Monday, November 10, 2003

Truth from the land of Israel - Palestine - Israeli anarchist group - One Struggle - initiated an internationalist action against the wall 10/11/03

An Israeli anarchist group which combine in a unique way internationalist social class struggle with animals rights - did to day a direct action against the naZionist Wall. In the context of the international day against naZionist Apartheid Wall on the day the Berlin wall collapsed, a direct action was initiated. About 30 Israelis with about 10 Internationalist Solidarity people and about 100 Palestinians destroyed a small part of the Wall near the Palestinian village Zabuba.
First thing in the morning the Israelis traveled to the Palestinian village Zabuba. There they joined the local people and the Internationalist volunteers. Together they marched to the Wall with placard on which was written: "We fell the Berlin Wall - we will fell Sharon Wall as well"; "Stop the transfer fell the fence"; and the like.
When they reached the vicinity of the fence there was already there few soldiers in a car. The activists approached the fence shouting slogans in Hebrew, Arabic and English. First about 15 activists with cutters cut the auxiliary barbered wire fence and open the way for the others to the main fence.

Two more military cars with soldiers arrived, but they only shouted with megaphone in Hebrew and Arabic.... The activists started to dismantle parts of the fence using tools and ropes. Soon came a lot of police cars and gendarmes who started to throw on the activists stoning and tear gas grenades. Few of the activists threw back some of the tear gas grenades, and the wind was on their side too so most of the tear gas gone to the soldiers... The dismantling continued in earnest and the furious soldiers kicked activists and tried to snatch their tools. The soldiers started also to shoot warning fire with live ammunition.

At that stage the activists decided to return to the village where they heard local people speeches about the suffering the fence is inflicting and about the importance of Jewish - Arab partnership.

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