Saturday, July 25, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle draw more and more Israelis to come with the Anarchists Against the Wall initiatives.

Last week we participated in the ongoing struggle of the villagers of Saffa to cultivate their lands in spite of colonial settlers harassments, In the Jerusalem region against transfer (Sheikh Jarakh mainly), With the Darfur, Arithrea and south Sudan refugees and other "foreign illegal workers" - against the new immigration police harassments. We participated during the week in the confronting of the Israeli state forces invading Bil'in at nights and in the planning and the doing of the Wednesday midnight demonstration against it. We also participated on Wednesday in the week day demonstration against the separation fence and occupation in Ni'ilin. Friday as usual we mobilize to Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation.


Friday 17.7.2009 video at
Previous Friday demonstration, as a response to advertisement by the Cellcom mobile phone company, few footballs were kicked towards the separation fence and beyond. Following link
to the response video
During the week TV media showed this action (together with the clip of the original).

Monday, AAtW activists participated with the village popular comity in a meeting for discussion joint actions in response to the nights invading of the the village by Israeli state forces for harassments and arrests of participants in the Friday demonstrations.

"In response to the wave of nightly arrest and especially to the arrest of Adib Abu Rahma
without bail, the popular committee in Bilin is calling for a night demonstration tomorrow Wednesday July 22. For details call Kobi: For registration call Ayala:"

Bil'in reclaims...

"On the night between the 22nd and the 23rd of July several dozens of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered in the center of the village of Bil'in, for a protest march against the Israeli army's invasions of the village in recent weeks (and against the Apartheid Wall and the settlements). These nightly invasions have included arrests of activists and spreading of terror throughout the village. Prior to the demonstration activists hung posters on village houses, explaining to the soldiers in Hebrew and Arabic what's wrong about the invasion, and calling upon them to stop attacking the village as it will not give up on its just cause and struggle.

At around midnight demonstrators started marching towards the illegal fence built on village lands, carrying colorful flash-lights and safety light-reflectors and calling the soldiers to go home. Upon nearing the fence the march turned, proceeding parallel to the fence, and back towards the village. Army jeeps which were gathering on the other side of the fence were met by loud whistles, slogans and the igniting of small bonfires. These were answered by the soldiers, who fired several light bombs into the night sky. These in turn were answered by a blast of fireworks from within the village.

The demonstration ended peacefully. More actions of the sort are yet to come."

Video of the night demo -


Bil'in thick with gas on Friday July 24, 2009

Today, some 200 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists participated in the weekly non-violent demonstration against the Apartheid Wall in Bil'in. The protesters proceeded toward the Wall chanting slogans and waving the Palestinian flag.
After a few minutes, the protesters were met with tear gas, but they stood their ground. They shouted their claims to their rights, and the end of military occupation to the Army standing on the other side of the Wall. Repeated gas bombs dispersed them only temporarily. At one point, one soldier threw a gas bomb forward, which detonated prematurely, gassing his own colleagues. This, of course, was met with massive cheering and whistling on the Palestinian side!
Some demonstrators suffered minor injuries such as superficial burns from gas bombs that hit them after bouncing off the ground. Others suffered from severe respiratory problems after having been exposed to dense tear gas.
One hour into the demonstration, the protesters slowly returned back to the village. No arrests were made today.

Bil'in 24-7-09 - link to video


Wednesday 22.7.09

Ni'lin's weekly protest against the wall took place as always, after Friday lunchtime prayers. about a hundred protesters, Palestinian, Israeli and International managed to reach the fence route, and were eventually forced back from it through the combined use of tear gas and "the skunk" sprayed from a tanker. No protester was actually sprayed with the foul substance, but it left its mark on the ground, on a strip around 20 meters from the wall. A team of border policemen crossed the fence for a short time, and fired a few rubber bullets at protesters, some of whom responded with stones. the protest ended relatively early, and no injuries were recorded, aside from some tear-gas inhalation cases."

Friday Ni'ilin 24.7.2009 video at


"This Saturday afternoon we will go out to hang posters calling the Israeli public to resist the racist policy of arrests and deportations of migrant workers and refugees from Israel. We wish to make these pictures from the last two weeks noticeable in different parts of the city, pictures in which the Immigration Administration is hunting people in the streets of Tel Aviv. To spread this information widely in the city, there is a need for many volunteers.

For those who wish to take a part in the action, we will meet at 16:00 in Lewinsky Garden."

UM SALMUNA (Mua'shara region)

"On Friday 24.7 at noon some 70 Palestinians, including quiet a few little girls, 60 Internationals and 15 Israelis participated in the weekly demonstration of the Ma'asara region at the Umm Salamuna village against the building of the apartheid fence and against the illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. The demonstrators marched through the village with a huge Palestinian flag and chanted slogans in Arabic and English against the occupation and the colonization of Palestine. They were stopped by a few dozens IOF soldiers and a barbed wired they placed in front of them. The soldiers prevented the demonstrators from proceeding towards the Palestinian lands and the annexation fence route. During the demonstration the IOF soldiers tried using threats to prevent from one of the Palestinian speakers to give a speech in Arabic and English from over an earth mound. But, after a few minutes they backed off, as the speaker only moved one step forward on the same mound. Due to the lack of "professional" speaker, the Hebrew speech was given by a few Hebrew speaking demonstrators, each one contributing one or two sentences, nevertheless preserving coherence. The speech of Umm Hasan, whose son is still in Israeli prison for participating in a previous demonstration - was prominent and received simultaneous translation into French by one of the demonstrators. The speakers called the soldiers to be brave and to stop implementing the occupation as long as it is possible for them instead of regretting it later when they are older. The demonstration was peaceful and ended without confrontations and with a promise to return next week.

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