Saturday, March 24, 2007

Palestine-Israel, the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation - Bil'in & Um Salmuna 24 Mar 2007

The struggle in Um Salmuna and the near by region south of Bethlehem is slowly developing. This Friday about 200 Palestinians, Internationals, and Israelis from the anarchists against the wall initiative, demonstrated at Um Salmuna. This time, the demonstration did not include direct action against the fence. In Bil'in, the 111th Friday demonstration included the usual participants from the village, from the region, Internationals, Israelis of AATW, and media workers. This Friday, as usual, when we left the village on the road to the route of the fence, we passed near the border gendarmes prevaricator's unit that took positions among the outskirt buildings of the village, to provoke the stone throwing of the kids... and insulted them. When after a one kilometer march we came near the gate to the route of the separation fence and beyond it to the lands of the village West of it, we were surprised: the gate was not fortified by armored cars or spools of razor wire. The meaning was discovered soon. When the first people of the demonstration approached the gate, the soldiers standing there showered us with shock grenades, and threw tear gas canisters on the people who were at the tail of the demonstration.

Few people responded for only a few seconds with few stones, but then it was much quieter. The soldiers tried to block the people of the tail of the demo and those who retreated for a while, from approaching the gate. They also tried - mostly by pushing and some shock grenades to prevent us - in the front, from crossing the gate. Some more daring comrades did cross the not fortified gate, to be assaulted by the soldiers near by. Few, including a female comrade were forced back behind the gate. Three were detained... with one who succeeded to escape and two others who were freed immediately after the demonstration was declared ended by the organizers.

Few were injured a bit near the fence and also some kids who confronted the border gendarmes provocateurs.

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