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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue on the back ground of intensifying unrest

During the week, the media continued daily to refer to the expanding non-armed Palestinian struggle, and the role of Anarchists Against the Wall and other Israeli radicals (nearly always referring to Bil'in fifth yearly anniversary). The state force efforts to prevent us from coming to the joint struggles was criticized - may be this was the reason they did not try it this Friday. Though some scheduled activities were canceled because of the heavy rains (Ma'asara, Beit Umar) other activities did not yield to the whether: Bil'in, Hebron, Nebi Salih, Ni'ilin, Tel Aviv. Some said the third Intifada - this time non-armed, already started... Some were only afraid it may start.

BILIN editorial Duty to protest in Bilin


About 20 Israelis and 5 internationals joined the select bunch of Palestinians who risked the grim weather for Bil'in's weekly local demo against the wall and occupation. Today's themes were a call to protect the holy places (following Israel's designation of the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron as a national heritage site) and a wanted ad featuring the local military commander. The demonstrators reached the fence and were attacked with large quantities of tear gas. The army also made use of the heavy and lethal extended range gas canisters. After repeated attacks did not suffice to scatter the demonstration, a combination of an army invasion into the village.and a gush of rain led to the termination of the demo. Most of the Israelis continued to the Sheikh Jarrah demonstrations.

Haitham video:


Amidst Military Aggression and Threats of Political Arrests, A Call to Open Shuhada St. to Palestinian Movement

Thursday, the 25th of February, marked the 16th year anniversary of closing Shuhada street in Hebron to Palestinian movement. That afternoon, about 300 Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists met at the Hebron municipality where they made posters, distributed t-shirts and hats, and spoke with media personnel before they began the march towards Shuhada Street in Hebron. The protesters marched in the rain waving flags, linking arms, and chanting slogans in Arabic, Hebrew, and English.

The protesters remained true to their commitment to nonviolence, yet they were met by a very heavy army presence which was quick to deploy harsh crowd dispersal techniques that included a heavy amount of tear gas and stunt grenades. The tear gas canisters were fired from all directions, often coming very close to hitting people. A few elderly protesters fainted and were evacuated by ambulance. Protesters scattered and ran to avoid the tear gas, but the army appeared to be surrounding the protest and shooting from all angles.

The army continually tried to push the protesters further back by creating a human wall and physically pushing the protesters who, in response, formed their own wall to withstand the pressure. Three Israelis were picked out the crowd at random, taken away by the police and detained temporarily. One international activist was arrested and then released several hours later. The clashes between the military, police, protesters, and a few notorious settlers continued for about an hour and 45 minutes until a final barrage of tear gas caused everyone to retreat.

Two reports from Thursday demos in Hebron

Al-KHalil (Hebron), Palestinians clash with Israeli Occupation Forces over Israeli decision to declare Tomb of the Patriarchs as a Jewish National site

Open Shuhada St. demo at AL-Khalil (Hebron), Palestine

On Thursday morning over 250 Palestinian protesters, joined by dozens of Israeli and international activists, braved foul weather conditions to demonstrate in Hebron against the closure of Ash’Shuhada, the street which, since Baruch Goldstein’s massacre of 29 worshipers in the Ibrahimi Mosque in 1994 has been progressively “sterilised” by closing it off to all forms of Palestinian movement.

On the afternoon of February 25, 2010 about 300 Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists met at the Hebron municipality where they made posters, distributed t-shirts and hats, and spoke with media personnel before they began the march towards Shuhada Street in Hebron. The protesters marched in the rain waving flags, linking arms, and chanting slogans in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. The protesters remained true to their commitment to nonviolence, yet they were met by a very heavy army presence which was quick to deploy harsh crowd dispersal techniques that included a heavy amount of tear gas and stunt grenades. The tear gas canisters were fired from all directions, often coming very close to hitting people. A few elderly protesters fainted and were evacuated by ambulance. Protesters scattered and rain in all directions to avoid the tear gas, but the army appeared to be surrounding the protest and shooting from all sides. The army continually tried to push the protesters further back by creating a human wall and physically pushing the protesters who, in response, formed their own wall to withstand the pressure. Three Israelis were picked out the crowd at random, taken away by the police and detained temporarily. One international activist was arrested and then released several hours later. The clashes between the military, police, protesters, and a few notorious settlers continued for about an hour and 45 minutes until a final barrage of tear gas caused everyone to retreat.

Video at:


In Ma'asara, soldiers invaded the village on the night previous to the planned demonstration. The officers forced popular committee member Mahamad Brijia from his home and held him outside as they violently searched his house. The soldiers threatened Mahamad that if either he or any other member of the committee were to organize and/or attend another demonstration they shall be arrested.

The following day, as village residents prepared to march towards the site of their confiscated land, the Israeli military blocked all the ways in and out of the village. As people gathered near the exits in an attempt to travel outside the village, the army, preventing from any residents going in or out, opened fire with tear gas, rubber coated metal bullets, and stun grenades. The soldiers followed the retreating residents into the village and chased them through the streets.


About 80 demonstrators people of An-Nabi Saleh and Palestinian, Israeli and internationals marched while chanting from the village towards the lands adjacent to the settlement Halamish, in itself built on the village's land. As the demonstrators were quite a few meters from the main road, IOF soldiers began shooting tear gas canisters at them. Instead of proceeding towards the soldiers, the demonstrators turned to climb the near-by hill. This had made it difficult for the soldiers to reach the demonstrators with their gas canisters (although they kept trying). The march on the hill continued, as IOF soldiers proceed by foot towards the protesters, and after a while, shooting tear gas at the village houses, while some of the demonstrators try to hold the soldiers back by stone throwing. Following this, the army invaded the village and used the infamous tear-gas cannon to shot dozens of canisters on the entire village. This criminal attempt to pressure the community is known to harm the most children, infants and people who are at their houses and do not participate in the demo. Heavy rain and hail only served as a light break. The army attacks continued, an so is the determination of the demonstrators to get back to the field. Even after people had returned home and the demo ended, with a promise to return next week - the army invaded the village once a gain and shot tear gas canisters on the village houses. Several demonstrators were injured lightly.


While some of the weekly Friday demonstrations were compromised due to severe weather conditions, a larger than usual march was held in Nilin. In spite of many committee members and dozens of youths being in jail the village had a solid turn out for the demonstration. The march was joined by representative from at least one other neighboring village and about 20 Israelis and International. Starting from one of the mosques, the demonstrators marched through the village and towards the check point at the entrance to the village. There they were attacked by border police soldiers using tear gas and rubber coated metal bullets.

The confrontation lasted for about 2 hours before the village youths who were leading the charge decide to call it a day and come back next week


The settlers’ beloved Nir Barkat does not miss an opportunity to abuse the residents of East Jerusalem, expel them from their lands, and demolish their homes. Last week it was revealed that the municipality plans to expropriate private land owned by a Palestinian in Sheikh Jarrah. This is in order to build a parking lot for the settlers’ use, as part of their ongoing attempt to take over the neighborhood. As always, this week we will stand by the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and protest the covenant that the municipality has forged with radical settlers at the expense of east Jerusalem residents.

The march will start Friday at 14:00
from the Mashbir plaza, on the corner of King George and Ben Yehudah
To a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah that will begin at 15:30


Some 80 Jerusalem demonstrators marched through their city Friday, all dressed up in costumes and celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim, meeting up with 100 more demonstrators in the entrance to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for the weekly protest against house evictions. Activists sang, beat drums, jumped about and danced for nearly one and a half hours, fighting off the Jerusalem cold and whipping rain and hail. This week's demonstration was also joined by a mission of some of Britain's biggest Unions, who concluded a week long tour of the West Bank, concluding that their support for the international BDS campaign is vital.

Opposite the demonstration the regular police forces blocked the main road of the neighborhood, but other than that seemed quite uninterested in the demonstration.

At the end of the protest all went to their separate homes with no clashes or arrests of any kind.



On Saturday March 6th please join us in our protest to stop the Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

At 7:00 PM we will be holding a mass rally in Sheikh Jarrah against:

· The forced eviction of the Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah

· The Jewish settlement of East Jerusalem

· The undemocratic attack on political protest

50 Palestinians have already been evicted from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Another 500 are threatened. If the settlers and their government allies succeed, all Palestinians in East Jerusalem are threatened. If we stop them in Sheikh Jarrah, we can stop them elsewhere.

We call on all groups who support the struggle for Palestinian rights and for a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinian, to hold solidarity protest vigils on March 6 near Israeli consulates and embassies abroad.

The Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood Committee

Just Jerusalem – the Israeli Coalition for a just solution in Jerusalem

For more information on the struggle see our blog:

What's the Deal in Sheikh Jarrah

To make contact please write to:


Activists blocked a street in Tel Aviv on the 25/2/2010 as part of the "International day of action - Open Shuhada Street"

This date marks 16 years since the Baruch Goldstein massacre in the West Bank city of Hebron and the first time that Shuhada Street was closed to Palestinians. The campaign is focusing on Shuhada Street in Hebron as a symbol of the issue of Israeli settlements, the policy of separation in Hebron and the entire West Bank, the lack of freedom of movement for Palestinians, and the occupation at large. For video see

The residence of Tel Aviv have nothing to fear, armed soldiers will not prevent their movement, and their "Shohada St" will not be closed for years. this is not so for the Palestinian residence of Hebron. This date (24 Feb. 2010) marks 16 years since the Baruch Goldstein massacre in the West Bank city of Hebron and the first time that Shuhada Street was closed to Palestinians. The campaign is focusing on Shuhada Street in Hebron as a symbol of the issue of Israeli settlements, the policy of separation in Hebron and the entire West Bank, the lack of freedom of movement for Palestinians, and the occupation at large.

Like this permanent blocked, there are hundreds of checkpoints that exists in the West Bank, sometimes for years. These checkpoints, are just another part of the Israeli apartheid system. Israelis, who are going to be delayed for a short while because of this roadblock, can use that time to reflect on the Israeli policy that they are part of.

Open Shohada Street!

Free Palestine!

The Mark Edelman Brigade
The movie web page:
video of the action

For more details about the campaign:
pictures and link to video


Confrontations between demonstrators and the Israeli army.
26th of February 2010, in spite of the heavy rain, about 250 Palestinians, foreigners and Israelis converged at three locations of the west bank and confronted the army. Demonstrators threw stones and the army responded with means for dispersing demonstrations.


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Palestine-Israel, Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the joint struggle in Bil'in and more...

The Israeli state and its forces knew that the joint struggle of the anarchists against the wall and the Bil'in popular comity against the separation fence means trouble. They tried hard to extinguish the flame of the struggle when it just started. They vacillated along the years between the various repression measures - limited by the Israeli public opinions, but failed. They used the Bil'in village as a testing field for "non lethal" means for dispersion of crowds... They resigned in dismay to see the joint non armed struggle expand to other villages and to other aspects of occupation. Even this weekend, in parallel to the special mobilization for the 5th anniversary demonstration in Bil'in, we had the joint demos in Maasara, Ni'ilin' Nabi Saleh, and Sheikh Jarrah.


Five years of a joint struggle lead by the Bil'in village popular comity against the fence with the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall initiative, and international activists. Five years of direct actions and popular demonstrations on each Friday - suppressed by force, nearly two and a half years since the High Court of Justice ordered to change the route of the wall, dozens of nightly army invades into the village, hundreds of arrests, dozens of trials, leaders in jail or prohibited of taking part in the demonstration – and the struggle continues!

Today (Friday 19-2-10) Bil'in commemorated the fifth anniversary of popular demonstrations against the settlements and the Apartheid Wall. Israel's occupation has confiscated over 50% of Bil'in's land. Only last week the construction work to reroute the Wall began, nearly two and a half years after the High Court of Justice ordered the Wall to be moved. Approximately 30% of land will be returned to the village.

Throughout the past five years, Bil'in's non-violent demonstrations have met with severe army violence, injuring over 1,200 people and killing one person. Another 85 villagers have been arrested for organizing or merely taking part in the demonstrations (22 are still in jail). The Israeli Occupation Army terrorizes the entire village, entering Bil'in at nights, often using sound bombs and tear gas.

This Friday:

Today's mass demonstration counted more than 1000 activists (hundreds from all across the West Bank, about 300 Israelis - mostly mobilized by the AAtW initiative, and many internationals) who supported Bil'in's resistance and encouraged the villagers to continue its struggle.

A complex logistic operation of the A.A.t.Wall travel agency brought over 300 people from Israel to Bil'in's 5th anniversary demonstration. Despite several attempts, the army managed to prevent only a small number of cars from entering the village. The demonstrators joined radical clowns, a Palestinian prime minister, the Ka/Ya-Samba percussionists, representatives of various Palestinian parties, The Palestinian Struggle Youth Union marching band, one mayor from Geneva, dozens of journalists and supporters from all over Palestine and other parts of the world to express solidarity with the local wo/men of Bil'in in their struggle against the evils of the Israeli Occupation. After a string of speeches in various languages and a jam session of the Palestinian marching band and the percussionists residing between the wall and the Mediterranean, over 1,000 people marched to the wall.

As often done by the Israeli state force who use Bil'in as a testing field, they took the opportunity to do that this Friday too:

Upon arrival at the Wall, the Israeli Occupation Forces seemed to be absent, and the gate in the electronic fence was open - which was an open invitation for the demonstrators to cross the gate towards the Palestinian lands and to get access to the military outpost.

The soldiers hide behind their usual post, and so the crowd of the demonstrators broke forward, crossed the gate, bent the fence and started tearing it down, crossed it, and marched over to the soldiers' front outpost adjacent to the gate, and few placed a Palestinian flag on top of it.

After a few minutes of ecstasy, while dignitaries were still making their way forward, the army's foul water cannon made a surprise guest appearance - this time in much higher concentration than in the previous "trials". This managed to push the demonstrators back behind the fence.

In a typical expression of oppression, after the demonstrators backed away from the smelly water, the army used a cannon to fire dozens of gas canisters - not into the few demonstrators at the front, but rather into the hundreds retreating or standing peacefully behind. The wind coming down the path combined with the panic of inexperienced demonstrators led to many injuries from gas inhalation, impact and falling. After the initial dispersal some demonstrators remained to absorb exceptionally large amounts of gas for the struggle.

Dozens of people suffered from tear gas inhalation and at least ten people were directly injured by the canisters.

As has become customary lately, when the last demonstrators were on their way to the village, a few soldiers invaded the village, but due to the massive presence of supporters, they settled for one more round of gas, returning to bask in their own stench.

Friday 19.2 Bil'in videos
David -
Haitham -
Israel -
Higher quality:

Lower quality:
On Monday 22-2-10 there will be two hearings at the Ofer military prison, regarding the incarceration of Abdallah Abu Rahmah from Bil'in.



Friday night news of:
Channel 24 of France - news in English
Channel 10 and 2 of commercial TV
BBC News
First page of the Haaretz daily:


"Israeli Occupation Forces aggressively dispersed a peaceful demonstration of Palestinians protesting the construction of the Israeli apartheid wall through their land in the Occupied West Bank town of Al Ma'sara on Friday afternoon.
Approximately 100 Palestinians and 20 internationals and Israelis gathered to protest against the construction of the illegal barrier. The demonstration took place with the participation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine for their 41st anniversary. The Barrier is built on the land of the villagers of Al Ma'sara and will block the residents from their farmland. They have already lost more than 350 hectares of land to a nearby Israeli Settlement.

Like every Friday, men and women of all ages gathered after the Friday prayer and marched through the main road of the village and this week they decide to march on the road where settlers used. where the organizers of The Popular Committee Against the Wall in Al Ma'sara gave speeches. The demonstrators then walked toward their land at which time Israeli soldiers in a jeep approached, exited and began firing tear gas and throwing concussion grenades into the group. The group quickly dispersed and the soldiers chased them into the village and continued firing tear gas at the demonstrators.

One of the participators 18 years injured and 10's of people suffered from tear gas even the people who are in their homes.

Mahmoud Zwahra Al-Ma'sara village - Bethlehem"


Fewer attended the other demonstrations than normal. Around 100 villagers and solidarity activists marched through Nabi Saleh toward the Hallamish settlement, which has stolen their land and water. Israeli security responded brutally, opening fire with rubber bullets and tear gas. Ten people were reported injured, including an International activist from Sweden who was shot in the face with a rubber bullet. The activist was discharged with stitches but no permanent damage. Several witnesses corroborated the use of live ammunition toward the end of the protest, a claim subsequently denied by IDF spokesman. After tensions had subsided, the army established a roadblock on all traffic heading east out of the village, which locals claim was not moved until the following evening.


Young Arafat the persistent video recorder arrest:

Popular committee spokesman Akram Khawaja reported 100 protestors including international and Israeli supporters took part. They marched toward the wall with the Palestinian flag, shouting and singing their message; “The Wall Must Fall”. Israeli soldiers responded rubber bullets and tear gas, dispersing the march. Three young men, all under 18, were shot with rubber bullets and treated on site by Red Crescent ambulances. There were no arrests. Khawaja revealed his pride that “the guys reached the barrier and for the first time they cut out a part of the fence.” This followed an Israeli army announcement that popular demonstrations are costing them large sums of money by forcing them to repair and re-route the apartheid wall.

Video link:


We will gather in Sheikh Jarrah for a protest watch at 15:30

Justice Meets the Snake of Occupation:

About 150 people came to the demonstration in Sheik Jarrah yesterday evening. “Tzedek” (Justice) a giant puppet-demonstrator controlled by three people made his first debut, and the “snake of occupation”, slithered through the crowd. A marching band rallied the crowd with the support of the neighborhood kids on a mega phone leading chants. Police and Special Forces were present to prevent activists from entering the community to show their support for evicted Palestinian families. Settlers could be seen mingling with the police as the demonstration went on. The settlers were allowed to cross the police barricade at will. Prison service police were also present.

A giant snake representing the occupation was constructed out of cardboard boxes. Each segment of the snake symbolized a different part of the occupation including settlements, racism, land grab, siege, political prisoners, obstruction of water, etc. As the snake crossed the road between the demonstration and the police-barricaded Shiek Jarrah community, the activist who was holding the snake’s head was arrested.

One of the activists holding a segment of the snake commented, “We wanted to show that the injustice happening here in Israel and Palestine is a bigger than just Sheik Jarrah. “

Sharihan Hannoun, was present at the demonstration. She is one of the residents who was forcibly removed from her home which is now inhabited by Jewish settlers.

“Our problem is not with the Jews, they are the ones that say the problem is religious. Our problem is the fascist state,” said Sharihan who stood next her mother and other people from the neighborhood. “We need many people to come and support us each week.” Sharihan and her family now live in a tent on the street outside her family’s home.

Many of the activist who celebrated the fifth anniversary of the struggle in Bil'in joined the ongoing demonstration.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Palestine-Israel, Increased repression against the expanding popular struggle against occupation, creeping transfer and the separation fence

During the week there were involvements in Sheikh Jarrah. There were tree planting in the Ma'asara region (including Saturday). Friday joint actions were in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nsbi Salih, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah. Saturday was another day of action within Israel south in the Bedwin region. Demonstrators on their way to Ni'ilin, Bil’in, and Ma’asara villages had long waits, much questioning at checkpoints and some could not arrive there. On the next Friday there will be the fifth year anniversary in Bi'lin. General mobilization is planed for the demonstration both in the Palestinian west bank and in Israel. State forces harassments on the way to the demonstration is expected.


The new popular comity of the village intend this joint Saturday action to start another regular location of Struggle.


Victory for Bil'in demonstrators. (Central News program of 11/02/10

Activists of the left who demonstrated every week with the Bil'iners can note a success: two and a half after verdict of Higher court of justice that ordered the moving of the route of the fence, works already started. The new route will return to the villagers 700 dunams of agricultural lands, but the demonstrations will continue.
Despite attempts to follow activists from Tel Aviv and detain them at various checkpoints, 25 Israelis made it into Bil'in and joined some 10 international, several dozens of Palestinians and a bunch of 3D blue avatar characters for the weekly demonstration against the evil Israeli occupation. The demonstrators marched to the wall, where they were met with a shower of gas and shock grenades, which did not discriminate between blue, white and brown people. After the usual attempt to fight the occupation by delivering educational messages to soldiers, covering protesters' heads with scarves and plastic bags, and returning the army's unexploded gas canisters, the demonstration was dispersed by the organizers.

Bil'in, February 12 2010Bil'in, February 12 2010
For the first time in over a month the army did not send soldiers into the village during the demonstration. However, as in the previous week, the army did aim gas canisters directly at protesters after the demonstrations had been declared over and people were on their way back to the village. It seems that the army is determined to turn more demonstrators into martyrs, so please be careful next week.


Bilin Reenacts Avatar Film 12-02-2010 By Haitham Al Katib


Five year anniversary for the joint struggle: February 19th, 2010

Mass Demonstration in Bil'in:

Five years of struggle will end only when the wall falls!

Not to the settlements! Not to segregation!

Not to the occupation!

Yes to the joint and popular struggle! Yes to just peace!

Five years of popular demonstrations suppressed by force, nearly two and a half years since the High Court of Justice ordered to change the route of the wall, dozens of nightly army invades into the village, hundreds of arrests, dozens of trials, leaders in jail or prohibited of taking part in the demonstration – and the struggle continues!

On Friday, February 19th 2010 , we shall join the weekly demonstration in Bil'in and convey a simple message to the Israeli army: you will not be able to kill the popular resistance! The wall must and will fall!

Please register in advance for transportation:

From Jerusalem – S.
From Haifa – S.

From Tel Aviv – A.


On February 20th 2005 , the bulldozers began uprooting the first olive trees on the planned route of the separation barrier on the village lands of Bil'in. On the same day, the village had its first anti-wall demonstration. Since then Bil'in has been transformed from an anonymous village, known to very few, to an international symbol of popular resistance in the face of gross injustice.

The existing separation barrier in Bil'in effectively annexes to Israel some 1,950 dunums ( 195 hectares ), which represent almost 50% of the village lands – all in the aim of expanding the nearby Israeli settlement of Modi'in Illit. Almost two and a half years ago, following a long legal battle, the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem ruled that the existing route of the barrier in Bil'in is illegal, since it was meant to protect future settler homes which were not built yet. The court ordered the army to come up with an alternative route. However, the court retroactively laundered a part of a settlers' residential neighborhood, which was established on Bil'in village lands without building permits and in violation of the law. Despite the ruling of the High Court of Justice, released in September 2007, it is only now that the army is expected to begin construction works on the amended rout of the barrier, which will return to the village residents some 600 dunums ( 60 hectares ) of the lands taken from them by the existing route.

The demonstrations in the village have been held since February 2005 once a week, under the leadership of the Popular Committee of Bil'in, where representatives of various parties sit. The demonstrations call for non-violence, Palestinian-Israeli-International cooperation and creative protest, but are harshly suppressed by the Israeli army and border police. In most cases, tear gas and shock grenades are being used against the protesters, but occasionally more dangerous weapons, such as rubber-coated metal bullets, are employed. In the past few months, the army has been trying to strangle the resistance and to stop the Bil'in demonstrations altogether: nearly every week, soldiers invade the village late at night, break into homes, kidnap residents from their beds and spray the yards with tear gas. Dozens of Bil'in residents, including several leaders of the non-violent struggle, were arrested and indicted.

Thanks to its long-standing struggle in the face of suppression, Bil'in has enjoyed international recognition. Leaders, Parliament members, Holocaust survivors, artists, Nobel prize laureates and activists from around the globe joined the demonstrations, declared their support for the struggle and called for an end to the suppression, for the release of the arrestees and for the dismantling of the barrier.

The army's announcement that the work for the construction of the new route is to begin shortly is a clear achievement of the struggle, but it does not mark its end. The existing barrier will be dismantled only after the new route is complete, which will take a long time. Meanwhile suppression of the residents of Bil'in in general, and of the leaders of the popular struggle in particular, continues. We must all stand with the people of Bil'in and protest against the injustice they endure.

Even before the weekly demonstration in Ma'asara started reports started coming in that bus full of communist Palestinian activists from Bethlehem is held by the army. A small group of Israeli activists went to check things out and found tens of Palestinians surrounded by army and police at the side of the road to the village. Contact between the activists was forbidden, as the Palestinians were pronounced detained. It wasn't long before soldiers forced the latter back on the bus and off to Bethlehem, where they were to be given their IDs back.

Lacking the expected backup the demonstration itself was somewhat small, and held 40 Palestinians, internationals and Israelis, including the determined Samba drummers' band. Soldiers were surprised as the demonstrators marched around the usual barbed wire laid on the road, but soon blocked the march towards the lands and announced the area was a closed military zone. A local activist gave a speech in English, after which the demonstration ended. As people started to return to the village the soldiers followed them, and then suddenly started throwing stun and tear gas grenades at them. Two jeeps then chased some demonstrators into the village, while the other soldiers kept gassing the rest, also threatening there would be arrests. At the end of all this all demonstrators returned to the village, with none wounded or arrested.


Dozens of An Nabi Salih residents were joined by International and Israeli supporters for the weekly demonstration against the exploitation and strangulation by the occupation and the Halamish settlement, which steals land from the village. The demonstrators marched while chanting from the center of the village towards the land overlooked by the settlement. When the marchers were a few dozen meters from some nervous IOF soldiers, many of them set down on the ground and shouted towards the soldiers that this is a non-violent demonstration and there is no reason to disperse it violently. Nevertheless the soldiers attacked the demonstration and even used a canon that shots dozens of canisters at once against the peaceful demonstrators. Afterwards, demonstrators fled to different places. In the original location of the demo, some twenty people gathered to start building agricultural terraces to signify that the land they stand on is Palestinian and belongs to the village. This is a land that settlers continually disrupt and do not allow Palestinian farmers to cultivate. The army continued to shot tear gas canisters at anyone at the place who weren't with the main group building the terraces. After an hour the group left the place on its own will. At another location in the village clashes were developing between demonstrators and the army. The army used this time one of its stink tracks to spray severely stink liquid at the demonstrators or push them back. The soldiers, who for some time have taken control of one of the village's houses, have shot tear gas into houses' yards and on the demonstrators, as well as rubber bullets. Several demonstrators were injured lightly. A few demonstrators threw stones back at the soldiers. The clashes continued until the early evening.
Friday 12.2.2010 Nebi Salah video at


Two Arrested in Nil’in During Friday Demonstration
One Israeli activists and one Palestinian cameraman from Nil’in were arrested during the weekly demonstration against the Israeli apartheid wall and settlements in Nil’in village. Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists marched to the giant gate at the apartheid wall in Ni'ilin today with the message: Our land is behind the wall, this is the season to weed and plant our fields, let us access our fields! Once demonstrators reached the wall, they were bombarded with tear gas by the Israeli army. According to residents, Jewish settlers were seen approaching the checkpoint outside the village, they did not enter. It is unclear if their intentions were to enter the village.

Ratib Ameera and Quse Mohammad Nafea, Nilin activists against the wall and settlements were released today on bail.

The village of Nil’in has been the focus of much Israeli army violence since their campaign to halt the building of Israel's separation wall began in 2004. Hundreds of farmers’ livelihoods have been devastated since the wall has cut them off from their land. Once finished, the village is cut off from 40 percent of its remaining farmland, effectively annexing it to half a dozen large Jewish settlements that encircle Nil’in. The settlements are all illegal under international law.

The Israeli was released after several hours, but the Palestinian is only supposed to be released Sunday.


"In Sheikh Jarrah there has been a recent escalation in settler violence. In addition to vandalism, threatening, stone throwing and beating, during the last week settlers have pointed weapons towards the Palestinians.
We know that Israeli presence in the neighborhood deters the settlers from extreme violent behavior.
Visits (even short ones) during the day as well as presence at night are essential in securing the Palestinians safety.
To sign up in advance for a day/night shift (we especially need shifts during the weekends) - M".

The weekly demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah was attended by over two hundred demonstrators, including the entire threesome of Meretz MKs, who joined the struggle against the "Jewification" of East Jerusalem. Also attending were two blue Na'vis, refugees from the planet of Pandora from the film Avatar, who survived the earlier demonstration in Bil'in and joined the protest against the brutal treatment of mother nature Eywa and the native Palestinian-Na'vi population in Jerusalem as well.

The demonstration went on for about an hour and a half, singing to the sound of the Samba drumming band. At a certain point tens of demonstrators initiated a small march to one of the occupied houses in the neighborhood, which unlike others was not guarded by police. The demonstration then proceeded in two parallel locations and ended peacefully.


The resistance to the transfer of the Bedouins from the region continue.
"Therefore, this Saturday, 13th February, we shall go there again to accompany shepherds in various locations in South Mt. Hebron."


West Bank wall still triggers weekly protests in village
By Paula Hancocks, CNN

Editorial: Unacceptable fight against protest

Friday late evening news of TV channel 10 included few minutes on the Bil'in-Ni'ilin struggles and that day demonstration, including a short "speech" by a spoke-person of the Anarchists Against the Wall.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle expand in number of locations and in scope of occupation aspects

The joint struggle keep expanding. We had again the Friday demonstrations in Bilin, Nebi Salah, Ni'ilin, Ma'asara, and a Sheikh Jarrah... with many participating in two of them. The refusnics struggle continue with Emelia replacing Or released from the army after three terms in prison. More invitation for the anarchists Against the Wall to join struggles are received and activists participate during the week in Sheikh Jarrah and in
court solidarity at Ofer military hearings (of Bil'iners mainly). At the south, both within Israel and the occupied west bank the struggle do not stop though no regular Friday action(s) there. The preparations for the 5th anniversary for the non stop joint struggle in Bil'in against the separation fence and occupation collect momentum.


State force still trying to intimidate the popular comity against the fence and other activists by frequent night "visits" and arrests.

Clip of "visit"1/02/2010

2.02.2010 ---- Bilin, Three Arrested at Night: Ibrahim Abed El Fatah Bornat, Hamde Abu Rahmah and an international journalist At 3 am 26 soldiers entered the village of Bilin on foot.... At 3.30 am a military convoy of seven jeeps entered Bilin to search the house of Ibrahim's family.

Clip of "visit" 3/02/2010 - three international activists were detained.

TV Channel 10 news (minute 36) on Bilin "visits" with participation of immigration police to harass international activists:

Friday 5/2/10

Just under 20 Israelis and 10 internationals joined a select few dozens of Palestinians for the local weekly demonstration against the land annexation wall in Bil'in. The rain ceded, the clouds let a few rays of sun through, the almond trees were at full bloom, but that's as optimistic as it got. The demonstrators reached the fence gate, the army shot tear gas, the shabab tried to disperse the army with stones and few tear gas grenades returning - letting the state force enjoy their own medicine... After a short while the demonstration was declared over, not to waste energy needed for the preparation of the 5 years anniversary for the struggle and the Friday demonstrations of the village. It was only after the last of the Shabab was already far along on the road leading back to the village that the army decided to invade, just to show they can. They did their show off excursion into the village, throwing gas and sound bombs directly at demonstrators' feet, and made a point of calling the demonstrators "Nazis". It did seem, however, that even some of the soldiers realized how stupid their commander's order were. Or maybe it's just my wishful thinking.

After the end of the demonstration most of the AAtW activists and few internationals continued to Sheikh Jarrah.


At Friday the 5th of February, the weekly demonstration in Ma'asara was held.
Approximately 25 Palestinian, Israelis and international activists gathered at
the village to protest against the Israeli occupation. in front of us a unit of
reserve combined with a regular squad and 7 military jeeps. we were welcome
with touch of cynicism and finger lifting from the troops, while we were
singing and having speeches in Arabic and Hebrew. After 30 minutes we continued
to Jeikh Jarrah with relative serenity which could have been much better of the
army wasn't there.


The cold and stormy weather did not deter the people of An Nabi Salih from coming out to demonstrate the theft of their lands Friday (nor were deterred about 30 activists of the AAtW initiative). As one of the organizers put it, "I prefer the rain to the tear gas". As it turned out, he got both.

Like previous weeks the small village was joined by many supporters from outside. In particular, dozens of young men from Beit Rima walked about 5 km in the intermittent rain to join the demonstration.

The March started as it has every week for the past month by heading to the village lands near the settlement of Halamish. Unlike last week the soldiers did not surround the village before the start of the demonstration and for a moment it seemed as if it would be possible to march to the lands. However, as the people started down the hill towards the lands several army jeeps arrived on the access road to the village and started shooting tear gas from above. That set the pattern for the next 4 hours as the army continued to shoot tear gas and rubber and plastic coated metal bullets at the crowd.
Dozens of injuries were suffered by demonstrators, mostly from plastic coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters shot directly at demonstrators. One young man who was hit by two plastic coated metal bullets lost sensation in his lower leg and had to be evacuated to hospital. He later made a full recovery and will surely be back to demonstrate next week.

Friday 5-2-10 Nebi Salah video:


In a smaller than usual demonstration in Ni'ilin, some 50 demonstrators marched through a muddy agricultural road to a gate in the wall. The demonstrators chanted and called slogans against the wall, and the massive oppression against the village youth manifested in dozens of arrests. As the demonstrators approached the heavy gate the soldiers started shooting tear gas & stun grenades. Some of the village youth retaliated with stones, and the confrontations went on for half an hour before the demonstration ended.


Another hearing for Mohammed Khatib will take place tomorrow morning (02/02/2010) at Ofer military court. Please send me your full name and ID/ Passport No. ASAP if you want to come...

He was released on another bail with stricter limitation on his movement on Friday demonstration time - when he must register in a far away occupation police station.


In Sunday 2/2/2010, Conscientious objector (CO) Emelia Marcovich has refused to
enlist the Israeli army.She has been sentenced for 10 days of detention in a closed base. She is supposed to be released at Wednesday 2/10/2010. Afterwards she will be judged again and probably will be sent to the military prison for women.
Or ben-david has finally got released from the army! after serving three terms of few weeks each in prison. There’s another pacifist woman conscientious objector. She prefer to stay anonymous at that moment.


Police, Sheikh Jarrah on ynet,7340,L-3842537,00.html
Despite Police Threats, East Jerusalem Protests Continue
Join us in putting back up the tent of the Gawi family in Sheikh Jarrah
Today (Tuesday, 2/2) at 16:00 in Seikh Jarrah
A few hours ago the tent of the Gawi family in Sheikh Jerrah was destroyed again by municipality personal accompanied by the police. The tent was put up to protest against the eviction of the family from their home in August this year.
It is important to come an show are support for the evicted families and protest against the eviction of the families from their homes, and now destroying their tent.
Wednesday Dinners: 6:30pm at Sheikh Jarrah! Join the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and ISM volunteers for a potluck dinner and kids games on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. This is a weekly event to bring the residents of SJ and and activist community together. We are looking for people to help organize kids games: soccer, face painting, juggling, etc.

Please bring food or drink to share! We will meet at the Gawi tent.

Questions? Contact
From public invitation to this Friday demonstration:
"Jerusalem will not become Hebron!!! No to the settler terror in Sheikh Jarrah
Join the struggle against the settler enterprise in Sheikh Jarrah
We will gather in Sheikh Jarrah for a protest watch at 15:00
To join the bus from Tel Aviv leaving from Arlozorov station contact L.
To join the bus leaving from Beer Sheva click here
For more information please contact S

This Friday

Sheikh Jarrah demonstrators proved water-proof as more than two hundred with 100 umbrellas gathered in the park near the neighborhood for nearly two hours of singing and drumming in the pouring rain and Jerusalem cold. For the second week in a row the police excelled in uncommon calm, and no arrests nor provocation were made towards the demonstrators. However, entrance to the neighborhood itself was still allowed only to Jewish settlers, and a small group of children and clowns carrying balloons was turned back at the improvised riot police checkpoint. Demonstrators still kept their spirits up, danced around and eventually ended the demonstration – only to move on to a nightly fundraising party for the struggle, which took place in West Jerusalem.


The harassments of the colonialist settlers is not a new phenomena - the organized resistance and the invitation for us to join is on the rise:
"Urgent: Settlers are currently attacking farmers and volunteers in South Bethlehem.
Settlers are currently attacking farmers and internationals who are doing agricultural work in Jeb AlTheeb South of Bethlehem. Activists are urgently needed. For info, please call village activists A. or H.
Meeting in Hebron this Thursday (4/02/2010) for activist involved with "Open the Shuhada Street" protracted struggle.

We were invited to two trees planting this week:
One, on 9-2-10 in the region of Ma'asara and the second on the 10-2-10 at Beit Umar.


The transfer and occupation of Palestinian Bedouins within the Israeli borders of 1948 still continue: Invitation - "The popular committee of Al-Araqib" "Recognition Forum"
Invites you to a day of olive tree planting in the village - The event open for families and their children -- Saturday, 6.2.10, at 10:30