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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle expand in number of locations and in scope of occupation aspects

The joint struggle keep expanding. We had again the Friday demonstrations in Bilin, Nebi Salah, Ni'ilin, Ma'asara, and a Sheikh Jarrah... with many participating in two of them. The refusnics struggle continue with Emelia replacing Or released from the army after three terms in prison. More invitation for the anarchists Against the Wall to join struggles are received and activists participate during the week in Sheikh Jarrah and in
court solidarity at Ofer military hearings (of Bil'iners mainly). At the south, both within Israel and the occupied west bank the struggle do not stop though no regular Friday action(s) there. The preparations for the 5th anniversary for the non stop joint struggle in Bil'in against the separation fence and occupation collect momentum.


State force still trying to intimidate the popular comity against the fence and other activists by frequent night "visits" and arrests.

Clip of "visit"1/02/2010

2.02.2010 ---- Bilin, Three Arrested at Night: Ibrahim Abed El Fatah Bornat, Hamde Abu Rahmah and an international journalist At 3 am 26 soldiers entered the village of Bilin on foot.... At 3.30 am a military convoy of seven jeeps entered Bilin to search the house of Ibrahim's family.

Clip of "visit" 3/02/2010 - three international activists were detained.

TV Channel 10 news (minute 36) on Bilin "visits" with participation of immigration police to harass international activists:

Friday 5/2/10

Just under 20 Israelis and 10 internationals joined a select few dozens of Palestinians for the local weekly demonstration against the land annexation wall in Bil'in. The rain ceded, the clouds let a few rays of sun through, the almond trees were at full bloom, but that's as optimistic as it got. The demonstrators reached the fence gate, the army shot tear gas, the shabab tried to disperse the army with stones and few tear gas grenades returning - letting the state force enjoy their own medicine... After a short while the demonstration was declared over, not to waste energy needed for the preparation of the 5 years anniversary for the struggle and the Friday demonstrations of the village. It was only after the last of the Shabab was already far along on the road leading back to the village that the army decided to invade, just to show they can. They did their show off excursion into the village, throwing gas and sound bombs directly at demonstrators' feet, and made a point of calling the demonstrators "Nazis". It did seem, however, that even some of the soldiers realized how stupid their commander's order were. Or maybe it's just my wishful thinking.

After the end of the demonstration most of the AAtW activists and few internationals continued to Sheikh Jarrah.


At Friday the 5th of February, the weekly demonstration in Ma'asara was held.
Approximately 25 Palestinian, Israelis and international activists gathered at
the village to protest against the Israeli occupation. in front of us a unit of
reserve combined with a regular squad and 7 military jeeps. we were welcome
with touch of cynicism and finger lifting from the troops, while we were
singing and having speeches in Arabic and Hebrew. After 30 minutes we continued
to Jeikh Jarrah with relative serenity which could have been much better of the
army wasn't there.


The cold and stormy weather did not deter the people of An Nabi Salih from coming out to demonstrate the theft of their lands Friday (nor were deterred about 30 activists of the AAtW initiative). As one of the organizers put it, "I prefer the rain to the tear gas". As it turned out, he got both.

Like previous weeks the small village was joined by many supporters from outside. In particular, dozens of young men from Beit Rima walked about 5 km in the intermittent rain to join the demonstration.

The March started as it has every week for the past month by heading to the village lands near the settlement of Halamish. Unlike last week the soldiers did not surround the village before the start of the demonstration and for a moment it seemed as if it would be possible to march to the lands. However, as the people started down the hill towards the lands several army jeeps arrived on the access road to the village and started shooting tear gas from above. That set the pattern for the next 4 hours as the army continued to shoot tear gas and rubber and plastic coated metal bullets at the crowd.
Dozens of injuries were suffered by demonstrators, mostly from plastic coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters shot directly at demonstrators. One young man who was hit by two plastic coated metal bullets lost sensation in his lower leg and had to be evacuated to hospital. He later made a full recovery and will surely be back to demonstrate next week.

Friday 5-2-10 Nebi Salah video:


In a smaller than usual demonstration in Ni'ilin, some 50 demonstrators marched through a muddy agricultural road to a gate in the wall. The demonstrators chanted and called slogans against the wall, and the massive oppression against the village youth manifested in dozens of arrests. As the demonstrators approached the heavy gate the soldiers started shooting tear gas & stun grenades. Some of the village youth retaliated with stones, and the confrontations went on for half an hour before the demonstration ended.


Another hearing for Mohammed Khatib will take place tomorrow morning (02/02/2010) at Ofer military court. Please send me your full name and ID/ Passport No. ASAP if you want to come...

He was released on another bail with stricter limitation on his movement on Friday demonstration time - when he must register in a far away occupation police station.


In Sunday 2/2/2010, Conscientious objector (CO) Emelia Marcovich has refused to
enlist the Israeli army.She has been sentenced for 10 days of detention in a closed base. She is supposed to be released at Wednesday 2/10/2010. Afterwards she will be judged again and probably will be sent to the military prison for women.
Or ben-david has finally got released from the army! after serving three terms of few weeks each in prison. There’s another pacifist woman conscientious objector. She prefer to stay anonymous at that moment.


Police, Sheikh Jarrah on ynet,7340,L-3842537,00.html
Despite Police Threats, East Jerusalem Protests Continue
Join us in putting back up the tent of the Gawi family in Sheikh Jarrah
Today (Tuesday, 2/2) at 16:00 in Seikh Jarrah
A few hours ago the tent of the Gawi family in Sheikh Jerrah was destroyed again by municipality personal accompanied by the police. The tent was put up to protest against the eviction of the family from their home in August this year.
It is important to come an show are support for the evicted families and protest against the eviction of the families from their homes, and now destroying their tent.
Wednesday Dinners: 6:30pm at Sheikh Jarrah! Join the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and ISM volunteers for a potluck dinner and kids games on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. This is a weekly event to bring the residents of SJ and and activist community together. We are looking for people to help organize kids games: soccer, face painting, juggling, etc.

Please bring food or drink to share! We will meet at the Gawi tent.

Questions? Contact
From public invitation to this Friday demonstration:
"Jerusalem will not become Hebron!!! No to the settler terror in Sheikh Jarrah
Join the struggle against the settler enterprise in Sheikh Jarrah
We will gather in Sheikh Jarrah for a protest watch at 15:00
To join the bus from Tel Aviv leaving from Arlozorov station contact L.
To join the bus leaving from Beer Sheva click here
For more information please contact S

This Friday

Sheikh Jarrah demonstrators proved water-proof as more than two hundred with 100 umbrellas gathered in the park near the neighborhood for nearly two hours of singing and drumming in the pouring rain and Jerusalem cold. For the second week in a row the police excelled in uncommon calm, and no arrests nor provocation were made towards the demonstrators. However, entrance to the neighborhood itself was still allowed only to Jewish settlers, and a small group of children and clowns carrying balloons was turned back at the improvised riot police checkpoint. Demonstrators still kept their spirits up, danced around and eventually ended the demonstration – only to move on to a nightly fundraising party for the struggle, which took place in West Jerusalem.


The harassments of the colonialist settlers is not a new phenomena - the organized resistance and the invitation for us to join is on the rise:
"Urgent: Settlers are currently attacking farmers and volunteers in South Bethlehem.
Settlers are currently attacking farmers and internationals who are doing agricultural work in Jeb AlTheeb South of Bethlehem. Activists are urgently needed. For info, please call village activists A. or H.
Meeting in Hebron this Thursday (4/02/2010) for activist involved with "Open the Shuhada Street" protracted struggle.

We were invited to two trees planting this week:
One, on 9-2-10 in the region of Ma'asara and the second on the 10-2-10 at Beit Umar.


The transfer and occupation of Palestinian Bedouins within the Israeli borders of 1948 still continue: Invitation - "The popular committee of Al-Araqib" "Recognition Forum"
Invites you to a day of olive tree planting in the village - The event open for families and their children -- Saturday, 6.2.10, at 10:30

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