Thursday, September 15, 2005

Israel, Media, Anarchists Against The Wall: Decision of Highest court of justice is strengthening apartheid 15 Sep

"The Anarchists Against The Wall" movement denounce the latest verdict of the Israeli highest court of justice regarding the separation fence. "By permitting the construction of the fence on Palestinian lands, the HCJ prove again that it is the a court that belongs to the occupation, and that the only relevant judicial arena remained for stopping the war crimes of Israel is the international arena." Said Jonathan Polak, of the activists of the movement. "He added: the decision* is additional item in the shame list of the state of Israel, and additional step of strengthening the apartheid"
* [Ed. Note: This morning the Israeli highest court of justice in a quorum of 9 members deliberations, decreed that the decree of the International court in Hague that outlaws the building of the separation fence of Israel on the lands of the Palestinian West bank is not valid.... because it did not take into consideration the security needs of the Israelis in the occupied territories. The HCJ claimed that his verdict is within the International law, and thus decreed that the route of the separation fence must follow valid and reasonable security needs only. Thus, it also decreed that a specific part of the fence which was the focus of the deliberation must be moved as without security justification it is enclosing 5 Palestinian villages in the fence around Alfey Menashe....

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