Friday, December 28, 2007

Palestine-Israel, AAtW activity in the joint struggle against separation fence + occupation Tel Aviv, Bil'in, 443 highway, Bethlehem. 28 Dec 2007

The weekend activity of the anarchists against the wall (AAtW) started with the monthly critical mass against occupation. We started a new tradition of such critical mass at the last Thursday of the month. (The activists of the usual "green" critical mass of bicycles driving, protested our use of the label in the critical mass we did at the "celebration" of 40 years to the occupation.
However, after they were rebuffed, they stopped complaining.) About 30 riders with the dram orchestra participation "toured" the main streets of Tel Aviv center. The police pressured the riders to let traffic go on one of the two lanes main street, but when the riders took narrower streets, the police just let them ride freely till they ended the "tour".

Friday our activists participated in three demonstrations only - Bilin, 443 apartheid high way, Bethlehem,.... as that of Um Salmuna was canceled.

In Bilin the Friday demonstration started at noon as usual - Palestinians, internationals and AAtW activists. For a bit of change the internationals who participated in it was a good size Italian delegation. At the confrontation site - in the foot of the hill the gate in the fence to the west side, the state force tolerated for a while the crossing of people to the other side of the line marking the forbidden zone for Friday demonstrations. After a while they showered us with canisters of tear gas. This time they were doing it in a new strategy, and succeeded to force us back to the built area of the village.

Friday noon there was also a demonstration at the 443 apartheid highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It cross through the lands of the villages Beit Sira, Saffa, Beit Liqiya, Kharbatha al-Misbah, Beit Ur al-Tahata, Beit Ur al-Foqqa and al-Tirra west to Ramallah. Approximately 40,000 Israeli citizens travel on it on a daily basis - but the villagers it was built on their lands are not allowed to use it.

The usual activists of the neighboring villages, with internationals and Israelis of the AAtW marched as usual from Kharbatha al-Misbah towards the near by highway. However, this time the choose a new route not tried before. They started to climb on the step margin of the highway. It took the Israeli state force in surprise, but quickly they reorganized and blocked the way of the demonstrators from approaching the fence that was already been built there on the two sides of the highway.

After a prolonged period, the people started to return to the village while the state force following them - waiting for the first stone thrown on them to start their usual show of power. And indeed, they entered the village with two armored cars, using tear gas. After the show of they left the village. At the exit, they encountered 10 activists of the AAtW sitting with two Palestinians, waiting for transportation. The state force cars stop there for a minute, and as a "present" they threw a tear gas grenade on the sitting comrades.

In the south, there was a demonstration in Bethlehem itself. Lot of local people and activists from the region, with internationals and AAtW Israelis marched towards a small fortress blocking the road toward Jerusalem. There was a sporadic stone throwing on the structure - with no response. After about 20 minutes the people returned to the city.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Palestine-Israel, AAtW weekly report and the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continues. 23 Dec 2007

Palestine-Israel, AAtW weekly report and the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continues.
This week The AAtW people were involved in the struggle against the wall in Ne'ilin, Bil'in, and Um Salmuna, and in Tel Aviv (struggle against forced eviction of inhabitants of Kfar Shalem - an Israeli neighborhood built on Palestinian village destroyed at 1948 Nacba).
In Bil'in, The Friday noon demonstration of Palestinians, Internationals, and Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative was nearly as usual, but, even before we reached the barbed wire spool blocking the road, people who dispersed to the olive trees on the two sides of the road, got a shower of tear gas from the Israeli state force who do not like it. However, as the wind was on our side, they state force found it self damaging, and changed to firing bullet coated with rubber and direct shooting of tear gas canisters to intimidate us. At one stage they even shoot two white haired 70+ oldies who were saved only by the trunks of olive trees they were behind.

Following is a post about the action from a Bil'in villager:
"Palestinians from the village of Bil'in, near Ramallah in the central West Bank, along with their international and Israeli supporters conducted their weekly protest against the Israeli Annexation Wall on Friday midday. Shortly after the midday Friday prayers, the protestors marched towards the location of the illegal wall built on the village's land. The Israeli army installed a barbed-wire roadblock to try and prevent the protesters reaching the construction site. As soon as the demonstration reached the roadblock troops showered the protesters with tear gas and metal rubber coated bullets injuring six people.

Among those injured was Iyad Bornat the head of the popular committee against the wall and settlements in Bil'in village. For more information:
The Bilin Friends of freedom and Justice - society
Tel: 972 547 847 942

Bil'in 21-12-07 - link to video

-------South Bethlehem region - Um Salmuna ------

This week the Friday demonstration in the South Bethlehem region was again at the Um Salmuna village. However, this week, the Israeli occupation forces were more restrictive than ever before.

The people - about 40, Palestinians from the region's villages, few internationals, 10 activists of the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative, and lot of media, were prevented from exiting the village. They were blocked from crossing or going along the regional high way using physical power of pushing.

The demonstration was carried out few meters from the main road while "Santa Claus" distributed Kandy.

One Palestinian activist was detained and released few hours later.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Palestine-Israel, The Anarchists Against the Wall join the struggle in Bil'in, 443 apartheid highway, and south of Bethlehem 15 Dec 2007

The 148th Friday demonstration had no surprises. Just lower intensity confrontation since the new front of struggle at the 443 apartheid highway. The more refrigerant personnel of the Israeli regional state forces were shifting there. Thus, when we crossed the forbidden line near the gate of the separation fence, the state forces tried half heartedly to force us back. As in previous week we were allowed to advance about 30 meters, with minor use of sound and tear gas grenades and some pushing. Only when the demonstration was finished and the stone throwers started their action, a massive amount of tear gas was used.

link to video of Bil'in Friday 14-12-07 demonstration:


In the 443 apartheid demonstration too there were no surprises. Palestinian activists of the neighboring villages, internationals and activists of the Israeli activists of the AAtW initiative converged at Tahta. At noon the demonstration started with the march to the near by 443 Apartheid highway the access to it is forbidden to cars from the Palestinian villages it pass through their lands. When the marchers try to get to the road block they encountered Israeli state force guarding a gate on the road constructed after the Friday demonstrations started. After a while, with no reason what so ever, The state force attacked the people forcing them to retreat 10 meters. After a prolonged stand still, the demonstration ended. The youngsters start to throw stones. The state force showered tear gas. Later they invaded in a show of force the entrance to the village.

South of Bethlehem - Um Salmuna

Palestinians of the region, internationals, and Israeli activists of the AAtW converged for a small demonstration near the regional highway at late Friday morning. A new commander of the Israeli regional occupying state force came to introduce himself and ask the people not to march on the road.... In spite his advice, the people marched on the highway towards the near by route of the separation fence. On the way, state force used mild pushing that failed to force the marchers out of the road.

When the demonstration arrived at the route of the separation fence some Palestinians gave a speech.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Palestine-Israel, Update for the weekly report of the AAtW activity.... 09 Dec 2007

This Saturday activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative were involved in two actions. The first in the morning at the E1 area, and the second in Tel-Aviv.
This morning, a group of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists put up an outpost in the E1 area which is designated to be an expansion of Ma'ale Edumim in a way that it will connect it to Jerusalem and cut the West Bank in two.

The police and the border police have arrived at the scene and start the repression activity.

All the activists involved were detained and the police have confiscated the keys of the truck that transported the material to the area. Later, all have been released. The conditions are that they keep out of the area for 15 days. The three Palestinians have already gotten summoned to trail on 11 Feb. The Israelis and internationals have not been summoned to trial yet.

This Saturday evening the "Israeli conference for business" was started at the David Intercontinental hotel. few scores of social activists demonstrated near the entrance against "the law of regularization" and the conference of the oppressors. (In Hebrew the two labels differ in one letter with the sound of 'S' or 'Sh'.)

The activists of the AAtW initiative were on their way in a critical mass of Bicycle riders against occupation and the businesses involved, from the city square to the place of the conference. After we passed half the way, the police tried to force us to stop blocking the traffic on the road. As we were not doing it in time, a unit of the special police force was summoned. They arrested brutally six of us - including a certificated media worker, and punctured few of the wheels of the bicycles.

After a while, we repaired the sabotaged wheels and split forces - half the participants continued to the business conference and the other half went to protest the arrest of our comrade at the police station they were taken to.

Later, the media worker was released while the other 5 were not released and will appear in front of the judge Sunday morning.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Subject: (en) Palestine-Israel, Tel Aviv, Um Salmuna, Bil'in, 443 apartheid road - AAtW weekly report 08 Dec 2007

After a meeting of the activists of the Anarchist Against the Wall initiative and the preparation of the materials, about 60 activists posted hundreds of big placards and thousands of small posts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa. These were in the format of the general electricity company announcing planed power outage notices in a vicinity for maintenance... but this time with a different content in the name of "the front for liberation of Gaza".
This action was a response for the planed action of "retaliation" by the Israeli occupation state, against the population of the Gaza strip, for the continuation of firing of mortars and Kasams from the Gaza strip on the neighboring Israeli areas. Reports on the action were the next day in all the Israeli electronic media and in the late news bulletin of TV chanel 10.

Following are two of the texts:

Leftists announce mock power cuts to protest Gaza fuel slash -

Residents of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were surprised Thursday morning to find on the doors to their homes mock notices announcing that the flow of electricity to the two cities would be cut off next week.

The 10,000 or so fake notices were posted across both cities by some 70 left-wing activists in response to the government's decision to reduce the supply of fuel to the Gaza Strip, and its plan to cut power flow in the near future.

The High Court of Justice on Sunday ordered the state to delay its reduction of power supplies to the Gaza Strip by at least one week, pending a full presentation detailing the proposed operation.

The justices upheld the state's plan to reduce fuel transfers to the Strip, as long as the humanitarian needs of Gaza's residents were given primary consideration.

The notices posted Thursday by the activists read: "We wish to inform you that there will be a wave of cessation and severance of electricity. We have no choice but to cut off power and we are forced to do it because in your cities reside the commanders of an army that harms civilians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."

"For humanitarian reasons, the cessation of electricity will not be permanent and should leave you to consider: should the flow allotted be directed to hospitals, water systems, sewers or private homes. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience this might cause you and emphasize that this is a necessary defense move," read the notices.

According to the activists, the notices were hung to draw attention to the government's "arbitrary" decision to cut fuel and power from the civilian Palestinian population.

"There is no legitimacy for the collective punishment on civilians. We are talking about a move that even the army has admitted has no chance of stopping Qassam fire on Sderot."

"Through this activity we are interested in raising the awareness of Israeli citizens to the arbitrariness of these offensive moves and to try to create solidarity with the plight of civilians in Gaza," said the activists.


Anarchists post 'power outage notices' - JPOST.COM Over 10,000 posters warning of a power outage were plastered over residential doors and public locations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa by left wing activists in protest of the government's decision to cut-back the power supply to the Gaza Strip.

The poster which plastered at over 10,000 locations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa:*%2F*%2F*&ssbinary=true..]

Dozens of activists participated in the overnight operation which was organized by "The Front for the Liberation of Gaza", a coalition of anarchist organizations who oppose the government's decision to cut power supplies to Gaza.

According to the poster, the power outage is scheduled for next week. "The power outage is a step we must take since there are army headquarters in your city which are responsible for war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza," the poster read.

"For humanitarian reasons, the cuts will not be absolute, and we will allow you to use some power for hospitals, the water and sewage systems or residential homes," the poster read.

It is believed that the activists do not plan to perform any real power cut in Israel, but rather aim to raise public awareness of civilian life in Gaza.

Video of the action:

--------- Um Salmuna ---------

Report of an AAtW activist:

"Tens of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals gathered today at the junction near Um-Salamune.
The demonstrators marched on the road leading to the Jewish settlement of Efrat, protesting against the Apartheid wall that is being built on the land of Palestinian villages.
While anti-occupation slogans were chanted, the march went on for some ten minutes, without blocking traffic.
Tens of Israeli soldiers, later joined by Israeli police and riot police, stopped the march just before reaching the entrance to Efrat, and very close to were the wall is being built. Soldiers announced the area a "closed military zone", and violently pushed demonstrators of the road.
Once the road was already cleared, and demonstrators surrounded on its side, the army declared it would stop all Palestinian traffic on the road as penalty - which it did. Army jeeps and soldiers stopped all Palestinian cars on the road for a fair half an hour, while Israeli cars drove by undisturbed.
For the next hour soldiers kept redefining the invisible parameters of the "closed zone", forcibly pushing demonstrators away. Several Palestinian photographers were arrested, but as far as we know were later released."

== Bil'in 147th Friday demonstration ==

The Friday demonstration marched at noon as usual from the village center towards the route of the separation fence used to robe more than half of the village lands for the building of the settler town Modi'in Ilit.
As usual, with flags, chanting and dancing, we arrived at the foot of the hill on the top of it located the gate to the West of the separation fence.

As usual, the commander of the state force declared the area up the hill a closed military zone. As usual, the more daring of us did not respected it. Slowly, slowly, we "infringed" on the closed military zone. As the main units of the Israeli state forces of the region (and the more belligerent units) where at the 443 apartheid high way demonstration, the resistance was very mild: sound grenades from time to time, pushing hard at times when people tried to advance... and often just low intensity resistance and half hearted blocking our advance.

The demonstration continued this way for nearly an hour till we decided to return to the village. The "casualties till that point was the detaining of two of the AAtW activists.

Just when we started to return to the village, the few youngsters who do not respect our nonviolence tactics and were restrained till that time by the members of the village comity, started to throw stones behind our backs, hitting one AAtW activist head, and provoking tear gas of the state force which hastened our return to the village.

The two detained comrades were released after a shorter time than usual, and we returned to Tel Aviv earlier than usual...

-------- The 443 apartheid highway demonstration -------

As usual the last few weeks, and as will probably continue for long, the Palestinian activists of the villages of the region, internationals of the ISM, Israelis of the AAtW, and media workers, converged in the Tahta village near the 443 highway. At noon, the demonstration started to march towards the high way, but was blocked by a new gate build to block the access to the entrance to the high way. (Which is already fenced from both sides nearly all the part of it which pass in the Palestinian occupied area. The roads of the villages leading to it are closed by big concrete blocks and gates.)

The demonstrators told the state forces what they think about them, and the state force detained for a while few of the Palestinian media workers documenting the action.

After a while the demonstrators returned to the village, and soon, after that the state forces "punished" the village by a violent patrol - with sound and tear gas grenades.

The url for a video of the route 443 demonstration of the previous Friday is