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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in the middle of the hot Summer and the Ramadan

On the background of the Israeli war mongering focused on the Iranian nuclear initiative, Israel intensify it steps for hose demolition and transfer of Palestinians from area C which is 60% of the occupied west bank. The Palestinians persist in the Tsumud mode of resistance. Israeli and international activists join whenever they can - mainly in the region of the South of Hebron hills and the Jordan river. Israeli state forces increase their efforts to exclude the internationals but limited by world PR. In spite of the war mongering, the world economic recession, and the hot whether, the social struggle continue in the main cities. The focus of repression of the joint struggle against the occupation and settler colonialist encroaching lands near settlements was a day after day invasion and harassment in the heroic Nabi Saleh village.


Friday early afternoon, the persistent joint struggle demonstration, west lands of the village, we marched and chanted. 10 Israelis, about 20 internationals, and about two dozen Bil'iners participated in a hot Summer, protesting the robbery of the lands of the village for the building of the settler colonialist town Modi'in Elit. When we approached the separation wall the Israeli state forces started their usual shooting of tear gas canisters reinforced with noise and tear gas grenades and spray of stinking water.
As the wind was friendly the more experienced participants and the more daring new comers succeeded to evade the tear gas again and again and we continued the confrontation for about an hour. Part of the local shabab retaliated the state forces with stones and forced them to hide behind the wall
Another take:
In the early afternoon hours of the second Friday of the Ramadan, some several dozen protesters gathered in Bil'in for the weekly demonstration against the Wall and settlements. The protesters – Bil'iners, Israeli activists and international supporters - made their way towards the separation wall where the army was already based. Upon reaching Abu Lamon grove near the Western stretch of the Wall, protesters were met by volleys of tear-gas canisters, as well as shock grenades and the "skunk" – a water cannon spraying foul-smelling liquid. Since the wind was blowing in the direction of the soldiers, protesters were able to make their way to the Wall and cross the first fence surrounding it. After some clashes the demonstration dispersed. No arrests or injuries were reported.

Hamde Abu Rahma
Rani Abdel Fatah

Al Ma’sara

Meanwhile on Friday, in southern West Bank, several residents were also treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation when Israeli soldiers attacked the villagers of Al Ma’sara as they organized their weekly anti wall and settlements protest which called this week for boycotting Israeli products.
Residents and international supporters marched near the construction site of the wall and were faced with tear gas fired by Israeli troops operating in the area.

Al-Nabi Saleh

Thursday Live bullets and a lot of tear gas shot now in the village during a clashes between al shabab and IOF
Friday, Israeli soldiers attacked the weekly protest at Al-Nabi Saleh village near Ramallah wounding four people including a 9-year old child.
The villagers marched after the midday prayers towards the confiscated lands, however, Israeli troops stopped them by firing several rounds of rubber-coated steel bullets and a number of tear gas canisters. Nine-year old Mohammad Tamimi was hit in his arm with a tear gas canister and was moved to the hospital for treatment.
Three others were wounded with rubber-coated steel bullets however, their wounds were described as minor.
Army Raids Nabi Saleh in the Aftermath of Friday Demo . See
israel putermam
Saturday, Army raiding #NabiSaleh now, as they've done every day in past week. Soldiers are shooting live ammo at local youth who throw stones at them


Despite the hot weather, demonstration took place in the neighboring village of Ni'ilin, where a few dozen protesters marched towards the concrete Wall built on the village's olive groves. The army shot tear-gas and used the skunk to disperse the crowd. A young man wounded by a bullet. Picture of confrontations today:

Kafr Qaddum

"The legend of the village Qaddum. It is an open secret that I love the village. So what did we have?
Seven Israelis and a number of international joined two hundred Palestinians in the demonstration.
This week we demonstrated in a scorching sun and terrible heat, against the closing of the road and land theft.
The demonstration started in a procession accompanied by music as the inhabitants refuse to be suppressed and depressed.
The army in its turn shot a really huge amount of tear gas. And the Shabab that do not give in responded in intense fight beck: burning tires and slingshots were there aplenty.
Unfortunately spray of skunk water was aplenty too.
The army moved slowly into the village and in the surrounding mountains on the left and continued to shoot more and more tear gas.
They filled the village with clouds of smoke and tear gas.
Some who suffocated by tear gas inhalation received treatment there.
After the demonstration were invited to personally visit the mourners of 14 year-old boy who was killed in a car accident.
Of course we attended it as our presence was important to them.
On a personal note, even if it took time till us Israelis we were admitted as partners, today is not the case and we are already welcome and blessed.
And no one should be mistaken about it."

Palestinian protesters run for cover from tear gas fired by Israeli soldiers during a demonstration against the illegal expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel in the village of Kafr Qaddum, near the West Bank city of Nablus on July 27, 2012. AFP PHOTO/JAAFAR ASHTIYEH

Social Struggle

Wednesday, Tel Aviv, Vigil of the anarcho-communist front Ahdut (unity) near the Spanish embassy in solidarity with the struggle of Spanish miners. http://unityispa.wordpress.

Today (Saturday) hundreds converged and marched in Tel Aviv, in protest against the deportation and imprisonment of refugees. Together with Holocaust survivors and second and third generation
israel putermam

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Palestine-Israel, The pick of the summer was joined by the Muslim Ramadan day fasting holy days... but we do not stop

Palestine-Israel, The pick of the summer was joined by the Muslim Ramadan day fasting holy days... but we do not stop

It is hot. Very hot in the middle of the days in the middle of the summer. The Palestinian people of the villages who follow the Muslim religion started this Friday the Ramadan holy days in which eating and drinking is forbidden when the Sun is shining. So the joint demonstrations were a bit shorter and smaller, but more lively as it is the season when lot of international activists have their Summer vacation. We had this week the usual Friday demos in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Kufr Qaddum, Sheikh Jarrah and Saturday at Beit Ummar. Accompanying villagers near colonialist settlement in the South Hebron hills... and along the week - picking on Saturday late evening the Social Struggle. Though the demonstrations in Tel Aviv are only with thousands of participants each but they are much more militant and radical comparing to last year.


Friday demo. At noon, about 20 international activists from all over the world, joined 15 Israelis and two dozen Bil'iners. We traveled to the Abu Lamun oaks park
Near the separation fence, and marched chanting towards the separation wall. Some of us entered between the barbed wire spools and the wall, but after a while we heard the warming up of the skunk water sprayer pump and distanced to a safe distance. After the spray started, the wind carried it towards us forcing us to retreat further. Then, the state forces started to shoot tear gas grenade to force us to retreat further. The wind this day was not friendly and many of us got a significant dose of tear gas on the way back to the village.


"...Protesters march to the entrance of the village & ask the soldiers who are blocking the road to “allow” them to go to their lands.

During week days, the villagers can get to their lands , but what happens in Ma’asara weekly demonstrations illustrates what I think is an important point: even the most peaceful, non violent form of resistance is banned within the lines of the west bank according to the martial law. This time the soldiers didn’t even bother to present a closed military zone warrant, ignoring their own regulations, and absurdity: how come going on that road is safe during weekdays, but becomes dangerous for about half an hour when a group of un-armed villagers and internationals show up? People who join the weekly demonstrations of Al Ma’asara for the first time seem to complain the demonstration isn’t effective but rather symbolic, that the scenario is already known before the demonstration started and it looks like a staged act for the internationals. But what I see is that this “staged act” highlights some of the reality of civil population living under martial law: the soldiers can arbitrarily decide wither a gathering is legal or not, as they see fit. Unlike protests within 48 borders, where police is instructed not to intervene small-medium protests, the villagers are met with ridiculous protester-soldiers rate , and are met with heavily armed forces.

“They have a wall within their mind” said one protester as another person offered the soldiers to drop his guns and come visit his home. Another villager asked the soldiers where is the promised peace. Dialogue with heavily armed soldiers produces a lot of unforgettable scenes , although this kind of dialogue is futile by nature & has certain theatrical quality.

It is important for me to keep in mind that a large portion of Al Ma’asara agricultural lands has already been confiscated & over 3000 dunums are at risk of being seized to build the annexation wall. Attending the weekly protest help me remember that.
pictures by kabarita
This is Ramadan we want to go to the Land -

Nabi Saleh

Activist report that Israeli Occupation Forces have entered Nabi Saleh village, are firing teargas, surrounding houses and arresting people.
Activists are reporting that the IOF have withdrawn from the village to the base of the mountain/village entrance. Demo is over for the day.

South Hebron hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues

Social Struggle

Saturday late evening. There were convergences and marches in commemoration of Moshe Silman who burned himself the previous Saturday demo in Tel Aviv after distributing leaflets, and died a day before. The main ones were in Jerusalem, and Haifa, Beer Sheva, with few hundreds each and one of more than thousand in Tel Aviv which blocked main roads for more than 4 hours.
In TA, many fire men were among the demonstrators with fire extinguishing devices. Report: Police intelligence told to target Israeli Arabs joining social protests - and one was the only arrestee Saturday demo in Tel Aviv
Unlike the directives about Jewish demonstrators, which focus on rioters and anarchists, a directive issued to intelligence officers does not specify which type of Arab demonstrators police should watch out for.
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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in spite of criticism

The joint struggle of Palestinian activists with Israeli and international activists was never in consensus. The more reactionaries objected to the influence of secular partners. Extreme "nationalists" oppose the Israeli activists. The Palestinian authority was never too happy with independent struggle. Some "militants" were against the non armed mode of the struggle. Narrow minded people did not have a clue about the contribution of the joint struggle to the international pressure on Israel to put end to the occupation or at least to lessen the level of repression. The demo against the renewal of discussions of the PA with Israel rulers brought the PA objections to the open. ---- In Israel, the social struggle collect momentum while the split between the reformists who wish to join the parliament and these who refrain from that quagmire.

Beit Omar

Saturday, A handful of Palestinians, two dozen internationals and two Israelis marched toward Karmei Tzur colony chanting and waving flags. They were met by a large force, composed of mostly Border Police, a few soldiers and two or three civilian police from the settlement. The Border Police were well-armed, forming a strong row of riot shields blocking the way. A soldier read out a military closed zone order, giving the activist five minutes to leave. A Palestinian member of the local organizing committee gave a speech outlining the theft of Beit Omar land by Zionist occupiers. After around 10 minutes, the Palestinian leaders of the protest decided to end the protest on their own terms rather than let violence erupt from the Israeli Occupation Forces. The protestors marched back to the village, following for a short while by the armed force.


18 Israelis and a similar number of internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in against Israeli oppression, land grab and ongoing ethnic cleansing throughout the West Bank. Together with an energetic PPSF (Jabhet Al-Nedal Al-Sha'abiyet Al-Falestini) delegation, the demonstrators marched to the wall, set tires on fire and watched the shabab stone the two soldiers wearing heavy protective gear in the scorching heat, who were assigned the dubious task of peering over the wall, throwing the occasional gas canister, and mostly playing sitting ducks for the local boys' aim practice. Since the stinky skunk water cannon broke down, many demonstrators dared to stand close to the barbed wire protecting the wall. The soldiers reacted with a barrage of dozens of gas canisters, shot all at once, causing direct impact injuries to several demonstrators and journalists. After the third round of gas, the demonstrators had enough of the suffocating humidity, and ended the demonstration.

Bil'in photographer Haitham Al-Khatib wounded by a tear gas canister, and dozens suffer from suffocation as a result of tear gas during the Bil'in weekly demonstration against the separation wall.

Jordan valley

solidarity visit and protest against apartheid policy in the Jordan Valley - 13-7-12 Israel Puterman


The Cutest Demonstration Against The Occupation on Friday July 13, 2012
Al-Ma’asara, a little village near the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, has begun to develop a reputation for its silly, creative demonstrations against the occupation, from dancing like birds to speaking to the soldiers in joyful gibberish. I think that there is a lot of subversive power to humor and art, so when a few friends asked I wanted to go this week, I happily said yes. We arrive; the air is summer heavy, dripping. The first thing I hear: the bvvvt bvvvt bvvvt of horn-kazoos, only sort of matching the tumble of drums.
The first thing I see: a friend of mine, Amitai (who recently started a blog about his own set of leftist escapades- highly recommended), dressed as a clown and sitting on the ground, surrounded by soldiers.
Soldiers: You’re under arrest.
Amitai, in clown voice: But, but why?
Suddenly a winged creature swoops in and envelops the sad clown in her light Forrest wings. Laughter. The soldiers look confused. A sun beam glints off of the blade of a knife attached to the uniform of one soldier. Someone tells them they have No Right to Arrest this Clown! The soldiers back off.
There is more dancing, and silly movements, and gibberish. Clowning, all of us, in the face of this absurd reality, copy-pasted onto the faces of these kid-soldiers.
Kids shouldn’t be soldiers. But they should dress up in suits. Because it looks super cool and adds to the environment of cognitive dissonance.
And that’s all. The demonstration ended on the demonstrators’ terms, not waiting for the soldiers to close it down. No arrests, no injuries. Sweat. Laughter.

Nabi Saleh

The IOF used excessive violence in its attempt to disperse a peaceful march in Nabi Saleh in solidarity with the political prisoners. Four Israeli solidarity activists were arrested (Bashir al-Tamimi was detained and released); the army used skunk, tear gas and rubber bullets, targeting protesters and houses, breaking windows and causing damage to the house of Abu Hussam al-Tamimi, injuring Muhammad 'Atallah al-Tamimi from broken glass.
AwallsA ‏@AwallsA
soldiers arrested another four internationals in ‪#nabisaleh‬. Bringing total number detained to eleven - including reporter of New York Times... released after authorities "were slapped on their hand".
According to updates from @AbirKopty, all Israeli activists who were arrested were released. The IOF targeted International activists in order to arrest and deport them. One international activist was arrested while in the toilet! According Abir's last update from about 5 hours ago, the international activists are being passed tomorrow to Israeli immigration in order to deport them.


50 Palestinians, around 12 internationals and one Israeli/International participated in the weekly Friday demonstration today. Following a sermon and prayers on the land, the demonstrators marched to the gate in the wall. Tires were set on fire next to the wall itself. After a period of quiet, the fired a few dozen tear gas canisters. The wind was blowing in a direction beneficial to the demonstrators, so they were able to continue the action. No injuries and no arrests occurred, since the soldiers never crossed the wall. After around 45 minutes, the demonstration ended. The internationals walked back to the village, where they heard a description of recent work done by the Youth committee in the village.


Nine Israelis some internationals and about three hundred Palestinians participated today in a Friday demonstration.
The demo began as usual with a parade and speeches and so we walked in the s crouching heat of a midsummer noon towards the forbidden road.
This week the army surrounded the village on all sides and immediately began firing gas in extraordinary quantities. Volley after volley of tear gas cannisters
Without interruption, and stun grenades as well. Towards the middle of the demonstration, they sprayed the skunk water to assist the harassment. The skunk car withdrew and returned while the army constantly firing more and more tear gas. The Shabab responded as usual with stones and burning tires.
At the end of the demonstration that was a little longer than usual, the army retreated and we began to victory march.
One woman suffered from gas inhalation and treated at the scene. One of Palestinians was wounded by a tear gas canister and was rushed to hospital in
Qalqilya. Another one was wounded in the head and was treated on the spot.

South Hebron Hills

On Saturday, four activists were arrested in Susya for cleaning graffiti reading ‘death to Arabs’ and ‘price tag’. The activists were held in detention for more then 24 hours. After being brought before a judge, they were restricted from the entire southern West Bank for 30 days.
Last Friday, three children aged 9, 11 and 13 who were shepherding their families herds were detained by soldiers in Rechiya. The children were put in an army jeep, handcuffed and blindfolded. They were released only after an intervention by activists.
In addition, the thereat of demolitions still hang over the tent and shacks of hundreds of people in Susya and other khirbes.
In light of this deterioration, there as a special need for activists for accompaniment of farmers and shepherds in south Hebron hills this Saturday (July 14)

Social Struggle

Tel Aviv Saturday late evening, more than 5000 participated in the central demo. Few hundreds were lured by a scam competition demo. - Protest for social justice, Tel Aviv, Israel, 14.7.2012 52 years old activist in a dire distress - Moshe Silman, set himself on fire at the end of the Saturday protest for social justice.

Sunday night, hundreds converged at the state offices in protest of the treatment that lead to Moshe Silman setting himself on fire. They joined gradually by an additional 1000 and marched to the social security offices. Then they continued to the south and back blocking main roads. More than 1000 still marching along the Begin road and do sit ins for the last two hours - reporting live on the Parliament TV channel.
Israel Puterman

Jerusalem - more than 1000 marched and blocked some roads on the way. When police arrested few, the demonstrated threatens with retaliation and the police gave way and released the detainees.

Sunday night, in protest of the treatment that lead to Moshe Silman setting himself on fire, protesters converged at the independence park and marched to the prime minister dwelling.

Demos were also in Haifa, Be'er Sheva,
Demo in Haifa too on Sunday night.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The harassment of Israeli and Palestinians involved in the joint struggle escalate.

In the past, Israeli activists detained in joint struggle activities were released after the action ended or on bail late evening/night after interrogation in the police station and banned for two weeks from the specific region. Seldom activists were detained for the night and released at court the next day or banned for up to a month. In very seldom cases activists were detained for two nights, or asked by prosecution for longer time. Last Friday an Israeli comrade was detained at Nebi Saleh. Three days later, on Monday evening at about 6pm, he was released after a Jerusalem District Court judge ruled that there was no evidence to substantiate the soldiers’ allegation of assault. He was however indicted for “reckless behavior” and will face court proceedings for this charge. He also was banned from participation in actions for the following three months.

Beit Ommer

‎Saturday, 2 Israeli activists got arrested in the weekly demo in Beit Ommer.
They were released after few hours in time to participate in the Tel Aviv Saturday night demo of social struggle.


Friday weekly Demonstration. Palestinian, Israeli and international activists participated in today's demonstration in the village of Bil'in. Israeli soldiers shot rubber bullets and teargas: several demonstrators were shot by rubber bullets and many suffered from asphyxiation. Three photographers were seriously suffered from asphyxiation, including this young photographer.
17 year-old boy injured during Bi'lin protest . See


8 Israelis and 30 internationals joined the 20 local activists in a relatively peaceful Friday demo.


Nabi Saleh

Seven years old protester - safappa
The hearing in the case of the 3 activists (2 international and 1 Israeli) arrested yesterday in Nabi Saleh, will take place tonight at 21:00 in Jerusalem. They are charged with assaulting a soldier. The Israeli remained in jail and released only Monday evening.
A Palestinian woman uses a slingshot to throw stones towards Israeli troops during a demonstration
Army Targets Women at Nabi Saleh Demo. See
David Reeb


The first demonstration in our second year of the continuous struggle against the Israelis was so remarkable. There was great participation from the whole village -youngsters and old people- to emphasize the fact that we will not give up until we achieve our objectives. There was a larger number of soldiers than before and they were so brutal targeting the bodies of the youngsters with their bombs which resulted in many casualties. They also set an ambush behind one of the houses to arrest some of the demonstrators, but luckily all our youngsters who were in that area managed to escape except for one who was arrested and brutally hit with sticks by the soldiers. Fires erupted in some parts because of the tear gas bombs they fired. The message is still the same"there's only one option which is the opening of our road and free access to all our lands."
One arrested during Qaddoum demo. See
Arrest of Majdi:

South Hebron hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.
This coming Saturday, July 7, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.


Saturday, 4 activists were arrested. Will be probably in court late evening. They detained for damage to possessions as they were erasing defamation graphite made by colonialist settlers and writing better ones.
Lior Ben Eliahu

Court solidarity

Saturday night: The arrest of the Israeli activist imprisoned Friday in Nabi Saleh was extended in one night. His hearing will take place tomorrow (Sunday) at 1pm in Jerusalem.
The American girl, also arrested in Nabi Saleh will soon be released, with two weeks restraining order from the village.
4 Taayush activists were arrested today in Susiya for painting over settler colonialist "price tag" graffiti. Their hearing will take place tomorrow at 2pm, also in Jerusalem.
Solidarity to all from those waiting outside the Russians Compound police station in Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv

Saturday, another social struggle demonstration. Nearly thousands of us converged at the state offices building and marched towards the Habima national theater square. From there we marched along the Rothschild boulevards and continued to the near by stock exchange building.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in a non stable midsummer situation.

The social struggle within Israel and support for refugees under intense expulsion efforts draw activist from the joint struggle. The internal repression of Palestinians within the west bank by Palestinian Authority personal do not contribute the moral of the people. The sporadic escalation and deescalation of Israeli assaults on the Gaza Ghetto continue, and so are the efforts to transfer Palestinian farmers from the C areas coveted by the colonialist settlers project. Beit Umar, Susia, and the southern Hebron hills are the main victims.

Beit Ummar

State forces concentrate efforts to put end to the weekly demonstration. The leading activists were arrested during the last weeks, fined heavily and restricted from demos. International activists were arrested too. One of them report: "I was taken to a prison in Jerusalem where they keep criminal offenders, I was strip-searched, chained on my ankles and wrists, forced to have a pregnancy test without my consent, deprived of sleep (a guard came in every hour telling me to stand up), and was given only a few pieces of stale white bread with a small amount of orange jam to eat". In spite of it a demo was organized this Saturday too. After a minute from the beginning tens of soldiers encircled them. it was blocked physically and with threats of arrest.

Bil'in Habibty

.... The never ending joint struggle in Bil'in continue. At noon, 8 Israelis, two dozens internationals and few dozens villagers challenged the Israeli state forces "protecting" the separation wall, the occupation, and the Summer heat in the Friday demonstration. To overcome the friendly northern wind, the Israeli state forces showered us again and again with tear gas canisters. In spite of our efforts to extinguish them the fires ignited by the tear gas canisters set also two olive trees on fire.

Al Ma'asara


Nabi Saleh

After two and a half years of weekly demos, protesters in Nabi Saleh finally made it to the confiscated spring, only to find there two settlers who had nothing on but their guns.
Nabi Saleh children enjoying the spring before the settlers arrived. Photo by Abir Kopty

Kufr Qaddom

The Kofr Kaddom people have celebrated the popular resistance first anniversary but their way, where hundreds of residents of Kufr Kaddom together with international and Israeli solidarity activists have marched towards the closed main entrance of the village and opposite to Kadomim colony, before arrived to their destination 10s of toxic tear gas canisters were thrown towards the crowds by the Israeli occupation army, but the willing determined people didnt stop their march and continued chanting their national slogans in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and calling to put an end to the Israeli fascist, terrorist racist occupation, many residents were injured and suffered tear gas suffocation among others who were directly hit by the gas canisters including journalists.

Occupy movement

In addition to various local activities a "Black Night" competition to the municipality Thursday White Night project was initiated. Many arts actions were canceled in the official project in protest of municipality initiated harassment of the Occupy Friday the previous week.
The first Black Night event was kicked off by a group of activists in south Tel Aviv's Shapira neighborhood. Unlike the protest against police brutality last weekend, these activists protested the city's ignoring the neighborhood during White Night.
D. S., one of the organizers, said: "Yesterday we got a call from the Levinsky police station. When we came there they said no way would we get a permit [for the party]. They said if we held it with no permit, we would be officially charged. They said they couldn't let us do it because the protest guys will come, the anarchists."
"The social protest movement is planning to follow up Thursday's dissident "Black Night" events with another march in Tel Aviv on Saturday night against government economic policy. Scores of artists, musicians and other performers last night joined in a boycott of the municipality's annual White Night in a continuation of the protests over police violence against social justice demonstrators."

Tel Aviv

After the previous Saturday night demo of four thousands in protest of Friday attack of activists it was refreshing to have three time more in this Saturday. about 1000 Protesters splat from the main crowd and marched on an unauthorized route to the state offices building and then marched along the main road up to the city square.

State forces which were caught read handed on lot of video clips both on the previous Friday and Saturday got strict orders to let both the demos march as they wish.

The state plans for two austerity measures were declared null by the prime minister...

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