Sunday, March 7, 2004

Israel, Tel-Aviv, A year to the Iraq war a Carnival day action 07/03/04

The Purim carnival day was "celebrated" by 50 anarchist with a more than an hour parade in downtown Tel-Aviv. After converging and leafleting at the entrance to the open market the parade started. With two big puppets at the front, with drums, whistles, slogan shouting, and leaflets distribution we progressed slowly along the King George street and around the Dizengof mall.
The leaflet header: Ki Bush Justified? (pun - ki bush = as Bush/occupation) DO NOT TOUCH MY AMBAH, CARNIVAL OF PROTEST AND SAMBA! So you assume that every thing ended fine in Iraq? They caught the bad guys (mainly the cruel dictator), shaved his beard and now enforcing a democratic and fair rule.

So, it is clear to all that USA motivation are not pure. Even from the center of Tel-Aviv you can smell the petroleum. It is quite clear that the well being of the Iraq population is not at the center of importance for those responsible to the murder of tens of thousands of Iraqis.
These days, the Israeli state use huge and excessive force in the effort to stop the Palestinian uprising against the 37 years old Israeli occupation. The assumption that ruling another people in all aspects of its life - freedom of travel, access to hospitals and schools, livelihood, cultivation the fields, and even flag and nationality, can suppress the yearning for self rule and independence, is based on twisted reasoning. It take all of us into a whirl of blood without escape. This is a belligerent mode of thinking of patronizing, and power-drunk whose roots are in the Western colonialist thinking.

Here too you can identify the stamp of USA: huge amount of money allocated to ensure the continuation of the rule of its Israeli alley in the occupied territories, and thus to remain a significant factor in the Middle East, to enrich its own arms industry and to have its heands in the sick economies of our region.

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