Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in a non stable midsummer situation.

The social struggle within Israel and support for refugees under intense expulsion efforts draw activist from the joint struggle. The internal repression of Palestinians within the west bank by Palestinian Authority personal do not contribute the moral of the people. The sporadic escalation and deescalation of Israeli assaults on the Gaza Ghetto continue, and so are the efforts to transfer Palestinian farmers from the C areas coveted by the colonialist settlers project. Beit Umar, Susia, and the southern Hebron hills are the main victims.

Beit Ummar

State forces concentrate efforts to put end to the weekly demonstration. The leading activists were arrested during the last weeks, fined heavily and restricted from demos. International activists were arrested too. One of them report: "I was taken to a prison in Jerusalem where they keep criminal offenders, I was strip-searched, chained on my ankles and wrists, forced to have a pregnancy test without my consent, deprived of sleep (a guard came in every hour telling me to stand up), and was given only a few pieces of stale white bread with a small amount of orange jam to eat". In spite of it a demo was organized this Saturday too. After a minute from the beginning tens of soldiers encircled them. it was blocked physically and with threats of arrest.

Bil'in Habibty

.... The never ending joint struggle in Bil'in continue. At noon, 8 Israelis, two dozens internationals and few dozens villagers challenged the Israeli state forces "protecting" the separation wall, the occupation, and the Summer heat in the Friday demonstration. To overcome the friendly northern wind, the Israeli state forces showered us again and again with tear gas canisters. In spite of our efforts to extinguish them the fires ignited by the tear gas canisters set also two olive trees on fire.

Al Ma'asara




Nabi Saleh

After two and a half years of weekly demos, protesters in Nabi Saleh finally made it to the confiscated spring, only to find there two settlers who had nothing on but their guns.
Nabi Saleh children enjoying the spring before the settlers arrived. Photo by Abir Kopty

Kufr Qaddom

The Kofr Kaddom people have celebrated the popular resistance first anniversary but their way, where hundreds of residents of Kufr Kaddom together with international and Israeli solidarity activists have marched towards the closed main entrance of the village and opposite to Kadomim colony, before arrived to their destination 10s of toxic tear gas canisters were thrown towards the crowds by the Israeli occupation army, but the willing determined people didnt stop their march and continued chanting their national slogans in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and calling to put an end to the Israeli fascist, terrorist racist occupation, many residents were injured and suffered tear gas suffocation among others who were directly hit by the gas canisters including journalists.

Occupy movement

In addition to various local activities a "Black Night" competition to the municipality Thursday White Night project was initiated. Many arts actions were canceled in the official project in protest of municipality initiated harassment of the Occupy Friday the previous week.
The first Black Night event was kicked off by a group of activists in south Tel Aviv's Shapira neighborhood. Unlike the protest against police brutality last weekend, these activists protested the city's ignoring the neighborhood during White Night.
D. S., one of the organizers, said: "Yesterday we got a call from the Levinsky police station. When we came there they said no way would we get a permit [for the party]. They said if we held it with no permit, we would be officially charged. They said they couldn't let us do it because the protest guys will come, the anarchists."
"The social protest movement is planning to follow up Thursday's dissident "Black Night" events with another march in Tel Aviv on Saturday night against government economic policy. Scores of artists, musicians and other performers last night joined in a boycott of the municipality's annual White Night in a continuation of the protests over police violence against social justice demonstrators."

Tel Aviv

After the previous Saturday night demo of four thousands in protest of Friday attack of activists it was refreshing to have three time more in this Saturday. about 1000 Protesters splat from the main crowd and marched on an unauthorized route to the state offices building and then marched along the main road up to the city square.

State forces which were caught read handed on lot of video clips both on the previous Friday and Saturday got strict orders to let both the demos march as they wish.

The state plans for two austerity measures were declared null by the prime minister...



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