting that this is - this is the way to convince them that the struggle is against the occupation and theft of land - not against them as people.

At the end of the demonstration dispersed back to the village and their homes, and promised to continue demonstrating the same way in the future.

Lior Ben Eliahu
International communities

Ni'lin weekly demonstration, 21-10-2011



Permission to enter their own lands: Kufr Qaddoum rampaged again by military

In the village of Kufr Qaddoum the people held a demonstration for the 17th Friday in a row. The demonstration started around 11:30 AM in the center of the village and consisted of approximately 80 people. The procession only made it to a barbed wire that blocked the road although it stood within th...

Sheikh Jarrah

"The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes,
the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.
Please make the effort and join them this Friday, October 21 for a vigil in support of their struggle.

Social Justice Struggle

Comrades join the masses in the various locations of struggle and in the preparation for the 29th October mass demo in Tel Aviv and the other cities and towns.

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