Saturday, December 15, 2007

Palestine-Israel, The Anarchists Against the Wall join the struggle in Bil'in, 443 apartheid highway, and south of Bethlehem 15 Dec 2007

The 148th Friday demonstration had no surprises. Just lower intensity confrontation since the new front of struggle at the 443 apartheid highway. The more refrigerant personnel of the Israeli regional state forces were shifting there. Thus, when we crossed the forbidden line near the gate of the separation fence, the state forces tried half heartedly to force us back. As in previous week we were allowed to advance about 30 meters, with minor use of sound and tear gas grenades and some pushing. Only when the demonstration was finished and the stone throwers started their action, a massive amount of tear gas was used.

link to video of Bil'in Friday 14-12-07 demonstration:


In the 443 apartheid demonstration too there were no surprises. Palestinian activists of the neighboring villages, internationals and activists of the Israeli activists of the AAtW initiative converged at Tahta. At noon the demonstration started with the march to the near by 443 Apartheid highway the access to it is forbidden to cars from the Palestinian villages it pass through their lands. When the marchers try to get to the road block they encountered Israeli state force guarding a gate on the road constructed after the Friday demonstrations started. After a while, with no reason what so ever, The state force attacked the people forcing them to retreat 10 meters. After a prolonged stand still, the demonstration ended. The youngsters start to throw stones. The state force showered tear gas. Later they invaded in a show of force the entrance to the village.

South of Bethlehem - Um Salmuna

Palestinians of the region, internationals, and Israeli activists of the AAtW converged for a small demonstration near the regional highway at late Friday morning. A new commander of the Israeli regional occupying state force came to introduce himself and ask the people not to march on the road.... In spite his advice, the people marched on the highway towards the near by route of the separation fence. On the way, state force used mild pushing that failed to force the marchers out of the road.

When the demonstration arrived at the route of the separation fence some Palestinians gave a speech.

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