Saturday, July 25, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle draw more and more Israelis to come with the Anarchists Against the Wall initiatives.

Last week we participated in the ongoing struggle of the villagers of Saffa to cultivate their lands in spite of colonial settlers harassments, In the Jerusalem region against transfer (Sheikh Jarakh mainly), With the Darfur, Arithrea and south Sudan refugees and other "foreign illegal workers" - against the new immigration police harassments. We participated during the week in the confronting of the Israeli state forces invading Bil'in at nights and in the planning and the doing of the Wednesday midnight demonstration against it. We also participated on Wednesday in the week day demonstration against the separation fence and occupation in Ni'ilin. Friday as usual we mobilize to Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation.


Friday 17.7.2009 video at
Previous Friday demonstration, as a response to advertisement by the Cellcom mobile phone company, few footballs were kicked towards the separation fence and beyond. Following link
to the response video
During the week TV media showed this action (together with the clip of the original).

Monday, AAtW activists participated with the village popular comity in a meeting for discussion joint actions in response to the nights invading of the the village by Israeli state forces for harassments and arrests of participants in the Friday demonstrations.

"In response to the wave of nightly arrest and especially to the arrest of Adib Abu Rahma
without bail, the popular committee in Bilin is calling for a night demonstration tomorrow Wednesday July 22. For details call Kobi: For registration call Ayala:"

Bil'in reclaims...

"On the night between the 22nd and the 23rd of July several dozens of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered in the center of the village of Bil'in, for a protest march against the Israeli army's invasions of the village in recent weeks (and against the Apartheid Wall and the settlements). These nightly invasions have included arrests of activists and spreading of terror throughout the village. Prior to the demonstration activists hung posters on village houses, explaining to the soldiers in Hebrew and Arabic what's wrong about the invasion, and calling upon them to stop attacking the village as it will not give up on its just cause and struggle.

At around midnight demonstrators started marching towards the illegal fence built on village lands, carrying colorful flash-lights and safety light-reflectors and calling the soldiers to go home. Upon nearing the fence the march turned, proceeding parallel to the fence, and back towards the village. Army jeeps which were gathering on the other side of the fence were met by loud whistles, slogans and the igniting of small bonfires. These were answered by the soldiers, who fired several light bombs into the night sky. These in turn were answered by a blast of fireworks from within the village.

The demonstration ended peacefully. More actions of the sort are yet to come."

Video of the night demo -


Bil'in thick with gas on Friday July 24, 2009

Today, some 200 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists participated in the weekly non-violent demonstration against the Apartheid Wall in Bil'in. The protesters proceeded toward the Wall chanting slogans and waving the Palestinian flag.
After a few minutes, the protesters were met with tear gas, but they stood their ground. They shouted their claims to their rights, and the end of military occupation to the Army standing on the other side of the Wall. Repeated gas bombs dispersed them only temporarily. At one point, one soldier threw a gas bomb forward, which detonated prematurely, gassing his own colleagues. This, of course, was met with massive cheering and whistling on the Palestinian side!
Some demonstrators suffered minor injuries such as superficial burns from gas bombs that hit them after bouncing off the ground. Others suffered from severe respiratory problems after having been exposed to dense tear gas.
One hour into the demonstration, the protesters slowly returned back to the village. No arrests were made today.

Bil'in 24-7-09 - link to video


Wednesday 22.7.09

Ni'lin's weekly protest against the wall took place as always, after Friday lunchtime prayers. about a hundred protesters, Palestinian, Israeli and International managed to reach the fence route, and were eventually forced back from it through the combined use of tear gas and "the skunk" sprayed from a tanker. No protester was actually sprayed with the foul substance, but it left its mark on the ground, on a strip around 20 meters from the wall. A team of border policemen crossed the fence for a short time, and fired a few rubber bullets at protesters, some of whom responded with stones. the protest ended relatively early, and no injuries were recorded, aside from some tear-gas inhalation cases."

Friday Ni'ilin 24.7.2009 video at


"This Saturday afternoon we will go out to hang posters calling the Israeli public to resist the racist policy of arrests and deportations of migrant workers and refugees from Israel. We wish to make these pictures from the last two weeks noticeable in different parts of the city, pictures in which the Immigration Administration is hunting people in the streets of Tel Aviv. To spread this information widely in the city, there is a need for many volunteers.

For those who wish to take a part in the action, we will meet at 16:00 in Lewinsky Garden."

UM SALMUNA (Mua'shara region)

"On Friday 24.7 at noon some 70 Palestinians, including quiet a few little girls, 60 Internationals and 15 Israelis participated in the weekly demonstration of the Ma'asara region at the Umm Salamuna village against the building of the apartheid fence and against the illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. The demonstrators marched through the village with a huge Palestinian flag and chanted slogans in Arabic and English against the occupation and the colonization of Palestine. They were stopped by a few dozens IOF soldiers and a barbed wired they placed in front of them. The soldiers prevented the demonstrators from proceeding towards the Palestinian lands and the annexation fence route. During the demonstration the IOF soldiers tried using threats to prevent from one of the Palestinian speakers to give a speech in Arabic and English from over an earth mound. But, after a few minutes they backed off, as the speaker only moved one step forward on the same mound. Due to the lack of "professional" speaker, the Hebrew speech was given by a few Hebrew speaking demonstrators, each one contributing one or two sentences, nevertheless preserving coherence. The speech of Umm Hasan, whose son is still in Israeli prison for participating in a previous demonstration - was prominent and received simultaneous translation into French by one of the demonstrators. The speakers called the soldiers to be brave and to stop implementing the occupation as long as it is possible for them instead of regretting it later when they are older. The demonstration was peaceful and ended without confrontations and with a promise to return next week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Palestine-Israel, In spite of the increase of repression of our Palestinian partners the joint struggle continue.

This week Anarchists Against the Wall were busier than ever: During the week activists were involved in Tel Aviv with the struggle against the harassment of the African refugees from Darfur, South Sudan, and Eritrea. Activists were busier in the struggle against the transfer of Palestinians in Jerusalem. During the weeks comrades slept in Bil'in going out to the streets when Israeli state forces invaded the village to arrest people and intimidate the involved in the on-going struggle against the separation fence and occupation. The involvement in Saffa was on lower intensity this week. On Friday we participated in the demonstrations against the fence - together with the local Palestinian villagers and guests, and internationals, in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna.


During the week, Anarchists Against the Wall activists were involved in the struggle against the continuous nightly invading of the village by the Israeli state forces, the arrests of people, and their military "courts" proceedings. Comrades slept in the village at nights, and helped in the release of Bil'iners from incarceration in the concentration camp.

The late night and early morning raids in Bil'in are linked to a recent lawsuit filed by the village in the Quebec Superior Court last month. The lawsuit is against two Montreal-based companies, Green Park International and Green Mount International, which play a role in the building of Modi'in Ilit orthodox Jews settlements on Palestinian villages lands in Bil'in region. Their activity is illegal under international law and under Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, established in 2000.

"Israel's military raids began exactly at the same time that we started court hearings in Canada," says Mohammed Khatib of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Bil'in. "Israel's army raids are aiming to stop our struggle, and our court case in Quebec. Israel is collectively punishing us for our efforts to resist [the] Israeli colonization of our lands."

"An initial ruling on the Bil'in lawsuit in the Quebec Superior Court is still pending. Justice Louis-Paul Cullen is expected to rule within the next six months. Palestinians in the village are bracing for further Israeli raids."

Another night Invasion - Imad burnat arrested

Due to the ongoing night raids and arrests in Bilin, we wish to strengthen the presence of Israeli activists during nights there.

If you are free to join our friends in Bilin any night this week, please e-mail ASAP to &

Also, a meeting in the village will be held tomorrow, Monday, please follow up for details.

On Friday:

"Some 30 Israelis, over 40 internationals and the boys and girls of the Jericho Palestinian Struggle Youth Union marching band joined several dozen Palestinians, who conducted an exceptionally big demonstrated against the annexation wall and the night and day arrests of residents of Bil'in (on the night before a 13th villager was snatched by the army for investigation, while the army's lawyers prepare to appeal a decision to release one of the local organizers). The marching band led the procession drumming and chanting toward the demonstration site, but stayed behind due to its members' young age. Upon arrival the demonstrators kicked footballs to the soldiers, who failed to follow the script of the current Israeli TV commercial and engage in a peaceful football match, possibly because in this real life situation their Palestinian opponents were clearly visible from across the barbed wire. Instead, the soldiers threw gas canisters at the demonstrators, and had to persist quite intensely until they managed to incite a handful of stones from the kids across the fence. Then the "skunk" was brought forth, spraying putrid water, locally nick-named "the shit". Only a handful of organizers, covered from head to toe in plastic suits and hospital gloves and masks, stayed at the fence keeping their post under the sickening rain. After a few rounds of gas and "the shit" the demonstration was declared over, which encouraged the soldiers to shoot even more gas at the receding demonstrators, extending the stand-off and causing some small fires in the fields."

As is frequent along the years of Friday demonstrations in Bil'in (and Ni'ilin too), the Israeli state forces use them as testing ground and demonstration arena for various weapons and tactics for dispersing demonstrations. The stinking skunk odor spray was tested last two weeks with a new version of the spray.

"The Israeli soldiers started to spray the dirty water by hoses, where the water mixed with chemical and biological materials, which make it smells very bad, furthermore demonstrators started to throw up because of using this stinky water. The Israeli has used this dirty water before one year, then they stopped using it after the intervention of international human rights organizations. Before that, the Israeli have used colored water mixed with gas. In addition to new weapons such as different kinds of the tear gas, live bullets, scream, sponge, salt balls, and green beans bags, which all-new names for dangerous weapons."


Activists of the AAtW participated in the ongoing struggle against the houses demolition and robbery in the occupied East Jerusalem.

"On Sunday, 19th, at 12:00 expires the time given to the Sheikh Jarrah families to surrender the keys to their houses to the hands of settlers. Failing to do this, they are at risk of immediate eviction and arrest.
On Sunday, at 1 pm we shall be there with them, to support, protest and launch another period of constant presence of activists in the houses to prevent their eviction and protect their rights.
Volunteers are also needed to stay in the houses for some hours, day or night, during the period from this Sunday until the 27th July."


Like every Friday, the Ni'lin demonstration proceeded to the route of the wall after lunchtime prayers. unlike in previous weeks, the protesters couldn't reach the route, as a volley of tear gas canisters was fired at them from a jeep-top launcher, forcing them to disperse, and increasing the distance needed for some of them to direct stones at the forces of occupation and land-theft. Another reason to keep one's distance from the fence was the sight of the police tanker, used to spray the "skunk" at demonstrators. Border police officers fired tear gas and rubber coater metal bullets at the protesters. Rubber coated bullets haven't been used in Ni'lin for a long while, and it was assumed that the suspension of the use of 0.22 caliber live bullets was behind this). Some police crossed the fence, but they did not enter the village and no injuries were recorded.

Ni'ilin 17-7-09 - link to video


Though on lower intensity as villager got partial access to their land, the joint struggle in the region continues.

Hostile media:

"Police arrest pro-Arab anarchists near Bat Ayin July 16, 9:31 AM
The Jews are harassed almost daily by the increasingly present foreign anarchists, Israeli leftists, and Arabs. Seven anarchists were arrested for trying to provoke a fight with resident Jews"


The involvement of the AAtW activists in the struggle against the harassment of the new immigrants police of the African refugees continue in various ways. The intensive efforts of the new police intend to expel as much as possible African refugees from Israel and especially from Tel Aviv continue - and so is the resistance.


Yesterday (Friday) at noon some 30 Palestinians, 15 Israelis and 20 international marched in the Um Salmuna and Ma'asara area, protesting against the building of the Apartheid Wall and the illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. The demonstration, which marked the 220th anniversary to the French Revolution, was stopped by the Israeli Occupation Forces, who declared a closed military zone, and prevented demonstrators from reaching the appropriated lands.

In their tri-lingual speeches, demonstrators called upon the soldiers to lay down their arms, and acknowledge the fact that now - more than ever before - Israel is facing the risk of international sanctions, and must give up the occupation before it is forced to do so.

When the demonstrations was nearly at its end soldiers started shoving some of the youths who were chanting slogans, and officers threatened to arrest all demonstrators.

The demonstration ended with no arrests and none wounded, and with the promise of returning time and time again in weeks to come.


"The coming Monday evening, we'll hold a meeting to consider activities in Israel re the ongoing and increasing water shortage in the territories.

Please contact S. if you wish to join."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence, transfer and occupation till the victory

During the week AAtW activists participated in the ongoing struggle against transfer in the Jerusalem region; with the villagers of Saffa efforts to work their land near the colonial settlement Bat Ain; In Bil'in efforts to confront the state forces intrusion to the village at nights (probably as a training activity to special forces) in order to harass the people and arrest youth. We also participated (and smell tear gas) in a mid week demonstration against the separation fence in Ni'ilin. AAtW activist also participated during the week in the efforts to thwart the new immigration police harassments of the African refugees who stay in Tel Aviv.


For few weeks already the Israeli state forces invade the village at night - few times a week, terrorizing the sleeping village and arrest village youth suspected as stone throwers in the Friday demonstrations. AAtW activists were staying nights in the village and participated in the confronting the invading state forces to restrict their harassment.

"A large force of more than 80 soldiers, border policemen and policemen invaded Bilin around 4 am tonight. They had entered four houses and eventually arrested only 2 people: an American activist and a 17 year old youth from the village. Israeli and international presence had been proven very effective in reducing violence and arrests. Since further invasions are expected, help is needed tonight (and probably in the following days). If you can come tonight, please call Y."

On another night:

"Explosions Pierce the Quiet of Bi'lin

On July 7th at 3:30, soldiers disrupted the tranquility of Bi'lin by forcing their way into several houses. Israeli soldiers came with a list of 10 names for arrest. When Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists arrived at the scene they were subjected to violence and intimidation by the Israeli occupation forces. One activist with the International Solidarity Movement had non-violently blocked the entrance to one of the doors when he was attacked by soldiers, forced to the ground, and subjected to pain compliance. He was then arrested and carried by a group of soldiers into a military jeep. When activists and community members responded, they were beaten back with batons and forced to dodge a large number of percussion grenades.

Meanwhile, activists tried blocking the jeeps from leaving by erecting makeshift barricades in the street. The Israeli occupation forces responded with a number of percussion grenades and then rammed their jeeps through. They forced their way up the street and to several other houses. While there, they arrested a young man and issued nine summons to families of youths who were not present. This was done without explanation or warning. In the process of storming other houses, the soldiers were again confronted by activists and community members who refused to be dispersed even after repeated percussion and flash bang grenade attacks by soldiers. The jeeps had to make an escape through a second set of erected barricades and they exited into the night with their victims inside."

Links to video:"

"We are having a legal workshop in Bil'in tomorrow Tuesday at 19:00
If you can help with a ride please call me L."

"Tonight, Israeli & international activists were present in Bilin, following a series of army mass night raids. Tonight (Tuesday-Wednesday), the army did not invade the village. Today too, we shall join our friends in Bilin. Please contact Y. – 054-xxxxx, if you wish to join."

"International and Israeli supporters joined the villagers of Bil'in and marched from the village center after the Friday midday prayers. The protesters demanded the halt of Israeli illegal settlements and construction of the wall."

The army seemed to be too mild to be true. Only few tear gas grenades were thrown on us while we congregated at the gate to the route of the separation fence. After many weeks we could not do it - they even tolerated the entrance of few scores of us to the route of the separation fence and touch the electronic fence... Then came the surprise they prepared for us: a water cannon posited in advance where we could not see it, suddenly approached us and started to spray us with the skunk odor water - tested on us about a year ago. The smell adhere to the body and clothes and can take weeks to get rid of its remnants. This time they put less amount of it in the water - in an experimental test of its being effective in smaller doses.

Two of the comrades - one of the village activists and one of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative - who were not deterred by the skunk smelling stinking water and stayed at the route of the separation fence, were arrested and taken to a far away police station.

The Israeli was released on Sunday down with five thousands bail and ban on visiting the occupied areas of 1967 for a whole month. The Palestinian comrade was taken to the Ofer concentration camp and will have a hearing Monday noon.

MEDIA: A Bil'in feature on FOX News.


More than 200 people marched in the village of Nilin against the Israeli apartheid wall.
The Israeli army almost did nothing and responded very little. Even when parts of the razor wire bordering the route of the electronic separation fence were cut and damage was made to the fence itself. Few armed force disguised as Palestinians snatched two of the demonstrator and arrested them.

Video clips:

UM SALMUNA + Nahalin

Due to the persecuting of the main activists (one still in jail and others are on bail with restrictions preventing them from participating in the Friday demonstrations) participation was smaller than usual.

"Today some 60 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered for a morning demonstration in Ma'asara / Um Salmuna. Due to the early hour there were no soldiers present at the entrance to the village, and so demonstrators marched on the main road towards the agricultural lands where the Apartheid Wall is being built. The protest march was, however, brutally stopped by Israeli Occupation soldiers and police. Demonstrators were pushed of the road, and ordered to return to the village. After speeches were made in Arabic, English and Hebrew were made activists turned around in order to continue the demonstration in the regular location, at the entrance to the village. However, once there the army officer declared the entire area a close military zone, and while pushing people around made threats of arrest. The demonstration was shortly ended, with zero arrests made.

Following this, activists from the village and their supporters traveled to the near by village of Nahalin, were a first popular demonstration was to take place against the laying down of a new power line for surrounding settlements on village lands. The village's popular committee says that the work that has already started is illegal, as well as harmful to the village due to the vast number of trees to be uprooted, and legal measures are being taken to stop it. However, a demonstration did not take place as someone in the village has died the previous night. We believe demonstrations in the area will begin in weeks to come."

UM AL FAHEM (Israel)

Women from Umm el Fahem's popular committee against house demolitions are inviting us to join them in a women's demonstration this Saturday, following recent house demolitions and racist statements on annexation of more lands for Jewish settlements in Wadi Ara. The demo will start at around five or six, so please mark your agendas. There will also be another meeting to organize this action on Wednesday, 12:00, there. Let me know if you want to come. More info to come.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall are still in the front of the joint struggle against the occupation.

For more than a year Bil'in is not the only persisting popular struggle. The activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative joined this week the expanding popular struggle of the Palestinians in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Um-Salmuna, Saffa, the Jordan valley, Izbet Tabib, Bnei Zid, and the Jerusalem region. In addition to rising the moral, some successes were achieved. The joint struggle get lot of publicity in the Israeli and the international media. (Just do an internet search of the phrase "Anarchists Against the Wall" and see the tens of thousands of links found.)


Some 20 Israelis and 50 internationals joined several dozens of Palestinians for the weekly demo in Bil'in. The demonstrators marched toward the wall singing and chanting against the Israeli occupation and the wall. Some of the internationals, due to pressure from the people who had organized their visit, did not march with the demonstrators, but only watched them from the side and stayed behind. As in the last two weeks, the military was not as aggressive as in previous months, and shot relatively small amounts of gas, which increased as the demo went on. When some demonstrators managed to open the gate and get between the fences, the soldiers threw shock grenades at them, but did not shoot rubber bullets. The army did, however, shoot gas grenades directly at the ambulance that cam to evict victims of gas inhalation, and used the multiple gas canister cannon when the ambulance was still turning around to head back. Three people suffered direct hits of gas grenades and few needed treatment for gas inhalation.

Naomi Klein in Bil'in 26-6-09 - link to video
Link for video: Bil'in 26-6-09,
Bil'in 3.7.2009 video at


Dozens of demonstrators gathered this Friday in Ni'ilin. For the third week in a row, the demonstrators managed to arrive at the fence. As in the previous two weeks, some of the demonstrators even managed to cut some of the barb wire surrounding the fence.

The military and border police forces shot tear gas canisters & grenades at the demonstration. Several demonstrators and a journalist suffered direct tear gas canisters hits. Snipers were spotted aiming at some of the demonstrators, though haven't fired eventually.

Ni'ilin 3-7-09 - link to video


Some 100 Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators marched in protest of the building of the Apartheid Wall on the lands of Um-Salmuna and Ma'asara. The demonstration, which commemorated the anniversary of the foundation of the "Palestinian National Initiative" party, was met (as always) with about 30 soldiers who put barbed wire on the road leading from the village to the agricultural land where the wall is to be built.

In their speeches, several demonstrators addressed the soldiers in Arabic, English and Hebrew, explaining to them that they are supporting illegal acts of settlement, water theft and land appropriation, and paying tribute to all the children of the village who have been imprisoned by the army, including one popular committee member, Hassan Bargia. During the speeches in English and Hebrew, high ranking officers who were at the scene switched on the sirens of all army and border police jeeps, so that soldiers will not be able to hear or be influenced by the demonstrators' calls towards them – to refuse, and join the peaceful movement for the end of the occupation.
Also present and the demonstration was an Israeli Samba band, teaching some of the village children how to drum, and played together.


During the week:
This Afternoon army and civil governance people arrived at Al-Malikh in the Jordan valley and announced that all of them (30 families, over 200 people including children. sick, old and babies) must leave.

Army claimed that it is for a military drill and will be allowed to return 24 hours later, but it is like that it will use it to ruin their houses and/or evicted.

The people there has asked the assistance of Israelis - if you can come tonight or tomorrow, please call

Media: "See what a miracle: early evening the harsh decree was canceled. The intervention of the activists of Betselem, Road Blocks Watch, Active Stills, Anarchists Against the Wall*, and the United Nation coordination office for humanitarian issues (OCHA), caused the canceling of the calamity."


AAtW was invited for a meeting: "Is there anyone who can make it to a meeting in Izbet Tabib tomorrow afternoon ? If so please let me know."


Meeting concerning water supply

In too many places across the West Bank there's an substantial water supply problem. Bnei Zid and six neighboring Palestinian villages in the Ramallah area have suffered insufficient water supply over the years due to Israeli controls of water distribution.

This year the problem has become unbearable. Since the beginning of April, over the last three months, water supply is almost completely cut off to these Palestinian villages, which include some 20,000 inhabitants. The villages share the water of a single source (located next to settlement Bet Arye) with three settlements. According to locals the three settlements get 90% of the water, while the other 10% is shared by the seven Palestinian villages. As a result villagers must buy their own water. Some people can afford it, while others have to beg.

The meeting concluded with an acknowledgement of the urgent need to act together with all relevant organizations. The village wants to have a demo, and asked for aid to purchase water for 50 families. We also discussed media action and advocacy to embassies and international organizations.

We start acting today through an action team coordinated by Y. A. If you're interested, please contact Yuval.


Lately. One of the focuses of struggle against the pressure for transfer of Palestinians in the Jerusalem region is in Seikh Jarrah neighborhood.
Israeli and international activists joined the families threatened with eviction.


Yanay Israeli blog about Saffa:

Due do the recurring disturbances by the military to the farmers of Saffa, we will again head there the coming Saturday [4th of July]. There's also an option of arriving earlier.

The protracted struggle of the Palestinian farmers to cultivate their lands near the colonialist settlement Bat Ain continued. State forces had to yield a bit and the farmers were allowed some hours of work in their orchards.

The AAtW continued joining them including this Saturday, in spite of the efforts of state forces to block us from joining the farmers in order to repel the assaults of the settlers.

Saffa 27-6-09