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Palestine-Israel, While the autumn whether is cooling The struggle is intensifying and hotter*

In addition joint demos and actions in Bil'in, Beit Ummar, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qaddum, South Hebron Hills, and Sheikh Jarrah, there were actions of the higher comity of the local grass root communities and other localities - both in the occupied west bank and within Israel with the war in Gaza as focus.---- The long struggle against the settler colonialist Zionist project was reviewed in the conference commemorating the 50 years birth day of the Israeli anti authoritarian anti capitalist Matzpen the anarchists against the wall are its hairs. In it comrades stressed again the difference between the struggles against aspects of the Zionist project like military rule imposed on the Palestinians in the past within Israel and now in the 1967 occupied regions, and partial gains in it, and real solution only the social revolution in the whole region will bring.


Sunday will be women demo in protest on the attack on Gaza. As many Israeli female activists as can come are invited to support the demo.
Women's protested at Budrus the on going attacks on Gaza.
About 50 women marched in protest of the Gaza massacre. During the non-violent demonstration of women in Budrus – a village in the West Bank - three youths were taken from their homes and arrested by the IOF. Additionally, the IOF threw tear gas and rubber coated bullet
Even before the demo started the IOF covered the village with tear gas, the brave women of Budrus took another path towards the fence, the IOF waited there in big numbers and full gear and right away opened fire at the women non-violent protest until then not a single stone was thrown, so the shabab joined the protest with stone throwing and road barriers, the state forces entered in to the village and arrested three brothers violently from the first house, the parents followed them and some women but the IOF closed behind them and sprayed the mothers with stinking skunk water, the IOF continued for hour into the dark shooting rubber bullets at tear gas at the shabab and the village from the other side of the fence.

Nabi Saleh

Funeral of Rushdi Tamimi, Nabi Saleh, 20.11.2012
Over a thousand people gathered in the village of Nabi Saleh to pay respect to Rushdi Tamimi, who died from wounds inflicted by IOF soldiers. The funeral procession, which started in Ramallah and passed through Birzeit, arrived to Nabi Saleh where Tamimi was laid to rest. Immediately following the funeral, large forces of Israeli military gathered near the village's main entrance and clashes erupted between soldiers and mourners. The soldiers used massive amounts of tear gas and rubber bullets, in addition to stun grenades and skunk water.
By: Haim Schwarczenberg

Jerusalem, Isawia (near the university), Tuesday, joint demo for Gaza. When a missile reached the region the police got crazy, attack very violently the demonstrators, arrested three Palestinians and two Israelis.


Bil'in gave the soldiers their own medicine: In this Friday demonstration Shabab made "mini Kasams" and returned to the Israeli army tear gas grenades using short pipes as a make shift mortars instead of throwing them back by hand. After a long hesitation, the soldiers came running showering the demonstrators with tear gas... but after confiscation of a TV video material they retreated. The village activists expecting more intensive "night visits" from the Israeli state forces in retaliation.

Nabi Saleh

Tuesday, AAtW activist attended the funeral of Rusdi Tamimi - injured in the Friday 16-11-12 demo and died on Monday. After the funeral a demo marched and confronted the Israeli state forces/
This Friday (23th Nov.) The Friday weekly demonstration commemorating Rushdi Tamimi, shot and killed by the Israeli army, was held in the pouring rain. Protesters marched carrying the images of the village's martyrs, Mustafa and Rushdi Tamimi, were attacked by the IOF. Soldiers used barrages of tear gas, rubber bullets and skunk water to suppress the demonstration. Several protesters were injured by rubber bullets, while others were soaked in wastewater. Two Israeli solidarity activists were arrested.
Demo with pictures of the two martyrs Rushdi and Mustafa in the first line.
Haim Schwarczenberg
Israel Putermam
David Reeb


Beginning the weekly demo against the occupation at kufr Qaddum!

South Hebron hills

Saturday, November 24th Israeli activists accompanied Palestinian farmers in order to neutralize settler colonialists and state forces to prevent them from accessing areas near the colonialist settlements.

Solidarity with Gaza, Jaffa, 24.11.2012

About a hundred people gathered in Jaffa's clock tower square to protest the recent Israeli assault on Gaza and demonstrate solidarity with its victims. Protesters lit candles to commemorate the victims, demanded to end the siege, occupation and continuous violence towards Palestinians.
Haim Schwarczenberg


Don’t Say We Didn’t Know 337

We are constantly sold the old “restraint” lie. Israel has practiced self-restraint for 4 years. For 12 years. We are told that the Palestinians shower missiles on us, but forget the assaults Israel has constantly carried out against Gaza.

So I took the trouble to review UN data (not the Palestinians’), and following is a list of Palestinian casualties in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli assaults, only in the months of September and October, and first week of November 2012.

Please note I have not counted the total number of Israeli attacks on the Strip, or the number of missiles and bombs launched and dropped on it, but only those that managed to kill or wound Palestinians:

5-6.9.12 – The Israeli army shelled a vehicle and group of Palestinians east of the Al Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip and north-east of Beit Hanoun, respectively, killing 6 so-called armed men and wounding another one.

10.9.12 – 6 wounded, one of them armed and 5 civilians, two of them children, of an IDF shelling.

19.9.12 – The Israeli Air Force assaults a police vehicle on a routine patrol around Rafa. 2 policemen killed, one wounded.

24.9.12 – IDF soldiers shot and wounded a woman seen on the roof of her own home, located 1,200 meters from the border fence in Al Bureau refugee camp.

7.10.12 – The Israeli Air Force bombed two members of a Palestinian armed organization as they rode a motorcycle inside the town of Rafa. One was killed, the other wounded.

8 civilians, among them 4 children (one a 4-week-old baby) were wounded as well.

8.10.12 – Israeli forces fired tank shells at various areas near the fence in Johan Al Dik, Al Karara, Hiz’a and Khan Yunes. As a result of this fire, 4 Palestinian civilians were wounded, 2 of them children.

12.10.12 – An Israeli assault from the air hit 2 armed Palestinians riding a motorcycle east of Jabaliya refugee camp, killing both. A 6-year old child was wounded as well.

12.10.12 – Another air assault outside the Al Bureij refugee camp wounded a 12-year old boy.

13.10.12 – Assaults from the air at two sites east of Khan Yunes and Deir al Balah killed 3 armed men and wounded another 3.

22.10.12 – During an Israeli ground incursion into the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Air Force killed one armed Palestinian and wounded another person. Hostilities spread to another area of Beit Hanoun where an armed Palestinian member of an armed organization was killed and 2 others wounded in another attack from the air.

22.10.12 – In two additional attacks on the same day, the Israeli Air Force focused on a group of armed men who, Israel claims, were trying to launch missiles at the south of Israel. 3 were killed, 5 others wounded.

24.10.12 – Israeli forces fired tank shells at a Palestinian police checkpoint near Erez crossing, wounding one policeman.

28.10.12 – The Israeli Air Force attacked Palestinian armed organization members who, according to Israel, were trying to launch a missile against Israel; One of them was killed, another wounded.

4.11.12 – Israeli forces stationed on a watchtower along the fence shot to death a 23-year old mentally-disabled Palestinian who was walking within the zone of limited accessibility about 10 meters from the fence.
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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle and the attack on Gaza*

The joint struggle picked a new momentum. On Sunday 11-11-12 the general commanding the center of the west bank declared the Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, and Quaddum locations of joint Friday demos as closed military regions for our activists on Fridays. On Wednesday we expressed our defiance by joining the initiative of the general comity of the local grass root comities. The war on Gaza flared Wednesday afternoon and the anarchists against the wall activists joined the demos in the various locations in Israel.

Direct actions Wednesday organized by the higher comity of the grass root comities involved with the joint struggle. About 20 Israelis of the anarchists against the wall, dozens of internationals and Palestinians from the various villages in blocking main roads built for the settler colonialist. In about half a dozen locations blocking for about half an hour was achieved. State force used tear gas in one location. Angry settler tried in vain to confront the blockers. Two were de-arrested. Non was taken.
"All over the West Bank Palestinians took out to a day of protest action, to mark Palestinian independence day. In Ramallah area 7 roads leading to military checkpoints and settlements were blocked by hundreds of Palestinian activists accompanied by internationals and Israelis.In some cases the roads were blocked with chains and locked, and traffic was held for long moments. The army responded with shooting tear gas at the protestors."
Haim Schwarczenberg

Thursday 15-11-12 Demonstrations against the war on Gaza.

Tel Aviv university
Israeli activists take part in a protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza, in center Tel Aviv,
Jerusalem, Paris square
israel putermam
Jerusalem demo
Tel Aviv Saturday 17-11-12

About 500 people of the radical left (included few dozen anarchists) converged at the national theater square in a vigil against the attack on Gaza.
At the end, few dozen anarchists follow our drummer with banner to the near by intersection.Along the march and at the intersection we chanted our opinions.

Beit Ommar
Saturday demonstration in solidarity for Gaza 17 Nov 2012
Today, a coalition of activists in Beit Ommar including the Center for Freedom and Justice, Palestine Solidarity Project, members of the Popular Committee and a new youth group Youth Power of Palestine (find them on facebook) organized an emergency demonstration in Beit Ommar in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Over 100 people, all Palestinian, marched from the center of town to the Israeli military watch tower at the entrance to the town. They were met by a large Israeli military force which shot tear gas, sound grenades, and rubber-coated steel bullets at the demonstration. For over 2 hours, the group stayed near the entrance to the village, protesting Israeli aggression and occupation. Israeli soldiers took up posts on the roofs of Palestinian homes and continued to shoot tear gas throughout the town.


The Bil'in Friday weekly march organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil'in 16-11-2012 in the twenty-fourth anniversary of the declaration of Independence. The march came in solidarity with our people in Gaza against the brutal Israeli aggression against them. Participated in the march along with the people of Bil'in many internationals and about 50 Israelis protesting this way the refuting of the new ban on their participation in the joint struggle and the war.
Upon the arrival of the participants to Abu Lemon area adjacent to the wall, they were able to break through the barbed wire and uprooted some of its posts. Some of the demonstrators climbed the concrete wall and waved Palestinian flags on it. They burned dozens of tires which led to a big cloud of smoke carried by the wind along the wall and part of it passed to the  other side - to the soldiers and to the settler colonialist town. The Israeli soldiers who were situated behind the wall fired tear gas, sound bombs, coated rubber bullets, and they also sprayed wastewater mixed with stinking chemicals toward demonstrators. The angry youth threw stones at the Israeli soldiers.
Two citizens were injured in addition to dozens of cases suffocated from tear gas in Bil'in weekly march. Ahmad Adib Abo Rahmh (12 years) was hit by a rubber bullet in his back, and his father Adeeb Abu Rahma (41years) by a tear gas canister in the leg as well as dozens of demonstrators suffering from the inhalation of tear gas. All of them were treated in the field by ambulance crews.
Tiers on the way to the wall
Climbing the wall


Friday protest in Solidarity With Gaza 16.11.2012


Friday demo. Four Israelis, few internationals and 150 Palestinians participated in the demo against the road blocking and infringing on the right of free movement. The army responded in huge amount of tear gas. Clouds of tear gas covered the whole area.  A Palestinian comrade was directly hit in his head by a tear gas canister. He was taken to hospital in Nablus and is in relatively good condition.
Tal King photos:!/media/set/?set=a.131689400316004.29933.113760382108906

Nabi Saleh

David Reeb
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Palestine-Israel, The fact that the joint actions is significant was demonstrated to all the skeptics.

Unexpected visitors came Sunday early morning to visit activists of the anarchists against the wall and others with a "present": It is not everyday I get a wake up call from the police. Without warrant,they entered our home and handed over four bits of paper each with a map showing one of the villages of Bil'in, Kfur Qaddum, Nil'in and An Nabi Salih. They explained that until mid-March 2013 I cannot go on Fridays to any of these villages. They recorded the whole thing and insisted on signing receipt. It took time to understand it was not a legal personal restriction order, but a bogus act of intimidation which have no legal meaning. As it was the initiative of the regional commander of the center of the occupied was bank I joked that may be he want us to shift the focus of our weekend joint actions to the southern region of Southern Hebron Hills, Ma'asara, and beit Ommar

"Activists of Anarchists Against the Wall and supporters were awaken early morning to find police in uniform and civilian clothing at their doorsteps. Holding cameras, the police presented the activists (or their parents, roommates, or people currently renting the apartment - targeting 16 people) with general restraining orders (declaring closed military zones) from the villages of Bil'in, Ni'lin, Nabi Saleh, and Qadum, on Fridays day time, effective until March 2013. They demanded that the recipients sign they were delivered the papers. Several houses were also entered with out warrants or permissions. The restraining order were issued to the police by the army.

Anarchists Against the Wall refuses to capitulate in the face of Israel's military regime's harassment of civilians, whether they be recognized by the regime as Jewish, or Palestinian. Most importantly, we'd like to keep the focus on the demonstrations, protesting the theft of Palestinian land, night raids, arrests and torture of villagers, especially that of children. The demonstrations in the occupied West Bank continue, and Israeli activists will continue participating in the struggle for the liberation of the Palestinians from Israeli occupation."


This Friday in Bil'in we had a nice demo. 6 Israelis, about 20 internationals and two dozens of Bil'iners converged near the separation fence. The army which de-escalating its viscousness let us march between the barbed wire spools that "protect" the wall. We marched all the way to the gate in the wall without any tear gas or spray of skunk water (the machine was not brought at all). Mean while daring shabab succeeded to climbed the wall before the soldiers drove them down. A late barrage of tear gas drove us away and we returned to the village.
Two international activists, one Italian and one of US were injure by tear gas canister in the leg.


Friday weekly demonstration, Nov. 9, 2012

Nabi Saleh

After two soldiers injured - the driver of the stinking skunk water among them, the Israeli state forces retaliated with live ammunition fire and shooting into houses - injuring 4 of the inhabitants. The young girl on the video of the previous week - Vaard Tamimi, was injured this Friday. She was injured by rubber coated bullet as she was sitting at the entrance to her home when troops fired gas grenades and rubber coated bullets at the direction of the house on Friday. She was wounded and taken to a Ramallah hospital, according to her mother.


The village of Ni'ilin which originally where forced to leave their homes in today israel during the nakba at 48' are protesting every week since 2008 against the apartheid wall that is build on their agriculture land leaving a large portion of the land at the other side, since the beginning of the demo's 5 protesters where murdered by the IOF two of them are very young children.

Kufr Qaddom

Friday weekly demonstration, Nov. 9, 2012

Regional comity of Beit Ommar, Ma'asara, and south of Hebron hills

Friday morning direct action of the new regional comity of Beit Ommar, Ma'asara, and south of Hebron hills:
70 Palestinian activists accompanied by few International and 10 Israeli activists blocked the Gush Etzion intersection on route 60 north of Hebron to protest Apartheid, robbery of lands, settlement expansion and military violence. Protesters were confronted by large police and army forces in an attempt to suppress the action
During the confrontation, policemen and soldiers surrounded the demonstrators demanding them to disperse. One Israeli activist was then arrested and taken to Hebron police station.
Palestinian protestors, along with some Israeli and international ones blocked for fifteen minutes the road to Gush Etzion leading to the settlements and military base. One Israeli activist was detained, while the rest of the protestors walked back to the cars escorted by cops and soldiers, and left the area.
The more militant comrades continued to the Friday demo in Ma'asarah

Jerusalem-Al Kuds

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes,
the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem.
They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.
Please make the effort and join them this Friday, November 9th,

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

"Friday demonstration against an highway along the shore which will cut Palestinian neighborhood Ajami from the sea and demolish few hoses and part of a school.
In Jaffa TLV mayor office decided on building along the sea side a neighborhood for millionaires and a highway road that would take the sea from the public, from the original people who lives next to the shore, some of them lived there even before the Jewish state was established, and some would lose their homes in order to build the highway road. Most of all, Jaffa would lose for ever their special ethnic site, the original inhabitants of Jaffa shore are going to be kicked out from the sea! in order to make way for houses that most of its inhabitants would be leaving out of the country, So around 100 Palestinian and Israeli's of Jaffa gathered to protest against the building of the road and the million eris neighborhood on the shore line were now stands a beautiful park thats is open for the public."


Demonstrating against eviction's. On 4/11/12 around 50 demonstrated against the planed eviction of 50 people - some are holocaust survivors, to the street with no real solution, they have no other place to go some are on medical treatment and can't be far from the hospital, but they cant afford anything els! In two day's their electricity and water supply will be cut from the building, unfortunately their building is close to the sea! The demonstration marched form the house through the main road to the municipality offices chanting slogans and blocking roads. No arrests or police violence was recorded.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Palestine-Israel, Slowly but surely continue the development - the joint struggle is not stagnant*

We just received announcement from Beit Ommar on the last developments in their town and region. The group of the activists in Beit Ommar was enlarged, and a regional comity of South Hill of Hebron activists was formally established. Last Weekend, after the Holiday, all the regular struggles were resumed, and many details are included in this report. Beit Ommar, Bil'in, Ma'sara, Nabi Saleh, Nilin, Qaddom, South of Hebron Hills and Sheikh Jarah too.... After eight years of continuous activity against the separation fences and walls & occupation in the west bank, and sporadic activities within Israel (including within the spectrum of social justice). After sporadic discussions about our activities and organization, the anarchists against the wall meeting of activists decided last month on weekly meetings to promote the cohesion of the group and our activities within Israel.

Beit Ommar

The Beit Ommar Popular Committee has decided to develop the name of
the committee from "Beit Ommar Popular Committee against Settlement and Apartheid wall" to
"Beit Ommar Popular Movement against Settlement and Apartheid Wall". Few more people have
joined the committee body, so the committee members has become 15 instead of 7. Mr. Mousa
Abu Maria has decided to resign from the committee, therefore, we have respected his wish, and we deeply thank him for his contributions and efforts over the past few years, and we confirm that Mr. Mousa doesn't represent or speak on behalf of the committee anymore.
We have together with Al Ma'sara committee and Hebron South Hills elected a committee that represent south of West Bank popular committees.

Saturday 3-11-12 demo:

Our next PROTEST will be on Friday 9/11/2012, this protest is organized by SOUTH WEST BANK


The usual numbers of Israelis and internationals joined the last three Palestinian demos against the wall and occupation in Bil'in. Two weeks ago the protesters focused on "engineering work": removing barbed wire, placing ramps to gain access to the wall, and climbing the wall with a ladder to place a flag. The following week the demo was smaller due to the holiday (and without the participation of internationals), and the skunk kept the protesters from repeating the previous week's achievement. This Friday the shabab were ahead of the other demonstrators, throwing paint bottles and stones at the two soldiers designated to play sitting ducks on the wall under their shields, while the army cameras take pictures of "helpless" soldiers being stoned. All demos were eventually attacked with gas and skunk stinking water. This week an intensive shooting of rubber bullets was required to get the shabab to stop trying to scare the soldiers away from the village lands with stones.

Al-Ma'sara, 2nd November 2012

"As each Friday, a demonstration to protest against the building of the Wall and the expansion of the settlements in the South Bethlehem area. The demonstrators managed to pass through the first block of soldiers at the entrance of the village and to block a part of the junction road 3157. The purpose: to reach some lands of the village expropriated to build a new part of the Separation Wall. Despite the peaceful and non-violent mode of the demonstration, police and Israeli soldiers don't allow the demonstrators to reach the lands and strongly pushed them back with their shields. Despite the army and its violent methods, we'll continue, Friday by Friday, to scream for our freedom."

Nabi Saleh

On the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, November 2nd, protesters in Nabi Saleh weekly demo asserted their continuous struggle for Palestinian rights despite occupation repression. Today’s demo, titled “we shall win, Balfour” started after the noon Friday, the demonstrators chanted slogans condemning that immoral promise which was given by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to the Zionists, 95 years ago.
Israeli forces attacked the march before reaching the entrance of the village, firing loads of tear gas grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets and stun grenades. Israeli soldier also shots live ammunition directly at protesters during clashes. Dozens of injuries or suffocation cases were documented. And thus a clash erupted between the Israeli military and the village youth. The soldiers arrested Wae’d Tamimi, 16 years (son of Bassem and Nariman), and another two Israeli photographers and two French activists. Some village’s children surrounded the soldiers demanding the release of Wa’ed [see videos below], they were forcibly dispersed and Wa’ed was taken by army vehicle to the police station in Sha’ar Benyamin settlement. Worth noting, that Wa’ed’s father, Bassem Tamimi, the prominent popular struggle leader in the village was arrested last week during the joint struggle comity demonstration at Sha’ar benyamin settlement. He is currently as Ofer prison, facing military trial for the second time in the last 3 years.

Pictures: Palestinian boy stands on the top of Israeli army jeep after his brother was arrested in Nabi Saleh, 2-11-12
"Protesters in NabiSaleh are now marching to the spring. Israeli Occupation Forces on the mountain and lots of teargas suffocation cases."
Children from Nabi Saleh try to block an Israeli military jeep after it stormed into the village, and arresting 5 activists including the brother of 2 of the children seen in the photos,
Bilal Tamimi


Friday weekly demonstration, Nov. 2, 2012

Kufr Qaddom

Friday weekly demonstration, Nov. 2,

South of Hebron Hills

Activity 3.11.2012

Social Justice

On 4/11/12 around 50 demonstrated at Bat-Yam (in the south of the central urban region of Israel around Tel Aviv) against the planed eviction of 50 people [from a house in dangerous condition] some are holocaust survivors to the street with no real solution, they have no other place to go some are on medical treatment and can't be far from the hospital, but they can't afford anything else. In two day's their electricity and water supply will be cut from the building. The demonstration marched form the house through the main road to the building of municipal offices chanting slogans and blocking roads. No arrests or police violence was recorded.

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