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Palestine-Israel, Increased repression against the expanding popular struggle against occupation, creeping transfer and the separation fence

During the week there were involvements in Sheikh Jarrah. There were tree planting in the Ma'asara region (including Saturday). Friday joint actions were in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nsbi Salih, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah. Saturday was another day of action within Israel south in the Bedwin region. Demonstrators on their way to Ni'ilin, Bil’in, and Ma’asara villages had long waits, much questioning at checkpoints and some could not arrive there. On the next Friday there will be the fifth year anniversary in Bi'lin. General mobilization is planed for the demonstration both in the Palestinian west bank and in Israel. State forces harassments on the way to the demonstration is expected.


The new popular comity of the village intend this joint Saturday action to start another regular location of Struggle.


Victory for Bil'in demonstrators. (Central News program of 11/02/10

Activists of the left who demonstrated every week with the Bil'iners can note a success: two and a half after verdict of Higher court of justice that ordered the moving of the route of the fence, works already started. The new route will return to the villagers 700 dunams of agricultural lands, but the demonstrations will continue.
Despite attempts to follow activists from Tel Aviv and detain them at various checkpoints, 25 Israelis made it into Bil'in and joined some 10 international, several dozens of Palestinians and a bunch of 3D blue avatar characters for the weekly demonstration against the evil Israeli occupation. The demonstrators marched to the wall, where they were met with a shower of gas and shock grenades, which did not discriminate between blue, white and brown people. After the usual attempt to fight the occupation by delivering educational messages to soldiers, covering protesters' heads with scarves and plastic bags, and returning the army's unexploded gas canisters, the demonstration was dispersed by the organizers.

Bil'in, February 12 2010Bil'in, February 12 2010
For the first time in over a month the army did not send soldiers into the village during the demonstration. However, as in the previous week, the army did aim gas canisters directly at protesters after the demonstrations had been declared over and people were on their way back to the village. It seems that the army is determined to turn more demonstrators into martyrs, so please be careful next week.


Bilin Reenacts Avatar Film 12-02-2010 By Haitham Al Katib


Five year anniversary for the joint struggle: February 19th, 2010

Mass Demonstration in Bil'in:

Five years of struggle will end only when the wall falls!

Not to the settlements! Not to segregation!

Not to the occupation!

Yes to the joint and popular struggle! Yes to just peace!

Five years of popular demonstrations suppressed by force, nearly two and a half years since the High Court of Justice ordered to change the route of the wall, dozens of nightly army invades into the village, hundreds of arrests, dozens of trials, leaders in jail or prohibited of taking part in the demonstration – and the struggle continues!

On Friday, February 19th 2010 , we shall join the weekly demonstration in Bil'in and convey a simple message to the Israeli army: you will not be able to kill the popular resistance! The wall must and will fall!

Please register in advance for transportation:

From Jerusalem – S.
From Haifa – S.

From Tel Aviv – A.


On February 20th 2005 , the bulldozers began uprooting the first olive trees on the planned route of the separation barrier on the village lands of Bil'in. On the same day, the village had its first anti-wall demonstration. Since then Bil'in has been transformed from an anonymous village, known to very few, to an international symbol of popular resistance in the face of gross injustice.

The existing separation barrier in Bil'in effectively annexes to Israel some 1,950 dunums ( 195 hectares ), which represent almost 50% of the village lands – all in the aim of expanding the nearby Israeli settlement of Modi'in Illit. Almost two and a half years ago, following a long legal battle, the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem ruled that the existing route of the barrier in Bil'in is illegal, since it was meant to protect future settler homes which were not built yet. The court ordered the army to come up with an alternative route. However, the court retroactively laundered a part of a settlers' residential neighborhood, which was established on Bil'in village lands without building permits and in violation of the law. Despite the ruling of the High Court of Justice, released in September 2007, it is only now that the army is expected to begin construction works on the amended rout of the barrier, which will return to the village residents some 600 dunums ( 60 hectares ) of the lands taken from them by the existing route.

The demonstrations in the village have been held since February 2005 once a week, under the leadership of the Popular Committee of Bil'in, where representatives of various parties sit. The demonstrations call for non-violence, Palestinian-Israeli-International cooperation and creative protest, but are harshly suppressed by the Israeli army and border police. In most cases, tear gas and shock grenades are being used against the protesters, but occasionally more dangerous weapons, such as rubber-coated metal bullets, are employed. In the past few months, the army has been trying to strangle the resistance and to stop the Bil'in demonstrations altogether: nearly every week, soldiers invade the village late at night, break into homes, kidnap residents from their beds and spray the yards with tear gas. Dozens of Bil'in residents, including several leaders of the non-violent struggle, were arrested and indicted.

Thanks to its long-standing struggle in the face of suppression, Bil'in has enjoyed international recognition. Leaders, Parliament members, Holocaust survivors, artists, Nobel prize laureates and activists from around the globe joined the demonstrations, declared their support for the struggle and called for an end to the suppression, for the release of the arrestees and for the dismantling of the barrier.

The army's announcement that the work for the construction of the new route is to begin shortly is a clear achievement of the struggle, but it does not mark its end. The existing barrier will be dismantled only after the new route is complete, which will take a long time. Meanwhile suppression of the residents of Bil'in in general, and of the leaders of the popular struggle in particular, continues. We must all stand with the people of Bil'in and protest against the injustice they endure.

Even before the weekly demonstration in Ma'asara started reports started coming in that bus full of communist Palestinian activists from Bethlehem is held by the army. A small group of Israeli activists went to check things out and found tens of Palestinians surrounded by army and police at the side of the road to the village. Contact between the activists was forbidden, as the Palestinians were pronounced detained. It wasn't long before soldiers forced the latter back on the bus and off to Bethlehem, where they were to be given their IDs back.

Lacking the expected backup the demonstration itself was somewhat small, and held 40 Palestinians, internationals and Israelis, including the determined Samba drummers' band. Soldiers were surprised as the demonstrators marched around the usual barbed wire laid on the road, but soon blocked the march towards the lands and announced the area was a closed military zone. A local activist gave a speech in English, after which the demonstration ended. As people started to return to the village the soldiers followed them, and then suddenly started throwing stun and tear gas grenades at them. Two jeeps then chased some demonstrators into the village, while the other soldiers kept gassing the rest, also threatening there would be arrests. At the end of all this all demonstrators returned to the village, with none wounded or arrested.


Dozens of An Nabi Salih residents were joined by International and Israeli supporters for the weekly demonstration against the exploitation and strangulation by the occupation and the Halamish settlement, which steals land from the village. The demonstrators marched while chanting from the center of the village towards the land overlooked by the settlement. When the marchers were a few dozen meters from some nervous IOF soldiers, many of them set down on the ground and shouted towards the soldiers that this is a non-violent demonstration and there is no reason to disperse it violently. Nevertheless the soldiers attacked the demonstration and even used a canon that shots dozens of canisters at once against the peaceful demonstrators. Afterwards, demonstrators fled to different places. In the original location of the demo, some twenty people gathered to start building agricultural terraces to signify that the land they stand on is Palestinian and belongs to the village. This is a land that settlers continually disrupt and do not allow Palestinian farmers to cultivate. The army continued to shot tear gas canisters at anyone at the place who weren't with the main group building the terraces. After an hour the group left the place on its own will. At another location in the village clashes were developing between demonstrators and the army. The army used this time one of its stink tracks to spray severely stink liquid at the demonstrators or push them back. The soldiers, who for some time have taken control of one of the village's houses, have shot tear gas into houses' yards and on the demonstrators, as well as rubber bullets. Several demonstrators were injured lightly. A few demonstrators threw stones back at the soldiers. The clashes continued until the early evening.
Friday 12.2.2010 Nebi Salah video at


Two Arrested in Nil’in During Friday Demonstration
One Israeli activists and one Palestinian cameraman from Nil’in were arrested during the weekly demonstration against the Israeli apartheid wall and settlements in Nil’in village. Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists marched to the giant gate at the apartheid wall in Ni'ilin today with the message: Our land is behind the wall, this is the season to weed and plant our fields, let us access our fields! Once demonstrators reached the wall, they were bombarded with tear gas by the Israeli army. According to residents, Jewish settlers were seen approaching the checkpoint outside the village, they did not enter. It is unclear if their intentions were to enter the village.

Ratib Ameera and Quse Mohammad Nafea, Nilin activists against the wall and settlements were released today on bail.

The village of Nil’in has been the focus of much Israeli army violence since their campaign to halt the building of Israel's separation wall began in 2004. Hundreds of farmers’ livelihoods have been devastated since the wall has cut them off from their land. Once finished, the village is cut off from 40 percent of its remaining farmland, effectively annexing it to half a dozen large Jewish settlements that encircle Nil’in. The settlements are all illegal under international law.

The Israeli was released after several hours, but the Palestinian is only supposed to be released Sunday.


"In Sheikh Jarrah there has been a recent escalation in settler violence. In addition to vandalism, threatening, stone throwing and beating, during the last week settlers have pointed weapons towards the Palestinians.
We know that Israeli presence in the neighborhood deters the settlers from extreme violent behavior.
Visits (even short ones) during the day as well as presence at night are essential in securing the Palestinians safety.
To sign up in advance for a day/night shift (we especially need shifts during the weekends) - M".

The weekly demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah was attended by over two hundred demonstrators, including the entire threesome of Meretz MKs, who joined the struggle against the "Jewification" of East Jerusalem. Also attending were two blue Na'vis, refugees from the planet of Pandora from the film Avatar, who survived the earlier demonstration in Bil'in and joined the protest against the brutal treatment of mother nature Eywa and the native Palestinian-Na'vi population in Jerusalem as well.

The demonstration went on for about an hour and a half, singing to the sound of the Samba drumming band. At a certain point tens of demonstrators initiated a small march to one of the occupied houses in the neighborhood, which unlike others was not guarded by police. The demonstration then proceeded in two parallel locations and ended peacefully.


The resistance to the transfer of the Bedouins from the region continue.
"Therefore, this Saturday, 13th February, we shall go there again to accompany shepherds in various locations in South Mt. Hebron."


West Bank wall still triggers weekly protests in village
By Paula Hancocks, CNN

Editorial: Unacceptable fight against protest

Friday late evening news of TV channel 10 included few minutes on the Bil'in-Ni'ilin struggles and that day demonstration, including a short "speech" by a spoke-person of the Anarchists Against the Wall.

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