Friday, November 18, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, the nine months Friday joint demos tradition continue - 18-11-05

In spite of 4 military jeeps road block on the way from Safa to Bil'in we succeeded to infiltrate to the village and participate in the preparation of art display of the Friday demo. Two "fences" on which was written in the three languages - Arabic, Hebrew, and English: "Your fence is killing our independence", and groups of 4 balloons with the color of the Palestinian flag - connected this Friday demo to the Palestinian declaration of independence to be from 17 years ago.
Next day, the israeli armed forces succeeded to delay the arrival to the demo of the other Israelis, but even the late comers came in time to participate in it. Friday noon, as usual, we started the weekly march from the center of the village to the fence route - about 150 Palestinians, 30 of the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall initiative and others - less than the usual because of parallel demo in Abud village, and 30 international activists.

At the head of the marching mass and at its end were carried the fences we prepared and within them we marched chanting, singing, and on occasion even some did the ritual danced. For their fun, children who joined the demo caused from time to time to a balloon explosion with its intense noise.

And as usual, the march brought us to 50 meter from fence route where the Israeli armed forces blocked our way and prevented the hanging of the balloons on the fence. As a provocation, the nine months policy of not working on the fence route in Bil'in region on Fridays to lower the tension, it was the second Friday in a row they put a machine to work during the demonstration.

After doing the demo on the road there for a while, we started to move to the "forbidden" sides of it which aroused the fear of the state forces that we might succeed to reach the near by fence route. With efforts they pushed us back again and again while tiring and angering them. They detained one of us to be released on the spot at the end of the demo. The frustrate commander who was limited by orders from doing arrests and harsher measures against the non violent demonstrators, ordered to push are back on the road - few meters at a time. Claiming it is because we do not stop the youngsters who left the demonstration earlier, from throwing stones on soldiers in near by olive orchard. On one of the occasions he even ordered the destruction of our two art display fences.

The youngsters, frustrated from the nonviolent response of the participants of the Friday demonstrations to the army harassment, usually start their few hours attrition war of stones versus tear gas and rubber bullets of the state forces in the near by olive orchards.

(This attrition war seems to serve the state propaganda, and if the youngsters do not start it spontaneously the state forces provoke them and even some times send under cover unit to start the stone throwing....)

Near the end of the demo, the stone throwing youngsters came near the road and stoned the soldier who were pushing us injuring only one of the demonstrators who was treated on the spot by the ambulance medics who are with us every Friday demo. This stone throwing made us to finish hastily the demo to evade being in the middle between the stones and the shooting.

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