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Palestine-Israel, After 13 years of joint struggle (and 12 in Bil'in), we won the right for the unarmed demonstrations against the separation fence, settlers, and occupation*

At the beginning, up to 450 Israelis of the radical left joined the hundreds of Palestinians of Bil'in and the region in the struggle against the robbery of the village land for the Modi'in Elit settlement and the separation fence used for that. It took more than 7 years till the state forces stopped to try to prevent activist from joining the Bil'iners in the Friday joint demonstrations. It took another 5 years till they stop to shoot on us tear gas and "non lethal" bullets. Two Bil'iners paid with their life, hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis were injured, detained and even arrested (Palestinians for long time up to a year and a half, Israelis no more than a day or two). Many thousands of international activists participated with us and contributed later for the international struggle against the occupation. The harassment of the village activists at nights mainly continue, but the struggle will not stop.

Bil'in, Friday 7-10-16, 5 Israelis, 10 internationals, and about dozen village activists converged for the Friday demo against the Israeli occupation and settlers. Unlike the few previous demos the Israeli armed cars were posited at the route of the dismantled separation fence were they used to block our way to the new separation wall most of the last year... but just as we started to march the went away - "invited" us to march along the newly upgraded road to the new separation wall near the Abu Lamun oak orchard - as we did in the few previous demos. However, they put at the old route a line and warning not to cross it, declaring the place as military fire training area and harassed the few comrades who went that way.
However, not accepting their "request" the main demo took another road straight to the gate in the wall. For a while, when the state force harassed the comrades who did go on the road leading to the oak orchard we converged not far from the gate waiting for the armed cars to go away. When they did it, we marched to the gate and then along the wall to the oak orchard - confronting on the way settler youngsters on the other side of the wall. After a while the state forces returned but instead of confronting us just confiscated a car of a village activist.
After a long rest we returned to the village.
14-10-16 The Bil'in Freedom demonstration went ahead smoothly today and we made it to The Israeli apartheid wall ! We were about 30 people with International activists from around the world: Israel, Canada, Holland! Some were from the ISM (International Solidarity Movement).
Our demonstration is held on our village "Freedom Street" street and peacefully protests against the Illegal Israeli apartheid and military occupation of West Bank and our farming village! HELLO! There were NO arrests today! We arrived at the wall and the gate of the wall, demonstrators climbed the wall to hoist up our national Palestinian flag and the gates opened and the Israeli Occupation forces came out! The soldiers did threaten the International activists with immediate arrest if they did not leave the area and actually took photocopies of their passports! The soldiers looked for cars to steal ...but there weren't any to Arrest! It was a good day! I am hosting some activists in my home now and I am proud of their courage and I thank them for blessing our village with their visit! Palestinians are loving welcoming people and we always welcome you ALL to visit and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! You will always find love from us, its all we have but we give it freely and generously! Thank you International activists!
21-10-16 Bil'in, Friday 21-10-16 demo. 4 Israelis, and about 15 internationals joined a delegation from Ramallah and the village activists. We converged at the Abu Lamun wood. Before starting the demo the participants continued to clear the wood from the various remnants of more than 5 years of confrontations.
Than we marched to the wall and along it up to the gate in the wall. There we knocked on the gate for long time but no response came.
After social time in the area near the gate we returned to the village.
Bil'in, 28-10-16, Friday demo against occupation and settlers, and in memory of Renen Raz - activist of the anarchist against the wall, who died this week after a long illness (his activity was participation in the Friday demo in Bil'in). In the demo participated 10 Israelis with the AAtW initiative, dozens of international activist from various countries and the village activists. We converged at the Abu Lamun oak wood and started marching and chanting - with many holding Renen picture, towards the gate in the wall. After we arrived youth climbed the wall to hung an additional Palestinian flag. When we arrived there people converged in front of the gate taking pictures and knocking on the gate... After a long time few Israeli soldiers showed themselves behind the wall and threw few sound grenades.... and then we returned to the village.
4-11-16Friday demo. 5 Israelis with the anarchist against the wall initiative Joined dozens of international activists and the village activists. After converging at the Abu Lamun oak mini park we marched towards the gate in the separation wall - chanting all the way. When we arrived there the gate was opened a bit and we could see few soldiers positioned just behind the gate. After few minutes of converging near the gate the soldiers came forward - declaring the area as closed military zone and demand us to return to the village. As we just ignored them they started to threat us with arrests and even detained two activists. "2 activist - one of the Israeli anarchists against wall and one village activist (brother of the two martyrs) detained today on the weekly Bil'in"
After a long while with more threats of arrests and partial retreat the army commander promised to release the detainees when we will be distant from the gate... After the demo end was declared we slowly started to return to the village.
When we returned to the village the two detainees were released after signing a promise not to commit the same felony again.


4-11-16 Friday demo. Awful smell, even poisoning our air... Zionist occupation soldiers spraying wastewater (skunk water) at Palestinian people and houses of Kufr Qaddom village. The filthy smell lasts more than a week and requires really hard work to clean it. This way of collective punishment is very common and used everywhere in occupied Palestine.


10/21/2016 israelpnm
4.11.2016 israelpnm

Nabi Saleh

Friday 28-10-16 Today demonstration against Balfour declaration. After hundred years we still resist.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 520

Last week the Israeli army carried out various demolitions in the West Bank.

Following is a report of one case:

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016. soldiers came to the Palestinian village of Al Hama in the northern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley, near the settlement Mekhola, and demolished all 25 of the structures there. Since that cursed day, settlers and soldiers keep arriving there and threatening the inhabitants to cease their cooperation with Israelis who come to help them and demanding the villagers to leave. One of the villagers told the Israeli peace activists that in the past houses were demolished as well but there were no subsequent harassments as there are now.


Don't Say We Didn't Know 521

This posting is an exception: I include a photo of third-graders of the Bedouin Abu Al-Nawar family of the Jahalin tribe who live in E1 zone, between Jerusalem and the Maale Adumim settlement. After a previous demolition of their school, they erected a tent that served as a classroom. On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, Israeli soldiers arrived and destroyed the tent.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 523

On October 10, 2016, Israeli human rights activists discovered that settlers from the unauthorized outpost of Giv'at Sal'it (belonging to the settlement Mekhola in the Palestinian Jordan Valley) have begun to build yet another, new outpost about 300 meters from the Palestinian village of Al Hama which the Israeli army has demolished, claiming the village is built illegally (see "Don't Say We Didn't Know" no. 520). All appeals to the army and the police have been of no avail. The settlers continue building the new outpost which will eventually become a new settlement. This is what history teaches us...

Don't Say We Didn't Know 524

The Israeli army persists in its transfer schemes.
Having demolished most of this Palestinian village's houses on October 9, 2016, Israeli soldiers came to Ras Al Ahmar (in the Palestinian northern Jordan Valley) two and a half weeks later and issued all the villagers a temporary evacuation order. They are required to leave their village on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 4 p.m. and will be permitted to return the next day at 10 a.m.
The villagers of Homsa, a Palestinian village near the settlement of Beqa'ot also received a temporary evacuation order for Tuesday and Wednesday, October 31st and November 1st.
The reason for these orders: the Israeli army intends to hold manoeuvres in the area.


Don't say we did not know #525

The Israeli army continues to bully the Palestinians, inhabitants of Ras Al Ahmar in the Palestinian Jordan valley.

On Monday, October 31, 2016, Israeli soldiers confiscated 5 tractors. Three weeks before that they demolished the inhabitants' homes (October 9) and evacuated them (November 1) from their village for the night for army manoeuvre purposes.


On Sunday, October 30, gov't. agents arrived, escorted by police, to the Bedouin village Bir Hadaj (near Revivim) and demolished tents, put up by residents after their homes had been demolished on October 9. They demolished three water tanks as well. Ever since, the police has increased its presence and on Tuesday, November 1 arrested four people.

On Wednesday, November 2, gov't agents, escorted by police, arrived in El 'Araqib and demolished it again. This time they confiscated cars, a cart and a water tank.
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