Monday, August 1, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Ofer concentration camp, Free Abdallah Abu-Rahmah vigil 01 Aug

This Sunday there was a demonstration for the release of Abdallah Abu-Rahmah from Bil'in who are already arrested for more than two weeks for an absurd fabricated charge: attacking a security force person while Abdallah was caged in a demonstration structure... Abdallah is the head of the Bil'in village popular comity against the separation fence. The fence under the pretension of security annex more than half of the village lands to the settlers city Upper Modiin. Since the village started to demonstrate choosing the nonviolence resistance to the occupation and the fence, the Israeli authority decided to supplies it using all means needed: violence against demonstrators, intrusion to the village, and arbitrary arrests on false charges.

A month ago Abdallah was arrested in a joint demonstration against the fence together with his brother Rateb on the false charge of stone throwing. After a week in the concentration camp Ofer, confronted with photographs of video taken by demonstrators, the border policeman admitted he invented the story to justify unprovoked shooting of rubber foam bullet on Rateb. The in exceptional act, the judge released them after viewing the video taken by participant showing the demonstration was with out any violence from the side of the demonstrators.

Two weeks ago Abdallah was arrested again - charged with the absurd act of assaulting a policeman. A real ridiculous charge as Abdallah was together with others within a metal structure modeling the fence, with their hands locked in the structure - preventing any attack...

In spite of the evidence refuting the charge, the judge of the military court - who wanted at first to release him again, accepted the contest of the prosecution and locked him till the end of the deliberations.

The demonstration was a day before the expected verdict on the contesting of the decision to keep him locked till the end of the trial.

In front of the Ofer concentration camp demonstrated 50 people of the village Bil'in together with internationals and Israeli activists of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative.

See the pictures: Including photographs of the structure Abdallah is within it. Free translation of article by Oren Ziv

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