Friday, February 16, 2007

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, 104 + 2 Friday demos, and more are coming. 16 Feb 2007

This Friday demonstration was with all of us waiting for the the verdict of the Israeli highest court of "justice" about the route of the separation fence that separate between the village and more than half of its lands. At noon, we started the march towards the route of the separation fence. Chanting, dancing, with placards and flags. Palestinians of the region, internationals, and Israelis of the anarchists against the fence initiative. Near the last buildings of the village we passed the gendarmes of the border police provocateurs, telling them what we think about them and the role they play. Not long later we arrived at the blocked gate to the route of the fence and the village lands west of it.

At the blocked gate, there was the usual low level confrontation - verbal mainly. After a while, some kids threw eggs on the soldiers who retaliated with shock grenades - signaling to the near by stone throwers to do their act and then run away.

As usual, the soldier tried to use it as excuse and drive away the nonviolent demonstrators... and as usually they failed. While trying to to drive us away they tried to arrest Palestinians - to replace the one arrested at previous Friday demo, who was released on the order of a military judge who had seen the video clips and claim the soldiers complains were just lies. As our comrades dearested any one they tried to arrest, they retaliated by hitting Palestinians and Israelis, as well as showering on us tear gas when we decided to return to the village. One Palestinian comrade was taken to hospital. Two Israelis - one was shoot at with tear gas canister which hit his ribs, the other has cuts on his head and bruised hand, were treated at the village and returned to Israel for further treatment.

The army spokesperson alleged that the Israeli whose head was injured (comrade J. "just slipped on a rock...." but I seen in my own eyes how he was lying on the ground - far from any rock... with soldiers around him hitting his head he covered with his jacket to minimize the damage.

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