Friday, August 24, 2007

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against occupation and the separation fence - Bil'in and Wallage. 24 Aug 2007

It was at noon of the hottest Friday in the pick of the summer. It was also after a direct action in the region in which a new vineyard planted by a settler colonialist outpost, on field of a village near Bir Zeit was uprooted by Palestinians, internationals, and few Israelis. This may be the reason the 133th Friday demonstration in Bil'in was smaller than the usual. In spit of the heat, all along the march from the center of the village towards the route of the fence, people had a lively chain of slogans chanted. When we arrived at the foot of the hill the gate in the separation fence robing more than half of the village lands, the commander of the Israeli state force declared the region beyond a spool of razor wire stretched across the road as forbidden militarized zone. As usual he warned us not to cross it. As usual after the more daring participants converged there for a while we started to go beyond this obstacle.

Few of us went through the olive trees wood, and reached the route of the separation fence, but after a while had to retreat because of tear gas grenades thrown on us. Others defied the tear gas grenades at the wire spool obstacles and even dismantled the spool and dragged it towards the village. Others, just stayed there challenging the soldiers verbally and even advanced few meters beyond the forbidden line. May be because they were exhausted by the hot whether, or some change in policy, the state force was much less belligerent than usual. They threatened the people not to advance any more but let them stay where they advanced. After the first wave of grenades of tear gas shower they used them only sporadicly. They even refrained from sending teams of soldiers to engage the few stone thrower kids....

After the hour and a half we ended the demonstration with 5 lightly injured and 3 detained (two of the Israeli anarchists against the wall and a reporter of Shin Hua - the Chinese official news agency).

Not long later, the detainees were released and we returned to Tel Aviv.

==== South of Bethlehem - Wallage ===

The Friday demonstration at the South of Bethlehem region, against the separation fence in building was at the village Wallage. In a kind of escalation, the state forces blocked the road and prevented the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative activists from driving to the village. As usual in such cases, the activists parked the cars near by and found a walking path to the demonstration. Though the missed the main part of the demo, the still was in time to "enjoy" the noise of two shock grenades the Israeli state forces used to mark the end of the demonstration.
Ilan S.

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