Saturday, November 28, 2009

Palestine-Israel, the joint struggle continue... not only in Bil'in

Because of the Muslim holy day of Id al Adha, the regular Friday joint demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation in the village Ni'ilin (west of Bil'in) and Ma'asara (south of Bethlehem) were canceled. However, in Bil'in, the nearly five years chain was never broken... The Israeli state efforts to transfer Palestinian from the occupied east Jerusalem never stop and so was the joint demonstration against the escalation of transfer steps. The refusnics struggle and that of the "guest workers" were less prominent this week.

Some 30 Israelis and 25 internationals joined the people of Bil'in for the Id al Adha demonstration against the wall. Demonstrators marched with Palestinian flag colored balloons, chanting slogans and imbued with holiday spirit. The army didn't let the relatively small number of demonstrators confuse them. After a formal holiday greeting, they immediately started throwing gas canisters. The wind, possibly not in solidarity with the villagers, blew directly in the demonstrators' faces, and made it difficult for them to maintain their stance. Demonstration leaders were seen scolding soldiers for their crimes while simultaneously scolding shabab for their disobedience to the no-stone-throwing-at-the-gate policy. Several demonstrators suffered direct hits by gas canisters, and some expensive holiday outfits were permanently scarred by the black soot of the struggle.

Bil'in, 27.11.09
Bil'in Friday 27.11.09 video at

Friday 20.11.09 al-ma3sara video at

Ni'ilin-weekly demo November 20


he settlers living in the neighborhood are harassing the evicted Palestinian families, who now live on the street. Threats and stone throwing have become common occurrences, especially before the Sabbath.

Weekly Protest March from the Mashbir plaza to Sheikh Jarrah

Join a march from West to East Jerusalem in protest of the injustice committed against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. The march will end in Sheikh Jarrah with a protest against the settler enterprise in the neighborhood.

The march will start at the Mashbir plaza on Friday 27.11 at 13:30

Come to raise awareness and protest the settlers' attempt to take over East Jerusalem!

For further information or transportation from Tel Aviv: M
Yesterday in the early morning settlers invaded the Al-Kurd home in Sheikh Jarrah. They threatened the family members and beat some of them, until they were stopped by the police. We need volunteers to sleep in the families' homes Thursday through Saturday night.

Tomorrow, in the weekly Friday demonstration, significant presence will be very important for the families. We leave from the Mashbir Plaza on King George st. at 13:30, or meet at Sheikh Jarrah at 15:00.

For further information- M
demo against the settlements in Sheikh Jarrah

also a very good report about Bir al-Id:

See previous reports at:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the occupation and the separation fence to be expanded

This week, the struggle of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative was mainly in the "trinity" of Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Ma'asara. About 60 were mobilized with us - mainly from the Tel Aviv region. The frustrated Palestinian official leadership contemplated in public the expansion of the Bili'n and Ni'ilin stile of nonviolent struggle as a third Intifada in the whole occupied west bank. It seems, the Israeli secrete services who were aware on the contemplation of this option, were desperate enough to try during the last few months - with out success, to stop the Bil'in example with their series of night arrests of the main activists of the popular comity of village. The other struggles - like the refusnic front and that of Sheikh Jarrah transfer were less prominent.


This Friday too we persisted in the nearly five years long chain of struggle against the separation fence and occupation in Bil'in. At noon, about 100 of us - including 35 Israelis, and a dozen or so international activists, marched from the center of the village towards the gate to the route of the separation fence.

The usual chants along the march included the mentioning of local activists arrested during the last few months - including the one arrested the day before.

At the gate, as usual, the state force did not wait long before starting to shower us with tear gas grenades. Like usual, some of the grenades were returned to them to enable them to "enjoy" their own "medicine".

As the wind was making it hard to evade the tear gas, we left there earlier than usual. Part of us converged for a while to challenge the state force at a near by section of the separation fence, before we returned to the village.


Weekly Protest March from Zion Square to Sheikh Jarrah

Join a march from West to East Jerusalem in protest of the injustice committed against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. The march will end in Sheikh Jarrah with a protest against the settler enterprise in the neighborhood.

The march will start at Zion Square at 13:30, Friday 20.11

Every Friday settlers gather in the neighborhood to pray and make their presence known. Such gatherings have often led to attacks on the evicted families.

This Friday they will be joined by members of the radical right wing movement "Im Tirtzu"

Come to raise awareness and protest the settlers' attempt to take over East Jerusalem!

For further information or transportation from Tel Aviv: Maya

Some fifty Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators marched Friday noon from the center of Ma'asara village towards the route of the apartheid fence that is to be built on village lands. Like every other Friday, demonstrators were stopped by Israeli soldiers and boarded policemen who laid barbed wire on the main road leading to the fence, forcefully preventing the procession from proceeding. When asked if their actions had any legal basis, soldiers refused to answer.

Protesters then delivered speeches in Arabic, English and Hebrew, and called upon the soldiers to leave their weapons and join the non-violent struggle for two independent states and against war crimes committed by Israel. Slogans were chanted, and the joint drum band, made out of Israeli Qasamba drummers and the village children, played and cheered the demonstrators up.

During the demonstration several children managed to go around the barbed wire, but were pushed back by the soldiers. Some of them then tried to pull away the barbed wire fence with improvised ropes that were then cut by the soldiers. The children, however, did not give up, and eventually succeeded in tearing the fence apart, forcing the soldiers to step up and physically push the demonstrators and threaten demonstrators with arrests.

The demonstration was over within fifteen minutes.


200 protestors – Palestinian, Israeli & International, gathered today in the village of Niilin for the weekly protest against the wall. The demonstrators marched from the village to the wall – which grew some 500 meters longer in the last week. Apparently, the military finds it too hard to cope with the village youth's decisiveness. The extended wall joined the two-weeks policy of shooting live ammunition at the demonstrators revived after a few calmer months. As the demonstration reached the gate in the wall, the demonstrators addressed the soldiers that crowded together from its other side and verbally protested the occupation and the wall. It wasn't long before the soldiers dispersed the group with tear gas, answered with stones from some of the youth. Shortly after, a first injury from the 0.22 ammunition was listed. The demonstration went on for hours, counting two medium & one light injuries. The long wall didn't stop the soldiers from invading the village. The skillful youth managed to avoid injuries for this part of the demonstration, and after chasing the retreating soldiers back to the wall, the demonstration was declared over.

Ni'ilin Friday 13-11-09 video at
Ni'ilin Friday 20.11.09 video at


Second Prison Term for Conscientious Objector Or Ben-David

Dear Friends,

After completing her first prison term, Or Ben-David, of the 2009-2010 high school seniors letter of refusal, was sentenced earlier today (16 Nov.) to 20 more days in the military prison for women (no. 400) in Tzrifin. This is her second term in prison and the third time she has been tried and sentenced for her refusal to enlist. She is due to be released from prison on 3 December and is likely to be imprisoned again soon afterwards. Her address in prison is:

Or Ben-David
Military ID 6054025
Military Prison No. 400
Military Postal Code 02447, IDF
Fax: ++972-3-9579389

Since the prison authorities often block mail from reaching imprisoned objectors, we also recommend you to send them your letters of support and encouragement via e-mail to, and they will be printed out and delivered during visits.

A brief update also on the case of Walaa Kassem Naffaa. Wallaa has been released from prison on 4 Nov. and has not come back for another round in prison yet, but is likely to be imprisoned for the third time in the coming weeks. Also, we have obtained more accurate details about his two prison terms to date, so a correction to previously published information is due: he was first sentenced to 14 days in prison on 1 Oct., and again to 10 days on 27 Oct.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The ongoing joint struggles against the separation fence and occupation

The struggle continue against transfer/evictions in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of east Jerusalem. The struggle of the new wave of refusnics continue with lower level of state repression than of the previous year - shorter arrest terms... Though only the on going Friday demonstrations of Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Ma'asara, persist, we get more and more invitations - even if non joined lately the heroic three. (This week the Anarchists Against the Wall were invited to Al Gussoun north of Tul Karem and to Karyut. We were also invited to: "On Monday 9 November a hundred Palestinians waving Palestinian flags and wearing fluorescent jackets saying "WE ARE GOING TO JERUSALEM" took down a piece of the concrete wall near Kalandia's airport.) The number of people who join us increase.


Anouncement during the week:

There will be a demonstration in Deir alGussoun north of Tul Karem this Saturday at 10:30.
The village is north of Tul Karem, and years ago, there have been a few demonstrations there, but nothing recently.
The wall in the area, which was built in 2003, creeps into the village's lands leaving about 2500 dunams of the village's 13,000 west of the wall (on the "Israeli" side).
Please let me know if you'd like to go.

Press release 14 November 2009 - 18 Demonstrators arrested after a Gate in the Wall was Breached in Deir alGhussoun

The protesters were arrested as the demonstration was coming to an end, by soldiers who invaded the village and flanked them from the back.

Eighteen demonstrators were arrested today in the West Bank village of Deir alGhussoun, north of Tul Karem, after Israel's Separation Wall was breached by Palestinian, Israeli and international protesters. The protesters intended to march to village's lands that were left isolated behind the Wall, and managed to break open one of the barrier's gates.

The demonstrators managed to break the lock on the gate by rocking it back and forth, despite the presence of soldiers, but could not reach their lands, as they were being shot at with rubber-coated bullets and teargas . One demonstrator was lightly injured after being struck with a rubber-coated bullet in the leg.

As the demonstration was coming to an end, a large group of soldiers surprised a group of the protesters by closing in on them from the direction of the village, and arrested eighteen of the village's youth.

Today's demonstration was the opening salvo for a public campaign by the Deir elGhussoun municipality and the affected farmers, which will accompany an appeal the Israeli High Court of Justice to remove the already-built wall from the village's land. The said appeal is expected to be filed in the near future.

The wall in the area of the village cuts deep into West Bank land, leaving about 2,500 dunams (620 acres) of the village's land west of the wall (on the "Israeli" side), effecting 120 land owners, dozens of which do not receive permits from the Israeli army to even minimally tend to their lands.

In an advisory opinion issued in July 2004, the International Court of Justice in the Hague has declared the path of Israel's wall in the West Bank illegal in its entirety, and ordered its removal. To date, Israel continues to disregard international law, and continues to build the wall and expand settlements.

For more details: Jonathan Pollak (Hebrew and English):

MEDIA with picture,7340,L-3805014,00.html
IDF says demonstrators arrested after damaging gate; protestors say 18 held for questioning. Six protestors were detained Saturday during a demonstration against the West Bank security fence in a village near Tulkarem.

Dozens of Palestinians, Israelis, and foreign activists protested against what they claim is land confiscation in favor of the security fence. They also lamented the absence of permits for farmers seeking to work their land.

ALT. MEDIA with pictures:

.... The protesters said they intended to march to lands that were left isolated behind the wall in Deir Al-Ghusun, northeast of Tulkarem, and managed to break open one of the barrier's gates before Israeli soldiers invaded the village.

One demonstrator was lightly injured after being struck with a rubber-coated bullet in the leg, onlookers said.

"Today's demonstration was the opening salvo for a public campaign by the Deir Al-Ghusun municipality and the affected farmers," said Anarchists Against the Wall, an Israeli group, in a statement. "As the demonstration was coming to an end, a large group of soldiers surprised a group of the protesters by closing in on them from the direction of the village, and arrested 18 of the village's youth."
--- snip ---
Jonathan Pollak, one of the group's founders, told Ma'an that 18 demonstrators were originally detained, but added he was looking into the possibility that some were later released.


"This Friday in Bil'in - This week the Bil'in demonstration usual suspects were joined by the Palestinian People's party and the Israeli-mostly-Palestinian Democratic Front (Hadash), including three of its Knesset members.

While waiting for the Democratic Front buses crossing from the Israeli side, the local organizers, Palestinian and Israeli politicians and Israeli and international activists made assertive speeches mentioning Arafat's 5th memorial, Barake's recent indictment for allegedly assaulting a policeman in a Bil'in demo a few years back, and the boycott.

Speeches were held by members of the Popular Committee, members of Knesset, activists from Israeli group Shministim (Refusniks) and members of Irak Veterans against the War from the United States.

The large number of demonstrators - some 300 - must have stressed the soldiers, who used large amounts of gas. In one of the stampedes away from the gas an American demonstrator tripped and hurt his head, requiring medical attention and a few stitches. As often happens, the army fired the multi gas canister cannon after the demonstration had been declared over, and the protesters were on their way back to the village. All participants won free Berlin-Bil'in T-shirts".

Friday 13.11.09 Bil'in video at


Sheikh Jarrah - Another expression of solidarity on Friday 13/11 in Sheikh Jarrah

We will gather at Zion square at 15:30 and will walk together to Sheikh Jarrah to express our support for the residents of the neighborhood.
Another meeting point: the Museum on the Seam at 16:00.

The settlers who are living in the homes of the evicted families have begun to harass Palestinian families in the neighborhood that are now living in the street. They have begun to gather near the Palestinian families on Friday evenings, making noise and scaring the families. Our presence there last week was important to the families and because of it the police prevented the settlers from coming near the houses.
For more information- M


Kalandia wall taken down on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall


Few dozen Palestinians, internationals and Israelis joined the weekly demonstration against the wall and occupation in Al-Ma'sara. The demo was held as usual in front of some Israeli military soldiers who blocked it from continuing towards the Palestinian lands beyond the wall's route. The Israeli soldiers kept children from pulling a barbed wire that was put there by the soldiers. During the demo protestors chanted slogans against the Israeli apartheid wall, occupation and land theft. Speeches were carried in Arabic and English, and in them were mentioned the 5 anniversary to Arafaat's death and the Israeli continued reluctance to end the occupation and achieve peace. One Palestinian woman has managed to cross between the soldiers and pass through carrying a Palestinian flag. The demo ended with a promise to continue the struggle and weekly demos.


In Ni'ilin, some 150 demonstrators gathered after the prayer and marched to the fence. The demonstration opened with 20 minutes of slogan chanting near the gate. Peculiarly enough, the army did not retaliate. Soon after, some of the village youth began throwing stones at the fortifications hiding the soldiers. For long minutes, the army chose again not to retaliate. As more stone throwers joined the field, little by little the soldiers started using tear gas. But still, much less than usual. Knowing that this relative calmness from the soldiers is usually but a preparation to some fierce surprise, the experienced youth were not tempted to take heavy risks. As the demonstration continued, the military violence gradually increased and rising amounts of tear gas flooded the fields. All of the sudden, the gas was joined by live ammunition shot at the demonstrators. Ever since June 5, 2009 – when Akil Sadek Srur was murdered by this gun in a Ni'ilin demonstration, the soldiers have hesitantly used this weapon – and the following demonstrations "only" counted few wounded from these bullets. Today, the careful approach proved itself, and despite the military's thirst for blood only two light injuries were listed. The demonstration did not die, and many soldiers invaded the fields forcing it closer to the village. Luckily enough, although the soldiers attempted to carry out arrests and shot dozens of live bullets, neither injuries nor arrests were made. After re-gathering on a hilltop, the demonstrators decided to end the weekly protest. In a media release – the army announced that due to the severe damage inflicted to the wall in the prior demonstration, the shortly illegal firing of live ammunition at unarmed demonstrators is now "legal" again.


friends and anti-military activists demonstrate in support of Or Ben-David, a conscious objector in Israel

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Palestine-Israel, Joint struggle in the period of the nearing storm

The political storm collect momentum. It is expressed in processes initiated by Goldston report, by the escalation of international boycott and with threats of war crime courts for Israeli top officers... The activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative are involved mainly in the local struggles both in Israel and the occupied Palestinian areas. The focus is still in the Friday demonstrations in Bil'in and the international aspects of it - visitors and media, and in Ni'ilin, and so is the struggle against eviction/transfer in the occupied East Jerusalem Sheikh Jarah neighborhood. Less attention got the struggles against road blocks, involving the high school graduates refusnics, the threats of expulsion of refugees and guest workers children, and the eviction of Bedouins.


Some 40 internationals and 30 Israelis joined the weekly demo of several dozen Palestinians against the wall in Bil'in, this time commemorating 20 years to the collapse of the Berlin wall. While marching, the demonstrators carried posters demanding the release of Adeeb, the member of the village's popular committee still in the Israeli jail. Also was carried a large Styrofoam model of the wall, to the gate to the route of the separation fence, when we passed near the route located parallel to the road we encountered Shabab who were busily cutting through the fence. Covered by the smoke of a burning tire, two of them made impressive progress for quite a few minutes before the army noticed them.

When we arrived at the gate, the carriers of the model succeeded to enter it into the space between the main gate and the electronic fence. It took the soldiers a while before succeeding to removed it. A Belgian choir gave the demo a wonderfully surreal character, as they sang in harmony songs of resistance and struggle in various languages, while the army was throwing gas and shock grenades, and the shabab, enjoying the support of a very favorable wind, was returning to the soldiers many unexploded canisters of tear gas accompanied by stones forcing them to run away again and again.

Israel - Bil'in 6-1-09 - video


Urgent Support Vigil This Evening Tuesday 3-11-09 at Sheikh Jarrah. This morning, following a court dismissal, the Al-Kurd family of Sheikh Jarrah was forced out to the streets. 30 settlers accompanied by large numbers of police and border-police forcefully evicted the 30-people family out of their home. This is the 3rd eviction taking place in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood during the past 4 months.


"With all the happening in Jerusalem: demolition of houses [of Palestinians], continuation of transfer from occupied Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the expansion of colonial settlements and building of new ones... we are organizing a meeting to plan for future actions."


On Friday, November the 6, hundreds of members of the village of Karyut came together to protest the Israelis occupation and settlements and to move a roadblock put up by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Defying the Israeli military (who declared illegally the area a “close military zone”) and the local PA municipality and mayor (who did not support in any way this action) the protesters represented a new wave of resistance in Karyut that does not obey the Palestinian or the Israeli bureaucracy.
The road block is located on the only way to get to freeway 60. Palestinians from the Karyut area have to use side roads are forced to drive for hours longer to get to work or to visit family. This is one way that the Israeli military creates Jewish only roads and a system of apartheid.

Although the exact location and details of the this demo were only discussed on privet phones, the Israeli military is waiting for us. They present to us a closed military zone order. They are so used to copying and issuing that order every day that they forget to attach a map that shows the area that suppose to be closed. We notice that and inform them that their order is illegal. The military at first does not allow the residence of the village walk to the roadblock. Demonstrators yell at the soldiers and tell them that its their right to dismantle that roadblock. The military moves back eventually, and dismantling the roadblock begins - takes us a couple of hours.

the roadblock is dismantled and the first car of an Israeli activists drives through.

Pictures and links to video at:


About 20 Israelis and internationals joined about 30 Palestinians in this Friday action.

The army prevented the demonstrators from protesting at the path of the wall.
The demonstrators marched from the center of the village chanting against the separation fence and occupation accompanied by a drummers troupe. As usual, in was blocked by a road block of spool of barbed wire and held back by soldiers. Demonstrators gave speeches in English and Arabic about the illegality of the Wall and Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories. The children of the village succeeded in temporarily removing the barbwire and attempted to walk forward, the soldiers threatened the demonstrators with arrests and violently pushed the children back across the fence. As the demonstrators began marching back to the village, they were blocked by a military jeep that entered the village from the back and parked on the main road. Trapped between the soldiers by the barbwire on one side and the jeep on another, the demonstrators crowded around the military vehicle with singing, clapping, accompanied by an Israeli group of percussionists. The soldiers in the jeep made threats of arrests and eventually left the village, the protesters headed back to the village and the percussions group gave a drumming workshop to the children and youths of the village.


In Ni'ilin, demonstrators brought down a section of the eight meters tall concrete wall that cuts through the village's land. The soldiers, positioned at the other side of the wall, fired scores of live rounds at the demonstrators as well as tear gas, and sprayed them with the "skunk-bomb" (a foul-smelling liquid). This is the first time since Israel began the construction of the wall in 2002 that demonstrators succeeded in toppling down a part of the wall. One of the demonstrators, Moheeb Khawaja, said during the protest: "Twenty years ago no one had thought the monster that divided Berlin into two could be brought down, but in only two days in November, it did. Today we have proven that this can also be done here and now. It is our land beyond this wall, and we will not give up on it. We will win for a simple reason - justice is on our side."

MEDIA: Protesters breach West Bank separation barrier - Na'alin protest

The weekly demonstrations against the West Bank separation barrier in the towns of Bil'in and Na'alin, which take place every Friday, reached new heights this week when activists, seeking to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall, knocked a part of the barrier over.

Masked Palestinian youths breached the 8-meter high section of Israel's security wall that runs through Na'alin, while Israeli border guards fired tear gas and a foul-smelling spray from behind the high concrete barrier.

Protesters levered open a space under one the pre-cast panels and used a hydraulic car-jack to topple it out of position.

"No matter how tall, all walls fall," read one banner pasted onto the structure by Palestinian youths assisted by Israeli activists, who say the wall on Palestinian land and through Palestinian communities is simply a land grab by Israel.

The panel, cast in the same inverted T-shape as those erected by communist East German through Berlin in 1961, was tilted back close to tipping point onto the Israeli side, but did not fall completely.

The youths scattered when the Israeli guards behind the wall rushed to close the breach.

Thick black smoke from a stack of tires set alight by the youths mingled with white trails of tear gas against the blue sky. Clouds of Israeli "skunk" spray - smelling of corpses and feces - drenched the protesters' side of the skirmish.

Israel began building its barrier of fences and walls at the height of the Palestinian uprising that began in 2000, and it now runs along most of the West Bank border, encroaching at many points onto West Bank territory.

In a non-binding decision in 2004, the International Court of Justice said the barrier was illegal and should be taken down because it crossed occupied territory.

Active Stills -
David - Friday 6.11.09 Ni'ilin video at


Demonstration in support of conscientious objector Or Ben David. On Saturday (7/11), at 15:00 we will meet in front of military prison No. 400 and protest against the imprisonment of CO Or Ben David, and in support of her actions.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Palestine-Israel, Small successes along the continuous struggle

This week, the state forces stopped the night rides harassing and arresting activists of the Bilin village. On the refugees and "guest workers" front, the expulsion of children born and raised in Israel and their parents deferred to the end of school next year. A n activists film "Refugees" was screened in the main TV channel. The struggle continued against transfer in Sheikh Jarrah (occupied Jerusalem) and with the Bedouins in the Israel south. The involvement with the olive picking continued, and with the new wave of high school seniors refusnics too. Friday on-going joint demonstrations of the Anarchists against the wall and the Palestinian villagers of Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asarah.


In spite of stormy whether, bout 30 Israelis, Internationals, and people of Bil'in participated in the weekly Friday demonstration against the separation fence, the settlements, and occupation. This the demonstration was devoted to calling for the release of Abu Rahmah, as well as to protesting the ongoing attempts to eliminate the village’s resistance. Protesters marched on Friday wearing masks of Adeeb, declaring “We are all Adeeb Abu Rahmah”.

Adeeb Abu Rahmah, who has been detained for over three months, is not suspected of committing any violence, but was indicted with a blanket charge of "incitement to violence", which was very liberally interpreted in this case to include the organizing of grassroots demonstrations. A judge had initially ruled that Abu Rahmah is released with restrictive conditions, but an appeal filed by the military prosecution had the decision overturned, and he was remanded until the end of legal proceedings. Since the arrest, the defense has appealed this decision four times. Trials often last up to a year and Abu Rahmah is the sole provider for a family of eleven.

Abu Rahmah's arrest came amidst an Israeli arrest and intimidation campaign that began concurrently with preliminary hearings of a Bil’in lawsuit against two Canadian companies responsible for the construction in the settlement of Modiin Illit (built on lands robbed from Bil'in and neighboring Palestinian villages). In almost five years of protest, 75 Bil'in residents were arrested in connection to demonstrations against the Wall. Of them, 27 have been arrested in the recent, ongoing arrest campaign. Israeli forces have been regularly invading homes and forcefully searching for demonstration participants, targeting the leaders of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, as well as teenage boys accused of stone throwing. Sixteen currently remain in detention, nine of which are minors.

During the demonstration youngsters succeeded to enter the route of the separation fence through a breach in the external fence of the route - in spite of heavy shower of tear gas. The main body of the demonstration arrived as usual at the main gate to the other side of the fence and confronted there the state forces for nearly an hour - in spite of sporadic showers of tear gas grenades. Few of the grenades that were not activated the first time thrown, were returned to the soldiers to taste their own medicine.


Some 40 Palestinian demonstrators from the village of Ma'asara, joined by twenty internationals and four Israelis, marched from the village center towards the route of the Apartheid Wall. Demonstrators carried flags of many different nations which show solidarity with Palestine in order to remind Israel that the entire world demands the end of the occupation.

As usual, the march was stopped by occupation soldiers with barbed wire at the entrance to the village. While many of the demonstrators found cover from the rain under a huge Palestinian flag, a few daring activists stood in front of the soldiers in their T-shirts, waving the different flags. Speeches were then carried in Arabic, Hebrew and English, noting the insistence of the struggle to go on in all sorts of weather, and calling upon the soldiers to refuse and switch sides. In an attempt to help the soldiers do just that, some of the village kids stepped on the wire or tried to remove it all together. The soldiers, however, choose to maintain the separation between themselves and the demonstration, and pushed the children away.

After another half hour of slogan chanting in the pouring rain led to the end of the demonstration. Though none were arrested or wounded, some cases of a potential cold were noted amongst the soaking demonstrators.


Ni'lin's first winter protest was held under heavy rainfall. Consequently, the number of protesters was smaller thanusual, and consisted of a few dozen Ni'liners, ten israelis and a similar number of internationals. Some of the demonstraters set fire to a large pile of tires placed near the wall's concrete slabs. The combination of heat and humidity seemed to have cracked parts of the concrete. A number of protesters clashed with the soldiers guarding the fence, who fired volleys of tear gas and squirted the "Skunk" which was particularly potent in stench. No injuries were recorded aside from gas inhalation, and the protest ended earlier than usual.

Pictures at:

Vudeo demo


Vigil for olive trees cut by settlers in the Hebron area