Monday, October 30, 2006

Israel, Tel Aviv Demo at 15:00 today in front of the mexican embassy Mon, 30 Oct 2006

First the invitation sent this night to the mailing list of the radical left* and to the list of the anarchists against the wall (in both English and Hebrew URGENT: Demo at 15:00 today (12:00 GMT)in front of the Mexican embassy Mexican paramilitaries murdered 5 people in Oaxaca since Saturday in an attempt to break the teachers strike, and federal police forces are now moving in trying to occupy the city. The strikers are calling for mass demonstrations and resistance. Efforts are mostly centered around the university.
There has also been a call for international solidarity.
We'll hold a solidarity demonstration today (Monday) in front the Mexican embassy tomorrow at 15:00 - Hamered St 25 (near the carmel market) Bring signs if you can.

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And we had our vigil in front of the building the Mexican embassy is located. We were about 20 people - one from the general radical left and 19 of the subscribers of the anarchists against the wall list (mostly anarchists).
We lighted candles and held placards with a relevant content and flags with the anarchist A in circle on them.

There were some educational talks with few passers by of the half deserted business street. passer by in cars and busses read our placards. A noise "orchestra" made the occasion less sad a bit.

Surprise surprise, in contradiction to the heavy police presence, a person of the Mexican embassy approach our vigil and invited a delegation to enter the embassy... which returned after half an hour with copies of a kind of apologetic text translated in the embassy into Hebrew.

* ActLeft, action list in Israel-Palestine.
For international (outside of Israel-Palestine) networking about Israel-Palestine peace activities, see Encounter-EMEM:

Roughly 200 Israelis and Palestinians turned out for a protest march Saturday against the construction of a new West Bank viaduct that will be open to Israeli traffic only.

The viaduct will run along the existing Route 60 from the Etzion settlement bloc to El Arub.

Among the demonstrators were activists from all the Palestinian factions, including Fatah and Hamas, as well as members of Israeli organizations "Anarchists Against the Fence," "Ta'ayush," and "Fighters for Peace."

The demonstrators said the viaduct, which they termed an "apartheid road," not only discriminates on the basis of race but will also necessitate the expropriation of land from the Palestinian villages of Halhul, Beit Umar, and El Arub.

"This is a protest against the apartheid road that will be constructed," said Ta'ayush activist Avihai Sharon. "Route 60 will be for Palestinians, while above it a viaduct will be built for Jews only."

"The road will also steal land from Palestinian villages like Beit Umar and Halhul".

The march set out from Beit Umar and ended in the El Arub school. Cooperation between Hamas and Fatah activists was evident in the demonstration, despite the severe tensions between the two factions.

Published by Mijal Grinberg, Haaretz 23/12/2006

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