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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue on the background of the degradation of the Israeli legitimacy

When the Israeli leaders and high-ranking officers are afraid to go abroad because of pending war crimes indictments. When their anger and incitement are directed to the Israeli dissidents opposing 1967 occupation, the joint struggle continue and draw wider spectrum of Israeli radicals. The joint struggle expand even within the 1948 borders. Al-Araqib, Lod and Taibe (1948) and (1967) Beit Ommar, Bil'in, Al Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah, South of Heron Mountain.


"Police fire sponge bullets at Israeli citizens in al-Araqib

The Bedouin village of Al-Araqib was destroyed for the 9th time on Sunday morning in the wasteland of Israeli democracy. Today police forces were back in Al-Araqib destroying make-shift structures which had been erected over night. Villagers resisting the takeover have been arrested and beaten, with eyewitnesses reporting use of sponge bullets. Based on villagers’ and activists’ accounts, the state is planning a major offense to erase the village once and for all in order to make room for a forest to be planted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

As I write this, a group of Israeli citizens are standing in their family graveyard. The graveyard has stood in the same spot of land in the middle of Negev for the past eighty years. If they leave the area of the graveyard, they will be arrested. They remain in the graveyard watching their village being destroyed in front their eyes. Israeli activists from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem [of the AAtW, Ta'ayus, Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah and others] who joined them report that the police are firing sponge bullets to encourage the people to leave the graveyard. Between 6 and 13 people have been arrested for refusing to leave the village. Some of the arrested are reportedly being taken to the hospital due to police brutality during the arrests. The citizens standing in the graveyard are Bedouin and the state is erasing their village in order to plant a forest.

Since the summer of 2010, Israel has leveled the village of al-Araqib nine times. According to a press release from the Israeli activists group Hithabrut-Tarabut,

Tuesday, 18.1.11 early morning, a contingent of the anarchists against the wall and others went to El Arakib to defy the use of the Day Of Planting for transfer of the Araqib Bedouins, after the 10th demolition:

Sunday, Be'er Sheva court farce

Activists demonstrated out of the court while the judge laundered the transfer activities of state against the indigenous Bedouins.

Beit Ommar

The demonstrators organized themselves in front of the wall in a large peace sign, with each person holding a picture of Pollak's face. This was in order to send a message to the world that the people of Bil'in are standing in peace against the occupation and the effect it has on those who take action against the it. The soldiers responded with spraying the demonstrators standing in the peace sign with waste water contaminated with chemicals, followed by tear gas, sound bombs, and rubber bullets. Dozens of people suffered from tear gas inhalation and from being sprayed with the waste water.
Israel before 14 hours, 29 minutes

Bil'in & Maasara

Solidarity with Jonathan Pollack

Two Friday demonstrations in the West Bank has been dedicated to the day of solidarity with the Speaker of the popular committees against the wall and settlements, Jonathan Pollack, one of the founders of the AAtW, who began serving a week ago three months imprisonment. The army responded with gas and arrests.

In Bil'in two hundred protesters [50 Israelis, about this number Internationals, and Palestinian of the village and from the region], marched to the separation fence and called for their release. When demo reached the fence, protesters formed a peace symbol-shaped, pose it on purpose to send the pictures to jail Hermon, where Jonathan is incarcerated. Then few demonstrators entered the route of the the fence to protect the barrier, hang the pictures on the electronic fence. The army was quick to intervene smelly skunk spraying water, the wind carried back at the soldiers.

The Eastern wind prevented the swift dispersing of demo with tear gas as the state force usually do, and the demonstration lasted another hour, facing some more skunk water and rather small amount of tear gas. The demonstrators were able to tear some of the outer fence, and some youths threw stones at the truck skunk. The relatively low level of violence of the army can be explained by the wind that also "benefited" the soldiers with skunk water tear gas, but mostly as a crew of Israeli TV 2 accompanied protesters.

Despite the media presence that caused the army to change the patterns of activity in the extreme, they could not restrain themselves long enough, and at the end of the demonstration after its end was declared and everyone began to return to the village the soldiers decided to cross the fence and run after the departing people, and started a massive fire of tear gas for about half an hour after the end of the demonstration. It will be interesting to see how the events will be reported in the Israeli TV 2.

Al Ma'asara

"Meanwhile in Ma'asra a smaller parade was held. 15 Israelis and few internationals joined a score of the villagers. They carried pictures of Jonathan Polk who was often arrested at the demonstration area. They were stopped by soldiers at the exit from the village towards the fence, not yet built. As the soldiers did not allow the march of protesters to exit from the village, most of them set on the road in protest. After few minutes, a high ranking officer hollered on the soldiers commanding them to push the demonstrators towards the village. Gradually the demo was dispersed. One Israeli demonstrator was arrested when he tried to bypass the soldiers."

Link to pictures

Nabi Saleh

Protesters break the siege on Nabi Saleh

This Friday the Nabi Saleh demonstration against the occupation started in the neighboring village Beit Rima, from which a march to Nabi Saleh went directly through the army post. Some 60 people marched through the road chanting songs of resistance. The army kept retreating until it stopped near Nabi Saleh village and allowed the protesters to pass through and arrive to Nabi Saleh. Every Friday the Israeli army blocks all road entrances to Nabi Saleh as a collective punishment measure for demonstrating. This time the demonstrators' first act was to break this siege.

After reaching the village, the demonstrators attempted to continue walking through the main street but were violently stopped by the army soldiers using stun grenades. One 10 year old boy was attacked by a soldier with pepper spray. After a while protesters went away from the soldiers. Some youth attempted to ward off the army incursion by stone throwing. The army took control of several roofs in the village, and used tear gas extensively inside the village populated area. Some youth managed to escape the army grip on the village and clashed with soldiers in the surrounding hill

Israel Puterman video: From Beit Rime to An Nabi Salih 21-1-11

Nights rides

During the last two weeks, the military has started using another familiar mode of oppression against the courageous people of Nabi-Saleh - frequent night raids including house visits. Up until tonight, most of the incursions were focused on photographing the village youth, mainly of minors, and in many cases even of kids under 12 (not criminally liable).

Tonight, (Saturday) at around 2AM, the soldiers violently arrested a 14 years old in his house. He is currently anticipating interrogation.

Our friends would highly appreciate our presence in the village during the coming nights.

Please contact or 052-xxxxxxx (SMS would be much preferable during the day, thanks) if you can join tonight. Contact details for the rest of the week will be posted soon.


This Tuesday, 18\01\11 at the protest tent – Hellen Keller st. corner of Hamasger st. 18:00 – Vigil 19:00 Music Show:


Pictures of Struggle 21-1-2011 By Ahmad Melseh

Sheik Jarrah

See how Israeli occupation police tries to oppress violently the Palestinian-Jewish grassroots protest against the ethnic cleansing in the occupied East Jerusalem

Link to Demonstration 21/1/2011 Pictures

South of Heron Mountain

"On Saturday January 22nd, 2011 we will visit the Southern Hebron Hills to clean water cisterns demolished by the army.

The Palestinian residents of the Southern Hebron Hills are dependent for their water supply on cisterns, located between the villages. The Civil Administration recently demolished 13 of these cisterns. The settlers and the military also prevent the Palestinians from accessing other cisterns in order to perform maintenance work, necessary to guarantee that the water drawn from them can still be used."
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle persist in spite intensifying repression

As a backlash resulting from the mounting international opposition to Israeli atrocities and the continuation of occupation, the Israeli racism surge in the open. In spite of jail verdicts to Palestinian and Israeli activists the joint struggle even expand. The ongoing struggles in: Araqib, Beit Ommar, BIl'in, Hebron, Hebron southern mountains, Jail Solidarity, Lod, Ma'asara, Nabi Salih, Ni'alin, Sheikh Jarrah, Tel Aviv are just the more visual ones.


Already ninth destruction of the village, repression of the villagers and supporting activists intensify... and the struggle continue.

Beit Ommar

The village was invaded During Weekly Demonstration.
During the demonstration against the occupation on Saturday, five Israeli army jeeps invaded the village of Beit Ummar and took violent crowd control measures. The army used rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas during clashes with youth inside the civilian areas of the village.


About 20 Israelis and a similar number of internationals joined the Palestinian demonstration against the wall and occupation in BIl'in. Following two mega demonstrations, this demonstration was back to the usual size, but the determined demonstrators weren't deterred. Since the stinking water cannon waited for us behind the gate, the demonstrators went to the northern part of the fence and confronted the soldiers behind it. Then the water cannon was moved, and the demonstrators went back to the road leading to the gate where the soldiers had already come in to confront them. After a standoff between the soldiers and the demonstrators at the front, accompanied by gas canisters shot directly at demonstrators who tried to advance from behind to join their comrades at the front, the soldiers shot large quantities of gas that forced the demonstrators to retreat. Then the shabab took over, fighting the stink cannon, gas and rubber bullets with stones... and gradually most of us returned home. Some of us continued to the Sheikh Jarah (where we also met AAtW people who already participated in the Ma'asarh noon demo).

A 13-year-old child was injured along with one Israeli and one Dutch activist. Many were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.


11-1-11 - the day Jonathan started his prison term, we had a similar critical mass ride in the center of Tel Aviv . It was the same route we had two years ago when Jonathan was detained and arrested for now. About 100 comrades converged at the city square and joined the ride - a few on foot. We chanted for Jonathan, for Abdallah from Bil'in whose term in the concentration camp was extended till March 2011, against the occupation and against fascism in Israel.
watch?v=x92e2 Pi3BZc

Jail Solidarity

"The final verdict of Abdullah Abu-Rahme, Bil'in, after more than a year in custody, will be announced in the Military Court of Appeals in Ofer [concentration] camp this Tuesday, January 11, at 10AM.

Please send your full name, ID\passport number (+ nationality) and phone number to s. Monday at 12:00 if you wish to join."

And the military "judge" extended Abdallah jail time with another half a year.


"I know theres the critical mass on tuesday, and i think we should all be there.
But just in case there is some one who is not planing on going, cause she doesnt have a bike or casue she maybe lives in lod,
i wanted to let you know there will be another protest on lod this tuesday plus a music show after (were going weekly!).

1800 near the tent, helen keller st. corner of hamasger st.

Sherut taxi from the Tel Aviv bus station (near lines 4,5) takes you 5 min walk from there
(you go straight on sokolov st. in lod till it becomes hellen keller)"


Nabi Salih

This week the army resumed nighttime raids in Nabi Saleh. During the weekly Friday demonstration, the village was attacked with excessive amounts of live ammunition and tear gas. A curfew was declared prohibiting residents from leaving their homes for a twenty four hour period. Despite the recognition of unarmed demonstrations as a legitimate form of protest by the European countries, Israel is pushing forward with its campaign of harsh military repression.

This past Friday the army was in streets of the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh long before sixty Palestinians along with Israeli and international supporters gathered for the weekly demonstration against the occupation. Early Friday morning, army jeeps were seen driving up and down the streets of the small village informing residents that a curfew would come into effect in the afternoon and anyone on the streets would be a target of arrests or worse. Earlier this week, the army raided Nabi Saleh twice in the middle of the night. This was part of a strategy of repression which has escalated to a fever pitch in recent days.
The village was sealed by the army at all entrances at 09h00. Once the demonstration began marching to the confiscated land of the village at 12h30, the army simply opened fire on the unarmed demonstrators. One activist who was present on the ground said that “from that moment forward there were always 50-60 soldiers in the village; patrolling and taking over houses.”
Throughout the afternoon, soldiers would raid a house, lock themselves inside and the family outside. Anyone that was walking on the street was shot at with live ammunition. Additionally, soldiers used an excessive amount of poisonous tear gas on the village. Repeatedly, soldiers fired the “ringo" which shoots 64 tear gas projectiles in roughly 8 seconds. The ‘ringo effect’ leaves the entire village in a cloud of tear gas. This form of harsh collective punishment has not been used since the time of the building of the Separation Wall in Ni’ilin in 2008/2009
Three minor injuries were reported among protesters in Nabi Saleh on Friday. However, the army claimed that one soldier was hit by a stone while video evidence (embedded below) clearly shows that the soldier simply tripped on the ground while firing live ammunition at demonstrators. No foreign or domestic media were present for the demonstration, leading many protesters to believe that the army escalated its violent campaign of repression precisely because of the media vacuum.

Friday 14.1.2011 protest David Reeb video at:


Villagers conducted the Friday midday prayers at their lands near the wall and were joined by Israeli and international supporters. As soon as people reached the wall, Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at them including shooting grenades directly at demonstrators, in violation of the low.

A 20-year-old local youth was hit in the head with a rubber-coated steel bullet. The young man, who preferred not to be named, was moved to a Ramallah hospital for treatment and released later.

Sheikh Jarrah

"Stop the settlement in the Shepard hotel! --- Stop the Judaisation of Sheikh Jarrah!

Stop the Discrimination of East Jerusalem!

This morning (Sunday) the Shepard hotel in Sheikh Jarrah was demolished as a part of the construction of a new settlement of 31 housing units in the middle of a Palestinian neighborhood.

The Shepard hotel is located on Mount of Olives road, in the north of Sheikh Jarrah to the direction of Mount Scopus.

Transportation from Tel Aviv to the demonstration leaves at 12:30 PM from the EL AL terminal near the Tel Aviv Merkaz central train station .

Comrades converged in the Sheikh Jarrah garden - few of us after a noon demo against the separation fence in Bil'in and Ma'asara. We marched to the Shepard hotel and did our statement there.

Israel Puterman video

Tel Aviv

On Jan 11 2011 Yonatan Pollak (one of the founders of the Anarchists Against the Wall) will begin a 3 month jail sentence for riding his bike in a protest against the criminal siege of Gaza. While the war criminals responsible for the siege go free and the siege continues protesters like Pollak are jailed.

We say: Prosecute the real criminals ! End the siege of Gaza ! Free Yonatan Pollak !

Join us in a protest critical mass bicycle ride through Tel Aviv Tuesday Jan 11 at 7 pm from Rabin Square.
Please bring a bicycle with safety lights and reflectors.
If you arrive early at 6 pm with a blank T-shirt you can have it printed with a special design made for the ride.

And about 100 comrades came for the action - most of them with bicycles. We did the same route as two years ago and just at the end the police threatened with arrests they did not do.
Israel Puterman video:


Standing Up for Anarchy -- Against the "Israeli Democracy"
PinkBlack Block in the Demonstration tomorrow, Saturday.

19:00 in the entrance to Gan Me'ir

We will march tomorrow evening in the demonstration of the "democratic camp" to remind everyone that there was never a democracy here worth defending. We will not shed tears for the poor state of the state but rather scream and rumble against Zionist racism, murderous Capitalism and the oppressive Patriarchy.

Come in black and pink clothes, bring masks and whistles

About 20,000 participated in the demo - The biggest of the radical left since 1982th radical left protesting the Sabra and Shatila massacre in the First Israeli-Lebanon war.

A few hundred participated in the black block including veterans of the first antiauthoritarian anticapitalist organization in Israel Matzpen (6 comrades 20% of the pick membership of the 1980s)

Arrestees and de-arresting

Lets focus on what the media didn't cover from the demo yesterday in TLV: There was a man arrested for waving a Palestinian flag. Two others for bad behavior... The response to this arrest was: slowing down traffic. At the end of the big demo more than 200 people flanged to the streets and didn't get of the road till the police released the arrestees.

Israel Puterman Fascism demo in Tel Aviv Saturday 15-1-11 - video at:

The on going education activity of the AAtW abroad:

Video of gal Lugasi last week presentation at Minneapolis
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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle Israeli participants expand to a wider spectrum

The Palestinian non violence popular struggle expand even within Israeli 1948 borders: Al Arakiv, Bil'in, Beit Omar, Hebron (Al Khalil), Jerusalem, Lod, Maasara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, Sheikh Jarah, Silwan, Isawia, South of Hebron mountains and more... Anarchists Against the Wall, Ta'ayush, Warriors for peace, Solidarity Sheikh Jarah, Coalition of women for peace, and more.... When the international legitimacy of Israel is diminishing; When the formal and non formal of Israeli racism responds with increased brutality - more Israeli Jews are radicalized. The Bil'in joint struggle is both the flag-bearer and the example for all to see.

Beit Ommar


This Friday demonstration was both against the robbery of lands by the separation fence and occupation as well as in commemoration of Jawaher Abu Rahmah murdered the previous Friday demonstration by the Israeli state forces. About 250 Israelis, internationals, and hundreds of Palestinians of the occupied west bank (including women’s organizations) found their way around the roadblocks on the roads leading to bil'in. we joined lot of the women and men of the Bil'in village.
We marched from the center of the village led by feminist and women's organizations.with chants, banners, pictures and placard with a sound system at the head.

When we arrived at the gate of the route of the separation fence people entered it and hung flags on the electronic fence, shook it and few even started to cut it. The state forces under strict instruction not to start the flooding us with tear gas before things start to escalate, responded instead with water cannon which sprayed water flavored with skunk stench. As the range of the spray was too short and could not disperse the whole crowd, and as the shabab started to throw stones, tear gas grenades were thrown and shot at us.

This week the wind was more friendly. It often carried the tear gas cloud away or even towards the soldiers. In addition to the changing wind youth managed to throw tear gas canisters back on soldiers and we were delighted to see them running away time and again. But, gradually the demonstrators dispersed an outsiders traveled home. When the occupation forces crossed the fence to our side - attempting the hasten the dispersing. Palestinian youth threw stones at the soldiers in an effort to stop them, but were forced to retreat. The state forces were blocked about hundred meters from the fence by the shabbab and could not advance towards the village. The yous continued confrontations with Israeli soldiers for the next several hours.

Teams of three ambulances worked hard to tend for the people suffered most from the tear gas.

Israel Putermam video at:
Haitham Al Khatib

Hebron (Al Khalil)

We are invited to the Meeting on Thursday, 13.01.2011 1t 16:00 in Tel Rumieida, to talk about the future of our activities in Hebron and to organize the the actions of this year(2011) on the Solidarity day with Shuhada Street .

Please call A., if you want to join.


Tomorrow night, 06-01-11 21:30, we will meet at the Katze (shushan str) with gas masks, onions, drums and fliers. we will stroll around Jerusalem and tell it to wake up and smell the tear gas. would love to CU (bring your own props)


There will be a women protest tomorrow at 18:00 near the tent - helen keller st. corner of hamasger st. men are also very invited. after that there will be a show of DAM.


In southern West Bank at the village of al Ma’ssara, soldiers stopped protesters from leaving the village and reached the lands the army is planning to take for the construction of the wall. Soldiers used tear gas to force people back to the village; many were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Nabi Saleh

In the village of Nabi Saleh, three civilians were injured one arrested and a home was set of fire by Israeli soldiers. Today’s protest started after the midday prayers. Soldiers attacked the villagers shortly after and fired tear gas also at their homes, during the protest troops arrested one local youth.
Israel Puterman


Ni'lin Village-Struggle Against The Annexation Wall 07.01.2011 (In Memory Of Arafat And muhammed khawaja) David Reeb video of Ni'ilin and Nabi Salih at

Sheikh Jarah and Silwan

Pictures, - In the Border Line for Silwan & Sheikh Jarrah

Stop the settlement in the Shepard hotel ---- Stop the Judaisation of Sheikh Jarrah

This morning (Sunday) the Shepard hotel in Sheikh Jarrah was demolished as a part of the construction of a new settlement of 31 housing units in the middle of a Palestinian neighborhood.

We will meet today (9/1) at 16:00 outside the Shepard hotel and shout Stop the Judaisation of East Jerusalem.

The Shepard hotel is located on Mount of Olives road, in the north of Sheikh Jarrah to the direction of Mount Scopus.

For more information call: S.

The channel 2 of TV showed in the evening news, the destruction and the demonstration.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Palestine-Israel, The heroic struggle of Bil'in and the IDF murder of a Female demonstrator Jawaher Abu Rahmah

Bilin was cold yesterday. It rained and the wind and damp got to everything. ---- About a thousand of us showed up â Palestinians, Israelis and internationals â to protest the apartheid barrier in the village. The Israeli army knew we were coming so flying checkpoints were thrown up on the main road into town. We swarmed the hills and valleys surrounding Bil'in by the hundreds and managed to join those already in the village. Nearly all of us us hiked around the apartheid abscesses (Road blocks) and made it to the village where I was surprised (not really) to see Salaam Fayyad. I assume he applied in advance for an entry permit ;). --- The march got underway after the Old Guard finished posturing for the cameras. We advanced about fifty or sixty meters when Fayyad abruptly stopped, shook a few hands, and bowed out. I heard a few jokes and snigger's as we marched on.

It wasnât long - less than half the way between the village and the separation fence, before the Jewish Peopleâs Liberation Army began to gas people. Sorry: It wasnât long before the Israeli Defense Forces employed riot dispersal methods.

Small organized groups of protesters then spread along the Wall to try and implement the popular committee's announcement that he last day of the decade will indeed also be the last day of the Wall on Bil'in's land. An overwhelming number of Israeli soldiers and Border Police officers spread along the path of the Wall, but were not able to stop demonstrators equipped with bolt-cutters from breaching through the Wall in three places.
In one place, the protesters actually managed to carry a rather significant chunk of the Wall back to the village.

On the anniversary of the start of the Palestinian revolution of the 46, Bil'in pick out the wall of apartheid, despite strict military measures and the closure of the three entrances to village protesters in Bil'in Remove Parts of Israel's Wall,

Haitham Khatib video at:
Israel Putermam video at:
David Reeb video at:

Haitham Al Khatib video of the previous demonstration 24/12/10

Sunday, 26/12/2010, in Bilâin, about 100 hundred people, including citizens of Bil'in, International activists from the French group 'Euro Palestine', members of the Popular Committees of Bil'in and Ni'lin, the Popular Resistance Movement of An Nabi Saleh, as well as representatives from the Office of International Relations of the Fatah Movement - Mr. Jamil Barghouti and Mohammad Shannan, participated in the planting of Olive trees on land targeted by Israel for Wall and settlement expansion. The event was organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and the village of Bil'in.

At 3:30 pm participants carried olive trees and farming tools in a massive march toward village land that is still threatened to be confiscated. The demonstrators planted olive trees in spite of the strong presence of the Israeli military. When people tried to plant trees close to the wall, Israeli soldiers opened fire and shot dozens of tear gas canisters in the midst of the demonstrators. This led to a violent army confrontation against the demonstrators. Tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets were used in order to intimidate the demonstrators. Several people who suffered from the effects of inhaling tear gas had to be treated in the field.

Bil'in olive planting 26-12-10
Haitham Al Khatib

International Solidarity Week with the Palestinian People of Jerusalem:

Political Gathering Held Wednesday in Bilâin

The Popular Committee Against the Wall organized a political gathering this evening in the local Councilâs Hall in Bilâin village. Many foreign solidarity activists attended the meeting, especially from the group 'Euro Palestine', as well as members from several West Bank Popular Committees.

==================== The murder of Jawaher Abu Rahmah ======================

A comrade reported: "The Israelis used two types of gas canisters. The first, which you can see in the videos, is a fist-sized bulbous rubber projectile. It begins to dispense gas in air, causing it to spin wildly and change directions before it hits the ground. Its trajectory is very hard to predict.

The second type of canister is the more deadly kind â the kind that killed Bassem Abu Rahmah in 2009. Itâs also used liberally by the young supremacists in uniform. Yesterday the steel canisters, about fifty percent larger than a neat stack of quarters, were fired directly at protesters. Their trajectory is more or less straight, but they come at you much faster.

And the gas. Well, âtear gasâ is a bad name for it. It feels like a million blue shards of glass tearing at your alveoli and shredding your eyes. You canât see and double over, trying not to breathe. Acid tears are streaming down your face, but the overwhelming sensation is of being bombarded and suffocated. Youâre ensconced in darkness and your thoughts are disrupted â you only want to get away. And every breath tears at your insides; vicious animals live in your lungs. Iâd rather not breathe than take one more anguished, searing, charred breath. Then, you donât have a choice; you canât breathe. Youâre struggling to run and are overcome by dizziness. Other people help you escape.

Only Jawaher Abu Rahmah didnât escape. She protested, dignified and unwavering for hours. She refused to yield and for that she died. She was 36 and was killed for peacefully protesting The Jewish Peopleâs Right to Self-Determination in Palestine. Her body now rests in the cold, red earth they deify.

We exchanged a few words of encouragement before I snapped her picture, when she was still someoneâs mother.

I wish I knew how distressed she was."


"Bil'in Female Protester in Critical Condition from Tear-Gas inhalation
Jawaher Abu Rahmah, 36, was evacuated to the Ramallah hospital after inhaling massive amounts of tear-gas towards protesters in Bil'in earlier today. She is currently in critical condition and is not responding to treatment. Another protester required hospitalization after being hit in the face with a tear-gas projectile shot directly at him."

"Doctors at the Ramallah hospital are currently fighting for Jawaher Abu Rahmah's life, after an acute deterioration in her condition this evening. Abu Rahmah suffered from severe asphyxiation during today's demonstration in Bil'in as a result of tear-gas inhalation, and was evacuated to the Ramallah hospital. She is currently diagnosed as suffering from poisoning caused by the active ingredient in the tear-gas, and is not responding to treatment.

Jawaher Abu Rahmah is the sister of Bassem Abu Rahmah, who was shot dead with a high velocity tear-gas projectile during a demonstration in Bil'in on April 17th, 2009."

And she did not make it ;( Jawaher Abu Rahmah died Saturday morning). The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall were invited to give the last honer to Jawaher Abu Rahmah.

We attended her funeral with all the villagers of Bil'in, and many other activists of all over the west bank.


Saturday evening about five hundreds of us protested on Saturday in from of the Kirya Base (IDF headquarters) in Tel Aviv. A TV channel 10 early evening news program opened with an opening item on Abu Rahma's murder contributed to the big attendance. Eight protestors were arrested, including former Knesset member Mossi Raz (Meretz) as the demonstrators failed to comply with police and few of us even set on the road.

After the arresting of 8 they stopped arresting people for public relation reasons and let us continue the occupation of the road. Some protesters claimed that "even in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Israeli police treats citizens as enemies, crushing their freedom of expression and operating as storm troops of the right extremists."

MEDIA --- Saturday Night --- US ambassador visited --- Anarchists attack US envoy's home --- Police say anarchists rallying in Herzliya over death of Bilin protester threw [used i.s.] tear gas canisters into diplomat's yard; 11 suspects arrested ---- Demonstrations continue following the death of protester Jawaher Abu Rahma during a rally against the West Bank separation fence at Bilin. ---- Eleven anarchists were arrested on Sunday morning [a bit after Saturday midnight] in Herzliya on suspicion of protesting in front of the US ambassador's home and throwing tear gas canisters at his house.

The anarchists arrived at the US diplomat's home overnight carrying posters. Police officials said the suspects were also carrying Palestinian flags, tear gas canisters [used one of course] and spray. According to on-line reports, the anarchists claimed they arrived at Ambassador James Cunningham's house in order to protest against US military aid to Israel, which they claimed was being put to use against Palestinians. --- The anarchists reportedly chanted, "One, two, three, four stop the occupation, stop the war. Five, six, seven, eight end the funding, end the hate." ---- Occurring to suspicion, one of the anarchists threw hand grenades [really used grenades of tear gas] towards the house yard, and then the suspects fled the scene. The patrol police was called over, headed by Superintendent Avi Ohayon, and began combing the area in search of suspects.

All [half] of the suspected were then found and brought in for questioning over at Glilot police station, headed by Chief Superintendent Nimrod Daniel. They were interrogated and later detained for further investigation.

Police officials said the 11 anarchists, one of which is a German citizen, are expected to be brought before the Magistrate's Court in Tel Aviv in order to extend their arrest.


It seems that the media opinions do not treat the murder of Jawaher Abu Rahmah so lightly and the news with denunciation is all over the media.