Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in Bi'in continue. 21-12-05

The joint struggle of the Bil'in village commity against the separation fence and the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative continue... and escalate towards the Israeli highest court of "justice" that supposed to give a verdict at February 1st, 2006. Today at 8 am in the morning the center of bil'in to joint struggle for peace was established in a caravan that is now on the lands of bil'in, in the middle of the illegal contraction of the settlement modiin elit. At the center, at the moment are people from the village, israeli activists and international activists who plan to stay in the place for a long term. The police and the army are now checking the legal status of the issue. If staying will be relevant we will be happy for people that will volunteer to stay in the center. If you can come please contact mijal, or elad.
Anyway, during the first hours we want to be sure that the caravan won't be removed, for that we ask you to come only with previous coordination
See u soon,
Last information: the forces left the area.

Electronic media (,, and reported on the struggle.
It reported that the caravan was placed adjacent to the illegal construction area of the settler city Modi'in Elit (on the lands of Bil'in - the separation fence help to rob).

It add that the activists showed the state force a permit for the caravan issued by the Bil'in municipality the area is still formally under its jurisdiction....

The Israeli state forces demanded the evacuation of the caravan... but went away after they were sown the permit and heard the demand to stop of the illegal building on Bil'in lands as was promised by the "Israeli occupation civilian authority" a week ago.

It quoted Abdallah Abu-Rahma of the village popular committee: This is Palestinian land, and in this caravan we will place in the future a Palestinian family".

As link to this on-line report, it put the following information:
"A soldier of the border police had falsely accused a Palestinian to justify shooting"

It is related to a post from months ago in which a soldier shoot Palestinian participant in the joint Friday demos, with a rubber bullet claiming as a justification the said person threw stones....
As many of the Israeli activists video the demonstration, they supplied clips that contradict the soldier.

The Palestinian comrade was acquitted, and the "policemen investigation section" claimed the soldier will be taken to court....

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