Friday, May 14, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Anarchists in the "peace" demo of Saturday 14/05/04

Hey all, On Saturday, May 15, we - anarchist activists - are intending to hand out an anarchist flayer in the psuedo-peace demonstration. The flayer was designed and written by anarchists from Haifa, Tel Aviv and other places, and it reflects the only genuine, principled, opposition to the Zionist "left". You can read it in the attached PDF file. If you can come and help us, it will be great. If you have placards, black / BlackNRed flags, T-Shirts etc., go ahead! We are intending to meet there in 19:00 pm, near the monument of Saint Rabin, and hand out the flayers. It is important to raise our voice and prove that there is another way forward, a revolutionary one.

There are buses to the demo from most of Israel's cities and towns, organized by Peace Now. You can read the flayer and the details regarding the transportation in Ma'avak Ehad Forum ( and

If you have questions, please contact , or 054-4464787.

In Solidarity,


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