Sunday, October 21, 2007

US/Mexico/Palestain/Israel, Joining the struggles 21 Oct 2007

Dear Friends, I'm writing to inform you about an upcoming action taking place this coming November along the US/Mexico border. Collectives from throughout the borderland area of US/Mexico are planning a No Border Camp, a convergence at the border where people from both sides of the border can come together, meet, exchange, plan, educate, have fun, and live like there's no border. There will be several workshops, events, and actions planned, which will highlight issues such as the militarization of the border, neo-liberal capitalism and migration control. More about the whole week's worth of events can be found here: ---- I'm writing you specifically, not only because I've previously spent several months in Palestine, and have joined in demonstrations at Bil'in, and because I believe that AATW* would be interested in hearing about what their comrades are doing to tear down other walls, but also because on Saturday November 11th, on the day of global action against the wall, we would like to virtually plug in to whats going on in Palestine.

We're thinking of setting up a streaming simulcast internet-video, to link our struggles together, at least via the web!

There would certainly be a number of technical issues to figure out. But first, I just wanted to contact you with information about our action, and see if you'd be interested in linking in some way.

Yours in solidarity,

* Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall

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