Saturday, November 6, 2004

Israel, Media, The SHABAC "General Security" interrogated and warned three activists of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative 6/11/04

Last week, three activists of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative were summoned by police for a warning by SHABAC interrogating officers. The interrogators tried to "convince" the three to stop participating in the demonstrations against the building of the separation fence, and to stop the confrontation with the security forces there. One of the activists, Leizer Peles, who had already been detained few times by the security forces during the last demonstrations, said that the SHABAC interrogators warned him from the possibility that Palestinian organizations will try to recruit him for terrorist activity. Peles said: "Interrogators said that the Palestinians do not care, that it is possible that they will try to exploit me and that they have no conscious".

He also said that he interrogators presented to him the case of Tali Fahima administrative detention [for 4 months] as an example of the means they have for meeting the challenge of Israeli Jews who endanger security.

Peles said yesterday that the SHABAC is a tool in the political game instructed by the authorities to stop all activities opposing to the the establishment atrocities. He added that: "No interrogations and harassment, no false detentions and not even live ammunition shooting in our direction will stop us from continuing the efforts to fell the wall and to achieve equality and freedom to all".

The General Security Services responded yesterday that: "The SHABAC do not refer to the details of is operation activity".

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