Monday, July 13, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence, transfer and occupation till the victory

During the week AAtW activists participated in the ongoing struggle against transfer in the Jerusalem region; with the villagers of Saffa efforts to work their land near the colonial settlement Bat Ain; In Bil'in efforts to confront the state forces intrusion to the village at nights (probably as a training activity to special forces) in order to harass the people and arrest youth. We also participated (and smell tear gas) in a mid week demonstration against the separation fence in Ni'ilin. AAtW activist also participated during the week in the efforts to thwart the new immigration police harassments of the African refugees who stay in Tel Aviv.


For few weeks already the Israeli state forces invade the village at night - few times a week, terrorizing the sleeping village and arrest village youth suspected as stone throwers in the Friday demonstrations. AAtW activists were staying nights in the village and participated in the confronting the invading state forces to restrict their harassment.

"A large force of more than 80 soldiers, border policemen and policemen invaded Bilin around 4 am tonight. They had entered four houses and eventually arrested only 2 people: an American activist and a 17 year old youth from the village. Israeli and international presence had been proven very effective in reducing violence and arrests. Since further invasions are expected, help is needed tonight (and probably in the following days). If you can come tonight, please call Y."

On another night:

"Explosions Pierce the Quiet of Bi'lin

On July 7th at 3:30, soldiers disrupted the tranquility of Bi'lin by forcing their way into several houses. Israeli soldiers came with a list of 10 names for arrest. When Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists arrived at the scene they were subjected to violence and intimidation by the Israeli occupation forces. One activist with the International Solidarity Movement had non-violently blocked the entrance to one of the doors when he was attacked by soldiers, forced to the ground, and subjected to pain compliance. He was then arrested and carried by a group of soldiers into a military jeep. When activists and community members responded, they were beaten back with batons and forced to dodge a large number of percussion grenades.

Meanwhile, activists tried blocking the jeeps from leaving by erecting makeshift barricades in the street. The Israeli occupation forces responded with a number of percussion grenades and then rammed their jeeps through. They forced their way up the street and to several other houses. While there, they arrested a young man and issued nine summons to families of youths who were not present. This was done without explanation or warning. In the process of storming other houses, the soldiers were again confronted by activists and community members who refused to be dispersed even after repeated percussion and flash bang grenade attacks by soldiers. The jeeps had to make an escape through a second set of erected barricades and they exited into the night with their victims inside."

Links to video:"

"We are having a legal workshop in Bil'in tomorrow Tuesday at 19:00
If you can help with a ride please call me L."

"Tonight, Israeli & international activists were present in Bilin, following a series of army mass night raids. Tonight (Tuesday-Wednesday), the army did not invade the village. Today too, we shall join our friends in Bilin. Please contact Y. – 054-xxxxx, if you wish to join."

"International and Israeli supporters joined the villagers of Bil'in and marched from the village center after the Friday midday prayers. The protesters demanded the halt of Israeli illegal settlements and construction of the wall."

The army seemed to be too mild to be true. Only few tear gas grenades were thrown on us while we congregated at the gate to the route of the separation fence. After many weeks we could not do it - they even tolerated the entrance of few scores of us to the route of the separation fence and touch the electronic fence... Then came the surprise they prepared for us: a water cannon posited in advance where we could not see it, suddenly approached us and started to spray us with the skunk odor water - tested on us about a year ago. The smell adhere to the body and clothes and can take weeks to get rid of its remnants. This time they put less amount of it in the water - in an experimental test of its being effective in smaller doses.

Two of the comrades - one of the village activists and one of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative - who were not deterred by the skunk smelling stinking water and stayed at the route of the separation fence, were arrested and taken to a far away police station.

The Israeli was released on Sunday down with five thousands bail and ban on visiting the occupied areas of 1967 for a whole month. The Palestinian comrade was taken to the Ofer concentration camp and will have a hearing Monday noon.

MEDIA: A Bil'in feature on FOX News.


More than 200 people marched in the village of Nilin against the Israeli apartheid wall.
The Israeli army almost did nothing and responded very little. Even when parts of the razor wire bordering the route of the electronic separation fence were cut and damage was made to the fence itself. Few armed force disguised as Palestinians snatched two of the demonstrator and arrested them.

Video clips:

UM SALMUNA + Nahalin

Due to the persecuting of the main activists (one still in jail and others are on bail with restrictions preventing them from participating in the Friday demonstrations) participation was smaller than usual.

"Today some 60 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered for a morning demonstration in Ma'asara / Um Salmuna. Due to the early hour there were no soldiers present at the entrance to the village, and so demonstrators marched on the main road towards the agricultural lands where the Apartheid Wall is being built. The protest march was, however, brutally stopped by Israeli Occupation soldiers and police. Demonstrators were pushed of the road, and ordered to return to the village. After speeches were made in Arabic, English and Hebrew were made activists turned around in order to continue the demonstration in the regular location, at the entrance to the village. However, once there the army officer declared the entire area a close military zone, and while pushing people around made threats of arrest. The demonstration was shortly ended, with zero arrests made.

Following this, activists from the village and their supporters traveled to the near by village of Nahalin, were a first popular demonstration was to take place against the laying down of a new power line for surrounding settlements on village lands. The village's popular committee says that the work that has already started is illegal, as well as harmful to the village due to the vast number of trees to be uprooted, and legal measures are being taken to stop it. However, a demonstration did not take place as someone in the village has died the previous night. We believe demonstrations in the area will begin in weeks to come."

UM AL FAHEM (Israel)

Women from Umm el Fahem's popular committee against house demolitions are inviting us to join them in a women's demonstration this Saturday, following recent house demolitions and racist statements on annexation of more lands for Jewish settlements in Wadi Ara. The demo will start at around five or six, so please mark your agendas. There will also be another meeting to organize this action on Wednesday, 12:00, there. Let me know if you want to come. More info to come.


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