Saturday, November 28, 2009

Palestine-Israel, the joint struggle continue... not only in Bil'in

Because of the Muslim holy day of Id al Adha, the regular Friday joint demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation in the village Ni'ilin (west of Bil'in) and Ma'asara (south of Bethlehem) were canceled. However, in Bil'in, the nearly five years chain was never broken... The Israeli state efforts to transfer Palestinian from the occupied east Jerusalem never stop and so was the joint demonstration against the escalation of transfer steps. The refusnics struggle and that of the "guest workers" were less prominent this week.

Some 30 Israelis and 25 internationals joined the people of Bil'in for the Id al Adha demonstration against the wall. Demonstrators marched with Palestinian flag colored balloons, chanting slogans and imbued with holiday spirit. The army didn't let the relatively small number of demonstrators confuse them. After a formal holiday greeting, they immediately started throwing gas canisters. The wind, possibly not in solidarity with the villagers, blew directly in the demonstrators' faces, and made it difficult for them to maintain their stance. Demonstration leaders were seen scolding soldiers for their crimes while simultaneously scolding shabab for their disobedience to the no-stone-throwing-at-the-gate policy. Several demonstrators suffered direct hits by gas canisters, and some expensive holiday outfits were permanently scarred by the black soot of the struggle.

Bil'in, 27.11.09
Bil'in Friday 27.11.09 video at

Friday 20.11.09 al-ma3sara video at

Ni'ilin-weekly demo November 20


he settlers living in the neighborhood are harassing the evicted Palestinian families, who now live on the street. Threats and stone throwing have become common occurrences, especially before the Sabbath.

Weekly Protest March from the Mashbir plaza to Sheikh Jarrah

Join a march from West to East Jerusalem in protest of the injustice committed against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. The march will end in Sheikh Jarrah with a protest against the settler enterprise in the neighborhood.

The march will start at the Mashbir plaza on Friday 27.11 at 13:30

Come to raise awareness and protest the settlers' attempt to take over East Jerusalem!

For further information or transportation from Tel Aviv: M
Yesterday in the early morning settlers invaded the Al-Kurd home in Sheikh Jarrah. They threatened the family members and beat some of them, until they were stopped by the police. We need volunteers to sleep in the families' homes Thursday through Saturday night.

Tomorrow, in the weekly Friday demonstration, significant presence will be very important for the families. We leave from the Mashbir Plaza on King George st. at 13:30, or meet at Sheikh Jarrah at 15:00.

For further information- M
demo against the settlements in Sheikh Jarrah

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