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Palestine-Israel, The popular struggle continue with the still significant contribution of the joint struggle*

The weekly joint actions continue at Bil'in, Al Masara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin,Qaddum, Sabatia, South Hebron Hills, Beit Ommar, Sheikh Jarakh, Jaffa continue in addition to the less persistent locations of joint struggle and the expanding popular struggles Israeli activist or internationals are not involved. Spring time bring more and more internationals to the joint struggle its focus on the separation fence shift to other aspects of the occupation.


423rd Weekly Demo Friday (29/3/2013)(land day )

Al Masara

Friday demo
Guy Hircefeld

Nabi Saleh

Today in Nabi Saleh: Palestinian activists, with international and Israelis, chant slogans during the weekly demonstration against the occupation and Israeli settlements, West Bank, March 29, 2013.
The weekly Friday demonstration marked Land Day, which commemorates martyrs of the first Land Day (1976) and the ongoing Israeli colonization and land expropriation. Villagers marched with international and Israeli solidarity activists from Nabi Saleh's main square and towards the stolen spring. The IOF attacked the unarmed marchers with skunk water, rubber-coated steel bullets and barrages of tear gas. One Irish journalist was shot by a rubber bullet to his soldier and needs medical attention. He was treated in the field.
If you are interested in joining the weekly demonstrations, please contact me privately. Haim Schwarzeneberg
David Reeb


Friday weekly demonstration, Mar. 29, 2013


The demonstration in Qadum this week was a strange and unexpected. The regular ritual of tear gas fire - escape - and returning back, "ping pong" was absent.
Two hundred fifty Palestinians, four Israeli and one international participated in the demonstration that marked the Land Day of March 30.
Early morning checkpoint of the army blocked with massive dirt mound the path leading to the demonstration. The barrier was placed in the middle of the trail which is actually also the middle of the village. We walked in procession to the barrier while chanting slogans that included the commemoration of the earth day. The Shabab who did not surrendered
road block burned tires near the checkpoint and began to climb along the paths up the hills towards the army and gave fight as the Shabab of Qaddum know. The soldiers respond was
uncharacteristic calm and only occasionally got down to meet them - mainly to threaten and to clarify who is boss here. Here and there tear gas grenades were thrown but really few only. The whole conduct seemed like a dance of moths around a candle flame.
The demo ended uneventful except for the injury of Kamel Qaddoumi, 22 years old - the guy who usually documenting the demonstrations. He was slightly injured in his waist and hand by a direct shot of tear gas. He was treated there, and returned to the demo.


This Friday Palestinians demonstrate against sewage settlers spill onto their land. Pictures of Haggai Matar at
About 100 Palestinians from the ancient village of Sebastia and their supporters held a demonstration today to protest against settlers spilling their sewage onto the village’s agricultural lands. This was the third demonstration in two months, and villagers are also starting weekly demonstrations, much like the ones against the wall and settlements that take place every Friday in Bil’in, Ni’ilin, Ma’asara, Nabi Saleh and Qaddum. Demonstrations took place in all of those villages, each Friday. some of them with violent confrontations with army forces. In addition, activists in the newly formed popular committee say they are planning to take the matter to the Supreme Court.
Demonstrators convened in the center of the village around noon and were joined by Palestinian MP Mustafa Barghouti (of the Mubadara party), activists from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, some from popular committees in other villages and Israeli and international solidarity activists. Several speakers talked about the sewage that has since December, been flowing into their fields from the nearby settlement of Shavei Shomron, but also stated that the sewage was only one symptom of the occupation alongside land grabs, uproot of tress, limitations on freedom of movement and they stressed that the protest was against the occupation as a whole.

“Settlers offered [to] avoid spilling the sewage onto our lands if we let them connect to our sewage system,” explained Ahmed Qaid, a computer engineer, football trainer and activist in the popular committee. “We refused because they are sitting on lands that were stolen from us and four neighboring villages, and we want them out of our lands – not to welcome them and offer them use of our infrastructure.”

After marching and chanting for about 15 minutes, demonstrators arrived at the field where the small stream of sewage water was running and the settlement was visible. They were met by some 20 soldiers who declared the area a closed military zone and said the demonstration had 25 minutes to disperse. After praying on the land demonstrators started marching forward towards the settlement and were met with tear gas grenades that were soon after answered by stones from the village youth. It seemed however that both sides were trying to prevent things from escalating, and within about half an hour the demonstration ended with one teen slightly injured from a rubber bullet and one international being captured by soldier, later “de-arrested” by his friends. The demonstration also commemorated Palestinian Land Day (March 30), a national day of struggle against land expropriations.

Lior Ben Eliahu
israel putermam

South Hebron Hills

Freedom Bus on its last day marching to fire zone 918
The Freedom bus after passing through the West Bank arrived at the South Hebron Hills. On its last day they marched with palestinians, Israelis and other internationals to fire zone 918 which 8 villages within its area are under demolition threat, one American artist from the freedom bus was arrested and two injured by the border police violence that tried to stop the peaceful march.
Tal King
Friday, Israeli soldiers arrest an International activist during a solidarity march organized by the local communities and The Freedom Bus, March 29, 2013. The march passed through villages located in "Firing Zone 918" facing house demolition threat.

South West

Beit Ommar

The weekly protest marking Land Day,
Beit Ommar popular movement organized today 30/03/2013 its weekly protest to commemorate Land Day. Protesters marched towards Carmi Tsur Colony built on stolen land of Beit Ommar farmers. 10s of heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers attacked the defenseless protesters with platoons and tear gas to force them out of the area. Many protesters suffered tear gas suffocation including Obai Abu Maria (7 years), Younes Arar (committee coordinator), Yousef abu Maria (committee Spokesman), Ahmad Abu Hashem (46 years) was physically among other participants, in addition to arresting the Journalist Abed Hashlamoon (Camera man of EPA).

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

The joint vigils in support of hunger strikers and all Palestinian political prisoners continue now with weekly vigils. "Please join us every Thursday at 6p, Jaffa's clock tower square for a vigil in solidarity with Samer 'Issawi and the Palestinian political prisoners. Haim Schwarczenberg

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in turbulent times*

The joint struggle continue persistently with growing popular Palestinian struggle as a new environment. The Obama visit was focused on with another tent camp as a repetition of the Bab El-Shams action. Protesting Obama visit was focused on in other actions. The regular Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, Maasara, South West and Southern Hebron Hills, and Sheikh Jarah, there were the Hebron action, the Jaffa vigil in solidarity with the hunger strikers Palestinian administrative prisoners, and a demo in Tel Aviv. As usual, activities of solidarity with and support for Palestinian and international detainees/prisoners of the joint struggles continued.

Bab El-Shams

About a hundred Palestinians erected a new village, Ahfad Younis, in the much disputed E1 area, on a hillside opposite to the one on which the original village of Bab al Shams was established two months ago. 25 tents were put up and covered with banners addressing slogans to the President Barack Obama visiting the region these days
Day 1: New protest village near Jerusalem, Mar. 20
Haitham Khatib
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Read more on:
The newly erected village of Ahfad Younis which was built as an act of Palestinian popular resistance was invaded at around 3 a.m. March 24th, 2013. Around 600 Israeli Occupation Forces entered with weapons and forcefully evicted the residents in an aggressive manner. Four residents of the Palestinian village Ahfad Younis were arrested including Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative.

Video 1:
Video 2:


Haitham Al Khatib


The IOF arrested several Palestinian, Israeli and international activists today during a peaceful march in Shuhada street. The Israeli activists were released, but the Palestinian and international activists are still in custody.
israel putermam

March, 20,2013 - Demonstration against Obama's visit,
Israel Puterman

Nabi Saleh

On Friday, the weekly demonstration marked Palestinian dignity. Protesters gathered in Shuhada Square at the village's center, called for solidarity with the political prisoners and also with an Israeli activist currently under massive Zionist onslaught, then marched down the road leading to the main entry to Nabi Saleh. The IOF attacked the unarmed demonstrators with barrages of tear gas, rubber bullet and skunk water, and chased them with their jeep back into the village. Dozens suffocated from tear gas, fired also on and around residential homes and directly at photographers. If you are interested in joining us for the Friday demonstration, please contact me privately.

Photos From Protest, March, 22,2013
Haim Schwarczenberg
David Reeb
israel putermam


The first non violent demonstration as the Israeli armed forces refrained from attacking the demonstration because of Obama visit. They did a symbolic power show without shooting or substantial invasion to the village. The shabab did too just a symbolic show and the demo finished by the organizers.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa


The 46 daily demonstration in continues supporting the hunger strike administrative prisoner Samer Issawi

Tel Aviv

Vigil at U.S embassy Tel- Aviv . March 22, 2013.
President Obama thank you for supporting and protecting our Apartheid state. And a special thank to the American people for donating over the years more than 230 Billion Dollars of your tax money for enabling our military and Jewish superiority in the Holy Land. Yes We Can Not Do It Without You!


Don't Say We Didn't Know 355

For years now, Jewish settlers of the illegal outpost/colony Havat Ma'on (in the South Hebron Hills) have been assaulting elementary school children when these pass by the outpost on their way from their hamlets - Tuba and Mughair Al Abyad - to their schoolhouse in the village of Tawane. In 2004 settlers wounded two international human rights activists who were escorting the children. A public outcry ensued and since then, the Israeli army has supplied escort for the children on their way to and from school. As in many other instances, all along the years the Israeli police in the West Bank manages not to acknowledge the assaults, and certainly not to arrest the assailants.
Often after school the children must wait for a long time until the soldiers arrive to accompany them. A tent has been put up to protect the children while waiting for the soldiers. On March 15 and 16 2013, the Israeli army destroyed this tent.

For further information: Amos Gwirtz at

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle and the "signs of the third Intifada"*

As the third Intifada character is less dramatic than the previous two. At least at the first years, politicians and media commentators hesitating to declare it as such. After more lot of pondering on the subjects in the Israeli media, we heard this evening a new tag: "the signs of Intifada are already here". The escalation of the suppression of the Israeli state forces in the occupied west bank and their backing of settler colonialist terror activities last months, was not clear if it is only pre election thing or is intended to convert the unarmed third Intifada into an armed one. The unarmed Intifada expand gradually with the solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners at its focus. To the older locations of Beit Ummar, Bil'in, Ma'asarah, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qadum, Sheikh Jarah, and South of Hebron Hills, and south-west joined last weeks Jayyus and Jaffa.


Friday 421 weekly Demo 15.03.2013. A dozen of the anarchists against the wall initiative, two dozen internationals (mainly from Ireland and few dozen Bil'iners, participated in the 421th Friday demonstration in the village against the separation of the fence/wall and occupation.
Haitham Khatib


Weekly demonstration, Mar. 15, 2013
"From the center of PCCH Foundation, the demonstrators started the march toward the the place of construction the apartheid & illegal wall, the demonstration held in refusing of Barak Obama visit to Palestine and Bethlehem and in supporting the Palestinian Hunger strikers, the demonstrators sent a message to the President of USA that you claimed that you supporting democracy & human rights in the whole world and what the Palestinian have seen that you are supporting wars and violence by supporting israel all kind of weapons that used to killed us and to kill our hopes and our rights, so you are not welcome in the holy land,,, after that some clashed held between the demonstrators and the occupation army, the IOF prevent the demonstrators to pass to their lands."

Nabi Saleh to Aboud, Mar. 15, 2013

We're driving now from Nabi Saleh to the nearby village of Abud, to join the protest there commemorating Mohamad Asfor who died last week, after being hit in his head with a rubber bullet three weeks ago in a demonstration for the political prisoners.

Residents of Nabi Saleh joined a demonstration in the nearby village of 'Aboud, protesting the ongoing Israeli occupation, land theft, and marking the death of Muhammad 'Asfour, 22 from 'Aboud a week ago. 'Asfour died from wounds sustained from rubber bullets fired by Israeli soldiers a few weeks earlier, during a demonstration in his village, in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners. Protesters today marched towards village lands expropriated by the Israeli state to be used as a dump site for waste from the ongoing construction of the railroad to Jerusalem. The IOF fired barrages of tear gas at the demonstrators in its attempts to disperse them.
Haim Schwarczenberg
David Reeb

Nilin weekly demonstration, Mar. 15, 2013
israel putermam


Odai Qaddomi


Samer al-Issawi is a Palestinian political prisoner from 'Issawiyeh (Jerusalem), who has been on a hunger strike in Israel's prison for more then 200 days. Although released in a prisoner-swap deal in October 2011, Israel re-arrested Samer claiming he violated the terms of his release by leaving Jerusalem even though the place of his arrest was Hizmeh, which is within the Jerusalem municipal boundaries. Samer has been hunger striking since July 29, 2012, and according to recent reports his health has been fast deteriorating, putting his life in danger. Joining solidarity demonstrations in Palestine and all over the world, a group of Jaffa-based activists - joined by Israeli radical activists, began a daily vigil in solidarity with Samer 'Issawi and all political prisoners at clock tower square, a famed local landmark.

For the 44th day in a raw (16/03/2013) Yaffa activists+ are protesting at the clock tower for Palestinian political prisoners. Several minutes ago a guy stopped his car, and sprayed us with water. One of the girls ran after him and punched him. You go girl!
Please join us daily at 6p at clock tower square.
Samer Issawi's mother in Jaffa's joint vigil

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Palestine-Israel, Solidarity protests with the Hunger Striking Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails is every where*

This week the joint struggle was intensify with the protesting of the Death of Mohammad Asfour who died after being shot before 2 weeks in the head By Israeli Troops during Clashes supporting Palestinian prisoners. As the struggle expand the invitation for Israeli and international activists to join additional actions surpass the numbers available. Though the media was flooded by the Oscar candidacy of 5 broken cameras about the joint struggle against the separation fence in Bil'in, still no flood of new activist happened. In Jaffa (Tel Aviv) the daily joint vigil at the clock tower in solidarity with the hunger strikers persist.

South West Bank

Today (Mar 8 2013) protests marched in several areas in south Palestine including Fawar refugee camp, Ma'asara and Beit Ommar. These protest were organized by South West Bank Committee against Colonization and Apartheid wall to mark the International Women’s Day, in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails, to condemn the Israeli occupation ongoing attacks against our sanctities and mainly Al Aqsa Mosque, to honor Martyr Mohammad asfour who was killed in cold blood in Aboud Village northwest of Ramallah by Israeli occupation army and to honor the great hero President Hugo Chavez.
All three protests were severely suppressed by Israeli occupation forces who used Stun grenades, tear gas canisters, stunk water and physical attack against the peaceful protesters.

Fawar Refugee camp (Adjacent to Hagai settlers colony) protest against the closure of the main south-west entrance to Hebron and from Hebron

South West Bank Committee against Colonization and Apartheid Wall organized a protest at the Israeli occupation military block adjacent to Hagai colony. This block was established about 10 years ago and divided south Hebron villages and towns (150 thousand residents) from Hebron city. This block has resulted in addition to restrictions of movement it imposed, it prolonged the way of travel from residents, so instead of driving for six kilometers, now they have to go all around and drive for an average of 20 kilometers. This block has caused a lot of misery for people, mainly for sick and urgent sickness cases, many women have delivered babies at this block and many people died due to the long distance resulted from the block.
The main goal of this protest is to remove this military imposed block, but when we arrived to the block, 10s of heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers stopped us and attacked the protesters physically, when we refused to leave they started using tear gas canisters, stun grenades and stunk water against the protesters. About 200 protesters started the protest waving Palestinian flags, prisoners’ photos and banners condemning the occupation, occupation attacks against Palestinians and the assassination of Martyr Mphammad Asfour who was killed by Israeli occupation forces, in addition to honoring WOMEN celebrating their day (international women’s day) which marks today.

To view protests pics please follow this link:


Protesters in Bil'in, Palestinian, Israeli and international, marched together towards the separation wall, to commemorate the death of Muhammad 'Asfour from the village of 'Aboud, killed by rubber bullets fire by the IOF. They also paid homage to Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela who passed away earlier this week. The IOF responded with barrages of tear gas and local youth responded in kind with stones.
Haim Schwarczenberg
The 15 Israelis and bunch of internationals who joined the Palestinian demo in Bil'in were welcomed by a dune buggy, a trumpet, a Venezuelan flag, posters of the shahid Muhammad Asfour, and, most importantly, a friendly wind, which fed the soldiers some of their own gas as well as returned canisters that had failed to explode when they landed among the demonstrators. The soldiers were forced to abandon their post overlooking the path to the wall, and tried in vain to get the shabab to give up their stance, until the shabab decided to end the demo.

"Weekly Demo 08.03.2013 On women's day, just like any other day, Israeli soldiers are shooting tear gas and stun grenades at unarmed protestors in Bilin."
Haitham Khatib


Daily vigils every evening at the clock tower square:


‎"Love in the Time of Israeli Apartheid" Action on 09.03.2013 as part of the apartheid day.
Israel broke up checkpoint symbolic wedding. The wedding procession organized at a West Bank checkpoint to challenge Israeli laws preventing Palestinians in the West Bank from living with their spouses in Israel. Two buses left from Jaffa and Ramallah to meet at opposite sides of Hizma checkpoint, northeast of Jerusalem, for the wedding of Hazim, from Abu Dis and his bride, who is from Nazareth. Both buses were stopped by Israeli forces before reaching the checkpoint and Israeli forces fired sound bombs at guests who had begun singing and dancing on the West Bank side of Hizma and push people back. They then fired tear gas, forcing people to run away."
Over 200 people participated in the wedding, including founder of the Palestinian National Initiative Mustafa Barghouthi and Palestinian author Rima Nazzal Kitana.
An Israeli army spokeswoman said that "100 rioters at Hizma threw stones at security services, who used riot dispersal means, including tear gas, to disperse the riot."

The wedding was organized by the "Love in the Time of Apartheid" campaign, a grassroots initiative set up by Palestinian youth to challenge the Citizenship and Entry into Israel law, which denies residency status in Israel for West Bank Palestinians married to Israeli-Palestinians.
"This Israeli law challenges Palestinian national unity and prevents Palestinians from even considering marrying another Palestinian from the other side,".
The Citizenship and Entry into Israel law was enacted by the Israeli Knesset in 2003, and prohibits granting residency or citizenship to Palestinians from the occupied territories who are married to Palestinian citizens of Israel.
(Oren Ziv/
Haitham Khatib

Kufr Qaddoum

Demonstrations Against Settlement Today after Friday prayer started a new demonstration in Kufr Qaddoum village near Nablus , tenths of soldiers from many Israel army units attacked the people trying to arrest anyone from them but thanks God they are failed.
While we are trying to tell them in the mike about our claims six soldiers from the police border crawl on the ground slowly and quietly trying to arrest some demonstrators, our friends discovered them and warning all the people to take care ,in this moment the jeeps began to shot tear gas and the soldiers from the hill began to run also trying to make circle around the people so they can catch them .
Also they followed us between olive fields and inside the village using sound bombs and tear gas toward us.


Demonstration against the occupation and settlements, 8.3.2013


Everyday in Clock square in Jaffa at 18:00 we stand to support political prisoners in strike hunger so long months and demanding to release them immediately. be with us every day at 18:00
Samer al-Issawi is a Palestinian political prisoner from 'Issawiyeh (Jerusalem), who has been on a hunger strike in Israel's prison for more then 200 days. Although released in a prisoner-swap deal in October 2011, Israel re-arrested Samer claiming he violated the terms of his release by leaving Jerusalem even though the place of his arrest was Hizmeh, which is within the Jerusalem municipal boundaries. Samer has been hunger striking since July 29, 2012, and according to recent reports his health has been fast deteriorating, putting his life in danger. Joining solidarity demonstrations in Palestine and all over the world, a group of Jaffa-based activists began a daily vigil in solidarity with Samer 'Issawi and all political prisoners at clock tower square, a famed local landmark. Protesters, both Palestinian and Jews, attended the second vigil, calling for the release of 'Issawi and all political prisoners, as well as putting an end to administrative detention as an illegal punitive measure by the state.
Haim Schwarczenberg

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The struggle continue with escalation of tensions waiting for the after election (both in the Us and Israel) shift.

Maan News: "West Bank boiling as popular resistance grows - round up of demonstrations in Nabi Saleh, Bilin, Nilin, Hebron, Qaddum, Qalandia, Bethlehem, Anata, Salfit, Abu Dis, Nablus, South west..." Meanwhile the escalation of the transfer efforts and terror of settlers continue. The third Intifada collect momentum focused around the hunger striking Palestinian prisoners. The joint daily vigils at the Jaffa clock tower continue as well as the week end joint struggles in the occupied Palestinian west bank and the within 1948 borders Bedouins of the south. The focus of this weekend was Bil'in were about 100 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall and about 100 Palestinians from the region joined village activists to mark the 8th yearly anniversary of the persistent joint struggle that initiated the popular unarmed struggle in western Palestine.


419th Friday demonstration in Bil'in marking 8 years of struggle (since 22/2/05) against the separation fence/wall, settlements, and occupation. At least seven people were hit by tear gas canisters and suffered minor injuries.
"About 100 Israelis were mobilized by the anarchists against the wall initiative to the 8th anniversary for the persistent joint struggle against the separation fence/wall and occupation, and in Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on their hunger strike.P Palestinians activists from Bil'in and the region out numbered the Israelis and the international activists."
Mario Savio
Ami Kaufman
Operation Palestine
Mohammed Basman
Israeli soldiers fleeing from the stones
Yossi Gurvitz
David Reeb

Hebron - AlHalil

Protest against occupation and for prisoners, Hebron, Mar. 1
Another demonstration met by violent repression by the Israeli army. This was not a huge demonstration but still as soon as we reach the middle of the old city, the Israeli soldiers attacked us with teargas and sound grenades thrown directly at people. After that the demonstration dispersed; some youth started to throw stones. One of the Palestinian was violently arrested after having been beaten by Israeli soldiers who dragged him, still bleeding in the face. His sweatshirt was put on his face to hide it from photographers and journalists.
The demonstration was against the occupation and in support of the prisoners.
There were clashes and demonstrations in different locations in the West bank and Jerusalem. Again a Palestinian was shot in the head (2 days again Odai Sahran from Bethlehem was shot in the head and is still between life and death) near Qalandiya and is reported being in a critical condition. - Anne Paq
Picture: Palestinian and Israeli activists sit in front of Israeli soldiers

Jerusalem - AlKuds

Beit Safafa - Struggle against highway in service of colonialist settlers cutting the village.
Beit Safafa protest in front of Israeli PM residency, Feb. 28, 2013:
Family erects protest tent against eviction, Sheikh Jarrah, Mar. 1, 2013:

Al-Ma'sara weekly demonstration, Mar. 1, 2013:

Nabi Saleh

The weekly Friday Mar. 01 Weekly demonstration started. The demonstration carried banners calling for the boycotting of the Jerusalem marathon. In Nabi Saleh called on the world to condemn Israel for the mistreatment of Palestinian detainees, one of them, Arafat Jaradat, died in prison during an interrogation. Marchers also chanted in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners. The IOF invaded the village in large forces, shooting tear gas canisters and rubber-coated steel bullets at people and into residential homes. One man who suffocated and fainted was taken to a Ramallah hospital. The IOF also detained a villager, finally releasing him after a few hours.
Activists are reporting that today's demonstration in Nabi Saleh is now over. As reported earlier, one 26 year old man was evacuated to hospital suffering gas inhalation after IOF fired tear gas directly into his home.
Haim Schwarczenberg


Weekly demonstration and in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners , Mar. 1, 2013
Ahmad Mesleh

Kufr Qaddum

Two Palestinians and an international activist arrested at Kufr Qaddum demonstration
Israeli forces violently suppressed today's demonstration in Kufr Qaddum. Large quantities of stun grenades were thrown at protesters. In addition, three people were arrested.
Around 150 Palestinians, together with Israeli and international activists, participated in Kufr Qaddoum’s weekly demonstration against the closure of the road leading to Nablus.
After midday prayers, protesters marched from the center of the village up the main road, but they were soon blocked by Israeli border police who threw stun grenades at the crowd. Clashes ensued for half an hour, after which Israeli forces retreated. Soon after, border police agents suddenly reappeared at the scene and, whilst throwing stun grenades, arrested two Palestinians and one international activist. The Palestinians were beaten up causing nose bleeding, whilst the international activist was hit on the head with a rifle butt as well as being pepper-sprayed. The three of them are currently being held at Ariel Police Station.
The demonstration ended at around 14:30h when protesters marched down back to the village.

Since 2011, residents of Kufr Qaddum have been resisting the land grab and the road closure by holding weekly demonstrations. The Israeli army often violently suppresses the protests shooting tear gas canisters and stun grenades.
Odai Qaddomi

South West Bank Committee

Protest, Mar. 1, 2013: Today protest was organized to protest in solidarity with Prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails and to open the blocked road connecting Hebron city with south Hebron villages and town which was blocked 10 years ago by the Israeli occupation forces. The protest was held next to Hagai colony. Protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted for Palestine and prisoners. Once the protesters arrived to the protest location, Israeli occupation soldiers suppressed the protest immediately. No injuries and arrests were reported
South West Bank Committee protest, Mar. 1, 2013:

Beit Ommar: Weekly demonstration, Mar. 1, 2013 By South West Bank Committee: "Organized by Beit Ommar popular movement.
Beit Ommar protest today was in solidarity with Palestinian prisoner in the Israeli occupation jails and aimed to save Beit Ommar land from colonial confiscation. Trees were planted and named after hunger striking prisoners. 10s of land owners, Palestinian activists and international solidarity activists gathered today in Beit Ommar and went all together to threatened Beit Ommar land adjacent to Mijdal Oz colony. Once we reached the targeted land, about 20 or more heavily armed Israeli occupation forces tried to prevent us from entering the land claiming that its a closed military zone, but we insisted to stay and plant the whole area with olive saplings. The trees were all planted, and the land was happy to receive the new baby olive trees that will live here for long years to come. This activity was in cooperation with the YMCA."


There is a daily demonstration at 6pm at Jaffa at the clock in support of the strikers; it is already going on for 3 weeks
Haim Schwarczenberg

Like every day at the foot of the clock tower of Jaffa, starting 18:00 we converged for a 90 minutes of chanting, doing noise, and holding Posters. We were this evening few dozens with significant part of local Palestinians.
After the demo many of the participants continued to the demo against hate crimes and lynches in front of the national theater.
At the demo against hate crimes and lynches:
Amnon Lotan
Anarchist group "Ahdut" (unity) participated. Distributed their bulletin "Alternative" and held a banner and a redNblack flag.
israel putermam
Protest in support of Samer Issawi, Jaffa, Feb. 25, 2013:
Protest in support of Samer Issawi, Jaffa, Feb. 26, 2013:
Protest in support of prisoners, "Tel Aviv uni", Feb. 27, 2013:
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