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Palestine-Israel, AAtW weekly report and the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continues. 23 Dec 2007

Palestine-Israel, AAtW weekly report and the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continues.
This week The AAtW people were involved in the struggle against the wall in Ne'ilin, Bil'in, and Um Salmuna, and in Tel Aviv (struggle against forced eviction of inhabitants of Kfar Shalem - an Israeli neighborhood built on Palestinian village destroyed at 1948 Nacba).
In Bil'in, The Friday noon demonstration of Palestinians, Internationals, and Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative was nearly as usual, but, even before we reached the barbed wire spool blocking the road, people who dispersed to the olive trees on the two sides of the road, got a shower of tear gas from the Israeli state force who do not like it. However, as the wind was on our side, they state force found it self damaging, and changed to firing bullet coated with rubber and direct shooting of tear gas canisters to intimidate us. At one stage they even shoot two white haired 70+ oldies who were saved only by the trunks of olive trees they were behind.

Following is a post about the action from a Bil'in villager:
"Palestinians from the village of Bil'in, near Ramallah in the central West Bank, along with their international and Israeli supporters conducted their weekly protest against the Israeli Annexation Wall on Friday midday. Shortly after the midday Friday prayers, the protestors marched towards the location of the illegal wall built on the village's land. The Israeli army installed a barbed-wire roadblock to try and prevent the protesters reaching the construction site. As soon as the demonstration reached the roadblock troops showered the protesters with tear gas and metal rubber coated bullets injuring six people.

Among those injured was Iyad Bornat the head of the popular committee against the wall and settlements in Bil'in village. For more information:
The Bilin Friends of freedom and Justice - society
Tel: 972 547 847 942

Bil'in 21-12-07 - link to video

-------South Bethlehem region - Um Salmuna ------

This week the Friday demonstration in the South Bethlehem region was again at the Um Salmuna village. However, this week, the Israeli occupation forces were more restrictive than ever before.

The people - about 40, Palestinians from the region's villages, few internationals, 10 activists of the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative, and lot of media, were prevented from exiting the village. They were blocked from crossing or going along the regional high way using physical power of pushing.

The demonstration was carried out few meters from the main road while "Santa Claus" distributed Kandy.

One Palestinian activist was detained and released few hours later.

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